Apocalypse Lord Chapter 6 “Nightfall 2”

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Chapter 6 – Nightfall 2

Some people wanted to just look. But seeing four people walk towards Yun Ling, they were immediately anxious — what if she used up all her copper coins, and did not buy theirs?

There was no use in keeping the linen cloth. It was better to trade them for copper coins. At least, tomorrow, they could buy their status as temporary residents.

Thinking of this, they darted forwards, eagerly selling their linen cloth.

Yun Ling did not refuse any who came, buying all there was. She was so rich that people could not help but wonder if she was doing some illegal activities.

As she bought, Yun Ling was calculating the difference in her mind.

At this time, a team of three walked in front of her. The leader said in a deep voice, “Five pieces of linen cloth in exchange for your way of going into the warehouse.”

Yun Ling stopped moving, and slowly raised her head.

“If you lie, humph humph.” His teammates wiped their daggers, full of threats.

“I can tell you, but you cannot copy it,” Yun Ling said.

The leader threw out five pieces of linen cloth. “Just tell the truth, and the rest is up to us to judge.”

Yun Ling said, “The first to find the camp, and I was lucky to finish a system mission, so I qualified to enter and leave, and possess a certain amount of space as my private warehouse. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

The three whispered to each other, and then left without a word.

Wei Qing was dubious. “Is that true?”

Yun Ling said, “It is true.”

During the beta, someone got a private warehouse like this.

“How come I am not this lucky?” Wei Qing sighed.


After eating, Yun Ling hid in the warehouse, and inventoried her assets.

After sorting, she had 135 copper coins, 7 balls of silk thread, and 21 pieces of linen cloth.

Yun Ling was a little conflicted. “Simple Bandages require 5 linen and 1 silk thread to make. A linen backpack needs 20 linen and 5 silk threads to make.”

“The former restores 20 HP every five seconds. The latter is normal quality, has 4 slots, and each slot can hold at most 99 of the same item. It is weightless to carry, and does not take up any equipment slots.”

“Not enough material, I can only choose one of the two…and make one item…”

After a difficult choice, Yun Ling decided to make the linen backpack.

She took out a long needle, and threaded it with silk thread. She quickly sewed with skill. When she was about done, she used the “Advanced Sewing Skill.”

White light flashed, and the linen backpack was made.

The system notified, [Congratulations, Player, for being the first to make your own equipment. Your reward is 50 experience points. Your reward is 100 copper coins.]

[Congratulations, Player, for leveling up.]

[You have received 3 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

Her personal attribute window popped up —

[Name: Yun Ling]

[Level: 1]

[XP: 17/200]

[HP: 240/240 (200 as skill bonus)]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (2), Agility 4 (1), Stamina 4, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

Note: Equipment bonuses are in parentheses.

Yun Ling maintained her past style in games, and added the attribute points all to her stamina.

The stats changed to —

[HP: 270/270 (200 as skill bonus)]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (2), Agility 4 (1), Stamina 7, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

So being the first to make equipment has extra rewards, Yun Ling silently rejoiced. Lucky that I did not pick the “Simple Bandage”. That was a recovery item, and does not count as equipment.


This night was fated to be a sleepless night. Many people tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

The change had occurred so suddenly.

At work, at school, eating, walking, and then the monsters suddenly appeared in front of them. Fighting back, running, hiding, just barely managing to keep their lives.

But what to do next? Many people were at a loss.

What about their family?

What had happened to their friends?

Where to get their food and drink?

If they got some and put it somewhere, would it be stolen?

There were many things to be worried about.

Several people sat around the fire and did not sleep.

While they knew they had to wake up early tomorrow, and there were many things for them to do, their minds were in chaos, and they could not sleep.

While they were in their dazes, a shrill scream came from outside the camp. “Save me!!”

The night was quiet, and the sound traveled far.

Some players had dozed off, and were startled awake by the scream. “What is it, what is it? The monster army has come?”

“Save me!” The call for help sounded again. From the hysteria, this person seemed to have encountered great trouble.

The temporary residents looked in the direction of the sound, and only saw the darkness outside the camp.

One person murmured, “Even if we went to help, we cannot find them, how to help?”

Before they could act, the call for help grew weaker. “Help…me…help….help me…”

The sound grew lower, and then the camp returned to calm again.

The temporary residents looked at each other and felt cold rise up.

In the daytime, there were many monsters. At night, the streets were empty. Some people did not know the situation, and thought the darkness could conceal their tracks. So they only came out at night.

Not just other people, some people in this group had planned to go out at night.

If someone had not warned them…

“Lucky that Yun Ling warned us in advance.” Wei Qing was still full of fear.

That girl was called Yun Ling? The players secretly remembered the name and felt grateful.


Every once in a while, the sounds of chasing, fighting and screams would come from outside the camp.

At the start, the residents felt their hairs stand on end. Later, as they kept on listening, they got used to it.

