Apocalypse Lord Chapter 10 “Woodworking Workshop 1”

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Last chapter recap: Yun Ling rescues Archer Guy, who has a name, from the Yu Yan Yokels.

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Chapter 10 – Woodworking Workshop 1

Brother Yu, Sister Yan and Brother Meng had swept the supermarket before, and there were several carts in their residence. The carts were filled with instant noodles, water, biscuits, chocolate, bread, and milk.

Yun Ling’s first reaction after seeing this was, why was there no rice or flour? Did these people not cook?

The residents were either dead or had fled so the questions would never be answered. She did not force it. She picked out the instant noodles, water, and milk to put into her linen backpack.

There were four slots in the backpack, and she could put in one more item. She hesitated between the biscuits and bread. Thinking of the shelf life, she chose the biscuits.

After filling the linen backpack, she squeezed the chocolate into her backpack.

When her backpack was bulging and could not hold anything else, she contentedly put the bag on her back. “Let’s go.”

Turning around, she found someone standing in the doorway. She did not know how long the other had been watching.

Yun Ling:”……”

Was this person a ghost, standing there without a sound.

Lu – wanting to help transport and protect – Chuan had a deep gaze, his expression hard to make out. “linen backpack?”

“Yes.” Yun Ling admitted openly.

Lu Chuan looked deeply at Yun Ling. “Beta player?”

“A beta survivor,” Yun Ling corrected, and then added, “Just like you.”

A beta player meant knowing the existence of the game beforehand, and being familiar with the basic functions.

A beta survivor meant having survived for a hundred days, and getting the final reward.

“Name, which camp you live in, how can I find you?” Lu Chuan asked.

“Yun Ling, long term in Rising Cloud Camp. I luckily completed a special quest at the start of the game, and received access. Right now, living in the warehouse,” Yun Ling answered one by one.

“Lu Chuan, temporarily in Setting Sun Camp. Tomorrow, I will find you,” Lu Chuan said. “In ten days, the camp will have its invincibility status end, and it can be attacked. It is best for everyone for veterans to gather together, and speed up building the camp.”

There was no reason to refuse an expert coming. Yun Ling agreed. “Okay, find a time and come.”

After giving the address, Yun Ling left with Guard A.

Looking at the two walking away, Lu Chuan murmured, “A S-rank card that I cannot use cannot be compared to saving my life. This is not called even.”


Rising Cloud Camp.

At some time, another bonfire appeared on empty ground. A woman took out food from her backpack, and crouched by the fire to carefully cook.

The metal pot was placed over the fire. Water had been poured in already, and it was boiling.

Instant noodles were added, then seasoning, then fatty mutton and fatty beef as well as shrimp balls and other ingredients. A delicious lunch was prepared.

“Eat eat,” someone shouted, smelling this and could not hold back.

The woman took out bowls and chopsticks, serving everyone.

The team members gathered together to eat. The soup was delicious, the meat tender. They felt like they had come back to life!

These people ate quickly, only Zong Ye Ming tasted nothing.

The calamity had come so suddenly he had separated from his relatives and friends. Yesterday night, he worried for his parents, his girlfriend, his childhood friends. He had been so worried he had not slept last night.

He had called many times using his cell phone, but for some reason, no one answered.

He wanted to go online, but there was no signal. He knew nothing about the outside situation, and could only worry.

Zong Ye Ming was full of worry and could not eat after just a few bites.

Seeing his temporary teammates full and some even taking out cards to play, he could not help but speak, “We had good luck today, and found a lot of supplies. It is enough to eat for three to five days. How about we go further in the afternoon?”

At the words, the surroundings were silent.

Wei Qing was the first to object. “It is too dangerous to go far. It is best to move close to the camp.”

Zong Ye Ming had a bitter smile. He knew that the camp was safe, and did not want to go out. But…he did not know the status of his family and friends. How could he wait with peace of mind in the camp?

“I also do not agree to go out,” a teammate said, “I have played so many online games, and never seen one as demented as Apocalypse Calamity. Fighting monsters for two whole days, and no recovery medicines dropped!”

“The base recovery speed is so slow. After a fight, I need to rest an hour before I can move freely. After leaving camp, if you are unlucky, after two fights, you are dead!”

“Right.” The other people said. “The camp is akin to a safety area in the game. The area stops players from fighting and stealing from each other. Isn’t it good to stay?”

“If you leave the camp, the monsters will chase you when they see you. If humans see you, they may steal from you.”

Zong Ye Ming saw most people objecting, and tried to find an ally. “Ding Yi, what do you think?”

The other people were either alone, or had fled to the camp with their family so they did not understand how he felt.

Ding Yi was not the same. His parents were in the center of the city, and their whereabouts unknown. The other was in the same situation as him, and should understand him.

But Ding Yi avoided his gaze. “I think that they are right. The outside is so chaotic. It is too risky going out. Also, even if you return home, what if your family is not there? You risk going back for nothing?”

Zong Ye Ming was speechless for a moment.

