Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 16 “Realm Seven’s Confidence and Amazement”

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Chapter 16: Realm Seven’s Confidence and Amazement


Ding Ning shouted one word because he only had time for one word.

As he said this, all the fiendish sword energy he had accumulated in his body shot out from his fingers. The black sword lights turned into a rain and were aimed at a spot next to Xie Lianyin.

His shout and the barrage of black sword lights were filled with decisiveness and irrevocableness. “Go!” Xie Lianying’s gaze flashed. He almost instinctively pulled Xie Rou next to him and darted backwards.

A soft sound.

A light blue light suddenly appeared among the barrage of black sword lights, and a silver flow appeared out of thin air.

Moving backwards, Xie Rou’s heart almost stopped beating. While it was a known fact that the seal weapons of the Chu Dynasty were the best in the world, she had never heard of this grey-robed cultivator’s attack that could come out of thin air.

A flow of silver first appeared clearly in the air, and then the grey shadow.

For this powerful cultivator from the Chu Dynasty, the little fiendish swords that Ding Ning had forced out of his body were almost nothing.

The grey figure turned sideways and his body, half flashing with silver light, stood like a large silver sword.

The black sword lights exploded on the silver light, forming black blossoms in the air.

Countless silver flowers also bloomed on the other side of the Chu Dynasty cultivator, however, he only felt slightly colder on one side of his body.

The disparity between realm three and seven was too great. He also had a seal weapon that was the product of countless Chu cultivators and craftsmen.

This Chu Dynasty cultivator was puzzled as to why Ding Ning could sense his location yet his gaze was still aloof. He only used his normal speed as he channeled his vital energy into the “Worryfree Horn”.

Yet again, murderousness surged in the air.

It was because the primal energies of the universe that the Worryfree Horn was this bright and multicolored. Even the murderousness felt so pleasant and bright that the people could easily forget their worries. It could easily make people slower in their reaction.

The Xie Family was the wealthiest in the Guanzhong, and none of their cultivators was mediocre. When this Chu Dynasty cultivator’s Worryfree Horn passed through the fragments of the fiendish swords and charged towards Xie Lianying who was in retreat, the two flying swords that were floating next to the old woman and the child finally made the correct reaction.

A great boom!

The small red sword was suddenly ablaze with a blinding flame. While the sword was small, the power it emanated felt like an enormous piece of magma erupting from a volcano. It then fell towards the Chu Dynasty cultivator.

The other small blue sword silently flew down and disappeared into the earth below Even its presence became the same as the soil.

This Chu Dynasty cultivator frowned slightly, but he did not change the target of the Worryfree Horn. With a muffled sound, the incoming little red sword was forced to a standstill by a powerful force. Unable to even dodge, the sword was pushed backwards. The flames coming off the sword’s seal scripts scattered and landed on the surrounding shrubs.

In an instant, the grasses dried up and burst into flames.

As to the whereabouts of the devious little blue sword, this Chu Dynasty cultivator was unconcerned. To him, in order to attack him, the blue sword would have to resurface sooner or later.

Once this small sword left the earth, he would be able to feel it, and respond in time.This was the absolute confidence a realm seven expert possessed.

The moment the little red sword was forced back, one of the Xie Family carriages shook violently. A muffled grunt sounded, and the carriage curtains rippled outwards with a burst of bloody foam.

To the Chu Dynasty cultivator’s surprise, the little blue sword that had entered the earth seemed to have vanished.

Because he had absolute confidence, this Chu Dynasty cultivator did not hesitate at all.

Two vast surges of primal energies of the universe came through his feet. Two visible balls of light appeared under his feet. In the next moment, his body flew forward and accelerated.

In less than a breath, the Worryfree Horn gave off sharp murderousness and targeted Xie Lianying and Xie Rou who were trying their best to retreat.

An old voice came from the carriage behind Xie Lianying and Xie Rou.

Seated in this carriage was a white-haired old scholar.

As he shouted lowly, his body seemed to be covered in countless holes that shot out countless blue rays of wind.

The hardwood carriage around him collapsed like a paper lantern and scattered outwards.

The blue wind rays twisted like they were alive, and shot towards this Chu Dynasty cultivator from all directions, as if the tails of a demon.

This Chu Dynasty cultivator showed no disdain and his figure did not change. However, his vital energy output strengthened.

The seven-colored energy from the Worryfree Horn in his hand grew stronger. It did not appear to touch Xie Lianying and Xie Rou’s body but both of them grunted and bled from the corners of their mouth.

The old scholar’s visage did not change. Along with the blue rays of wind he drifted weightlessly upwards, and came before Xie Lianying and Xie Rou.

The Chu cultivator’s gaze suddenly focused. He suddenly sensed an unusual presence in these blue rays of wind.

His body suddenly froze.

From the first time since his initial advance, his body paused.

The pause was only to emit more energy.

A mountain of primal energies once again gathered above his head, and flooded into the Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring at an unimaginable speed.

The sticky energy flowing out of the Silver Rakshasa Thumb Ring, like mercury, immediately shrouded his body. Even his orifices were filled with silver energy. He became a person of silver.

Almost all the blue rays of wind collapsed when they hit his body, but one blue ray did not shatter, emitting a jewel-like light.

The Chu cultivator sneered in disdain.

This blue ray that had wrapped around his body and contracted violently, was quickly covered in cracks. It was possible to see clear crystal layers within the cracks.

Although the old scholar was still hovering in the air, his internal organs were vibrating violently. Red blood gathered along his chaotic energies and spurted out of his mouth and nose.

The unique and powerful presence of a lifebond item finally came from that crystal-like blue ray.

This had not been a ray condensed from primal energies of the universe, but his lifebond item.

The reason something was lifebond was because it had an inexplicable connection to a cultivator’s life. If a lifebond item was destroyed, the user would be seriously injured at best, and dead otherwise. But as this old scholar’s lifebond item was on the verge of being destroyed, he did not hesitate at all, and squeezed all the power he could contain within his body, out of his body.

The lifebond item in the form of the cracked blue ray persisted.

Determination in his eyes, a blue robed young swordsman in the last carriage, took a deep breath. His blue flying sword, that had hid for so long underground, finally, soundlessly re-emerged from the earth underneath the Chu cultivator’s feet.

The silver light on the Chu cultivator’s face dimmed slightly, and the yellow cloth he wore fell off due to the vibrations of energy.

Behind the yellow cloth was a thin and white, seemingly feminine, face.

A hint of disdain and pity flashed over his face.

“Other than that woman from an important Zhongshan family, the Xie Family is just so?”

Before he spoke, he had pulled back the Worryfree Horn in his hand, and let it slide down along his body.

The rainbow-like light landed on the blue crystal ray restraining his body. The blue ray shattered into countless pieces. The old scholar floating in the air fell to the ground and quietly died.

He took a step. The rainbow-like light continued to drop, sweeping under his feet and accurately hitting the blue flying sword that had just come out of the earth.

The seemingly soft contact was a collision between two mountains.


The blue sword, less than a foot in length, ploughed a deep gully in the ground.

In the last carriage, the blue-robed young swordsman’s head fell dispiritedly. Countless blade-like wrinkles appeared on his young face, each wrinkle bleeding threads of bloods.

The Chu cultivator proudly raised his head.

In his view, no one in the Xie Family could stop him from killing Xie Lianying and Xie Rou, even that youth not far from them.

But at this moment, he sensed an impossible surge of primal energies of the universe.

He suddenly turned around, his eyes flashed with amazement and disbelief.

Translator Ramblings: If all these sword energies are lights, does this mean the attacks are the speed of light? So all cultivators move faster than light …

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