Why I now have a tip jar … …

Tl;dr : There is a ko-fi tip jar here. Please tip if you like my translations.

The long winding part:

I haven’t had a tip jar in the past years despite several people offering to tip. But things have sort of changed in the last two months. I’m a private person so I won’t go into my situation. I just … … am facing an unexpected reduction in income which I did not plan for. So the tip jar is now here because every bit helps. I’ve struggled a bit over the last month and a bit but one always ends up bowing to the power of jingshi (money).

I do have one goal up on that page right now. It is for reaching $100 and maybe I’ll set up early access or something. Any suggestions are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Why I now have a tip jar … …

  1. I understand stupid jingshi problems 🙁 I’m currently in the middle of some myself or I would be tipping you a lot! I’ll make up for it once I can figure out my own end again. I hope your issues are able to resolve soon!

  2. I’d recommend using Patreon as a service so your readers who are able to donate could do it through there. It’s much more accepted service and widely use. I myself have monthly subscription to certain people who are offering services that I like (translations, epub books, etc).
    Some people put like stages of the services ranging from $1-$5/monthly. For a lot of people probably wouldn’t mind put $1/monthly into your translation services. I myself sure wouldn’t mind cause I read all your translations (your choices of the novels are my fav genre/story).

    You have 2k followers, even only 50 of them donated $1/monthly you will achieve half of your goal, so worth to try. Hope everything works out for you.

    • Second to this. Please use patreon, I’ve finished reading ASSID, ETT and TBAVV and loved it. I’m willing to buy novels fod tens of dollars each month so i can definitely support a few dollars for you. So I prefer a monthly subscription thingy. Loves your translations so keep up the good work!

  3. hi, I know you have a lot of loyal readers to your site but I think after ‘world of cultivation’ ended, the number of visitors might have dropped… you could probably engage in conversations to the commenters on that novel and I am sure that most of them will help you out. I know it does not sound honourable but if you have problems, that is one solution you can look to. I would help you out if my financial situation allowed for it, but I am sorry and I can only give you moral support and loyal readership support. You can also try to make a discord server where the readers can communicate with each other as well. Hope this helps at least even a bit.

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