Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 80 “The Time To End”

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Chapter 80: The Time To End

The viewing platform was in shock.

Xie Changsheng looked towards Xie Rou and asked, “Sister, what sword is his?”

“The sword energy is like dandelions flowers … only Physical Energy Realm but able to emanate a power stronger than Vital Energy Realm third class. This can only be the Snow Dandelion Sword,” Xie Rou inhaled deeply as she slowly spoke.

Xie Changsheng and Xu Heshan exchanged a glance. “The Snow Dandelion Sword created by Ji Tianxue of the Divine Craftsman Workshop?” they asked, in unison.

Xie Rou took another deep breath and turned to look at the pair. She said, “Rather than its power, I wish to know why this sword is in his hand and why it has appeared here.”

Xie Changsheng and Xu Heshan’s gaze immediately landed on the Duanmu Lian nearby.

The Snow Dandelion Sword was renowned in the Chu Dynasty. The Divine Craftsman Workshop was the imperial workshop. Only members of the imperial had opportunities to obtain a sword like this.

Duanmu Lian’s eyes were filled with absolute shock.

This trial had brought the Green Vine Sword School too many surprises. He did not know how an ordinary student like Mo Chen could have a sword like this.

“This is not fair.” A grave voice sounded.

Everyone turned to look and found the speaker was He Zhaoxi, who rarely spoke and spent his time on cultivation.

“This is not fair.”

Facing everyone’s gaze, He Zhaoxi repeated the four words. He looked at Duanmu Lian and said, “The power of the Snow Dandelion Sword itself is enough to defeat the majority of people participating in the sword trial festival. It is no surprise for anyone who wields the Snow Dandelion Sword will be so. This has nothing to do with the actual strength of a cultivator.”

Duanmu Lian knew in his heart that He Zhaoxi was speaking the truth. In a place like the sword trial valley, the Vital Energy Realm cultivators could not replenish their vital energies after they were used. But Mo Chen, who possessed the Snow Dandelion Sword, would always have the power of a Vital Energy Realm. However, the sword trial festival had no rules regarding this. True; the sword each one had was different. But it was also true, that some swords had special abilities, and there were disparities too, but none as astounding as the one Mo Chen was wielding.

So Duanmu Lian was ill at ease to decide. He turned to look at Xue Wangxu and Di Qingmei at the side of the viewing platform.

“What do you think?”

After a night, Di Qingmei’s features had lost some of their viciousness, and gained more peace. He referred to Xue Wangxu.

Xue Wangxu looked at him and laughed. “My thoughts should be the same as yours.”

Di Qingmei nodded and turned to look at Duanmu Lian. He said slowly, “No matter,” he said, slowly, resolving his dilemma.

He Zhaoxi stilled.

Di Qingmei’s gaze landed on him as he opened his mouth to speak. Di Qingmei said, “The rules are the rules. The rules already set down cannot be changed. Even if Mo Chen possesses a sword like this, I am sure there are people in the valley who can defeat him. Also, Mo Chen possessing a sword like this represents that he has a brighter future than other people. If a disciple like this can obtain one of the three spots, I think this is a good thing. The rewards of the sword trial festival will benefit him greatly.”

The viewing platform sank into silence. Everyone pondered over Di Qingmei’s words and gradually felt that from the perspective of a sect leader and for the betterment of the school’s future, Di Qingmei’s decision was justified.

He Zhaoxi’s brows relaxed. He bowed slightly to Di Qingmei and did not raise any more objections.

Night once again descended on the valley. The sword trial valley turned peaceful yet again.

In the coldest time of the night, many of the spectating students gathered closer to one another.

A pillar of smoke permitting people to depart rose. The sparks rose, beautifully, towards the night sky.

A Green Vine Sword School disciple started to sprint quickly in the darkness.

This was the last day.

According to the rules of the sword trial festival, the person who reached the exit of the sword trial valley the fastest and obtained the green suet jade placed at the exit would be the winner. Of course, one needed cunning in a trial like this.

So this Green Vine Sword School student had travelled quite a bit before entering the designated area during the day. He had found a safe path to reach the entrance.

While this Green Vine Sword School student spent a lot of energy during the day and was by now exhausted, he was still filled with confidence. He thought that he could reach the exit of the Green Vine Sword School the fastest.

