Random Statistics and Year Conclusion

  1. How many current projects does a translator have on average? 3
  2. What is the most common year a project was originally published?
    2016 with 567 projects.
  3. What is the number of “abandoned” projects? (not updated since
    2018/01/31 and status incomplete) 1285
  4. What is the most common day to start a translation project? Monday
  5. Who is the author with the most translated works? Kamachi Kazuma,
    author of  A Certain Magical Index and other light novel series.
  6. The most common word in novel titles? “World”, which occurs 226
    times, followed by “god” and “love”. See the word cloud for others.

Exponential growth of projects, many new licenses, and Chinese projects might just outnumber Japanese ones by this time next year.

Part VII Licensing | Table of Contents

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5 thoughts on “Random Statistics and Year Conclusion”

  1. thanks for another interesting look at the scene.
    to me looking at the data, in case of Q ( both webnovel and almost full control gravity tales ) it seems it will be at least another year perhaps two before we can get some sense of how it will go forward. economics is the big elephant in the tent. i do wonder if ads alone can support as the adblocking is wide spreaad and industry is literarily enemy of good reding experience not to mention how horribly invasive its approach is. if paywall come in the play at some point how willing a readership used to free reading will go with that. not to mention piracy. my guess will be this readership demographic will more than happily jump on to that. lastly the question of availability of a needed translator pool able to bring out decent ( forget abot outstanding ) translaions. webnovel example is not encouraging.
    i am not familiar with the japanese publisher(s) and thier model,

    1. In a strange turn of events, I actually only have “supply side” information rather than “demand side.” To get the information on people willing to pay or not use adblock, I would need to run surveys … … That is how people do market surveys. The “companies” try to keep their own data separate but in this case, all of their “products” are listed.

  2. Thank you for this survey. The numbers of projects dropped are way higher than the finished projects. So if the translation is not from a reliable translator, I choose to ignore or wait to see the frequency the translator release the translated chapters.

  3. Thanks for this overview of the behind-the-scenes. I mostly start a novel that has a reliable translator or that has already been completely translated. I don’t do novels that have the status ongoing from authors. I also check the “Release Frequency” of a novel before starting.

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