Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a. Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episodes 7&8

I’m really busy today so no screenshots, unfortunately and this is a really short recap as the majority of events happen as in the novel. On a different note, the legitimate channel for the drama is Croton Media on Youtube. The playlist for the drama is here. They limit the episodes on different days depending on where you live but it has the highest quality meaning you can watch it in 1040p if you really wanted to. Regional restrictions aren’t a major problem if you google so watch these so you can show your support! Additionally, Croton has invited people to edit subtitles for the videos as they only have Chinese ones at the moment.

Sorry for the blocks of text that is the recap below.

In episode 7, Wei Wei and Xiao Nai complete the ultimate Couple Quest and become the first couple of the Jianghu. There is a few spectacular fights for Nai He along the way with one really cool scenewith him surrounded by dragon statues that shoot red beams at him. Diverging from the novel, there are two large birds, not one (and I will try to remember to get a picture up another day.) Wei Wei also gets challenged by Zhan Tian Xia (who is actually seen with Ni Ni back in episode one as the guy in armor.) She leaves the sect in the end. Xiao Nai’s real life plot is still ongoing with Manager Li offering Yu Gong a salary of 120000 RMB a month along with benefits such as personal cars. When Yu Gong reports to Xiao Nai, Xiao Na states that Zhen Yi Technologies has more planned than just trying to tempt his friends away from the company and will try to stop them from getting more capital. Xiao Nai then states he did not intend to even partner up with Zhen Yi to start with and is aiming to be the one to partner with Fengteng Corp on the development of the new game. Zhen Yi is a competitor who is also aiming to be the developer so he wanted Yu Gong to test the waters. Xiao Nai also informs his friends that their offices have been built and are soon to be ready to move in.

In episode eight, Wei Wei and Nai He participate in the Couples PK tournament. She encounters Die Meng Wei Xing with Zhan Tian Xia and narrates their history to Nai He. They successfully make their way through the semi-finals. Nai He informs Wei Wei that he has a business dinner tomorrow before the finals.

Zhen Shao Xiang is pictured in his office disillusioned with his father and how he is not being allowed to learn how to manage his father’s company even though his father says it is time for him to stop playing games.  He is now in a real-life relationship with Xiao Yu Yao Yao (Yu Yao in real life). Er Xi is the only one of the four friends that receives an email notifying her of her successful application for an internship with Zhen Yi Technologies. (*cough* I feel something fishy is going on here.) Wei Wei’s friends persuade her to go shopping and just like in the novel, the friends encounter Xiao Nai when they go to the restaurant. Xiao Nai is meeting Manager Li and gets into the car when Wei Wei and her friends arrive. He gets into the passenger seat and Yu Gong is seen driving away. They encounter a truck coming head on at them and Xiao Nai twists the steering wheel  to the left so that he is on the side of impact. Yu Gong is unhurt in the accident but extremely traumatized and full of self-recrimination when Xiao Nai is sent into the hospital unconscious. Xiao Yu Yao Yao and her friends are seen together in real life feeling happy at the fact Nai He missed the match and Yu Yao reveals that Zhen Shao Xiang told her that Lu Wei Wei Wei is actually a poor person in real life (as opposed to what Wei Wei told Ni Ni in the past.) She then reveals that Lu Wei Wei Wei (actually Er Xi) applied for an internship position at Zhen Shao Xiang’s company.

Xiao Nai naturally misses the tournament final and Wei Wei is extremely dispirited. Xiao Nai wakes up in the hospital with his friends and parents in the room. A while later when his parents have left, he asks Yu Gong and the other if they could go onto the game and notify Wei Wei. Yu Gong is confused but then Mo Zha Ta motions and Yu Gong is shocked and wonders if Wei Wei had waited all night.

My thoughts: These two episodes were all canon and expanded on what the novel had only mentioned in passing. I feel that a person who watches the drama doesn’t even need to read the novel at all. But this is only episode 7 and 8, we aren’t even one third through the drama but already near halfway in the novel. I’m very curious at what is coming in the second two-thirds of the novel. The business intrigue is somewhat basic but still interesting as it bring something new to the drama that people who read the novel aren’t bored. I wonder if they had Zhang Han and Zhao Li Ying make cameos. That would be very cool but most likely didn’t happen.



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32 thoughts on “Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a. Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episodes 7&8”

  1. haha, you and i had the same exact thoughts!! if Zhang Han and Zhao Li Ying cameo in the drama, it will be fantastic. LOL. If it could happen though, I wish it it show them in a scene from the epilogues, especially the ones that show how petty Zhang Han’s Feng Teng could be when Shan Shan is amazed at Xiao Nai. Haha. That never fails to crack me up. Or the ones that showcase Xiao Nai/Wei Wei’s children and Feng Teng/Shan Shan’s phoenix twin. think of how adorable that will be.

    anyway, thank you so much for the cap. And I agree that these two episodes are cannons since, even not understanding the language, I knew what happened.

