Apocalypse Lord Chapter 7 “Supermarket”

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Last chapter recap: Yun Ling makes a backpack, levels up, and builds the mission hall.

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Chapter 7 – Supermarket

When she was picking up the copper coins, she glanced in the direction of the car, and saw two oversized luggage bags in the backseat.

She opened it. One held clothing, ten bags of compressed biscuits, eight bottles of water, five boxes of canned meat. The other had a tent, a sleeping bag and camping lights.

Yun Ling reacted. No wonder he drove the car. He had many things and could not carry them all. Driving the car meant he could take all this.

But he was ambushed by a monster, and accidentally lost his life.

Compressed biscuits, bottled water, and the meat was not touched. She threw away the clothing. She took the tent from the other bag. Adding in the sleeping bag…Yun Ling picked through and gathered the items that she needed in one bag.

After tidying up, she put it in the linen backpack. Yun Ling tried to walk, and found she did not feel the weight at all. She showed satisfaction. “As expected, very convenient.”

She looked into the distance. There were no other people around. It was so silent it was like an empty city. She thought, and planned to go tour the supermarket first.

On the way, the scenery had changed greatly — the buildings were covered in vines, the cars overturned or piled up together as scrap. The doors to the shops along the way were open like they had been ransacked.

The worst off was the bakery.

Yun Ling had once targeted it. But the time of the first day was limited, she had too much to do, and did not have the time to act. When she passed now, she saw the plates were broken, the raw materials had been looted, and there were some empty milk boxes scattered on the ground.

She looked inside and outside. Nothing useful was left.

Yun Ling shook her head and kept on going.


Some people had the habit of hoarding food, and when idle, they would stock up on rice, flower, oil, frozen meat, and cabbage in their homes.

Some people like to eat fresh food, and would buy fresh produce each day at the market.

Fang Xu was one of the latter.

He always felt there was no need to hoard so much food at home. In any case, there was a supermarket next to the community. It would only take five minutes to get there, and he could buy whenever he wanted to eat.

But when the change occurred, other people locked their doors, hiding at home and waiting patiently for the rescue from the army. But he ate all his food, and had to risk his life coming out.

If he had kept some more food at home, then he would not have to come out now! Fang Xu regretted it greatly, but his regret could not fill his stomach.

Helplessly, he could only put on thick clothing, hold a baseball bat, and go out of his home with plastic bags.

The monsters had not yet appeared for a full day, but the entire world seemed to have changed.

There was moss inexplicably growing in the hallways, and monsters roaming the corridors.

Fang Xu held his breath, and hid in the corner.

When the monster walked away, he quickly snuck downstairs — he did not have the daring to attack. He held the baseball bat just for courage.

Fang Xu jogged towards the supermarket as he repeatedly warned himself, he came out this time to find food. When he found food, he would return immediately, and leave everything alone.

The world outside was too dangerous. Only his home was safe!

Also, his home had water, electricity, and natural gas to use. He estimated if he had enough food, he could last for ten days to two weeks.

By then…no matter how inefficient the army was, they should have cleaned up the monsters by then.

After making up his mind, he sped up his pace.

Fang Xu had a good plan, but when he entered the supermarket, someone put a dagger to his waist.

That person did not say a word and started to search. In the end, he sneered. “Poor!”

Fang Xu was both angry and shocked. He wanted to complain when he saw the other lean against the shelf and say, “We lack manpower to help. How about it, will you join us?”

Fang Xu thought, I came to find food, and then go back to hiding in my home. So he refused.

In the next second, the dagger entered his abdomen, the movement quick and vicious.

”You dare?!” Fang Xu was caught off guard. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

The dagger came out, and the blood splashed over him. The culprit wiped the blood from his face and said coldly, “You fail to appreciate kindness.”

Fang Xu fell to the ground, dying with his eyes open.

“Brother Meng.” A group of strong men walked out of the supermarket. Each person had a cart filled with instant noodles, water, biscuits, chocolate, bread, and milk. “Brother Yu and Sister Yan are still inside. They say they found a warehouse.”

“So few people, we cannot even move everything on the shelves, why go to a warehouse?!” The man called Brother Meng was very dissatisfied.

The other men murmured and did not dare to answer.

“You cannot mind having more good things.” A thin middle-aged man walked out with a smile.

This person was the “Brother Yu” that they had spoken of.

The beautiful woman next to him was Sister Yan. At this time, she was spraying perfume on her wrist. Smelling it, she was content. “We got almost everything we wanted. Let’s go.”

Brother Meng showed a hint of fear that even he did not notice. He snorted, his expression proud, but said nothing.

The group of fifteen filed out.

When their figures disappeared from sight, three little teams walked out of the corners, all wanting to enter the supermarket.

Sensing each other’s presence, they were wary and on their guard.

“The supermarket is so large, no one can empty it. I think we should not fight. We all move on our own, and how much we get depends on our abilities!” Zheng Ming Yue suggested.

