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World of Cultivation: Finale Event

Hello everybody,


As you are aware, World of Cultivation will be coming to an end in little over a week. The entire time Wyhcwe and I, WanderingGummiOfDoom, have worked on this project we have never accepted “donations” for our work. However, we wish to commemorate the conclusion of the project by crowdfunding for a charity.

What we want to ask of our readers today, is that you donate to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. They are a charity dedicated to fighting illiteracy by providing young children with books. We have selected this charity for the following reasons: the appropriateness of the charity given our work, and that the charity operates in the same countries the vast majority (75%+) of our readers are from: Australia, Canada, the UK, and USA.

Below is the link to the donation page for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. We thank you in advance if you decide to participate and donate. Feel free to write a comment under the post if you choose to donate.




Cheers and thank you for all the support,

Wyhcwe and WanderingGummiOfDoom



We will not be releasing the chapters faster for donations. One a day, start to finish y’all.

美人一笑也倾城 Mei Ren’s Smile Is Also Alluring “4 Meat Pastry & 5 How It Ended”

I don’t know how but I forgot there were still outtakes for Mo Zha Ta and KO that I didn’t post until someone commented and reminded me. It was probably TBVW that started and then I did WOC so this dropped off my mind … …

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