Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 33 “Strange Fire”

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Chapter 33: Strange Fire

There were many people in Celestial Seal Sect who could defeat and even kill this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth, yet those people were not of the same generation as this youth.

“You lost.”

Amidst the silence, the youth said seriously to Fang Shunyi. Then he swept his eyes towards all the Celestial Seal Sect members present. His gaze seemed to automatically filter through the older members of Celestial Seal Sect and landed on the young disciples instead. Then he asked, “Anyone else?”

No one responded for a while.

Fang Shunyi was among the top of Celestial Seal Sect’s younger generations. Also, when he fought this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth, he had decisively used the true seals he had made over many years. The other people in the sect who could rival him thought they could not match his power at that moment.

An unspeakable presence spread.

Murong Xiaoyi felt ashamed. Was Celestial Seal Sect going to be humiliated like this by this youth who looked like a country bumpkin who had wiped the mud off his shoes and walked out of the field?

Seeing no one respond, the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth raised an eyebrow and said seriously, “If no one accepts, you have to follow the agreement and give this sect over.”

Murong Xiaoyi paled and then she flushed red. Many young Celestial Seal Sect disciples had similar expressions.

“Let me try.”

A voice sounded at this time.

This voice did not have a pure Yan accent and carried a Qin accent many Yan people hated.

All gazes gathered on that person. Zhang Yi also turned to look.

Just from the voice, he knew the speaker was Su Qin.

Just like how Zhang Yi had passed the test to join Celestial Seal Sect, Su Qin’s admittance to Celestial Seal Sect was a mystery to most people. But unlike Zhang Yi who was an object of dislike, the latter had progressed quickly, so quick that it evoked jealousy.

In a few short months, he had left behind the people who had entered the sect half a year ahead of him. Arranged by the teachers of Celestial Seal Sect, he was studying together with the Celestial Seal Sect students who had joined two years ago.

In Celestial Seal Sect, he did not fit with the crowd. Even standing among the crowd, he appeared lonely. No friends stood next to him. His hands were tucked in his sleeves so no one could see his crippled left hand. His hair was very black, making his face appear exceptionally white.

Su Qin was handsome to begin with. As a slight flush appeared on his white face, people witnessed an eerie beauty.

But this could all be ignored in the eyes of the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth.

“All right.” He looked at Su Qin who was standing on the stone steps nearby and nodded simply. “Then you can attack.”

Su Qin smiled and nodded in courtesy.

In the next moment, the dust on the path in front of him was blown away by the power surging out of his body. At the same time, a fiery red true seal flew out of his left sleeve.

This true seal burned in the flying dust and disappeared like a fallen leaf without even leaving ash behind. A trail of red fire appeared in the air to the left side of the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth.

At the sight of the fiery red fire, many confused sounds erupted in the surroundings.

Su Qin had joined recently but had left behind most of the students present. In many people’s view, he could not be as strong as Fang Shunyi and could not represent Celestial Seal Sect in battle.

The red fire of this moment was an ordinary true fire seal among all of Celestial Seal Sect’s true seals.

Someone like Fang Shunyi who had thousands of seals was not a match for this Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth. Could this true fire seal be effective?

The youth from the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect could not understand either. As such, he had no interest in even looking at the fire. His left hand moved minutely. A beam of yellow light fell from the yellow sky above, turning into a yellow stone that flew towards the true fire.

Using stone to defeat fire was an ordinary tactic in Celestial Seal Sect’s seal path. Unexpectedly, just as the yellow stone was going to hit this true fire, the red fire suddenly twisted like it was alive. Numerous ruler-straight seal essences appeared.

The fire suddenly condensed, and in five different directions.

Among a wave of disbelieving gasps, this ball of true fire formed five small and thin swords. With multiple hisses, the five jade-like small swords penetrated the falling yellow stone and attacked five different places on the youth’s body.

Zhang Yi exclaimed in shock. He was not shocked at Su Qin’s incredible tactic, but out of worry for the youth’s life.

This was too close. There was less than ten meters. These five swords were akin to five flying swords.

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth too had not expected such a transformation. With a howl, a yellow paper seal flew out of his sleeve and his body also flew backwards.

There were multiple explosions. Dozens of streams of true fire surged out of a patch of yellow sand.

Multiple streams of fire splashed on the youth’s body. All those present saw several blackened wounds on the youth’s body.

The youth shouted, and managed to steady his stumbling body.

But at this moment, the vital energy in Su Qin’s body was surging wildly out of his left hand. Five true fire seals flew out of his left hand. The fingers of his left hand were twisted unpleasantly, and disgusting to see. But the energy charging out of his fingertips flew chaotically in a distorted manner and hit those true fire seals.

Streams of fire appeared in front of the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth and then spread into red true fire swords.

The fire seals all disappeared. These swords flew quickly and fiercely. They were ordered differently and also came from different directions.

As a result, the true fire swords formed a rain of fire.

Murong Xiaoyi’s beautiful eyes were wide to their limits. She started to understand that this young person from Qin had used his crippled hand to create a different seal essence. He turned the ordinary true fire seals into a powerful sword seal.

Thinking of her fellow student Zhang Yi who invoked dislike, as she felt admiration towards Su Qin, she felt even more hate for the former.

Many people reacted faster than her. Back when Su Qin’s first true fire seal changed, the people around Zhang Yi looked at him with different gazes.

But at this time, Zhang Yi did not notice the expressions and gazes of the people around him.

The Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth was wounded and his movements clearly slowed. Su Qin was still evidently pursuing pure speed. He used speed so the Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect youth had a difficult time in order to quickly end the battle.

But he felt that it would not be so simple. His intuition was the youth from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect would not be defeated so easily. He just felt that the disciple who came to Celestial Seal Sect after two centuries of silence from Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect would not be easily defeated by one changed true seal.

Gasps sounded at this moment.

His pupils contracted.

The youth spread his arms apart, golden crystal lines appeared on his body.

These crystal lines of light passed through his body, spreading upwards until they connected with the yellow sky above that seemed to be a giant kite pulled along by countless threads of light.

Su Qin’s expression changed dramatically.

The moment the crystal lights came off the youth, his fire swords started to shatter. When the true fire swords fell onto these threads of light, they were cut into countless pieces.

When the shattered true fire advanced even more, they were cut into smaller pieces by the threads of light. In the end, they turned into thin heat that dissipated outside of the youth.

The youth’s body trembled minutely in pain. He gritted his teeth and glanced at Su Qin.

One thread of light in his hand seemed to suddenly snap. He appeared to pull a great power down from the sky. As the thread snapped, it swept in front of Su Qin.

A great boom!

Air exploded. Su Qin’s body flew backwards, passing above all the onlookers and falling down far away.

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