A Smile Is Devastating: Character Profiles

I got the characters mixed up when I first started to watch the drama so I searched for images and got these which are very useful for me to refer to. Click on the photos for full size versions.


Lu Wei Wei Wei ~ Bei Wei Wei

Personality: Dare to love and hate

Attributes: The only female player in the top ten players, ranking sixth

Weapon: An enormous blade


Yi Xiao Nai He ~ Xiao Nai

Personality: Black-hearted Boss

Attributes: PK Ranking #1, Wealth Ranking #1, both weapons and pets are divine-level

Weapon: Zither


Huan Tian Xi Di ~ Zhao Er Xi

Personality: Adorable, outgoing

Attributes: The old-timer of the Beginners Village

Weapon: Long red sword


Wei Guang ~ Cao Guang

Personality: pessimistic and

Attributes: Er Xi’s disciple

Weapon: likes the (Wei Guang) Twinkling Light sword


Mo Zha Ta ~ Hao Mei

Personality: Kind-hearted and likes to eat

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: God’s Right Hand


Yu Gong Pa Shan ~ Yu Ban Shan

Personality: humorous and lively

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: Long sword


Hou Zi Jiu ~ Qiu Yong Hou

Personality: Open and poison-tongued

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: Hossu


Zhen Shui Wu Xiang ~ Zhen Shao Xiang

Personality: Appearance association

Attributes: RMB* Player

Weapon: Bow and arrow


Xiao Yu Yao Yao ~ Yu Yao

Personality: Vain and pretentious

Attributes: Number one beauty on the server



* Meaning a player that spends money in the game.



3 thoughts on “A Smile Is Devastating: Character Profiles

  1. Thank you so much my dear for this clarification. I finally completed episode 6 earlier on way back to the accommodation. And to my surprise, I found that this drama is now available with English Sub via http://dramacool.io/love-o2o-episode-1.html …. so for those who can’t understand mandarin and wishes to watch this with english sub, please head over to the link. Enjoy the drama!


  2. I watched the whole drama. Still I feel like watching it again. The more I get to know Xiao Nai the more I fell in love with him. He’s so adorable. He’s a complete package of good looks, smartness and a mind-blowing personality. I like each and every dialogue of him.


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