    Also, do you think it’s bad of me that i actually laughed so hard during that scene where Yu Gong and the others were extremely devastated by the news the doctor he came out of Xiao Nai’s operating room? I can’t help it, thought, in light of what I already know. I just find that their expressions (good as it was) so comical. 😀

    1. I totally agree that it would be amazing to see Zhang Han being jealous. The ironic thing is that Zhang Hang and Zheng Shuang were a couple way back when Zheng Shuang just started out acting … …

      The actor playing Yu Gong seemed a bit overboard but I was more stuck by how empty the hospital was … …

      1. I know about them as a couple and found it sad that they’re not together now. Admittedly thought, i only found out after they finished filming this drama and they already broken up for the longest time. I also found it ironic that Zheng Shuang plays Wei Wei and Jing Boran plays Xiao Nai, but each for different version of the same story. I love them in Love from the Millenium (I think that’s the title). LOL.

        I’m not too surprised by the hospital, especially since it’s right in front of the operating room. Here in the states (US), at least where I live, they isolate the operating room from the rest of waiting rooms, which located much farther away. I was more shocked by the fact that they were allowed to wait in front of it.

      2. Agree with everyone here! Cameos of Feng Teng and Shan Shan would be great! Maybe the drama will surprise us by somehow getting those cameos we are hoping for. With 30 episodes in the drama, perhaps the epilogues in the novel will be included as part of the last few episodes in the drama.

        I am also interested in finding out if they are going to speed up Zhen Shui ‘s meeting of the real Wei Wei in real life, so that they could further elaborate on the love rectangle (Zhen Shui, Yao Yao, Nai He, Wei Wei) midway through the drama.

  2. I am shocked at how good Xiao Nai looked after the car accident that apparently was bad enough to put him in a coma. There was just a delicate streak of artistically placed blood on his forehead when the EMTs wheeled him into the hospital on the gurney. 😛

    1. Hi… by chance do u know how many days in a week it will air? and always 2 episodes a day?
      Plz leme know 🙂

      1. thank u dear for ur quick reply 🙂
        I am badly waiting for tomoro or day after’s episodes coz according to preview he tells her to meet face to face <3

      2. If you really want to see the exact moment, I think there are long trailers out that show them on the bridge on youtube.

  3. was devastated with the fact that viki has no longer posted the video and all I got was “Oops page not found” and the link that were provided by you are not made available in my region and I have to download so many extension just to watch the new 2 episodes… Fortunately, I somehow managed to watch the new 2 episodes today.. tomorrow, it’ll be another obstacle.. I can’t believe I have to go through all that just for a drama.. sigh..

    1. Me too…. The official YouTube channel doesn’t work in my country so typically I have to wait for people to upload into DM. But yesterday I finally dl episodes 7 & 8… I’ve not been doing so much just to watch a drama for a very long time

      1. The official YouTube channel doesn’t work in my country also. So what I do is, I have subscribed to d channel, so in my main subscription page it gets updated when d new episodes are though when I play it says not available in ur region, so I just copy d url n paste in a site where I can download YT videos online.
        So like this I can watch at once it is out… I dont watch from DM coz sometimes a little bit in d beginning is cut…
        I hope this helps….

      1. idk, viki doesn’t say anything. one moment it’s there and the next, it doesn’t.. not even a heads up or something.. or maybe I just missed any announcement made by viki. but anyway.. things happened somewhere in the process and viki took them down I guess.. >.<

      2. I think someone said before about Croton Media? But they’re slowly opening it up I think. I’m now able to watch what was blocked before.

    2. Hmm … … a simple unblock youtube without any extensions should do the trick. Paste my link into unblock youtube and you should get it.

  4. Thanks for your recap! I like these 2 episodes as they flesh out some of the scenes that were only mentioned briefly in the book.
    Er Xi being the only person that was accepted was suspicious as Meng Yi Ran removed all 4 of their applications in the past episodes.
    I also found that the expressions of the 3 roommates of XN at the emergency room hilarious as there is no way that ZN will die (he’s the main character!!!) until the scene that ZN woke up that they mentioned that the doctor kept shaking his head lol

  5. Good news guys! DramaFever is airing it as O2O!

    I was so upset when Viki decided to get rid of the drama, and I couldn’t find it on YouTube. Thankfully, DramaFever decided to air it!! :DD

  6. Thank you so much for recapping this drama. Can only rely on you while watching it on DM

  7. Hey, aren’t these the two Xiao Nai’s, Jing Boran (movie version) and Yang Yang (TV version)?! The pillow fight is hilarious!

    1. ya, I have seen d movie version… they changed quite a bit so I wasnt that happy! Some of my fav scenes were edited out also!!!! Still this movie version is better of what they did out of d movie version of ‘my silent separation AKA my sunshine’

  8. I’ve watched this drama up to Epi 20, decent enough for just some fun watch. But can anyone here that have access to mandarin speaking forum tell me, I’ve found it somewhat funny and disturbing how they make yang yang look like Edward Cullen, anyone else out there feel the same way? And I found yang yang to be quiet stiff, is it his potrayal, or just his acting?

    1. I don’t really see him as Edward Cullen … … in the last ten episodes, he really loosens up and there is no more creepy staring and more lovey-dovey gazing … …

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