Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 156 “Ascending, Do Not Disturb”

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Chapter 156: Ascending, Do Not Disturb

The tiger serpent was Jiu Su’s pet. He summoned it here to break the Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation.

He said that everyone present wasn’t a match for him, but he knew that if this formation was not broken, he would not be able to last under Zhong Xi and Kong Hou’s attacks.

When the tiger serpent appeared, its roars rang out into the sky. Everyone changed expression. Once the Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation was activated, they could not easily move from their positions at the points. Had Jiu Su thought of this and summoned the vicious tiger serpent?

Kong Hou stood back to back with Huan Zhong. Seeing the tiger serpent charge towards her elders, she lifted Phoenix Head and threw it. “Leave the tiger serpent to me—the rest is up to you.”

The “rest”, Jiu Su, did not bother to talk and clashed together with Huan Zhong.

The fighting between experts could be said to take the light from the world as sand and stone moved, and lightning flashed.

The Harmonious City people hiding in their houses secretly peeked out through their windows. Hearing the thunderous roars on the mountain, they couldn’t help but put their hands together and pray. People here lived in peace due to the protection of cultivators and sects. The evil cultivators committed evil and caused unrest in the world. If the cultivators on Splendid Cloud Sect were defeated by the evil cultivators, the cultivation world was finished.

“The battle above has not finished—where do you want to go?”

Mu Xi looked warily at the man holding a sword pointing at him. He took a step back.

“Do not move. If you take another step back, my sword will take two steps forward.” The man shook the sword in his hand. “Haven’t held a sword for many years; it is unfamiliar now.”

“Who are you?” Mu Xi felt this person was not simple. The man didn’t have any cultivator presence and his sword didn’t have any spirit energy. But this kind of person and this kind of sword made him not even dare to move.

“You want to know my name before you die so you will die with no regrets?” The man raised an eyebrow and appeared very dissolute.

Mu Xi’s hands sweated. “If Elder will tell this junior your name, this junior will be very grateful.

“Never mind. Letting you die with regrets is a virtue.” As the man finished speaking, his sword stabbed into Mu Xi’s spirit platform like a shadow.

Mu Xi lay on the ground, his eyes wide in terror. He was a formation master not skilled in fighting, but he still had Projection Stage cultivation. He should have been able to dodge.

“You… you are…” Mu Xi threw up blood from his mouth. All of his cunning, and caution in his life. He had never thought he would die like this. When he saw the orthodox sects had a plan prepared for their enemy, he had a bad feeling and wanted to take the opportunity to leave Harmonious City.

Seeing the nearby city gates, his consciousness started to blur.

A long long time ago, he joined a small sect. The disciples fawned over their elders to compete for limited resources. Because he did not have good talent, he was always harassed by the sect eldest shixiong, and then he was exiled from the sect later on.

The day he was exiled, he was full of fury and discontent. What had he thought back then?

He wanted to become the strongest formation master of the cultivation world, so that the entire sect would regret what they had done.

Was his past wish just this?

He slowly closed his eyes. Many angry souls seemed to charge towards him in his blurry sight. Many of the faces were unfamiliar, and there were also cultivators that had died in his hands.

No, no, no, do not come.

The moment before he died, his eyes were wide with terror…

Explosions sounded on Splendid Cloud Mountain for a day and night but still didn’t stop.

Kong Hou was hit by the tiger serpent on her stomach. She rolled when she fell to the ground. She panted as she climbed off the ground. Master Fa Tan, who was just a step away from her, threw out a string of beads. When the tiger serpent charged over, the buddhist beads gave off golden light. The tiger serpent roared in pain and took several steps back.

Seeing the tiger serpent’s fur burnt black where the beads had made contact, Kong Hou took the opportunity to shove two energy returning pills into her mouth. She turned and said to Master Fa Tan, “Master Fa Tan, if you had this, you should have taken it out earlier.”

At least, she would not have been completely robbed of her composure by this evil beast to the point she didn’t even have time to eat an energy returning pill.

“Amitabha.” Master Fa Tan put his hands together. “Young Friend Kong Hou, this string of buddhist beads is made from the ashes of my temple’s predecessors.”

