Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 11 & 12

My opinion of Cao Guang has dropped rock bottom.

I have to admit the actor playing Meng Yi Ran is really good at pouting faces. She does this face in almost every scene that I have seen up until now in this drama.

Pout at Cousin, pout at Uncle, pout at friend.
Pout at Cousin, pout at Uncle, pout at friend.

Da Zhong is pictured as really good friends with Yu Gong and the others. Wei Wei introduces herself after the game to Xiao Nai’s friends and teammates except Mo Zha Ta who arrives after Wei Wei has left. When they go out to eat, Mo Zha Ta becomes confused and angry that Xiao Nai is two-timing on Lu Wei Wei Wei with Bei Wei Wei. Yu Gong and Hou Zi Jiu remain sient and allow Mo Zha Ta to confront Xiao Nai about how terrible a person he is.

Mo Zha Ta furious that Xiao Nai is cheating on Wei Wei with Wei Wei and saying he wants both of them.
Mo Zha Ta furious that Xiao Nai is cheating on Wei Wei with Wei Wei and saying he wants both of them.

The friends and teammates go to eat at a small place. During the drinking, his friends start to congratulate him on losing his single status and accidentally mention the Beauty Ranking. Xiao Nai ends up deleting the page using Mo Zha Ta’s computer as in the novel but way earlier.

Cao Guang is pictured buying a bracelet and he encounters his friend on the way back who informs him that Wei Wei and Xiao Nai were pictured together. Cao Guang is enraged.

The scene cuts to Meng Yi Ran and Na Na in another café while Meng Yi Ran complains that Na Na’s suggestions are terrible and she should not have listened. After Meng Yi Ran storms off, Na Na complains that Meng Yi Ran only took her out to sushi two times and feels the other is treating her like a maid. Na Na implies that she wouldn’t be tolerating Meng Yi Ran’s princess temper if it wasn’t for … … (I’m guessing Zhen Shao Xiang.)

Cao Guang and his friend end up in the same place and Cao Guang decides to get drunk. Na Na is walking when she notices Cao Guang and as he drinks more, he starts complaining about “Wei Wei” and how she is a cheater. She then records Cao Guang’s rant about how “Wei Wei” is married to him in the game and is fooling around with Xiao Nai in real life. He rants about how people cannot toy with other people’s feelings even if it is in a game and that “Wei Wei” is a very good actor. He then resolves to also “act” as well.

Back at the place Xiao Nai and the others are eating dinner, Mo Zha Ta encounters the server from the university cafeteria. Mo Zha Ta is extremely awkward as he questions the server and compliments the guy on his cooking skills.

Mo Zha Ta looking at what KO cooks at the cafeteria.
Mo Zha Ta looking at what KO cooks at the cafeteria.

Mo Zha Ta states that he goes to the cafeteria all the time now and can taste some of the food is delicious and others terrible. KO writes a list of the food he cooks and gives it to Mo Zha Ta. Mo Zha Ta asks for KO’s phone number but KO refuses by saying he’s just a server and cook. Mo Zha Ta responds by saying he’s just a coder.

Er Xi ends up having stomach problems as in the novel. Everything progresses except that after Er Xi is examined and complains about Xiao Nai’s food, Wei Wei defends Xiao Nai by saying that everyone ate the same thing and that Er Xi probably had drunk some of Si Si’s weight-losing tea.

Episode 12

Xiao Nai takes Wei Wei out since she missed her self-study time to his company.

Steam-punk modern style.
Steam-punk modern style.

The office scenes are as in the novel except that Xiao Nai informs Wei Wei they are trying to get the new game contract rather than already being in partnership to develop the new game. Wei Wei asks when Xiao Nai knew who she was and then realizes after his answer that he had known she was taking his father’s history class.

