Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 57 “The Spirit Void Sect Master”

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Chapter 57: The Spirit Void Sect Master

As this emotional voice sounded, the enormous blade froze midair before disintegrating in layers. Also disintegrating was the black sandstorm.

Before the sand caught in the wild wind fell to the ground, they danced upwards into the air.

The Wuzhi cavalry in the middle of the sandstorm finally could see clearly. Yet, it was not just their horses that panicked, the soldiers all retreated in panic as well. They all could sense the even more terrifying presence in the clear air.

Behind Shen Xuan, who was sitting miserably on the ground, and Ding Ning, an enormous void seemed to appear. Currents of air were sucked through into another space.

Sensing this presence, Shen Xuan’s eyes immediately filled with disbelief.

“Spirit Void Sword Sect … Gu Huai?” The cultivator who had come with the sandstorm was truly shocked and said slowly and coldly.

As his voice sounded, all the dancing blades seemed to be drawn by countless invisible threads and stopped midair.

Unrelated to the terrifying presence in the air, the Wuzhi cavalry retreated in more fear when they heard these words. Even the most ignorant Wuzhi person of the steppes knew the strongest sword-using sects in the world were Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect. Gu Huai was the sect master of Spirit Void Sword Sect.

The cultivator whose fingers had been severed fell to the ground weakly. Looking at the great void in space and hearing the voice through the night, he was shocked speechless. He had thought that cultivators from Spirit Void Sword Sect would appear on the battlefield, but never expected it would be its … sect master!

The great voice started to shrink in the air like a flower withering away. A man dressed in purple robes appeared in everyone’s sight as the void disappeared.

This was a tall man, and gave off a middle-aged presence. But there were no wrinkles on his jade-like skin. His eyes were slightly red. His fine and long hair also glinted with purple light and danced like the strands were alive. He was the master of one of the two strongest sword-using sects in the world. Yet he gave off no presence of a sword. He seemed like he would turn to nothingness at any moment and disappear from the world.

“I did not think I would encounter you.” The cultivator with the swords stopped in the air looked at this legendary Spirit Void Sword Sect sect master and sincerely voiced his thought. He was slightly shorter than Gu Huai, and slightly older. He wore a rough fur robe like many other Wuzhi, but he appeared indescribably clean. His face was ordinary but also clean. He wore no accessories, hair was cut short, and looked as though he had no extraneous item.

“I also did not expect to meet you,” Gu Huai looked coolly at this cultivator and said, “Divine Blade Emperor Tang Xin … I did not expect you to be so strong. But I cannot understand. Back when Zhongshan State was destroyed, you did not act. Why are you acting now when Wuzhi fights my Qin?”

“There were too many Ba Mountain Sword Field people, I could not win.” The man Gu Huai called Tang Xin said directly, “Also, I did not like the monarch of Zhongshan and the others.”

The corners of Gu Huai’s mouth curved up like he found the reply interesting.

“But I live comfortably here, and there are several people whom I think were good who have already died in battles with your army.” Tang Xin continued.

Hearing the man’s words, Shen Xuan said coldly to himself from where he sat on the ground, Another perverse person.

He felt reassured now. Gu Huai was here, at least he would not die here.

Gu Huai looked deeply at Tang Xin and said, “Those with power can usually be wilful.”

Tang Xin glanced coldly at Gu Huai. “If one does not act based on their preferences, then what? What is the meaning of having great cultivation?”

Gu Huai’s lips curled slightly looking slightly proud. He clearly did not agree with Tang Xin’s conduct of going to die out of his preference.

Tang Xin looked up. He had once been one of the strongest cultivators of Zhongshan. When the Qin army destroyed Zhongshan during their march, he had not acted. Yet now, due to a preference, he was going to fight the sect leader of Spirit Void Sword Sect. So when he lifted his face, he appeared prouder than Gu Huai.

The conversation between truly powerful people was not out of wariness for each person. To a certain extent, it was just respect towards someone of their level. As the conversation drew to a close, what remained was only a good fight.

The moment Tang Xin lifted his head, the calmly floating blades in the air started to disintegrate. The hard metal silently turned to pieces. Thousands of blades turned into tens of thousands of pieces, forming a new sandstorm that blew forward. Each piece carried great power and killing intent.

Gu Huai stood in front of him yet Tang Xin knew this was not where his true body was. If he wanted to truly threaten the other and even kill this legendary Spirit Void Sword Sect master, he first had to force the other’s true body from the primal energies of the universe.

The sky full of blade pieces started to turn into red meteorites, lines of red that pierced through space, so densely packed together that it could change the paths of primal energies of the universe.

In everyone’s view, Gu Huai’s expression quickly grew serious. But in the next moment, he looked at the cultivator sitting on the ground who had lost his fingers on his right hand. There was a soft sound. A purple sword light appeared out of thin air in front of the cultivator and pierced his chest.

Blood and broken bone burst forth the cultivator’s back. The cultivator used his last energy to glance at Tang Xin and Ding Ning before dying, his head hanging down.

In this fight against a cultivator like Tang Xin, Gu Huai’s first action was to kill this cultivator who was so seriously wounded he could not release any energy.

Tang Xin’s expression did not change. At this moment, he just shifted his thought slightly. Numerous pieces shone with jewel-like light as they furiously accelerated and sped past all the blade pieces to fly at Ding Ning’s forehead.

Gu Huai first killed the cultivator so he would kill Ding Ning first.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Multiple explosions.

Ding Ning did not act. Yet these pieces that most realm sevens could not stop seemed to hit an impenetrable wall tens of feet in front of him. Balls of energy exploded, and then fine dust shattered.

Gu Huai’s figure appeared behind these balls of energy. The previous “him” was still standing nearby, but at this time, he was slowly pulling back his stretched hand. As his hand finally came next to his body, the “Gu Huai” in the distance disappeared into space.

Tang Xin’s gaze flashed slightly. All the blade pieces advancing forward lost power and killing intent. They flew forward like dust.

“Is it worth it?” he asked seriously as he looked at Gu Huai’s true body.

Gu Huai did not look any different from the previous Gu Huai, but his body felt more real. Seeing Tang Xin stop to ask this question, he gave a small smile and appeared more real. This person was a famous general of Chu and had powerful weapons of the Yan. If he was not killed and left alive, he would be a great trouble in this battle.”

After a pause, he looked at Tang Xin and said, “Also, while you forced my true body to appear, I can still defeat you … You should know that I was originally from Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

Translator Ramblings: The Zhongshan state historically was taken over by Zhao, not conquered by Qin.

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