Kong Hou picked up the ash beads from the ground and carefully wiped the dust off with her sleeve. She put the beads back onto Master Fa Tan’s hand. Then she gathered spirit energy on her fingers and plucked the strings.

The music turned into wind blades that cut the tiger serpent. The tiger serpent roared, giving up on the cultivator on the formation point and charging towards Kong Hou.

“An idiot is just an idiot. Your master is stupid, and his pet is also stupid, ugly and smelly. The pet looks like its master.” Kong Hou swung Phoenix Head and hit the tiger serpent’s neck. The tiger serpent’s body tilted and its twisted its head to bite at Kong Hou who was standing on its back.

Kong Hou jumped and pulled out Water Frost Sword to shoved it into the tiger serpent’s abdomen. The tiger serpent had fought with Kong Hou a whole day and didn’t have enough energy. It hadn’t expected the lowly human to make it bleed. It became furious and started to chase after Kong Hou, ignoring Jiu Su’s orders.

Kong Hou lured it out of the Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation. The two tangled together as dust rose.

Jiu Su, who was fighting Huan Zhong, had no attention to spare for the tiger serpent. He had not thought that Zhong Xi was still able to match him after a day and night.

“Your spirit platform is healed?!” Jiu Su almost didn’t believe this truth. How did Zhong Xi manage to find all the ingredients?

Huan Zhong ignored his words. His fierce sword intent surrounded him. All of his moves were vicious and ruthless.

A sword intent cut Jiu Su’s neck in his moment of inattention.

Touching the blood on his neck, Jiu Su smirked. “I hadn’t expected you would be able to reach this step. If so, I have to use my full power.” After speaking, he bit his finger and drew a strange pattern on his forehead.

“With my heart’s blood, I summon the evil gods. What is the use in leaving behind this false world of righteousness?”

In a flash, the ground shook as though something was about to erupt.

Seeing everyone change expression, Jiu Su laughed madly. “The orthodox path cannot make the world do as it wants!

“Focus!” Jin Yue gathered spirit energy to his throat. “We cannot move.”

The earth shook even more strongly. Splendid Cloud Mountain seemed about to split in two. Jiu Su’s hair gradually turned while and his eyes crimson red. “You want to sacrifice for the world. Today, I will give you this chance.”

The cracks in the earth grew bigger. Seeing the people nearest the crack about to fall in, Huan Zhong landed on the ground. “Set The Mountains and Rivers!”

The Dragon Roar Sword roared. The spirit energy on Splendid Cloud Mountain gathered together to form a golden dragon. The dragon used its body to wrap around the entire mountain. The ground stopped shaking and even the crack started to close.

Jiu Su’s smile faded. “Your cultivation has reached the peak of Transcendental Stage?”

In that previous moment, Huan Zhong’s spirit energy had leaked out and Jiu Su saw his cultivation clearly.

Right after Transcendental Stage was Great Vehicle Stage. His cultivation was a level higher than Zhong Xi’s, but sword cultivators like Zhong Xi were different. The other had Transcendental Stage cultivation, but could exert the power of a Great Vehicle cultivator.

Even so, the setting of the mountains and river had used up three-tenths of Huan Zhong’s spirit energy.

Huan Zhong gripped the Dragon Roar Sword with both hands. His spirit energy was being constantly absorbed by the Dragon Roar Sword.

Jiu Su saw that he was willing to use up spirit energy for other people when fighting. He laughed and his spirit energy attacked Huan Zhong.


An enormous Phoenix Head kong hou shielded Huan Zhong. A phoenix cry came from the Phoenix Head kong hou. A seven-colored phoenix seemed to appear in the air, opening its enormous wings and protecting all of Splendid Cloud Mountain.

If Splendid Cloud Mountain fell, not only would the cultivators on the mountains die, so would the tens of thousands of people off the mountain. If Harmonious City fell, the spirit energy in the cultivation world would be in chaos. Demons and spirits would appear, and the powerless people would become their food.

Huan Zhong could not afford to gamble and neither did Kong Hou. The cultivators on the mountain also could not afford to gamble.

Summoning the seven colored phoenix was still too much of a burden to Kong Hou. If not for the help of the people in the Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation, she could not use such a powerful move. She vomited up blood, her face pale, as she pulled the Water Frost Sword from the tiger serpent’s throat. During the movement of the ground, Kong Hou had grasped the tiger serpent’s weakness and finally pinned it to the ground.