The famous cup of the musician.
The famous cup of the musician.
Wei Wei realizing that Xiao Nai knew who she was when they were attending his father's lecture. (Run, Wei Wei, your last chance to run from your stalker!)
Wei Wei realizing that Xiao Nai knew who she was when they were attending his father’s lecture. (Run, Wei Wei, your last chance to run from your stalker!)

Cao Guang gives Er Xi a horse and tells her it is known for having its legs spread out so it has a big step. Cao Guang then arranges for them to go boating in the game with Er Xi but orders two boats as he says Er Xi would find it more fun to have two. He wants it to imply that she has “a foot on two boats,” and calls the flowers in the water “willow flowers.” Er Xi thinks of the idiom “water willow flowers,” which mean easy virtue but tells Cao Guang that she now finds the idiom beautiful because of seeing it with him rather than the negative impression she had of it before.

Cao Guang making a disgusted face that Er Xi doesn't understand what he is implying.
Cao Guang making a disgusted face that Er Xi doesn’t understand what he is implying.

Er Xi tells Wei Wei she wants to make a gift for a “good friend” in the game that she owed a favor to.

Na Na goes to find Meng Yi Ran to tell her about Xiao Nai and Wei Wei but Meng Yi Ran has a new friend and refuses.

Meng Yi Ran has switched out a best friend.
Meng Yi Ran has switched out a best friend.

Wei Wei goes to sign the contract with Feng Teng and gets the pets she wanted. The conversation about confessions progress like in the novel. Wei Wei is just lacking two of the ingredients to make the hairpin she wants to make for Xiao Nai.

My thoughts: Er Xia and Cao Guang’s situation is getting worse now that Na Na has a recording of Cao Guang getting drunk and talking about “Wei Wei’s” cheating. I felt better about Cao Guang after he apologized to Wei Wei in the beginning episodes because it showed him to be a more decent person but now … … he wants to retaliate. If he goes to ask either Wei Wei or Er Xi, the misunderstanding could be easily cleared up. But he just decides to get act and … … I don’t know what he wants to do.

The episode ends with Ni Ni asking the sect about attacking the Netherworld Boss. Zhen Shui Wu Xiang replies.

So  I misunderstood what they meant. It turns out that it is 2 episodes on every single day except Sundays so tomorrow is an one episode situation. Do you think I should recap three episodes on the day after tomorrow or just do the one by itself?

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31 thoughts on “Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 11 & 12”

  1. Plz recap tomoro’s single episode coz I waaaaait to read ur recaps n awesome captions!!! <3 <3 <3
    Even I hated Cao Guang in this episode! How sure can he be that he got d right person in a game!!! How stupid! LOL everyone cant be lucky like Xiao Nai n get d correct girl in d game! Cao Guang should take some lessons from Xiao Nai on how to stalk a girl successfully 😀 😀 😀

    1. I dislike his spite a lot. I know his character setting was being cynical and pessimistic but this episode was a bit too much. I wonder how he will redeem himself by the end.

  2. 1 Episode tomorrow. I’m relying on your recaps since the eng subs are a day behind 🙁
    CG is the type of person who make snap judgements and rarely think there’s another side to a story. Not a good trait to have as a news reporter (I think that’s what he is?)

  3. Mo Zha Ta and KO are so cute together X3

    When I finally realized that the server was KO, I literally squeed XDD I got so excited over how they introduced KO early instead of just adding him in towards the end lol

    1. I’m super curious how he is going to end up in Xiao Nai’s company. Maybe it will be a marriage for an alliance (cough cough). I also want to know if they deleted KO and Mo Zha Ta’s past or if KO is actually looking for his lost wife.

      1. I’d vote that he is actually finding for his wifey… He hacked into MZT’s account, and is now stalking him?! This ties better with KO’s background of being a top hacker. If ZN can do it, I don’t see why KO can’t

      2. I’d have to second ssyng. I bet KO gave MZT those three servings cuz he already found out MZT’s rl identity lol. He probably’s trying to seduce his wayward waifu back to his side, ohohoho!

