傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S17-C03 “Sudden Change of the Tournament”

Last time on An Unyielding Wind: Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue are defeated. Big Nine moves the battle to his divine domain.

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Chapter Three – Sudden Change of the Tournament

Yun Cheng and Qin Aoxue’s faces suddenly grew gray. Qin Lu almost jumped out of his seat. Qin Ding, at the center of the Qin Family, glared at him with deep and cold eyes.

“Qin Lu, you are just as unscrupulous as always.”

This flat and cool voice from which no anger could be heard caused Qin Lu’s heart to shake. Did the old patriarch know already that he was behind what had happened in the past?

Shang Qian’s voice was trembling as he said in disbelief, “This……this is not possible……”

Before he finished speaking, the purple dragon sneered and interrupted his words. “How come it is not possible? The chief elder of the Holy Radiance Hall broke the rules to get revenge, pretending to be young and attending the Great Tournament. Victory has been decided. He himself is over the age limit, and he does not qualify to participate. Does the Radiance Magus Church still want face?”

Shang Qian had read reports about the grievances between Li Zhen and Qin Aofeng. Aofeng had not killed Li Qing personally, but Li Qing was killed because of Aofeng. Also, Li Qing previously had deep grievances with Aofeng. In terms of taking revenge, Li Zhen would not go to openly confront Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya, and would definitely come to find Aofeng.

But Shang Qian never expected this old person to be so shameless as to kill Aofeng during the Great Tournament!

It would have been fine if he had succeeded. With their status, even if the empire was unhappy, they could not do anything to them, since there were grievances between Li Zhen and Aofeng. But now, the person was not killed, and Yun Qinghong used a loophole to have the purple dragon take them into the domain, exposing his identity. There was a chance that he may be killed instead. This was such a great embarrassment!

“That is the chief elder of the Radiance Magus Church Holy Radiance Hall?”

“Is there a mistake, how old is he, he is still coming to participate in this?”

“So shameless, invincible in the world! I never thought that the Radiance Magus Church was so shameless that they would do such a thing for a third class divine magic medium of the empire.”

Thousands of gazes came from the stands. Shang Qian immediately felt like he was undergoing death by a thousand cuts. As he cursed inside, he gritted his death and said angrily, “He has lost this competition, quick, release him!”

“Tsk, tsk, Chief Elder Shang Qian, was your head kicked by a donkey? How come he is so childish? Have you forgotten the grievances between Radiance Magus Church and Black Magus Church? Also, you tell me to release him, and I release him, wouldn’t I lose so much face?” The purple dragon laughed arrogantly. In the domain, his body breathed fire, and forced Li Zhen to jump up and down.

Shang Qian was so angry he almost fainted. He jumped like an ant on a hot stove. But what could he do against a projection? The projection was not tangible. All attacks would pass through it. He could not harm the purple dragon. Even if he wanted to help, he could not enter the purple dragon’s domain, unless he was a divine rank expert, and could tear apart the domain’s space.

But regretfully, while each person here was among the top of the continent, none of them were in divine rank, not even Lan Xiu.

The pairs of eyes were focused on the battle in the domain, doing nothing else except watching.

“Damn it!” In the endless purple domain, Li Zhen was half covered in blood and shouted furiously. Opposite him, the Nether Purple Dragon King’s true body pressed towards him again and again. Yun Qinghong held the Scythe of Death and stood on the centermost head of the purple dragon king, a mad and scornful smile on his lips.

“I have endured so many years, until finally the purple dragon entered maturation stage, to have the strength to fight you head on. Li Zhen, today, I will use your blood to witness the counterattack of the Black Magus Church!”

Li Zhen shouted in fury, “Other than an ambush, what else do you know to do?”

Before this, Aofeng’s Skyhigh Giant Sword and the Nine-Head Snake Emperor had attacked from the front and the back. The power in that moment was one that even he, an eight-star venerable swordsman, was affected by. Luckily, while the two were strong, they could not last for long. Just an instant was not enough to pose a great threat to him. But before his thought finished, the surroundings completely changed, and then, a hot dragon breath sprayed on his back.

Even Aofeng had to admit, Yun Qinghong was a man who could endure and be vicious. Just as everyone had almost forgotten him, he once again gave people a strong shock. His attack was wonderful, and he managed to catch that opening in that instant!