As he spoke, the six person team led by Wei Qing came close.

Seeing that a melee battle was about to start, the teams were even more on guard.

“There are countless eyes watching us behind our backs. If we fight, other people may benefit,” Zheng Ming Yue warned meaningfully.

“Okay, everyone go on their own, and do not interfere with each other,” Ma Shi Yi said.

“If anyone blind bumps into me, my fists are not for nothing!” One large man waved his fists, his attitude tough.

“…we do not have enough time to move supplies, who has the time to make trouble for you.” Zheng Ming Yue was speechless and led his team into the supermarket first.

The other two teams followed closely.

The six person team led by Wei Qing was not stopped, and entered openly.

Yun Ling hid in the shadows, her expression uncertain. In the end, she gritted her teeth, and followed.

In the supermarket, many shelves were already empty.

Yun Ling avoided the crowd, found the large jugs of drinking water, and put them into her linen backpack.

If she took them in boxes, she could take more. But there were only jugs on the shelves, and not boxes of water.

She swept all the water of the same brand and packaging. Then Yun Ling went to the food area.

If there was something that was convenient to cook and quickly filled the stomach, it was definitely instant noodles.

Yun Ling found extra large ones, ten packs of instant noodles. She took them all.

At this time, You Qing Wen was coincidentally passing by.

She originally wanted to get instant noodles, but the shelves were already empty. Just as she turned around, she suddenly found it was not right. “Which team are you from? I did not seem to have seen you before?”

“The five person team, I entered after you.” Yun Ling prepared to withdraw as she answered.

If she did not care for anything and fled, she had the confidence that she could leave even when attacked by everybody.

You Qing Wen thought, “If I did not have a good memory, and knew that the fourth team was made up of six males, I almost would have believed your nonsense!”

Seeing the backpack the girl was carrying on her bag, she sighed, thinking the other could not take much. She decided to pretend to be unaware. “Never mind, go on.”

Yun Ling saw that she managed to pass, and went to get rice.

Each bag was 5 kilograms. There were a few dozen bags at the side, and seemed very suitable to put into her backpack.

She was not polite, and took all she could with a wave of her hand.

Ma Shi Yi happened to see this. Her thoughts moved. She waved at her teammates, and then charged out first.

Ma Shi Yi was truly lucky.

Back at the start of the game, she was frightened by the monsters, and hid away. She accidentally picked up an A-rank skill “Heavy Damage,” and the blue quality dagger “Fang”!

She used skills to make ambushes, and in one blow, she could deal more than 160 damage.

Using her skill, she had won this entire way, and even created her own team.

Now, seeing Yun Ling instantly take away a few dozen bags of rice, she believed the other had something good, and was quick and vicious to act.

As she moved, she thought, when players died, there had to be a drop rate. If the treasure dropped, it would be hers!

Thinking of the happiness, she could not help but show some smugness in her expression.

In the next second, the target turned, and the dagger hit the round shield.

“You…” Ma Shi Yi was slightly shocked that the other would stop her attack.

But then she thought, what was the use in blocking? The skill damage was still fatal!

In the next second, she saw her target standing in front of her unharmed while her HP was flying down.

Why?! Ma Shi Yi paled.

Before she went unconscious, she heard the other mutter, “Pretty high attack, no wonder she killed herself with the damage reflect.”

When a player died, their equipment was dropped.

Yun Ling picked up the blue quality dagger, and the white quality belt. Then she shouted expressionlessly, “Leave!”

In reality, after suffering an A-rank skill, she only had 100 HP left. She did not want more trouble, just to leave as soon as possible. But at this time, only by pretending to be fine, and having a strong air could she frighten away her enemies.

Ma Shi Yi’s two subordinates had watched the entire battle. They moved their lips, not knowing what to say.

Everyone in the team knew that their captain had an A-rank skill. Based on the skill and the equipment, she had been able to kill any powerful enemy she encountered.

Who knew that she failed this time.

The captain died an unclear death.

The two people looked at each other, and did not know what to do.

“We said to not interfere with each other. What do you want to do with my companion?” A woman’s voice sounded suddenly.

Before she finished, a magic shield appeared around Yun Ling.

You Qing Wen had a chilly voice. “If you want to fight, I will call them now!”

“This is a misunderstanding, misunderstanding,” the two said as they retreated.

Joke! The captain had been killed. What were they staying for? To die? Of course they left quickly.

[Name: Cloth Belt]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Stamina +1.

[Name: Fang]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Strength +4.

In Apocalypse Calamity, there was no saying that equipment was for specific parts. If there were six or fewer in total, one could use all of them.

Yun Ling had the round shield in her left hand, and the dagger in her right. Then she put on the belt before looking at You Qing Wen, “Thank you.”

“It should be me thanking you.”

Looking at Yun Ling’s confused eyes, You Qing Wen said with a smile, “You forgot? We met yesterday afternoon. You told us how to use cards to obtain equipment and skills. My boyfriend and I managed to escape.”

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