傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S17-C02 “Each Showing Their Power”

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Last time on An Unyielding Wind: Li Zhen makes his debut.

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Chapter Two – Each Showing Their Power

“Ah! It has appeared, the Skyhigh Giant Sword!”

“That day, His Excellency Qin Aofeng used this to stun the other celestial magisters!”

“Your Excellency Aofeng, kill him! Kill that guy!”

The Qin area of the stands boiled over. Logically speaking, both sides were Qin teams, and they should not be helping one. But because Aofeng was so famous, no matter if Aofeng admitted it or not, this great genius came from their family. Other than Qin Lu and the others, almost everyone else hoped that Aofeng could kill this “Yu Chen” who came out of nowhere.

Qin Lu was buried in the voices of “kill him” and his face was black.

“The Divine Sword Extinction of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya?” Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting’s hand shook, and his wine cup fell to the ground. His voice was filled with shock.

“No, no…….while similar, it is not the Divine Sword Extinction. Is it……self-created?” Li Zhen was even more shocked.

A hundred years ago, Li Zhen and Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had once fought. At the time, Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya was still his junior.

However, that battle ended in Li Zhen’s defeat. What left him the deepest impression was the World’s End Sword Spell of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. The other understood the sword so much deeper than him, so much that he was unable to surpass the other. That cold presence like thousand year cedar and the powerful swordsmanship left such a deep impression on Li Zhen he remembered it so clearly even now.

Especially that Divine Sword Extinction. He had cut off half a mountain on the Astral Plateau, shocking the continent. Even now, that mountain was still bare, remaining as evidence of Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s glory.

“Yes, Your Excellency Yu Chen, try my own “Skyhigh Giant Sword”!” Aofeng’s eyes were bright under her mask. Her cold presence reached a peak. The pair of dazzling wings on her back flapped, and she dashed out, a black figure slashing down at Li Zhen!

The cool armorization and the eye-catching pitch black sword caused countless women to fall, and admiration of countless men.

Eyes bulging out, Li Zhen looked dazedly at Aofeng coming down with a sword slash, and gave a long sigh.

He and Aofeng did have a grievance between them, but at this moment, he had to admire the power of this youth. So young, not just a nine-sword celestial magister, and also a sword genius!

Only when one had a certain understanding of power could one touch the essence of the rules, and create the form, the expression of energy, commonly called a “move.”

The highest level of the sword was to be able to use everything as a weapon. The weapon was just a “carrier” for the energy so they could express their power. Most people would follow the expressions of power that other people used. Those moves were other people’s things. It was very good if they could learn and get to express one or two tenths of a move’s power. One would only understand what they created the most, and the power was on another level. No wonder Aofeng dared to challenge him.

After reaching this level, sword experts like Li Zhen knew that if one could trigger the rules of the universe and create a powerful “sword move”, they had a foot in divine rank. In the future, if one just kept on going, divine rank was within reach. He envied Aofeng’s talent and opportunity. After hundreds of years of comprehending the sword, he was still not able to communicate with the rules of the universe, but this Aofeng was able to do this at the age of fifteen!

“Pity, pity, why are you the person who killed this old man’s son.” Li Zhen sighed for a moment. Then icy killing intent filled his eyes, and he held the hilt of the wooden sword in one hand.

A loud roar came out as Li Zhen acted. “Qin Aofeng, do not be so arrogant!”

When Li Zhen was in his daze, Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue had been very anxious. Why had this old man suddenly gone into a daze? Was he frightened by Qin Aofeng?

The Skyhigh Giant Sword was very powerful, but not as terrifying as the Scythe of Death. A magic medium of the same level as the Scythe of Death was of a higher level than Aofeng’s Cicada Wing. Yun Cheng gritted his teeth, and leapt with Qin Aoxue, trying to block the attack.

“Qin Aoxue, Yun Cheng, you are not worthy to say such things!”

Qin Aotian and Xi Yun exchanged smiles. The shadow of the Giant Agate Python appeared behind one person, and a celestial magic technique exploded. The other’s sword was swung, the sword moving at a slant. Sword energy seemed to solidify, his body spinning like a top. The wild sword wind formed a small tornado, pushing towards Yun Cheng like a tank!

