Apocalypse Lord Chapter 9 “Trap”

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Chapter 9 – Trap

Near the community, the largest resource point was actually the Hypermarket. That place was full of supplies, and had more in stock than dozens of smaller stores nearby added together.

But risk came with the reward. There would be many people targeting the Hypermarket.

Thinking about it, Yun Ling decided to take a trip. Maybe, she could fish in troubled waters and benefit. If there were no opportunities, then she would just go for a walk, and explore the land.

“Ha, there is not a lot, but it is heavy to carry.” The four players returned from their journey to the camp, muttering as they walked, “Lucky we are all strong young men. Otherwise, we would have gotten tired halfway.”

Yun Ling unconsciously glanced at Guard A. He had a plain and average face. Maybe they would forget after seeing him.

But she was still not at ease.

Thinking about it, she took a piece of black cloth from the warehouse and gave it to Guard A. “Cover yourself.”

“Yes.” Guard A was very obedient, and used the black cloth to cover his face.

Yun Ling looked around and was finally satisfied. “Go, to the Hypermarket.”

Guard A followed silently.


“……There are more than seventy people in the Hypermarket. The one in the charge is Yu Hui, the manager of the Hypermarket. Yesterday afternoon, when monsters charged in, he organized the security to fight back. He was the first to touch a card and receive a game skill.” In a shop along the street, Qi Chang An knelt with his head on the ground, his voice trembling.

“After cleaning out the monsters, Yu Hui led the others to seal the Hypermarket, and left only one exit.”

“Anyone who wants to go into the Hypermarket has been beaten out. From his words, he seems to want to guard the Hypermarket until help comes.”

Brother Yu tapped the table. He asked after a long time, “How many players are in the Hypermarket?”

Qi Chang An did not dare to lie. “When I left, 14 had skills.”

Before Brother Yu asked, he hurriedly added, “he was just lucky and picked a C-rank skill. It is not of much use. Of the 14 people, 3 are girls.”

Sister Yan had a sharp gaze. “You have opinions on female players?”

Qi Chang An suddenly realized there was a woman in the higher ups of the team and shook his head in panic. “I am not speaking of all female players, but the 3 in the Hypermarket. During the fight, they huddled together and hid on the side … about the same as ordinary people.”

“In other words, only 11 are able to fight,” Brother Yu concluded. “We have fewer people, but strong ones. They are many, but their combat abilities are average. Overall, we have similar strength.”

As he spoke, he glanced towards the side and sighed emotionally, “If there is strong support, then I am very confident.”

In the corner, a person stood upright, holding a wood bow. His face seemed to be as sharp as a knife. He was thinking silently without a sound.

Brother Meng could not contain himself and said impatiently after a while, “Lu Chuan, say something, be quick!”

The man called Lu Chuan did not speak. He asked Qi Ping An, “It seems the Hypermarket has a good environment, why did you run out?”

Qi Ping An smiled bitterly. “I am fine, but my wife and child are at home.”

“I suggested the players form teams to find people, but Yu Hui said the situation is not clear. Leaving the Hypermarket, they will not be able to find people, and may even get themselves killed.”

“Since everyone has different thoughts, I just came out with some food.”

But then he was caught right after leaving, and was forced to speak about the situation of the Hypermarket. To live, Qi Ping An could only cooperate.

Right now, he was very upset.

Yu Hui had urged before but he did not listen, feeling that Yu Hui was a coward and not responsible. After being captured, he knew the other was right.

When the situation was not good, one should just stay where they were. Being in a rush could not save his family, it was just killing himself.

Pity, anything now was too late. Life or death was in someone else’s mind.

Lu Chuan thought for a while and finally agreed. “I agree to work together. The condition is not harming people, taking some supplies and then leaving.”

“This is right.” Brother Yu said with a smile, “The world is in chaos. Capable people gather together to live better.”

“Let’s discuss our plan and depart immediately.”

“That…” Qi Chang An looked up and carefully asked, “I have said all I know. Could you release me?”

Brother Meng sneered. “Let you go? So you can go back and report?”

Then he stabbed the other to death.

Lu Chuan frowned, and showed a hint of distaste.

Sister Yan had been seemingly playing with her fingernails, but in reality, observing the entire time. Seeing Lu Chuan show hesitation, she gripped her staff, and attacked first, “Freeze!”

Instantly, ice formed on Lu Chuan’s legs. His movement and attack speed was reduced by 20%.

It was a trap!

Lu Chuan reacted. He drew his bow, pulled out an arrow, and shot in one go.

There was a loud boom. An enormous hole appeared on the wall, leading straight to the street.

Brother Meng had reached him now. The dagger stabbed hard, and Lu Chuan’s shoulder was wounded. The wound was deep, and the blood flowed.

At the same time, Brother Yu pulled his bow and shot an arrow. The bowstring was released, and the arrow quickly flew at its target.

Sister Yan raised her staff. “Fireball!”

Lu Chuan quickly retreated, and drew his bow to attack.

The arrow flew like it had eyes. Brother Meng was forced to dodge.

The arrow and fire ball hit their target. Lu Chuan grunted, but he did not stop moving, continuing to retreat.

But after a few steps, he was stopped by a dozen people.

Seeing the prey surrounded and unable to escape, Brother Yu idly walked out, his smile as friendly as before. “You are done.”

