A Smile Is Devastating: Character Profiles

I got the characters mixed up when I first started to watch the drama so I searched for images and got these which are very useful for me to refer to. Click on the photos for full size versions.


Lu Wei Wei Wei ~ Bei Wei Wei

Personality: Dare to love and hate

Attributes: The only female player in the top ten players, ranking sixth

Weapon: An enormous blade


Yi Xiao Nai He ~ Xiao Nai

Personality: Black-hearted Boss

Attributes: PK Ranking #1, Wealth Ranking #1, both weapons and pets are divine-level

Weapon: Zither


Huan Tian Xi Di ~ Zhao Er Xi

Personality: Adorable, outgoing

Attributes: The old-timer of the Beginners Village

Weapon: Long red sword


Wei Guang ~ Cao Guang

Personality: pessimistic and

Attributes: Er Xi’s disciple

Weapon: likes the (Wei Guang) Twinkling Light sword


Mo Zha Ta ~ Hao Mei

Personality: Kind-hearted and likes to eat

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: God’s Right Hand


Yu Gong Pa Shan ~ Yu Ban Shan

Personality: humorous and lively

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: Long sword


Hou Zi Jiu ~ Qiu Yong Hou

Personality: Open and poison-tongued

Attributes: Part of Yi Xiao Nai He’s regular group

Weapon: Hossu


Zhen Shui Wu Xiang ~ Zhen Shao Xiang

Personality: Appearance association

Attributes: RMB* Player

Weapon: Bow and arrow


Xiao Yu Yao Yao ~ Yu Yao

Personality: Vain and pretentious

Attributes: Number one beauty on the server



* Meaning a player that spends money in the game.


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6 thoughts on “A Smile Is Devastating: Character Profiles”

  1. Thank you so much my dear for this clarification. I finally completed episode 6 earlier on way back to the accommodation. And to my surprise, I found that this drama is now available with English Sub via http://dramacool.io/love-o2o-episode-1.html …. so for those who can’t understand mandarin and wishes to watch this with english sub, please head over to the link. Enjoy the drama!

  2. I watched the whole drama. Still I feel like watching it again. The more I get to know Xiao Nai the more I fell in love with him. He’s so adorable. He’s a complete package of good looks, smartness and a mind-blowing personality. I like each and every dialogue of him.

  3. Thanks for these! They are really helpful! Netflix has just put the show in their lineup (Love 020) and (not being able to understand Chinese) I was confused on the game vs reality switch.

    I really enjoyed this series and most of your other translations–the few I haven’t read yet is only because I prefer to binge read. Thank you for all the hard work!

  4. hello! thank you for all the translations, i watched the series first and i loved all characters even more through reading your translations.

    i’m just wondering: do you happen to know which honorifics they use on each other? or like, who’s older than who among xiao nai’s roommates? i know mo zha ta is older than weiwei bc he calls her shimei and she calls him shixiong. other than that idk anymore HAHAHA

    1. Hm, I think it was mentioned a bit in the chapter with Xiao Nai and his friends going out with Weiwei. Xiao Nai is second oldest in the dorm(?) but he didn’t like the name, so he is third.

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