“Sword Master Xi Yun’s famed move, Burying Leaves Troubled Wind.” On the stands, Venerable Swordsman Xiao Yao’s eyes lit up, and he clapped his hands together.

Venerable Swordsman Kai Te heard of this name, and his eyes went wide. “It is him, he also became a venerable swordsman?”

“Probable the effect of the valtz. My student will not hide good things.” Lan Xiu understood Aofeng’s personality and gave a gentle smile. Aofeng’s coldness was only on the surface. Any person who interacted with Aofeng knew that she was far from cold.

Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting smiled. He looked thoughtfully at Lei Yufeng who was brimming with fighting spirit. He stared at Aofeng and nodded, commenting, “A young person worthy of knowing.”

Facing the two’s ultimate moves, Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue did not dare to be careless. They had gone into armorization long ago. Yun Cheng formed his celestial magic technique. The giant ray of light seemed like it would tear apart space. Qin Aoxue had an auxiliary type magus beast River Spirit. When the indigo light came down, Qin Aoxue used all her power to assist Yun Cheng, and the effect was more than doubled!

Auxiliary type magus beasts did not have high offensive power themselves, but when they were used on suitable people, on the battlefield, they would have great use. After using this movie, Qin Aoxue’s face turned very pale. She used up almost all her shamanic power to assist a magister many ranks higher than her. If she had to help Li Zhen, she would even have to use up some of her life force.

Lil’ Nine, who had shot behind Li Zhen with a step, did not keep his power back.

Eyes flashing, the powerful body of the Nine-Head Snake Emperor reflected into everyone’s eyes. The blue giant python had horns on top of each head. When the nine giant heads were gathered together, it was like a giant mountain. He took up about a third of the enormous arena. Each giant head had sharp snake teeth. The deep black color made people shake. No one doubted the toxicity of the Nine-Head Snake Emperor’s teeth. If they were bitten, they would undoubtedly die.

An ancient presence sprayed out. Lil’ Nine revealed his ancient bloodline’s fierceness. No one could imagine that the adorable little blue snake had such a terrifying and vicious true form! Also, this was still a form in the growth stage. After reaching adulthood, he would be unimaginably large. He worked together with Aofeng to attack Li Zhen at the same time!

A collision of power!

Aofeng and Lil’ Nine attacked Li Zhen from front and back. Qin Aoxue, Yun Cheng and the others were colliding at the same time. The air seemed to ripple in the surrounding like they were being burned by fire, and could collapse at any time. The terrifying visual effect created a feeling that the world was going to end!

The power vibrations were so strong. A wild wind surrounded Aofeng, Lil’ Nine, and Li Zhen. It was not possible to see who was winning. But since no one had flown out of the wind storm, they were likely at a deadlock.

Qin Aotian and Xi Yun were also at a deadlock with Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue.

At this time, two other celestial magic techniques lit up. Lei Yufeng had put on the gold dragon armor and mounted an attack with Yue Bingyan, flying over under the shocked gazes of Qin Aoxue and Yun Cheng!

Lei Yufeng laughed lewdly, “Ha-ha, this brother is tired of more beasts bullying fewer beasts, now it is time for more people to bully fewer people!”

Lei Yufeng and the others thought they did not have the strength to deal with an eight-star venerable swordsman. They knew that Aofeng had a very strong super-divine beast, and were not too worried. If even Chi could not deal with Li Zhen, they would fear that no one would be able to. Since that was the case, they would gather their strength to defeat Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue first.

“You shameless bastards, lowly, cunning, madmen!” Yun Cheng watched with fear as two celestial magic techniques headed at him and cursed. Four against two, and two who were experts on par with him. How could he keep on fighting?

“Pah! You speak of morals, you got an old cucumber and speak of morals. Let me find an old cucumber to take care of your chrysanthemum! I will speak of morals with you!” Xi Yun disliked people who acted behind people’s backs, and cursed Yun Cheng. Such naked humiliation almost almost caused him to faint.

The power of four celestial magic techniques was undoubted. Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue did not dare to face them head on. The two of them lowered their defenses before the last two celestial magic techniques could arrive. They were hit by Qin Aotian and Xi Yun’s attacks, and flew back, hitting the stands like two falling stars.