The dragon breath of the purple dragon was the first time in many years that Li Zhen was feeling a threat to his life. He could not attend to Aofeng and the Nine-Head Snake Emperor’s attacks. He gathered all of his deep blue sword energy behind him to block the purple dragon. Aofeng and Lil’ Nine managed to injure him, but he did not completely lose his ability to fight.

“Ha, other than pretending to be young, what other ability do you have? My master does not want to waste time with you. How can this be called an ambush? This is called efficiency!” The purple dragon moved his heads in disdain and said shamelessly. As expected, the magus beast was the same as the master.

Yun Qinghong looked at the wooden sword where light was condensed and said, “Chief Elder Li Zhen, do not worry, you will not die unknown. Right now, everyone outside is watching. No one is ignorant of who you are.”

Li Zhen’s body shook when he heard this, and he was almost hit by the breath of the purple dragon.

He understood that since he used the Sword of Light, this may be leaked by the purple dragon. But he had no other way. Facing the purple dragon’s attack, he had a hard time defending. Also, the damned domain had such a strong effect. The domain was the world of the purple dragon. Lethargy, malaise and other negative effects were weakening him, and took his fighting ability down several star levels.

Divine domain. Only another divine domain could fight back. Even the emperor domain of emperor type super-divine beasts could not catch up.

Aofeng floated in the purple domain’s sky. Next to her was Lil’ Nine as a blue haired youth, looking tired. Below were Qin Aotian and the others watching the battle and looking around. Aofeng thought inside, this was very similar to Chi’s Crimson Blood Purgatory.

“Mama, Lil’ Nine is so tired.” Lil’ Nine rubbed his eyes and said pitifully. When immature, it took a lot of strength to use his true form. The little guy was really tired.

Aofeng rubbed his head and said, “Thank you for your hard work. Return to go to sleep.”

Lil’ Nine joyfully agreed, turning back to the adorable little blue snake, and burrowing into Aofeng’s arms.

The expenditure in power was slowly restored through the freakish whirlpool of the Magus Divinity Power Source during this time. Aofeng watched the battle between the purple dragon and Li Zhen from afar. Cold light flashed through her eyes. She took the gold bow that Arthurus had transformed into from her back, holding it in her hand. One hand fell to the bowstring made of energy. Shamanic power gathered from around her, and an arrow of light made from five colors formed.

“Terrifying power, it is rare to see a partial armorization of a nine-star divine beast, its power must be equal to that of a third class divine magic medium. Little Feng has good luck.” Qin Aotian gazed at Aofeng who was notching the arrow in the sky.

“It is not fair! How come we need to rest after using our ultimate moves, but your freakish brother can use such a terrifying attack!” Xi Yun said with wide eyes.

“It is not fair! How come Candia’s partial armorization is a turtle shell armor, but he gets a terrifyingly powerful offensive weapon,” Lei Yufeng shouted with wide eyes.

Yue Bingyan twisted her lips and looked down at the two jealous men. She looked up again, full of admiration in her beautiful eyes. Could anyone compare to her master?

The gold bow grew brighter and brighter. Even in the purple domain, it was possible to see its bright light. Dressed in armor, Aofeng was brighter than Yun Qinghong. The audience in the arena knew that Yun Qinghong’s purple dragon was the person who was maintaining this battle, but could not help but look with admiration at Aofeng.

Li Zhen, who was dodging the purple dragon’s breath and claws, felt his heart shake and looked back. Aofeng was wrapped up in golden light, like a sun. The sharp arrow tip was pointed at him. A dangerous presence came from above, and caused his pupils to contract.

If this was an ordinary time, Li Zhen would not care. But at this time, in the divine domain, his power was weakened. This arrow could tear apart his sword energy, and in front of him, there was still a purple dragon!

Aofeng’s eyes were narrowed, her shamanic power was focused to the extreme. The arrow was on the string, but she did not shoot.

She was waiting for the best opportunity, waiting for Li Zhen to expose an opening. She would wait until she had a chance to take the old man’s life! Never mind little pests like Qin Aoxue. Aofeng never had the habit of holding herself back against people who could trouble her in the future. If she could kill them, she would not be soft hearted.

Seeing Aofeng aiming from afar, Yun Qinghong knew Aofeng’s thoughts. In tacit understanding, he ordered the purple dragon to force Li Zhen in one direction, and then swung the Scythe of Death to disturb Li Zhen’s attention.

The battle kept on going. Li Zhen did not have the time to heal after being wounded. Adding on that the purple dragon was not weaker than him, he was already panting and did not have the endurance. The light sword in his hand grew dimmer and dimmer. He felt very bitter. He had never thought that he would misstep here. He had hoped to get revenge, but now, he was going to pay with his life.