But after he had sprinted for fifteen minutes and was not far from the exit, he suddenly stopped, puzzlement in his eyes.

During the day, he had seen a passageway here. But the passageway had disappeared and there was an unusually thick vine wall ahead of him. He was stunned for several seconds. He walked closer to confirm that his eyes were not playing tricks.

Over the distance of these few steps, the silent vine wall in front of him suddenly moved. Accompanied by buzzing sounds, dozens of vines shot out.

This Green Vine Sword School student let out a shocked shout. As he swung his sword, many pops and sprays of sparks rose.

The dozens of vines attacking him were all thick vines with skin as hard as metal!

His sword was pushed away immediately. Under his despairing gaze, dozens of vines swarmed him and tied him up.

A teacher from the Green Vine Sword School landed from above.

The vines wrapped around this Green Vine Sword School disciple flowed away. Then this Green Vine Sword School teacher left with this student who had just been eliminated.

A few minutes later, the thin mist that had just then settled, shifted again. Su Qin’s tall figure slowly appeared.

He stopped at the place the Green Vine Sword School student had stopped at previously. He studied this vine wall that had not appeared during the day. After confirming that this vine wall blocked all the passages towards the valley exit, and sensing the slow flow of primal energies of the universe out of the vines, he was reassured. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to rest.

Almost at the same time, Ding Ning reached the other end of the vine wall.

He could feel the changes in the primal energies of the universe even more clearly than Su Qin. He could even sense that the vine wall was stretching out on both ends to merge with the mountain sides. Based on the loss of primal energies of the universe from the vines, this vine wall would not disappear before noon tomorrow.

So he picked a large clean rock nearby to lay down. He closed his eyes to sleep,awaiting dawn.

The darkness slowly faded, the sky gradually lightened. When the first ray of sun kissed the valley, the students on the viewing platforms who were still awake, exclaimed in shock.

These shouts awakened the sleeping students.

Then the awakened students also shouted in shock.

The mist shrouding the valley had cleared. Several green vibrant vines had started to turn yellow. The leaves had started to fall.

The sword trial valley had turned unusually clear.

That vine wall, which was several meters thick, still remained straddling the two sides of the valley.

Only seven figures were left in front of this almost impenetrable wall.

Ding Ning, Nangong Caishu, Zhang Yi, Su Qin, and Mo Chen. Other than this quintet, there were two other Green Vine Sword School students, Liu Yangguang and Mu Liunian.

Looking from above, one could clearly see they were scattered. As the surrounding vines withered, they came into each other’s view. In reality, these people were in close proximity of each other, and the closest just some dozen meters away.

“It seems it is time to end.” Ding Ning stretched lazily and looked at the people around with a calm demeanour.

“It’s finally calm.” A cold smirk appeared on Su Qin’ face. His gaze swept across everyone and then eventually landed on Mo Chen.

Before anyone could move, he walked towards Mo Chen.

“What does he want to do?”

Su Qin’s action was an especially strong shock to all those watching, they couldn’t help voicing their befuddlement.

“Defeat the one who is weakest in his eyes. That way, there will only be six left, including himself.” Gu Xichun, who had not spoken for a long time, spoke in a cold voice. “Zhang Yi, Ding Ning and Nangong Caishu are clearly on the same side. After he defeats the one he thinks is the weakest, he would use this to persuade the other two to his side.”

Xie Changsheng and Xu Heshan exchanged a look. While the two felt dislike towards Gu Xichun, yet felt that Gu Xichun, at the moment, was right.

“Pity, Mo Chen is not a softy like he imagines,” Xie Changsheng said, softly with joy.

But things did not develop as he anticipated.

Mo Chen silently lifted his head and looked at Su Qin who was walking towards him. Then he gripped his small silver sword and channeled physical energy. A vast presence once again surged out of this small sword in his hand. His black hair flew backwards and danced in the wind.

Su Qin immediately stopped walking, cold light flashing in his eyes.

“I want to fight Ding Ning first.” Mo Chen looked at Su Qin’s cold eyes and said in a soft but unusually determined tone.

Su Qin stilled slightly. Then he smiled and said, “That is wonderful.”

Translator Ramblings: I pity this Greenvine student who thought that being first to the target means winning. I can imagine the White Goat Cave students not knowing but should a Greenvine student know what the competition their school hosts is like?

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