Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 11 “Armorless”

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Chapter Eleven: Armorless

The Qin swords were the foundation of the Qin Dynasty. Most of the sword-using sects in the world were in Changling, and they had the best in swordsmanship and sword forging. Except for the several swords forced by the powerful cultivators of the Zhao Sword Furnace with their true fire, most of the famous swords of the world in the last century came from the Qin cultivation sects.

Compared to the Qin swords, the seal weapons made by the Chu were the basis on which the Chu Dynasty fought with the other dynasties. Sword nuclei were mostly simple in their character, while the seal weapons were more complicated. Once seal scripts were inscribed, they could gather primal energies of the universe, and have them flow through like in the channels of a cultivator. This did not just require a high understanding of the sword, but also great forging skill and inscription skill to merge countless lines in a space of inches without any mistake.

It was very difficult to create those powerful seal weapons. Each one’s formation was the effort of generations of cultivators and craftsmen and each one had the power to rival a powerful cultivator’s attack. Even more importantly, the materials, forging methods, seal formations, and the method to activate these seal weapons were all absolute secrets. Only a few people in the imperial palace were in contact with such secrets. Even if other dynasties wanted to copy, they could not.

But now, the strongest Chu weapon, “Flying Heaven”, had appeared in the Qin army. The Qin had copied it!

Ji Xingbai felt both cold and shocked. In the army, many Chu generals and cultivators had eyes burning with anger. Someone had undoubtedly leaked the highest secrets of the Chu to the Qin. Leaking the highest secrets meant that the other Chu weapons were no secret to the Qin.

On this battlefield, they were all fighting for the Chu Dynasty, and countless brothers and comrades had died here. But in the Chu Dynasty, there were people who sold out all of them, all of the dynasty.

Who was it that had betrayed this country?

Consort Zhao Xiang sensed the energy vibrations of these seal weapons before Ji Xingbai, and she stopped.

A terrifying explosion sounded. Hundreds of seal chariots flew up, truly flying into the air. With the full power of the cultivators on the chariots behind these ones, these chariots flew through the air like hundreds of meteors to crash towards her.

Sensing the fall of these chariots, and then the terrifying power from the “Flying Heaven” seal weapons, she reacted, and frowned slightly.

The chaotic energy in the world was torn apart by five rays of light. These five bright rays of light came from the five “Flying Heaven” statues.

The five rays came out of the hands of the “Flying Heaven” statues, quickly expanding to brilliant pillars of light. Compared to the five vast pillars of light, the hundreds of chariots crashing at Consort Zhao Xiang appeared small.

The energy given off by these chariots formed black chains, layers of nets. At the center of the net was Consort Zhao Xiang, and also where the five pillars of light were descending.

Seal weapons could possess great power, but the cultivators who used the seal weapons may not be able to catch the true position of a powerful cultivator. It was only possible to trap a cultivator like Consort Zhao Xiang with this, so many chariots after rehearsing many times.

In this moment, many Chu cultivators paled, including powerful realm seven cultivators. Because even they could not imagine them surviving such a blow.

Frowning meant she had not thought of it, and that it was difficult, but to Consort Zhao Xiang, this just meant this was difficult but not impossible. She stood there unmoving and then punched.

In this short instant most people on the battlefield could not sense, she punched five times.

With her first punch, the ground under her feet suddenly sank, like hammered by a great hammer. Ahead of her fist, a burst of bloody light appeared. This light came from the light of her fists, the energies of her body rapidly flowing and pressing on each other, the light coming out of her flesh.

In the next moment, the bloody light turned into a ring shaped shockwave that exploded out. Ahead of her fist, the compressed air turned into a terrifying wave of power, an enormous sword essence.

She usually did not use the sword, but she was a student of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. At this key time, her strongest attack was still the sword.

Five such bloody lights exploded. In this moment, she punched five times. Five enormous sword essences hit the bottom of five chariots.

The five chariots made from heavy and thick metal were sent flying, immediately disintegrating. They flew back far faster than they had just been falling, turning to five balls of light burning with blue flame.

These balls of light hit more chariots above them, and then collided with the five descending pillars of light. These balls of light were like pin needles hitting the metal rods that were the pillars of light. But in the next moment, the bases of the five “Flying Heaven” statues gave off bursts of dissonant friction sounds, and then the five seal weapons fell backwards. The five pillars of light started to dissipate, the shattering light flying away in the wind.

Beautiful rainbows exploded in the air, and the chariots affected were easily sent flying.

Consort Zhao Xiang tiredly pulled her fists back. She was standing in an enormous pit many hundreds of feet wide. Around her, the powerful chariots had fallen like broken kites.

The cultivators who had been swept by the beautiful rainbows started to burn up. Many cultivators flashed out silently from behind the “Flying Heaven” statues.

Even though the primal energies of the universe were so turbulent most cultivators could not gather energies, there was still the sound of mountains moving as they flew, and enormous amounts of primal energies gathering in this direction.

Consort Zhao Xiang was very tired. She could not punch like that again, could not stop so many grandmasters. But at this time, she sneered and turned her head to look at a clearing to her side.

Many shadows appeared over there, slowly forming a troop, a very tired troop without any armor.

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