Yun Cheng had to choose this. Embarrassing himself was better than losing his life. If four celestial magic techniques collided and exploded, the power would twist space, grinding people into powder, just like Lan Xun in the past, turning to dust! Honestly speaking, he rejoiced slightly at being driven out of the battlefield like this. At least, he had not followed the captains of the Central Cloud battle teams, and managed to survive.

They were so fast the referees were not able to catch them, and did not have the power to do so.

“Heavens! They were pushed out!” The audience there were in a panic, hugging their heads and scattering.

With two loud bangs, Qin Aoxue and Yun Cheng hit the ground. Luckily, they landed on the stairs where no people were walking. The surroundings sank down deeply, creating big holes. The two of them stayed in the pits, unable to move. They were conscious, but were seriously injured. They lost the ability to fight.

“Damn it, what is the old bastard doing? He said he was an eight-star venerable swordsman, but is unable to even deal with a nine-star celestial magister? He could not help us!” Qin Aoxue felt like all her bones were broken. She looked over and found on the platform, there was no trace of Li Zhen.

“Hmm……” Yun Cheng could not care about the embarrassment of being knocked out and looked over in shock. As expected, the platform was empty. Not just Li Zhen, even the other people had disappeared!

It was silent in the emptiness. No one was speaking.

“What is going on? How come they are all gone?” The people on the stands were in an uproar. The people competing had evaporated. This had never happened before!

“Domain! It is a domain!” The usually calm Lan Xiu’s blue eyes showed strong emotion as he looked with shock at the emptiness. “Someone activated a domain, and brought them all into it, so they have disappeared from our sight.”

Lan Xiu’s vision was better than ordinary people, and he had been paying attention to Aofeng. He saw clearly, in that instant, strange purple patterns had flashed suddenly under Yun Qinghong’s feet. He had remained unmoving, but something seemed like it was going to come out. Then space suddenly rippled, and everyone disappeared.

The only explanation was that the thing which came out had pulled them all into the domain.

“Divine domain?” Yun Lu, Shang Qian, Lei Ting and the other rank five experts were collectively shocked. What was a divine domain? That…that was something that only a divine rank expert would use! But other than the divine rank expert from Central Cloud City, where did the divine rank expert come from?

Just as they were talking, at the center of the platform, the shadow of a nine headed purple dragon flashed. It looked down at everyone with a cold gaze like it was looking at a swarm of ants. The main dragon head looked with a mocking gaze at Chief Elder Shang Qian like it was seeing something amusing.

The successive strange phenomenon caused people’s hairs to stand on end.

“What is this?” Yun Lu said in shock.

“Dark type divine rank magus beast!” Shang Qian had interacted with the Black Magus Church for many years, and immediately felt that uncomfortable dark faith power. Now, he recalled that Yun Qinghong had never summoned his magus beast all this time. He had not expected the other to possess a divine rank magus beast!

A dark type divine rank magic beast. There was such a being on the continent!

However, the purple dragon’s main body was in the domain, this was just a projection to the outside world. The figure looked very illusory, and different from facing it head on. Yun Lu and Shang Qian both tasted bitterness. They had wanted to make trouble for Yun Qinghong, but now it seemed it would be good if he did not make trouble for them.

“Hey, Old Man, do you know who that Yu Chen is?” One of the heads of the purple dragon stretched over and said to Shang Qian, smiling scornfully and with a cold gaze.

“What does he have to do with this old man?” Shang Qian twisted his mouth and said calmly. After this purple dragon appeared, he stopped planning to help Yun Lu. He wanted to cut off the connection as fast as possible to avoid himself being affected as well, even though this purple dragon had not finished evolving. To be able to use a divine domain, it was not far from maturing.

“Ha-ha, no relation? Chief Elder Shang Qian, this is so funny, look at this.”

The purple dragon gave a scornful laugh, its shadow twisting. A scene from the domain appeared like a movie. Inside the purple domain, there was a man swinging a wood sword fighting with Aofeng. Shang Qian immediately recognized who he was.

“Heavens……” Shang Qian was dumbstruck.

Coming from the man’s wood sword was clearly the purest light power. The strength he showed should be above seven stars. A venerable swordsman who was able to use the light sword, other than Holy Radiance Hall’s Chief Elder Li Zhen, who else could it be?

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