Sister Yan said, “Kill him, get his orange equipment. Then we take the Hypermarket, and live comfortably.”

Lu Chuan had a cold expression. “You found me with the excuse of asking for help. So it is to kill me and get equipment.”

“Now you realize it? Too late.” Sister Yan laughed softly.

“Why are you talking with a person about to die? Attack!” Brother Meng thought his teammate was slow and charged first with his dagger.

Lu Chuan took out an arrow without a word.

Freeze Arrow, decrease the enemy’s movement speed by 30%.

Flame Arrow, when the target was hit, they were engulfed in flames, and inflict 5 MP damage per second.

Penetrating Arrow, ignores defense, creating critical damage.

He shot all three arrows together. Brother Meng was unable to dodge, and died on the spot!

Lu Chuan’s shoulder wound had quickly scabbed, and his wounds were clearly improving.

The change came so suddenly Brother Yu and Sister Yan were stunned. The men surrounding him could not avoid showing terror.

“You will die before me.” Lu Chuan took out three Exploding Arrows, and shot again.

“Freeze! Fireball! Magic Missile!” Sister Yan was in a hurry. She did not spare her MP and cast many skills.

“Combo Attack!” Brother Yu used his skill as he shot an arrow.

The arrow formed an explosion as it flew.

Lu Chuan’s movement speed was limited, but his hands were still nimble. He avoided the combo attack, bore the damage of the magic spells, and did not die!

When he found the space, he took out three arrows from his orange quiver.

Some subordinates fell to the ground, their life or death unknown.

Brother Yu finally changed expression. “Damn! What is the boy’s maximum HP? Why is he fine after so many attacks?”

If this was someone else, they would have died two or three times already.

And Lu Chuan was more and more energetic, his advanced injuries turning to light injuries.

“Shut up! Attack!” Sister Yan howled angrily.

For mages, their HP was limited at the start. Lacking MP was a very serious problem.

Sister Yan had continuously used her skills, and her head was in bursting pain. She clearly lost her combat ability.

Brother Yu could not speak of his hardship.

At the start of the game, he encountered multiple goblins. To escape, he learned the escape skill, the injury reduction skill, and the defense skill. He only had one offense skill, the combo attack.

Working with the purple bow he had picked up, his output was impressive. But Lu Chuan was good at moving, and hard to hit. There was no damage to speak of.

“What are you afraid of? Go up together, and surround him!” Brother Yu sent out a reward as he shod. “Whoever kills Lu Chuan will get Meng Hao’s seat!”

Hearing this, some people could not help but mutter. Brother Yu, Sister Yan, and Brother Meng had not managed to kill him working together. What was the use in attacking together? So they pretended to not hear, and just stood unmoving at their spots.

Others were moved. Before, Lu Chuan had been in a good state, and they could not do a thing. But now, he was wounded. Was this not a chance to take advantage?

Thinking of this, they were ready to move.

Looking around, Lu Chuan saw everyone’s movements. He ran as he drew his bow. In the blink of an eye, two more people were killed.

The air turned solid. The situation was at a standstill again.

Brother Yu was angry–if he had not feared that his subordinates would rebel and stopped them from learning skills, and everyone attacked together right now, Lu Chuan would have been dead already!

Thoughts in his mind, he used “Swift Dash” To get close, and planned to use the attribute of the purple bow to kill.

Lu Chuan’s heart sank, and he wanted to withdraw.

“Freeze!” Sister Yan used her last MP to stop the other from moving away.

“Combo Attack!” Brother Yu used his skill. When he shot this time, he knew that it would hit.

He gave a confident smile. He even thought of what to say after winning. But suddenly, someone shot out of the corner, and held a round shield in front of Lu Chuan.

The arrow hit the round shield, and the shock hurt Yun Ling’s hand.

Brother Yu’s smile froze on his face. He was shocked and angry. “What are you doing?!”

Why was the target not dead, and he was seriously injured!

“Use skill.” Yun Ling ignored him, and ordered Guard A.

“Chaos Stick.” Guard A swung his stick so fast it was a blur, and beat Brother Yu to death.


Someone shouted. The other people scattered like frightened animals.

Sister Yan saw the situation and turned, wanting to flee.

Lu Chuan did not hesitate to take out arrows.

Hit with three arrows on her back, Sister Yan fell instantly, and her equipment dropped over the ground.

In the blink of an eye, only Yun Ling, Guard A, and Lu Chuan were left.

Lu Chuan took a step back. “Thank you for helping. You can take everything you want. If you need food, there is a lot in the building.”

Yun Ling herself was a very careful person. Seeing the other pull away without a trace, she knew what he was thinking. “Don’t be so nervous, I do not have any bad will.”

To show her sincerity, she handed out the purple bow that had dropped. “You are an archer? The bow for you.”

“Why?” Lu Chuan did not take it.

“Yesterday, wood bow, S-rank skill, Thorn Sting,” Yun Ling said a string of key terms. “Remember who I am now?”

Lu Chuan relaxed slightly. “So it is you.”

“I never owe people favors, we are even.” Yun Ling picked up the equipment, just leaving the purple bow. Then she waved her hand, and led Guard A towards the shops.

Lu Chuan took the purple bow and sighed. “Such a coincidence, I also do not like to owe people favors.”

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