After pulling out the Water Frost Sword, she feared that the tiger serpent could climb back up. She drove the sword several more times into its body and even cut through its tendons. The rumors said some beasts could play dead. She could not see if this tiger beast had actually died or just pretending. Only a beast that could not move was a safe one.

Phoenix Head and Dragon Roar seemed to resonate together. They protected Splendid Cloud Mountain. They didn’t dim even as their owners’s spirit energy was running out. They automatically absorbed the energies of the world and continued to protect Splendid Cloud Mountain.

Kong Hou bent and threw up a few more mouthfuls of blood. She wiped her mouth and flew next to Huan Zhong. “Huan Zhong, it seems we will end up a pair of dead wild mandarins.”

Huan Zhong released Dragon Roar Sword and allowed it to stab into the ground. Holding Kong Hou’s slightly cool hand, Huan Zhong smiled. “We are recognized by the heavens. If we cannot stay together in this life, we will definitely be together in the next one.”

Jiu Su did not want to listen to the two of them tell each other their feelings. He looked at Phoenix Head that was shielding them. Just as he was about to sweep it away, there was the sound of footsteps.

The footsteps were neither fast or slow, but each step was steady. It was so steady that Jiu Su couldn’t help but wonder who dared to come up at this time. He turned. A man in short blue-grey robes was walking over with a smile on his face.

Seeing everyone look at him, the man waved his hand. “I just came to give congratulations. I will leave after saying them. You can continue to fight.”

All the powerful people: “…”

There was a mountain protecting formation. How had this person managed to get in? He said he was giving his congratulations. They were about to die, and the newlywed’s path union ceremony had long finished. What congratulations was he sending at this time?

The man seemed not to understand their expressions. He lazily walked into the Twenty Four Star Mansion formation and said to Kong Hou, “Apologies. Harmonious City has too many delicious places where to eat and have fun. I forgot that your path union ceremony was yesterday. Am I late?”

Kong Hou dazedly shook her head. “Uncle, why are you here at this time?”

Did you find your days were too good so you came here to die?

“I have lived for many years but didn’t know what the evil lord looked like, so I came to see.” Uncle Salted Fish rubbed his messy beard. “White hair, red eyes. Isn’t this what villains in dramas look like when they go mad? Don’t worry. Once a bad person looks like this, they won’t live long. Do not worry and fight. Let me watch.”

As he spoke, he dodged Jiu Su’s attack and stood outside the Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation. He searched around his clothes and got out a thick piece of cloth to spread on the ground. “Come, come, come, continue.”

Kong Hou: “…”

After having this occur in such a serious situation, even the serious atmosphere had dissipated greatly.

Jiu Su was angered by Uncle Salted Fish’s arrogant attitude. He was trapped within Twenty Four Star Mansion Formation and could not easily break free. He stared coldly at Uncle Salted Fish. “You will pay for watching me!”

Uncle Salted Fish ignored him. He took a wine gourd from his belt and idly drank wine.

Kong Hou’s thoughts moved. “Uncle, since we are so familiar, could you help us?”

“No, no,” Uncle Salted Fish waved his hand but the spirit energy he released forced Jiu Su, who had been attacking Kong Hou, to retreat. “My arms and legs are old. I cannot compare to you young people. I am not able to fight.”

The other powerful cultivators watched with shock as he kept Jiu Su away from Kong Hou while he talked. Who was this person? How great was his cultivation?

“If you do not help, Huan Zhong and I will not last. If this evil cultivator destroys Huan Zhong and the cultivation world, where would you get delicious food? Who will buy your salted fish?” Kong Hou took this opportunity to shove pill medicines into her and Huan Zhong’s mouths. “Also, if Splendid Cloud Sect is destroyed, your shop in Harmonious City will not be worth anything.”

“That is true.” Uncle Salted Fish rubbed his chin. “Then you two fight him, and I will assist you here.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Kong Hou held Phoenix Head and started fighting Jiu Su.

Huan Zhong’s Dragon Roar Sword had to protect Splendid Cloud Mountain’s spirit veins, so he could not move. He took out a divine quality spirit sword from his storage ring.