      3. He needs better skills. You can’t win just by murmuring a few words every few minutes … … wait … … his cooking makes up for all that ;P

  4. link to episode 12 please! I tried to looked for episode 12 on Croton Megahit, but I there’s nothing but episodes 1-11.. 😭😭

    you are right, I hate his CG character now. I don’t even like him at the first place, now I dislike him even more. Bei Wei Wei had clearly rejected him, plus, he’s the one who stalked her in the game AND assume things at the first place. Gosh.

    1. On the opening credits video they are featuring, play it near the end, youtube will pop up with a recommendation and it should be episode 12. That’s how I found it. If you can’t, I’ll go search for the link.


        LOL, I actually just found out the link by the end of the episode. I actually just listen to the ed song and repeat the episode afterwards… >_<

      2. Good. I’m not sure what is going on with them … … they are the uploaders but it didn’t show up. I found it by accident on the video before they posted the link to facebook a few hours later :(.

      1. right now, I’m downloading every episode that I can find.. even if I don’t understand them… the sad thing is, I can understand a little bit cantonese, but I can’t understand mandarin a lt all.. sigh

  5. Like you, this Cao Guang and Er Xi situation is getting out of hand.

    Also, I changed my mind about Yi Ran. At first, I though she just happened to listened to the bad advice of a friend but now I think that she is just petty. Not to mention such a bad friend, or rather, a user. I now get the feeling that she is only using Na Na because she didn’t know how to solve her own issue, in this case her infatuation with Xiao Nai. Now that Na Na can’t resolve it for her, she went to someone else and dump a friend, who while bad, actually do try to help her out.

    1. Na Na is also using her so it’s almost par for the course … … but yes, Meng Yi Ran wasn’t as innocent as she appeared in the beginning.

      1. Meng Yi Ran seemed naive in the beginning listening to Na Na for everything. I think now though, we can see that she’s just a spoiled rich brat who is used to getting what she wants and not used to having to go after something. Since she’s rich and beautiful, it usually comes to her. LOL at Xiao Nai for not caring about anything else besides Wei Wei. I love his single focus on Wei Wei and like some of your captions say, he’s totally a stalker. The hacking the computer was wow, but still made sense since you do have to wonder how did he message her as soon as she came online.

        I also love Hao Mei who was so adorable feeling sad for his online san sao when he thinks that Lao san has a gf in real life now. I also really like how he was fighting with Yu Gong and Hou Zi Jiu and got beat up but told Wei Wei online that he gave them a beating. That was a nice and hilarious twist. Also love his meetings with KO. LOL, I rewatch a lot of scenes, just skip out on Er Xi and Cao Guang’s scenes.

        Thanks for the recaps. If possible, please do the one episode on Sunday. It’s great to get your input in the episodes as well as your hilarious captions.

      2. How I imagined it in the novel was that Xiao Nai just kept checking constantly online so it was his dedication that I admired. Now it’s been changed to technology … … I feel my goodwill towards Xiao Nai has decreased a little tiny bit. He’s so lazy … … but it is true to his characterization considering all the other things he has done.

  6. I think u should do the recap even if it’s just one episode cause I really wanna know what is happening… hahaha it’s my selfish request ^○^

  7. I just finished watching both episodes and squealing all through. I can tolerate CQ bcos I fast forwarded all those scenes :p

  8. I love this series so much.. I read your translations immediately after I discovered the drama. I can understand spoken Chinese but my reading isn’t very good. Is it possible for you to translate the newer outtakes that Gu Man posted? There are some that are connected to Shan Shan Lai Chi as well. Thank you so much, I really appreciate what you do.

  9. I’m loving every single word of the recaps, thank you for the summaries and funny commentaries!
    This might just be me being nitpicky but how did he get the Internet access to be able to delete the page? Is there something different about Chinese Internet or wifi? Cause the restaurant didn’t look like one of those places that offered that service.

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