With this split in his attention, the purple dragon swung its tail, and snuck behind Li Zhen’s back. Li Zhen suddenly realized, turning and swinging his sword. The dragon breath arrived again.

Li Zhen knew this was not good. When he turned his head, his eyes were damaged by the dragon breath. Even from within the domain, the people outside heard his scream. “Ahh!”

It was clear to see the purple energies among the purple dragon’s breath. Sparks flew, burning. Even as an eight-star venerable swordsman, Li Zhen was still so weak in the face of the purple dragon’s attack. The moment he was hit by the dragon’s breath, his body started to burn, and fell down towards the ground like a fireball.

Li Zhen was not dead, but in a blink, he knew that he was not far from death.

Because in the distance, the power arrow gathered with all of Aofeng’s power was racing at him!

The best chance to attack!

Aofeng’s eyes were like lightning, her black hair flying in the wind as she held the golden bow and looked over.

The power on the arrow was like a bomb. It accurately passed through Li Zhen’s back, going through his body and coming out from his chest. Then, under his terrified gaze, from inside out, it exploded……

The power of the arrow was not in its sharpness, but the great explosion after it penetrated the body. From inside to out, no one’s weak organs could tolerate the power of the explosion. If they were hit, they could not be spared!

Of course, the result was the arrow turned into a sun. With a shrill scream, Li Zhen was crushed by the ball of light. After this, there were no more traces of him in the world, not even ash.

The shouts in the arena suddenly stopped. It was silent. People had complicated emotions.

No one had ever thought that an eight-star venerable swordsman would die like this. The Holy Radiance Hall Chief Elder Li Zhen who had once had such glory went to his death without any warning like this……

The terrifying nature of the purple dragon surpassed the limits of what people could rate. An eight-star venerable swordsman! In the domain of the purple dragon, he had no ability to fight back at all. It was like he should be easily killed by Aofeng and the others like this.

Was the Black Magus Church going to rise?

The purple dragon’s domain was instantly drawn back. Aofeng and the others reappeared on the platform. Without any question, they had won this battle. Even though there were still more than ninety teams around them, who would dare to provoke them?

At this time, the sky above suddenly grew bright. The clear white light forced people to close their eyes.

The sun had set already, and the night sky was purple, and when this bright white light appeared, everyone was shocked.

“What is going on?”

“Did the killing of the Radiance envoy anger the gods?”

“The heavens are sending their punishment, heaven!”

The legend of the god was widespread in Luska. Otherwise, the worship of Radiance could not have dominated. Li Zhen had just died, and such a phenomenon was occurring. Other than a punishment from the heavens, people could think of no other explanation.

“This is……divine power! The divine power of a divine rank expert!”

The purple dragon appeared in human form and his expression became very serious. Yun Qinghong frowned at the same time, his gaze flashing as he thought of something.

Aofeng heard the purple dragon’s words and looked with narrowed eyes. A divine rank expert? Where did this divine rank expert come from? Was this the one from Central Cloud City?

“My god’s radiance shines on the world, and cannot be encroached on. You blasphemers! You dare to kill the clergy of Radiance. Do you even think of my god?”

In the sky, a cold voice came, like a piece of cold iron without any feeling.

Yun Qinghong and the purple dragon heard this voice, and their gazes shook, both showing shock and surprise.

“It is him! How can it be……”

At the same time, Chief Elder Arbitrator Shang Qian had an expression of ecstasy.

Archbishop Daren! It is the archbishop!”

“Archbishop Ling Bing?” Lan Xiu looked at the white ball of light, and his hands clenched together. “That is definitely divine power after shamanic power is transformed. He managed to break through the barrier of magus scholar and reach divine rank? This……when did this happen?”

The light in the sky faded greatly. A silver haired youth who looked so cold he was inhuman appeared in everyone’s sight. After a hundred years of silence, other than Central Cloud City, the continent finally had its second publicly known divine rank magister.

Editor’s ramblings: Due to the fact that Aofeng had help, none of the fights in the tournament count for the scoreboard. I almost want to go read something else and compare, is it normal for the MC to have only had 12 fights against named characters at this point in the story?

Also, what kind of asshole do you have to be to want to kill some kids who killed your subordinate in self defense when he snuck in to a youth tournament to murder them?

Chapter 2 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 18 Chapter 1


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