Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 18 & 19

Not a lot of pictures.

Episode 18

I find myself a lot picker in terms of getting pictures. The episode begins with the apartment cleanup, then dinner, and then the scene in the rain. Go to youtube and you should be able to find it … …

There’s a scene with Wei Wei trying to seduce “CEO” Xiao Nai and it is a lovely bit of meta since there are camera in the room who direct the two of them in their kissing.

Yu Gong introduces Wei Wei to the company as in the novel and then arranges for her to work under A Shuang, the programmer with a fear of women. A Shuang orders her to write a report on obscure phones incompatible with the mobile game and with only a budget of 600 RMB.

Mo Zha Ta goes to tell Xiao Nai about how Wei Wei is being bullied and Xiao Nai responds by telling Mo Zha Ta to think of it as a beginner quest and it would be harder if Xiao Nai was taking her along. When Wei Wei goes out to eat lunch with Xiao Nai’s friends, they criticize Yu Gong but Yu Gong response by saying that he hopes Wei Wei can cure A Shuang of his fear.

On the way back, Wei Wei asks for Xiao Nai’s bike lock key and Xiao Nai gives her the office key in return so she can get the bike key herself. Yu Gong and Mo Zha Ta banter about Wei Wei being a spy and stealing the code but the password is apparently extremely long and Xiao Nai is clever enough to prevent something like that.

When Wei Wei comes back to the office at night, Xiao Nai is the only one left and so the two of them eat takeout. Xiao Nai tells her that according to his plan, Wei Wei will have 25% of the ownership of the company.

Wei Wei finishes the report in time and manages to impress A Shuang who receives a phone call at the end of the episode.

Episode 19

Wei Wei goes to the bus stop to meet Er Xi who is arriving and also moving into Xiao Ling’s apartment in preparation for her internship.

Er Xi later calls Cao Guang about the money she owes for the videocamera. She tries to give him two thousand at first and then pay the three thousand left as “mortgage.” Cao Guang suggests for Er Xi to work off her debts.  Er Xi goes to Cao Guang’s apartment and is shown to be afraid of his cat. Cao Guang tells Er Xi to take care of the cat at 100 RMB a day as he is going out of the country for the summer. He takes Er Xi through what she has to do and Er Xi finishes by running away because she would be late for her internship orientation.

Er Xi is almost late to the meeting and when she gets on the elevator, Zhen Shao Xiang walks past. Er Xi is sent to the Chief Service Department and ends up with a great spot by the window with good air-conditioning. Er Xi ends up with nothing to do during the day as the manager does not give her any duties. In the washroom, a worker asks the manager what is going on with Er Xi who tells her that Er Xi got in through connections with Zhen Shao Xiang who took her resume out of the garbage pile. After the two leaves, Na Na comes out of the bathroom stall.

A Shuang is pictured out at lunch with another man who gives him an envelope (full of money?) and he is pictured with a pained face. On the way back, he gets caught in the thunderstorm and catches a cold. Yu Gong decides to go buy medicine for him but because he needs to send an email, he asks Wei Wei to do it. Wei Wei ends up getting rained on as well. Xiao Nai becomes furious when he sees Wei Wei drenched and takes her home.

At Xiao Nai’s apartment, there is only one pair of slippers so Xiao Nai goes barefoot. Wei Wei is happy because it means she is the first guest. Wei Wei ends up changing into clothing Xiao Nai has not worn before when he threatens to give her the clothing he has worn.

So cute.
So cute.

The next morning, Xiao Nai is the wearing the shirt he lent Wei Wei which Mo Zha Ta comments on. The two of them encounter A Shuang on the elevator and A Shuang ends up having a chat with Xiao Nai.

Xiao Nai drying Wei Wei's hair. It almost looks as though he is lifting a veil off her head during the episode.
Xiao Nai drying Wei Wei’s hair. It almost looks as though he is lifting a veil off her head during the episode.

The conversation starts with Wei Wei’s cold and then moves onto how Xiao Nai has noticed that A Shuang’s fear of women doesn’t extend to all women, he just dislikes women that work in the IT industry. Xiao Nai hopes that Wei Wei could change A Shuang’s mind. A Shuang states that he has had previous history with women in the IT industry.

Their shirts match the color of the paint.
Their shirts match the color of the paint.

Er Xi tells Wei Wei she has to go to her internship so she asks Wei Wei who is in bed with a cold to practice with her account and level up her forging skills. Er Xi actually lied and heads to Cao Guang’s place in order to work off her debts. Cao Guang goes online after Er Xi arrives and finds “Huan Tian Xi Di” is online. He tries to engage “Wei Wei” in conversation and finds that “Wei Wei” doesn’t even notice he is online which is different than how she usually acts. Wei Wei was going to tell Cao Guang she was not Er Xi but changes her mind when she realizes that Cao Guang is who Er Xi wants to make the present for and it would not seem sincere if Er Xi hired someone to help her make the gift.

I was right, Cao Guang and Er Xi are back in these two episodes. I’m getting on a flight tonight so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make any more recaps as I am going to be moving into a new place and getting stuff set up. I might get regular internet after the weekend and just do a ten episode recap … …

Not a lot of pictures today.


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16 thoughts on “Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 18 & 19”

  1. Thank you for the recaps. I admit that today’s episodes were a bit boring, probably because there is not a lot of moments between our two leads. Er Xi and Cao Guang are FF scenes for me.

    Good luck on your moves and for everything to go smoothly. 😀

      1. 😀 that’s true. I guess I was expecting more interactions besides that.

      2. Did she have a hockey or are we all gonna ignore that part lol was I the only one to see it?😟😟

    1. haha. I’ve been playing this one repeat all day since I discovered it on youtube this morning. LOL. I’m so glad they included a PK scene so Wei Wei could beat up all her haters. YES!!!!

      1. Same here!!!! I went on seeing it again n again…Its a nice touch compared to d novel… They can see how awesome weiwei is : Beauty, brain n kickass!
        Btw u saw another preview where Nana shows her friend d clip of Cao saying that weiwei is cheating on him etc? They are planning to do something with that clip

  2. Does anyone feel the same as I…..when I look at Wei Wei, I don’t see Zheng Shuang…..just Wei Wei.. But when I look at Xiao Nai, allI see is Yang Yang!!!

  3. Thankyou for recap and does know around what novel chapter episode 24 of drama is?

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