Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 12 “Behead”

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Chapter Twelve: Behead

This troop seemed to have experienced a hard trip. The bottoms of many a shoe were worn through, and blood and the soles were scabbed together. They looked to be in a sorry state. But for some reason, the moment this troop appeared, they attracted the gazes of countless people on the battlefield and made people’s hearts speed up.

Just like her previous attacks, her actions were very simple. Two terrifying powers burst out of the bottoms of her feet, and the ground that had already formed a giant pit shook again. Her body disappeared from the pit, and then appeared far away. She disappeared once more, and then reappeared even further in the distance. After three times, her figure appeared at the rear of the seventy thousand Chu people.

These seventy thousand Chu people were like her barrier. Then she sat down like she was a bystander, without any of the airs of a grand master and an empress dowager. It was like when she had been sitting down by the lakeshore. But this time, she was wearing the bright phoenix robe.

Numerous Qin grandmasters had moved over mountains of primal energies of the universe. No one had thought that she would act like this. She was fleeing without fighting. But no one had objections to her just sitting down like so, they only felt that it was a matter of course. These grandmasters felt that they had punched into empty air, and even a feeling of defeat before even fighting the other.


A heavy shout sounded in the air and caused these grandmasters to stop breathing for a moment.

The shout came from the troop that had suddenly appeared, the sound coming from every person. Yet because they were so uniform, and they had shouted at the same time, the sound was like one person had been shouting.

As they shouted, everyone in the troop took off the weapons they wore, and then in an uniform movement, they made the same move, unwrapping the cloth around the weapons.

After the cloth was taken off, there was glittering golden light. Everyone in the troop took the cloth off at the same time, and the golden light connected together like many burning suns merging into a giant burning sun that rose up on the battlefield.

No one in this troop wore armor, but at this time, bathing in the golden light, they seemed to be gilded in golden armor. Adding on that everyone in the troop had similar presences and the same determined resolve, this troop was unspeakably solemn and glorious.

The expressions of these Qin military grandmasters changed, their eyes filled with shock. The emotions spread through the Qin army, expanding while at the same time, cheers and shouts erupted from the Chu troops in a tsunami!

“How is this possible!”

At the rear of the Qin army, Wei Wujiu, who was far from the battlefield was slightly dazed for an instant, and gave a low howl from his throat.

When such a golden light shone over the battlefield, the identity of the troop was no longer in doubt.

Xiang Yan’s Gold Dagger Army was the strongest army of the Chu Dynasty. Even though their pure manpower was not as strong as Bai Qi’s God Killing Army, they had unimaginable resolve and special battle methods that other armies in the world did not have. On the other side of the Chu Dynasty, they were invincible.

But that was on the other side!

Even though they had abandoned all their golden armor, and dressed simply, how could they have been this fast? In the estimates of all high ranking Qin generals, this troop would need at least a dozen days to reach the Yin Mountain or the Yangshan Commandery. This was the most extreme estimate. They had come a dozen days ahead of the estimate. What was this like?

After a momentary daze, Wei Wujiu suddenly felt pain. His body could not help but tremble. Now, he could finally see the malicious intent of Consort Zhao Xiang!

Consort Zhao Xiang clearly did not want to take these seventy thousand people to attack the Qin flank by herself. She just wanted to lure the flank army to move and pull them out. If not for the Gold Dagger army, she could not even have survived the Qin flank troop attacks. But right now, the formations on the Qin flank was in chaos because of her. Even their seal weapon formations were not steady. This was the best time for the Gold Dagger Army to attack.

The Gold Dagger Army would attack this flank, and the Chu army inside the battlefield were not stupid. With attacks coming from outside and inside, the Chu flank would likely be quickly defeated and eaten. These seventy thousand Chu people were still people, and with their strong spirits, it was not the Qin army going to surround the Chu army, but the Chu army biting back, wanting to swallow the Qin army!

“Cut off the head of the snake first!”

“Get Xiang Yan’s head!”

The many Qin grandmasters on the flank felt their hearts beat rapidly among the waves of cheers from the Chu army. These grandmasters were very experienced, and could see the situation. They knew that while it was not possible to guess the combat power of the Gold Dagger Army after their long trip, the legendary army’s presence gave a fatal increase in confidence to the entire Chu army.

When tens of thousands of soldiers were in a state of lunacy when they did not care about themselves, even if this was a chaotic battle, there likely was no army of similar number that could match them.

The same thoughts flashed through the minds of the Qin grandmasters. Only by using lightning tactics to assassinate the general of the army, Xiang Yan, could they change the result.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!

These grandmasters pushed their vital energy to the extreme, turning to rainbows lights that flashed at the army, cutting through the air like giant swords to behead the Gold Dagger soldiers. Behind them, there was the sound of the air breaking. Dozens of cultivators flew like flying swords behind the grandmasters towards the Gold Dagger Army.

The Qin were brave. The presence created by these dozen cultivators did not lose to the Gold Dagger Army. At this moment, there were shouts coming from the Qin army. “So what if they are the Gold Dagger Army, which off our armies are inferior to them? They traveled so far to come here. They are just bluffing.”

Accompanying these shouts, many seal weapons in the Qin army were activated. Gusts of rainbow light fell towards the Chu army.


Seeing the sword lights on the heads of the Qin grandmasters, and hearing the shouts from within the Qin army, Consort Zhao Xiang smiled scornfully from where she sat on the ground. She softly said, “Even I cannot take Xiang Yan’s head from all of the Gold Dagger Army, much less you? Who will cut off whose head?”

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