“Wait a moment.” Uncle Salted Fish threw a sword. “Use this one.”

Huan Zhong received the sword. A dragon presence flowed on the sword, which was very similar to Dragon Roar Sword’s presence. He glanced at Uncle Salted Fish, bowed and said, “Thank you.” Then he went forward to fight Jiu Su.

With the addition of this magical helper, Jiu Su found he was restricted everywhere. Whenever he was able to harm Huan Zhong and Kong Hou, the mysterious man would help. At this time, he was like a fish trapped in a tank, unable to advance or retreat.

Ever since Huan Zhong reached Base Building Stage, he frequently fought other people. Many evil cultivators had died at his hands. Each of his sword moves was ruthless, and he worked well with Kong Hou. In less than four hours, Jiu Su was covered in blood and he was wounded all over.

“Oh.” Uncle Salted Fish shook his head. The young people nowadays didn’t have enough combat experience. It was almost four hours, and they still hadn’t managed to kill this calamity. Each generation was inferior to the previous one. The cultivation world was in decline!

Jiu Su was forced by Kong Hou and Huan Zhong to the end of his rope. He suddenly laughed. “The heavens are unfair. Since it is fated I cannot ascend, then I won’t let you fakes live well.”

He slapped his chest and forced out his mind manifestation.

“He is going to blow himself up!” Jin Yue shouted in shock.

The explosion of a Great Vehicle Sage cultivator would be enough to destroy all of Harmonious City!

“Amitabha!” A buddha manifestation suddenly appeared in the sky. Before anyone could react, a monk dressed in monk robes but without a kasaya suddenly absorbed Jiu Su’s manifestation into his body.

“Master Yuan Chen?!”

Kong Hou recognized this plump monk was Yuan Chen, who once had a relationship with Spirit Master Hong Yan. She took a step forward but Huan Zhong pulled her back.

Master Yuan Chen put his hands together and smiled at Kong Hou. “The buddha said, if I do not enter hell, who enters hell? Everyone, please take care.”

As he finished, he was turned to ash by the powerful inner manifestation explosion.

Kong Hou looked dazedly at this scene. She wanted to reach out and grab the blue smoke flying in the air but she grabbed at nothingness.

Having lost his manifestation, Jiu Su had dropped to the ground. He had not thought someone would dare to absorb his inner manifestation into their body and used spirit energy to wrap around it so the damage would be reduced to the smallest range.

How were these hypocrites able to do such a thing?

He did not believe it, he did not believe it!

When he accidentally entered Star Mansion Hall in the past and stole a look at the heavens, it had said he had no chance at ascension and would fall from grace. He did not believe the heavens, only himself. Why was his end just as the heavens said?

A sword stabbed into his chest. The one who killed him wasn’t the famous Zhong Xi but the young brat.

“Sect Master Wang Su did not lie to you. I am the fated one.” Kong Hou pulled out Water Frost Sword and watched as Jiu Su fell down. Her body shook and she turned to look in the direction of Uncle Salted Fish.

Uncle Salted Fish had disappeared silently at some unknown time.

She could no longer support herself. Her sight turned black and she fell towards the ground.

She used all her power so that she, a sound cultivator with Mind Dividing Stage cultivation, could have the strength of a Great Vehicle cultivator. Now that the danger was gone, she could no longer support herself. She wanted to sleep for a decade.

“Kong Hou!”

“Miss Kong Hou!”

“Celestial Kong Hou!”


Splendid Cloud Sect’s noise finally stopped. The corpses in the city were cleaned away as though the slaughter of a few days ago had never happened.

The people on Harmonious City’s streets all talked about the grandiose path union ceremony of Celestial Kong Hou. The children crowded together and compared who had gotten the most red envelopes. The adults shouted for the children to not run around, while the children chatted and made noise. The entire city was filled with liveliness.

“Salted fish to sell, salted fish to sell. The best salted fish, one for half a spirit stone. Three for five spirit stones.”

“Owner, how come three of your fish cost more than one?”

“I’m in a good mood today and want to sell for more.”

The powerful people who descended from Splendid Cloud Sect heard the words and couldn’t help but stop walking and look over.

“Transcendents, you want to buy salted fish?” Uncle Salted Fish sat in his recliner and lazily called.

