Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 95 “Unexpected Person”

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Chapter Ninety Five: Unexpected Person

Any color, tangible or intangible seal essence or sword energy were due to refraction of light as vital energy or primal energies of the universe gathered or dissipated.

The yellow clouds formed by Le Yi’s Yellow Heaven seal essence were the same. Though his seal essence was pressing down with decisive presence, the yellow clouds did not come down, rising up instead, attracted by the ceiling of the Celestial Ascending Hall. They stuck to the ceiling like a layer of thick carpet.

Shockingly, some of the profound lines on the ceiling of Celestial Ascending Hall faded away but some others started to light up. These light lines overlapped with the lines in the yellow clouds, like a key aligning with the keyhole, fitting together perfectly. It was also from these bright overlaps that Zhang Yi and the others could see that there were such clear lines in the yellow clouds. These lines were the main passages in which the primal energies of the universe gathered by the seal essence flowed through.

The yellow clouds did not press down, but a new force came down, following Le Yi’s thoughts.

The sharp seal essence in front of Chen Xingchui slashed on the invisible lines spreading in front of Le Yi. With a crack, something seemed to break the blade in the air. He knew that his seal essence had not cut through the threads as he had imagined. A powerful backlash caused him to taste sweet blood in his throat and mouth.

Le Yi was stunned. He had never felt so powerful. But this power did not come from him, but from the Celestial Ascending Hall.

Chen Xingchui took a step back. Just a step, an afterimage was left in front of him and then the afterimage exploded.

Among the visible waves of energy, the floating dust swayed. But they still stubbornly stayed where they did, and formed a shadow of stone stairs. The cold light that wounded Chen Xingchui was behind the stone stair. Shielding Zhang Yi, it showed its true appearance.

This was actually a sword.

One smaller than a dagger. The blade was white, and not straight, with a kind of twisted curve. The twist was very natural, more natural than the curves that any craftsman could create, like a fish intestine.

“As expected, the Yuchang Sword.” Chen Xingchui looked at the tiny sword, speaking to himself as his pupils contracted.

Then he looked at the stone stairs in front of him and the yellow clouds stuck to the ceiling. He could not help but shake his head, and said,”Interesting.”

Just now, he could not have used the advantage of cultivation and absolute power to break Le Yi’s Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal because the Celestial Ascending Hall’s Celestial Ascending Seal resonated and the two seals combined. This seemed like the Celestial Ascending Hall sensed that the disciple possessing the Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal was in danger and naturally gave protective power. He could not kill Zhang Yi with one blow because of the seal essence that Zhang Yi had cast with his sword.

That was the True Mountain Celestial Seal.

Unlike the Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal and Celestial Ascending Daoist Seal which were supreme and domineering, the Celestial Seal Sect disciple who could comprehend the seal essence was fated to become the guardian of Celestial Seal Sect. The sword essence of Min Mountain Sword Sect was cold and harsh while the True Mountain Celestial Seal of Celestial Seal Sect was warm and resilient, a true foundation. Attack and defense were in one. He could understand why Zheng Xiu wanted Zhang Yi dead.

Yet Zhang Yi would not be the only young person with a strong future if he did not die. The same was true for Le Yi. In the moment of true life and death, the Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal merged with the seal essence of the Celestial Ascending Hall and caused a resonance. Le Yi must have comprehended some of the seal essence in the Celestial Ascending Daoist Seal. In the future, he may comprehend the entire seal essence. Then the two great skills of Celestial Seal Sect would gather in his hand.

Facing these two young juniors, they seemed to be at their limits, but there was still the Yuchang sword.

The Yuchang was said to be created by the greatest swordsmith at the time for the king of Old Yue. They harvested all the tin of the Chijin Mountain, the copper of Ruo Ye Stream, tempered by lightning to create this astounding sword.

In the legend, when the sword took form, it seemed to be alive. When the great master Xue Zhu saw this sword, he thought the Yuchang sword was “against reason, cannot be conquered, a subject can kill his monarch, a son his father”. In other words, the essence of the sword was that it was a rebel, used to kill monarchs and fathers. Of course this may be because the sword had really been used to kill the King of Wu at the time, and caused the death of a dynasty in legend.

But when he encountered this sword now, the essence of the sword was really like a sword master who did not obey anyone but himself. But Zhang Yi, Le Yi and this Yuchang were just enough for him to feel it was interesting.

“Since you can control Yuchang, why did you not act when Le Yi came to challenge Celestial Seal Sect on behalf of Yellow Heaven Daoist Sect?” he slowly turned his body to the side, swallowing the blood in his throat and asked Murong Xiaoyi who had a dark and wary expression.

Murong Xiaoyi frowned. This question meant that even if the other was at the border, he knew very well what had happened before in Celestial Seal Sect.

“Yuchang is not of Celestial Seal Sect. Even if I won with it, it would not have been fair.” She looked at the general who seemed unaffected by his wound and said slowly, “Also, it is too vicious to use such a sword against a youth.”

“Pity.” Chen Xingchui laughed mockingly and then said, “But even so, you cannot win against me.”

No one felt his words were arrogant. Le Yi’s back was soaked with sweat. Zhang Yi started to cough blood. While he had managed to keep his life against a cultivator who was two realms higher, he had broken his ribs and his heart and lungs were damaged.

But at this time, he was thinking in his mind, if his “junior sect brother” Ding Ning was here … what would Ding Ning do?

He knew the Yuchang sword and Le Yi’s Yellow Heaven Daoist Seal could stop at most one of Chen Xingchui’s attacks. Then when Chen Xingchui attacked again, he would die.

There was only time for two breaths.

The master of Celestial Seal Sect was still standing by the window. He gazed down at Celestial Ascending Hall. A light suddenly appeared in his dim gaze.

Sensing the change in his emotions, the calm man in black robes moved slightly and said with slight mockery, “Do you think there is still hope?”

“You may have forgotten something.” The master of Celestial Seal Sect said coolly, “Having Zhang Yi come to Shangdu was not my intention, and joining Celestial Seal Sect was also not Zheng Xiu’s idea.”

The man in black robes changed expression slightly. But he still said coldly, “Chen Xingchui has already entered Celestial Ascending Hall. Killing Zhang Yi is just a trifle— ”

“But now, Zhang Yi is still alive.” The master of Celestial Seal Sect interrupted him. “Also, other than the person who had Zhang Yi come to Celestial Seal Sect, there is someone else you did not expect.”

The black robed old man stopped breathing for a moment, and had a bad feeling. He took a step to the window and looked around. His eyes were immediately filled with disbelief.

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