Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 155 “Tiger Serpent Beast”

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Chapter 155: Tiger Serpent Beast

“If the people of the world live in battle and unsafe days all the time, so what if everyone ascends?” Huan Zhong stood in front of the group. Jiu Su’s wildness did not steal away his elegance. “The mortals live for a short few decades, and the longest only a century. We are lucky to step onto the path of cultivation. We live two centuries in Energy Refinement Stage, five centuries in Base Building, nearly eight centuries in Core Formation. If we succeed in Mind Manifestation, we have a millennium of longevity. Compared to ordinary people, we are so much more fortunate. There is nothing to fear.”

“If the path to immortality is built from corpses, bones and blood, so what if we do not walk this path?” Kong Hou stood beside Huan Zhong. She looked at the sect masters, elders and disciples behind her. She knew some of the people here, and didn’t know others. Her sect master shibo would always sneak her some talismans. Wu Chuan Shixiong didn’t like to talk but would silently care for his fellow disciples. Everyone in the sect knew her master didn’t have many spirit stones, but when she left to travel, Master would always do his best to save some spirit stones for her. Because in his mind, she was a young girl that liked to be beautiful and eat well. So he had to do his best to satisfy her.

Sect Master Jin Yue was stern and managed Radiance Sect well. He spent great effort for the entire cultivation world. The sect masters of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect were powerful cultivators but never became imperious. When they saw hard-working disciples, they would speak words of encouragement.

The young sect eldest disciples present here all abided by sect rules and were honest people. Even if they had their personalities and were not perfect, they were all worthy of praise. All of them were real and vivid people. Ascending was full of temptation, but she could not let all of them die for the opportunity to become immortal.

“Do the orthodox sects not have anyone else so that a young brat like you has to speak?” Jiu Su saw Kong Hou and remembered how Hong Yan had schemed against him a decade ago. He waved his sleeve. The dust and stones around him gathered into an enormous evil dragon that roared towards Kong Hou with a gaping maw.

He liked beautiful women, but not women that dared to offend him.

The dragon of dust and stone did not get near Kong Hou before it was cut by Huan Zhong with a sword slash. The dust and earth flew and the ground became a mess.

Heng Yan looked at the destroyed stone tiles and felt his heart in pain. These stone tiles had been made from good jade. He would have to spend many spirit stones in order to buy more after these were destroyed.

After defeating Jiu Su, he would have to discuss with everyone about rebuilding Splendid Cloud Sect.

“Hm?” Jiu Su had not expected Huan Zhong to silently block his blow. He sneered. “Such a loving and dutiful man. You dare to rashly use spirit energy for your beloved woman. Do you not fear that your damaged spirit platform will be completely destroyed?”

Huan Zhong remained silent. Dragon Roar Sword hummed.

“Do you know why I am always at odds with you?” Kong Hou thought of how Huan Zhong’s spirit platform had shattered in her dream when he fought Jiu Su and how he eventually passed away of old age. She found Jiu Su especially displeasing. “Because my man is powerful and is willing to protect me at any time.”

“Zhong Xi, you have a famous reputation but your eyes are not good.” Jiu Su spoke as he attacked Kong Hou again. This time, he still failed. Huan Zhong had stopped him again.

“One should protect the person they love.” Huan Zhong’s red robes billowed amid the spirit energy. Everyone finally saw that the wedding robes had been embroidered with a hidden dragon pattern.

Jiu Su felt that something was wrong. Zhong Xi might be a sword cultivator able to kill above his level, but he had Great Vehicle cultivation. How could a Mind Dividing Stage sword cultivator be able to remain unaffected by his spiritual pressure and not show any effort on his face?

“Zhong Xi, step back.”

Jin Yue suddenly spoke. He and several of Radiance Sect’s elders came in front of Jiu Su and they started to fight.

Jiu Su’s disdain grew. These orthodox sects wanted to use repeated battle to use up his spirit energy? So laughable. These people could not fathom how powerful the Great Vehicle Stage was and yet dared to use such tactics against him?

They overestimated themselves!

When he thought of this, he was no longer polite. He only used six-tenths of his power, and smashed Jin Yue and the elders to the ground in less than a half hour.

“Just so.” Jiu Su wiped his hands with a handkerchief before throwing it away. He smirked as he looked at the crowd. “You think to stop me with just these abilities?” His gaze moved across the group and landed on Wang Su, the master of Moon Star Sect.

“I heard that Moon Star Sect was closed for a century. It’s been just a decade—how come you are out?” Jiu Su put his hands behind his back. “You should call me Grand Shishu.”

“You betrayed your sect and your name has been erased from the sect. Moon Star Sect has nothing to do with you.” Wang Su’s expression was frosty. “There is no grand shishu to speak of.”

Wang Su was the twenty-fifth generation male sect leader of Moon Star Sect. Jiu Su had been the twenty-third generation sect eldest disciple. He had been lured into betraying his sect, and he killed countless innocent cultivators and people. Moon Star Sect had erased his name long ago. The twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth generation disciples of Moon Star Sect didn’t even know that the lord of the evil cultivators and their sect had such a history.