Snoring sounded.

Everybody was asleep.

In the warehouse, Yun Ling was still studying the territory window. She had limited capital, and she was limited in the buildings she could unlock. She had to be careful with every decision.

After a long time, she finally made a choice. She chose to unlock and build the “mission hall”.

The moment she pressed “yes” she got “-100 copper coins.”

The mission hall landed next to the warehouse, and was built in less than three seconds.

After doing all this, Yun Ling seemed to be relieved of a great burden. She used cotton cloth and laid several layers on the ground before lying down. When she closed her eyes, she fell asleep in less than a minute.

The warehouse had good soundproofing. When she closed the door, she could not hear anything.

This night, she had a sweet sleep.


In the early morning, Wei Qing slowly woke up. He yawned, and suddenly saw an unfamiliar building in the camp. It was such a shock he was frightened awake.

“What is this? Where did the building come from? What is the use?” He tossed out questions one after another.

The surrounding players could not explain. They saw it the moment they woke up in the morning.

Encountering Yun Ling walking out of the warehouse, Wei Qing asked the questions again. He inexplicably felt that Yun Ling knew the answer.

“If certain conditions are met, the camp will level up,” Yun Ling said. “In the future, there will be more buildings, and as the level increases, there will be more functions.”

This was not a lie. The system camps were like this. She had seen them during the beta.

“What condition?” Wei Qing asked.

Yun Ling answered, “Population of residents, amount of taxes paid, prosperity, all these factors. When you reach the requirements, the system will automatically level up.”

A player suddenly became excited. “If the camp can level up, maybe there will be blacksmith shops, tailor shops, and pharmacies?”

“Maybe?” Yun Ling said uncertainly.

She had not thought about what buildings to unlock in the future.

On the other hand, after unlocking the buildings, one needed to hire NPC talents who had life skills in order to open the shops. The first buildings to be unlocked will be greatly determined by what kinds of talents the mission hall refreshed. Even if she greatly wanted, but the mission hall could not refresh for those NPCs, then it was useless.

The player was still excited. “With the blacksmith, then you can build equipment. With the tailor shop, you can buy armor. With the pharmacy, you can have recovery medicines. By then, what is there to fear when fighting monsters!”

Then he faced everyone and encouraged, “Try and make money! When the camp level is high, everybody will be safe!”

Hearing this, everyone was refreshed and seemed to see hope.

There was no absolute safety in Apocalypse Calamity, and the camps could be breached. Safety was relative…Yun Ling wanted to explain more. But seeing everyone with such high spirits, she swallowed her words.


After a simple breakfast, Yun Ling entered the mission hall.

During the beta, she had entered and left countless times. But when she entered now, she was a bit careful.

This was her own territory.

Yun Ling was excited, and set three missions in the name of the camp.

[Acquisition of linen cloth. 1 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of wood. 1 copper coin per piece.]

[Acquisition of silk thread. 1 copper coin per 3 balls.]

She set the upper limit of completion to twenty times.

If someone delivered the item, the transaction would automatically take place, and the copper would be deducted.

It was worth a mention if other players posted missions in the mission hall, when someone completed them, the party who had posted had to pay 5% tax.

At the start of the game, the taxes and fees for transactions of 1 copper coin were negligible. But this did not mean that the rounding meant nothing. This would accumulate. When the accumulation reached 1 copper coin, the system would automatically deduct the coin.

Similarly, if two players trade in the camp, the seller must also pay taxes.

Yun Ling was the lord of the territory so she was not limited by the rules.

“This is good.” A smile appeared on her face. She thought, “I will wait for professionals to refresh in the mission hall and then decide which buildings to unlock.

The NPCs had not refreshed yet. She shoved the linen backpack she made yesterday that shone with faint white light into her backpack, and then went out.


During the night, the trees and grasses grew wildly. The nice northern suburbs became a near wilderness.

Yun Ling went forward with her round shield, planning to go to the supermarket and shops. While she had hoarded a bunch of food, she did not have enough drinking water, and this urgently needed to be replenished.

“Wait a moment.” Halfway up the road, she unconsciously stopped and looked around. “The streets … are they too wide?”

Yesterday, many people had fallen in pools of blood! After a night, the corpses had disappeared.

“Like the goblins, they were refreshed after death?” Yun Ling lowered her head and thought.

The next second, a goblin was smashed into the air with a bang.

Seeing the attack succeed, the driver spun the steering wheel and planned to make another hit.

But before he could adjust the direction, a goblin shot out from the left.

The window was smashed. The door was smashed. The driver’s head was hit. He went unconscious, his head tilted.

Yun Ling wanted to save him, but she was a step too late because she was too far away.

“There are monsters all over the streets. Why keep driving? If you are attacked, you are trapped in the car and have nowhere to hide.”

Yun Ling killed two monsters and avenged the driver.

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