The powerful cultivators who did not like to eat salted fish gritted their teeth and nodded. “Yes.”

They could not afford to offend this mysterious person.

“Ten spirit stones for one, a hundred spirit stones for five.”

The powerful people: “Why is the salted fish you sell us more expensive? Because it is better?”

“No.” Uncle Salted Fish stood up and used a fan to drive away the flies in the shop. “I like cheating wealthy fools.”

The wealthy fools: “…”

They would buy!

The sect masters led the disciples in buying a pile of smelly salted fish. Walking at the end, the sect master of Nine Phoenix Sect couldn’t resist asking, “Elder, are you Spirit Master Kui Ying?”

Uncle Salted Fish patted off the salt on his hands and said without lifting his head, “Who is Spirit Master Kui Ying? I don’t know him.”

The sect master of Nine Phoenix Sect bowed and said, “This junior has disturbed you.”

Uncle Salted Fish ignored him.

“Brother Dragon.” When the powerful people left, the owner of the neighbouring bookstop looked out and said, “You are closing your shop and going to travel again?”

Uncle Salted Fish smiled smugly. “I cheated some fools. I’m going to enjoy myself.” He looked at the sign hanging by the bookshop door. Written on it was that Talented Author’s new book had inventory. Thinking that this was a famous author, he said, “Give me a copy of this Talented Author’s book.”

“All right.” The bookstore owner nodded and said, “Lucky you spoke up early. Otherwise, by night, they will all be gone.”

Uncle Salted Fish answered, “It seems that this Talented Author’s books are quite popular.”

The bookstore owner snickered. He took several of Talented Author’s books and gave them to Uncle Salted Fish. “Take these.”

Uncle Salted Fish looked at the books. The one on the top was called “Always Together.” His eyebrows rose. What was this? He was a widower without a partner. Why would he read this “Always Together?”


The disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect found that the sect master was in a good mood unaffected by the destruction of their main hall. He was happy all day as though he had benefited greatly.

The disciples wanted to ask but the elders did not explain. They could only give up. When they thought of the death of the evil lord, they became happy. They would be able to live calm and idle days again.

On Moon Perching Peak, Kong Hou woke up from her dream and leaned in Huan Zhong’s embrace. She looked at the clouds on the mountain. “Huan Zhong, do you think that Master Yuan Chen really managed to let go of Spirit Master Hong Yan?”

Huan Zhong shook his head. “I don’t know.” He kissed Kong Hou’s forehead. “I only know I will never be able to let you go.”

Kong Hou smiled and wrapped her arms around Huan Zhong’s neck. “The weather is great. Let’s go do paired cultivation.”

“Not universal paired cultivation?” Huan Zhong’s thumb lightly swept across Kong Hou’s red lips.

Kong Hou blinked. “Both together?”


Li Rou found that in the first year after Kong Hou Shishu and Spirit Master Zhong Xi married, Spirit Master Zhong Xi did not return to Radiance Sect. When the disciples from Radiance Sect came to visit, they saw a sign hanging over Kong Hou Shishu‘s cave residence, with “Working on Ascending, Please Do Not Disturb”

The disciples from Radiance Sect left.

The third year after Kong Hou Shishu and Spirit Master Zhong Xi married, Spirit Master Zhong Xi still didn’t return to Radiance Sect. When disciples from Radiance Sect came to visit again, the sign over Kong Hou Shishu‘s cave residence was dusty. The words “Working on Ascending, Please Do Not Disturb” were blurry.

The fiftieth year after Kong Hou Shishu and Spirit Master Zhong Xi married, Spirit Master Zhong Xi took Kong Hou Shishu to live a year in Radiance Sect. The two did not ascend.

The fiftieth year after the pair married, Kong Hou Shishu‘s cultivation reached Great Vehicle Stage. The two hung the sign of “Ascending, Do Not Disturb” but they… still did not ascend.

What did this sign mean? Did it mean for the event of ascending to not disturb them, or to not disturb them from ascending?

Translator Ramblings: Only the epilogues/outtakes left for next week but the story is formally finished! This is the most light-hearted story I’ve ever translated by the author. Like Pearl and Jade, which I started recently, is more of a return to historical romance along the lines of TBVW and 8TT.

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