“In this case, I do not have to spare you for the past friendship.” Jiu Su moved quickly. The Projection Stage cultivators were like children in front of him and could not last more than ten blows.

Soon, he came in front of Wang Su. He used spirit energy to seal Wang Su’s spirit platform before grabbing his neck and asking, “Who is the fated one?”

Wang Su turned to look at Huan Zhong in his wedding attire. “Everyone in the cultivation world knows who the fated one is. You do not have to ask me.”

“Ha.” Jiu Su laughed softly. “Everyone believes that Zhong Xi is the fated one but I know, with Moon Star Sect’s conduct, they would not leak the identity of the true fated one with such fanfare. The true fated one is not here, correct?” He looked at the doors to the hall behind Wang Su. “He is in there?”

The sect masters and elders dizzy from their beating were shocked at hearing Wang Su’s words. Spirit Master Zhong Xi was not the fated one. Then who was?

“Her.” Wang Su pointed at Kong Hou. “She is.”

Kong Hou: “…”

She hadn’t thought such a noble person like Sect Master Wang Su was not slow at selling out his fellows.

“You think I will believe you?” Jiu Su slapped at Wang Su. Wang Su was sent flying and fell by Kong Hou’s feet.

Kong Hou bent down to help Wang Su up. Wang Su looked calmly at her, and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. He adjusted his clothes and still looked clean and untouched.

“If she was the fated one, you would let her stand here? The sect masters of Moon Star Sect would die to maintain the peace and prosperity of the cultivation world. You would speak her identity so easily?” Jiu Su brushed his sleeve. “Men as heaven, women as the earth. How can the fated one of the cultivation world be a woman?”

The female sect masters and elders had ugly expressions.

What was this? In addition to being evil, he also looked down on women?

“It seems that you are different from us. You came from the belly of a man.” Kong Hou released the seal on Wang Su’s spirit platform. She unwillingly pulled off the phoenix hairpin from her hair. “The phoenix crown I wear today is beautiful, my wedding dress is also beautiful. I do not want to fight.” She put the phoenix crown into her storage bag. This thing was beautiful to wear but not convenient when fighting. “Fortunately, you were not strong enough, and didn’t manage to arrive when Huan Zhong and I were having our path union ceremony.”

Phoenix Head turned into an enormous phoenix-patterned kong hou that flashed with light.

Jiu Su looked over and found these people were standing in strange positions that surrounded him and the main hall.

After betraying the sect, Jiu Su had focused on the evil arts and did not know much about formations. But even so, he realized that these people had purposefully lured him to this designated spot.

They overestimated themselves.

He smirked coldly. His talisman spun in the air and cut towards an elder. Suddenly, spirit energy came out of the ground and blocked his attack.

The doors to the main hall suddenly opened. The elders with the strongest cultivations came out, holding their lifebond talismans. They did not disguise their spirit energy. The walls and the roof of the main hall could not withstand the pressure of the spirit energy.The hall immediately shattered into dust. A strong wind rose and carried up sand.

“Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation?” Jiu Su finally recognized what formation this was. This formation usually used talismans as the formation core and point. In order to defeat him, these cultivators dared to use their own bodies as the points? They wanted to die with him?

He looked at the pair at the center. It was the young brat who had joined the sect not long ago, and Spirit Master Zhong Xi who had a damaged spirit platform. The cultivation world really had no people, that they would send this pair to defeat him?

Kong Hou and Huan Zhong naturally would not explain to Jiu Su what formation this was, or its powerful aspects. The two exchanged a look and started to attack.

Path companions were connected in mind, and even their talismans were more complementary. Kong Hou usually did not use Phoenix Head to fight because this thing was too destructive.

Unlike other talismans, sound attacks could come from all angles. It was everywhere but invisible and intangible, unable to be blocked.

When Kong Hou plucked the chords, Jiu Su detected something was wrong. This brat had joined her sect not two decades ago. Why did she have such profound cultivation?

Mind Manifestation Stage? Mind Activation Stage?

Not right!

Jiu Su dodged the Dragon Roar Sword. This was Mind Dividing Stage cultivation.

A Mind Dividing sound cultivator was even more frightening than a sword cultivator. Because this kind of cultivator was so terrifying, it was harder for them to reach Mind Manifestation than it was for other cultivators, much less reach Mind Dividing in a short two decades.

“You opened the door to the Moon Star Sect small world?!” Jiu Su looked at Wang Su. Wang Su lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Jiu Su was full of uncertainty. Had Wang Su not lied to him—was the fated one really Kong Hou?

In his moment of inattentiveness, the Dragon Roar Sword sliced past his wrist. Blood bloomed in the air and fell to the ground.

Jiu Su was furious at being wounded twice by the same junior. “You want to be a pair of mandarin ducks on the yellow springs—I will fulfill your wish!”

“Argh!” A pitch black enormous beast came down from the clouds. The drool coming down its teeth gave off noxious odors.

“This is…” The sect master of Beast King Sect said, “This is the tiger serpent beast.”

This kind of vicious beast was rare. It was supposedly the descendant of a dragon and tiger mating together. It had great power and could swallow mountains and seas.

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