If he returned and did not find anyone, at least he knew he tried his best. If he did nothing, and waited in the camp by himself, could he live with his conscience? Those were his relatives!

Zong Ye Ming urged. “This morning, you all saw when you went out. The monsters have been cleared out, and there are not as many as yesterday. If we are careful and avoid them, it will not be so dangerous.”

Before the other people could react, Ding Yi retorted, “This is the suburbs, so there are fewer monsters!”

“Yesterday, I retreated from the area near the city center. There are many monsters there, and various types.”

“Other than the common goblin, there is a wood monster. They skip and jump when they walk, and when they see living people, they throw wood blocks.”

“Goblins are close combat monsters, and you are fine if you run away. The wood people are long distance monsters, and can hit people from far away.”

“This is only the edge of the city center, if you continue to walk in, who knows what kinds of monsters will appear?”

In the end, he concluded, “In my view, just stay in the camp for now. When the army cleans out the monsters, we are safe. Then, we can return to our homes, and do not have to worry about accidents along the way.”

He thought the other would be his ally, but the other turned to be his biggest obstacle.

Zong Ye Ming silently sighed. “But even so, I still want to return to look. If everyone is not happy, then let’s split up to move in the afternoon.”

No one spoke. Everyone was suspiciously silent.

Zong Ye Ming knew that the world had changed. Being kind could mean his life. Because of this, he did not blame his teammates. “I am very happy to have met everyone. I hope we will have a chance to meet in the future.”

Then he put on his backpack, and resolutely left the team.

Recovery items never dropped. Skill cards and equipment cards were also rare.

At this moment, Zong Ye Ming was very upset. Back when he saw the system notify “each player only has 4 skill slots, please make your choices carefully,” why had he hesitated?

There was no future if he had four C-rank skills, but at least, in the early stages of the game, he could survive.

If he had picked up a few skill cards yesterday, he would not be without confidence in moving alone now.

Right now, there were no cards to pick.

“I will ask other people, maybe we can team up.” Zong Ye Ming had an idea, and quickly moved.


Returning to the camp, after some rest, a window suddenly popped up [NPC “George” is visiting. Will you hire them?]

A second NPC!

Yun Ling clicked to look.

[Name: George (The lord can give a name, and choose whether to make the name public)]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 5, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Elementary Woodworking

Craftable Items: Wood Sticks, Wood Shields, Wood Staffs, Torches.

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

The wood sticks were offensive equipment, the wood shields defensive equipment, the wood staffs for mages, and the torches could be used to illuminate at night, and increase visibility.

In the game with its low drop rate, shops that sold equipment were very important, especially in the early stages.

Yun Ling wanted to press “yes.” But when she looked, it took 50 copper coins to hire the NPC, and 100 copper coins to unlock the woodworking workshop. Right now, she did not have this much.

She thought, rest for a moment, and then go out to kill monsters. I will get the money quickly.


Fight for five minutes, rest for an hour. This was the reality of the players at present.

Yun Ling was slightly better off.

Her HP maximum was higher, and she had a helper. When she went on a trip, she could kill seven or eight monsters.

But she was surrounded by enemies. If she was not careful, other people would kill her like a monster. So each time, when the two of them had a third of their HP left, they would come back to the camp.

Four hours later.

She had 214 copper coins.

Guard A wore cloth shoes, had knee pads on his legs, cloth armor on his body, a belt at his waist, a wood stick on his left hand and a ring on his right. While they were all white equipment, he had filled all six equipment slots, and looked better than the players.

Yun Ling looked up at the sky. “It is time to return.”


Rising Cloud Camp.

After a day, the camp had changed.

There were tents everywhere. Fires had been set up to cook and roast food.

As the smell spread, some people gathered together to play cards. They did not look like they had been forced into the camp by the monsters, but that they were on a camping trip, and having a bonfire party…

Some took the opportunity to set up shop on the ground. “A two-person tent, thick style, 5 copper coins each.”

“Earplugs, very useful earplugs! After you put them on, you will sleep until morning!”

“A warm sleeping bag, just 3 copper coins. Do not pass this by!”


After learning from the first day, some people had searched for outdoor camping equipment when they went out during the day. At night, when there were more people, they immediately started to sell.

After eating, sleeping well was a basic human need.

Seeing people sell tents and sleeping bags, the players swarmed in to buy.

The business was good, the supply could not keep up with demand. The sellers were smiling from ear to ear.

The other people saw this, and set up shop as well. Some sold foods with short shelf life, others bartered with items for suitable equipment, others sold backpacks and carts to conveniently transport materials.

The transactions continued.

Yun Ling received sporadic notifications, [A player is trading in Rising Cloud Territory. Congratulations, you have received 1 copper coin as tax.]

[A player is trading in Rising Cloud Territory. Congratulations, you have received 1 copper coin as tax.]


Many little things could add up to a great amount.

And this was only the second day.

Editor’s ramblings: Does Lu Chuan not know how to speak in full sentences?

Translator Ramblings: Considering the overnight fee is 1 copper coin, does hiring an NPC for 50 copper coins count as a bargain or overinflated?

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