Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 13

Episode 13 is all alone by itself.

The first half is completely canon with Ni Ni, Wei Wei, Nai He, Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu Yao Yao teaming up to fight the Crone of the Netherworld.

For some reason, the crone actually looks beautiful but the voice is extremely rough so good voice acting.

Beautiful eternal appearance and a harem of males, who doesn't want to take the job?
Hiring for: Crone of the Netherworld.    Job benefits: Beautiful eternal appearance and a harem of males. Who doesn’t want to take the job?

I don’t get how they have such nice offices at Zhi Yi Technologies.


Is this what you want to spend money one, Xiao Nai? Especially when you said you only plan on doing the game company until your are 25. That is around 3 years from now so such a waste.
Is this what you want to spend money on, Xiao Nai, random white structures? Especially when you said you only plan on doing the game company until your are 25. That is around 3 years from now so such a waste.

Yu Gong and the friends discover that Wei Wei has come to the office because the two cups are out.  Xiao Nai informs them that they pretty much have the mobile venture agreed on so their main focus is to be on the New Chinese Love Story rights. The scene cuts to Meng Yi Ran, her uncle, Manager Li, and Zhen Shao Xiang in the office. Zhen Shao Xiang is playing on his phone and does not pay attention. The CEO wants to take advantage of Fengteng Corp’s channels to increase their standing in the gaming business and is willing to increase the kickback that they pay. Zhen Shao Xiang refuses to go to Shanghai with the excuse he has exams.

Meng Yi Ran is pictured with her new friends who criticize Na Na and give her new advice on how to attract Xiao Nai. Her main advisor is the girl in white, Ai Xiang Nai Er. She advises Meng Yi Ran to not be the active pursuer and letting Xiao Nai notice her instead.

A new cohort of advisors.
A new cohort of advisors.

Xiao Nai and Wei Wei are pictured at breakfast, something which was that was just mentioned in the novel. Xiao Nai says that breakfast at campus is good. Wei Wei asks him what to do if he graduates and won’t have the meal card any longer. Xiao Nai tells her he will use his, and when Wei Wei says that she won’t let him, he states he’ll use his parents’ card. Wei Wei gets nervous because she would see Professor Xiao in her last class and hand in her essay. Xiao Nai tells her there is no need to be so nervous and there is a simple solution, to pretend that she doesn’t know Professor Xiao.

At home, Professor Xiao and Mrs Xiao discuss their son. Professor Xiao finally realizes that his son only went to his class to sit with the person he likes. The two of them concludes that Xiao Nai is the “positive made from multiplying two negatives” who got married late in life.

Xiao Nai meets the manager at Fengteng Corp and they discuss the possibility of a new version of Chinese Ghost Story. The two set down the conditions for the mobile version where Xiao Nai negotiates that Fengteng only gets one year of exclusivity on the mobile version and the manager agrees to give him S+ resources.

Manager Wang of Fengteng.
Manager Wang of Feng Teng.

Fengteng’s manager Wang introduces Xiao Nai to Manager He who is in charge of the present Love Story game. Manager Li and the Zhen Yi CEO discuss how Manager Wang is not an easy person and they move their target onto Manager He. The two enemies mention how Zhen Yi tried to buy Xiao Nai’s company for three million.

At the right is Manager He of Feng Teng.
At the right is Manager He of Feng Teng.

Manager Wang then introduces Xiao Nai to CEO Feng.

Discount CEO Feng Teng.
Discount CEO Feng Teng. Someone didn’t age well … … Shan Shan, ditch him!

CEO Feng mentions his wife is playing this game and he is not satisfied with the plans that have been presented.

The episode ends with Meng Yi Ran entering the room in a white dress.

I’m moving on the first of September so I’m not sure how much time I have for recaps in the first week of September and how much internet I have. But I’ll make it to episode 19 which is two third of the drama.

I think they rehired the voice actor for Feng Teng but obviously they did not get Zhang Han to make a surprise appearance. It would probably cost too much so we get discount-Feng Teng. There’s nothing about Er Xi and Cao Guang in this episode which made for an easier viewing because I find them agonizing. On further thought after yesterday, Cao Guang ranks lower than Zhen Shao Xiang for me. He’s never acted maliciously to fool someone or take revenge and he’s pretty open about his spite, such as the video. Cao Guang is a lot more insidious and I have the feeling he might do something like try to get photos of “Wei Wei” cheating on Xiao Nai or something.


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16 thoughts on “Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 13”

  1. Hi wyhcwe!

    Really enjoying your recaps! So far, I’ve caught up with the drama to episode 10. As in the novel, I don’t like the side characters at all except for Xiao Nai, Wei Wei,and the boys. I don’t particularly pay attention to the side characters in the drama either and skip their parts. The side characters were bad enough to read about but I can’t stand them even more now that their parts are drawn out for the drama 🙁

    1. first of all, hats off to the actress that plays Meng Yi Ran character so well until she has now succeeded to make me dislike Meng Yi Ran even more.. Hundreds of thumbs up for that. Gosh, it’s amazing on how much I dislike her character so much that every time I see her scenes, I just directly skipped them all. I’m guessing, the next two episodes will be about the rumors that being mention in the book and all that.

      and I’m agreeing with what you said,. before, Meng Yi Ran is just a passing side character that being mention a chapter or two in the novel, now that she’s actually came to life in the drama, I can’t stand to watch her even for a second.. again, good acting, ms. actress. The other side characters are hateful accept for the boys and the girls.. They are such good kids.. >////< wish to have friends like them all.

    2. It wouldn’t be cost effective to just make a 12 or 15 episode special since that’s the amount of material the novel has. They want to milk this … …
      People on youku have made all Wei Wei versions or all Xiao Nai versions of the episodes so a lot of people have the same opinion.

  2. You guys are right. The novel barely mention all the side characters with an exception of the friends and leads(obviously) so it took me a while to remember who they were and what they did in the novel. It didn’t help that the drama is expanding them to the nth degree with more screen time.
    LOL at your comment telling Shan Shan to ditch discount CEO Feng Teng. Will there be a discount Shan Shan?
    If I remember correctly the actress who plays Shan Shan is pretty busy. You are right about the white structures. I would buy game posters instead or figurines lol. Maybe it’s me but I would imagine a more colors for a game company? As in more posters and stuff marketing their games… while the structures are black and white (not too white to prevent offsetting their colorful products) or grey.

    1. Zhao Li Ying has a drama airing right now which is sort of in competition with this drama. Her career has really shot up and I think she’s filming several more so there probably has to be a discount-Shan Shan.

      I just don’t get the point of those iron sculptures. They look cool but they are more like a waste of space and an accident waiting to happen.

  3. Thanks for the new recap, wyhcwe. I’m curious about something; I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    The first two novels you completely translated were romance novels, Slight Smile and Virtuous Wife, both written from a female perspective by lady authors Gu Man and Yue Xia Die Ying.

    World of Cultivation is as different from those novels as different can be. It’s xianxia, it’s by a famous male author, it follows the battles of a male protagonist, and there isn’t even a sliver of romance or romantic development (well, unless you count Zuo Mo’s love story with money). In fact, we could say WoC is exceptional among xianxia novels for its absolute lack of m/f romance. In most xianxia stories, the hero likes a girl or three, and makes time to pursue his love interests when he isn’t slaughtering enemies. Zuo Mo is refreshingly original in this: he’s a man without libido. If, at some time of his life, he was given the “birds and the bees talk”, he obviously never understood a single word of it.

    I’d like to know, how do you decide which novels to translate? And how come the genres and types of stories are so very divergent? I’m just curious, as it’s rather unusual.

    1. Um … … I liked the novels? They all struck I chord in me in some way. I found Wei Wei’s story to be extremely simple and free of angst compared to a lot of the other romance novels like Bu Bu Jing Xing and TBVW also does that. TBVW also rejects some tropes on the stereotypical time-travelling girl while WOC twists some of the xianxia tropes so I think I like them more because they are unique in that aspect.

      I’m probably never going to take on a huge project like WOC by myself because it is long but Smile and TBVW are actually pretty short for romance novels and WOC is a “short” xianxia novel compared to a lot of the others. That’s probably what they have in common the most.

      1. Hehe, I guess they are unique, you are certainly right in that. 🙂 I haven’t read that many Chinese romance novels, so I can’t compare with Slight Smile and TBVW; but WOC, compared to typical xianxia, is amazingly original in dozens of ways. Even other works by the same author, like Undefeated God of War, are really formulaic in their story.
        That reminds me, one of these days, I got to start reading Five Way Heaven. Being the continuation of WOC, it should be just as good. (Sure hope there aren’t too many spoilers…)

  4. I loved their breakfast together. It was hilarious how nervous she was and he’s just like, pretend you don’t know him. I’m glad they added that in. This show is just soooo good. It’s just great watching their scenes. Wei Wei is more at ease with him and he likes to poke fun at her, but she gives back too. I just have a big smile on my face when their scenes or the boy’s scenes come on. Er Xi and Cao Guang are ff scenes for me. Meng Yi Ran is just so desperate and does not know what to do. Lol at that chick’s advice for Meng Yi Ran to not chase after Xiao Nai but get him to notice her and make the first move. LOL, he only cares and notices Wei Wei, everything else is in the forget and delete section of his amazing brain.

    1. I wonder if he sees people’s faces as an amalgamation of shapes. Wei Wei is a particular pattern he knows and he just doesn’t recognize any other. 😛

      1. Hahaha, are you saying Xiao Nai has face-blindness? LOL if that was the case, he probably only recognizes Wei Wei by her hands 😛

  5. you are so awesome….i’ve read that trans of this novel…and OMG the words all used in the novels are awesome and since i don’t understand chinese you did an awesome job for translating it in english it’s so informative for the likes of me who knows nothing about the terms in the language and idioms. I actually watch 1st the cdrama before looking for your trans of the book..finally someone made me read books again…been trying to finish one but your trans will be my motivation…i will re-read the novel again sometime after finishing late today…thank you..and can you recommend some more novel to read…of course the one you trans in english…thanks..

  6. there’s a chance that Zhang Han didnt appear because Zheng Shuang is his ex and they broke up on bad terms… How ironic that they both star in Gu Man adaptations

  7. Argh.. from this tlrecap i just realised the cameo part.. no wonder CEO Feng Teng sound familiar. And he talked about his wife plays the game. Good combination. Lol at your opinion on Zhanghan. I made quick google search during watching the drama. N just knew ZhangHan n Zheng Shuang is couple before and broke up in 2014. So much coincident.

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