Apocalypse Lord Chapter 12 “The Second Wave”

Last chapter recap: Yun Ling builds the Woodworking Workshop and hires a woodworker. Lu Chuan is a good cook.

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Chapter 12 – The Second Wave


You Qing Wen yawned, showing tiredness. “I am going to bed, guard well.”

“Do not worry. Leave it to me.” The member on duty was a young man in his early twenties. He patted his chest and promised confidently. “During university, I frequently played games all night. Night guard is nothing.”

“Being young is so good.” The members sighed as they found places to lie down.

Soon after, the sounds of snores started.

The night watch leaned against the wall and looked dazedly in one direction.

Time slowly passed.

An unknown time later, the sound of heavy breathing came from outside the door.

“Help, help me!” The plea for help passed through the door.

There was also the howl of monsters. From the sound, there were more than one enemy.

The night watch changed expression and shouted, “Enemy attack–”


The sun rose.

You Qing Wen had dark circles under her eyes. She had a bad air around her — everyone who was woken up from a good sleep would not be in a good mood.

“What happened?” she asked with a dark expression.

The youth who was saved murmured, “I–I have no food at home. I–I came out to find food … I encountered three monsters along the way, and got chased …”

You Qing Wen was very irritated. “Why run this way?”

The youth curled up. “It was black all around, and there was light only here.”

You Qing Wen immediately lost her anger.

When one encountered monsters, they could not just do nothing and wait for death. Of course, one should seek help.

Pity that they were sleeping soundly and when they opened their eyes, the monsters appeared at their doors …

Zheng Ming Yue did not regret saving this person, but he minded not having a good sleep. “We ran around all day, and are tired. If we cannot guarantee our sleep quality each night, after a few days, we will collapse.”

“Then what to do? We cannot just not open the door.” One person had a distressed expression.

If sleep quality was bad, then they would be dazed and have difficulty paying attention.

But if they were to pretend to not hear, and did not open the door … they could not go against their conscience, and who knew if the monsters would smash through the doors?

If everyone was in their dreams, but the monsters broke through, it was not a problem of sleep quality, maybe they would lose their life!

You Qing Wen was silent. A long time later, she said, “Let’s move to Rising Cloud Camp.”

Zheng Ming Yue said curiously, “Rising Cloud Camp? What place is that?”

“Like a safety area in the game. Monsters cannot get in. Players cannot attack each other. The only shortcoming is that we need to pay to live there, 5 copper coins per person per day,” You Qing Wen said.

Zheng Ming Yue was more surprised. “How do you know? You went?”

“No,” You Qing Wen shook her head, “I encountered Yun Ling at the supermarket yesterday. She told me.”

Seeing her boyfriend’s confused expression, You Qing Wen reminded, “Yun Ling, the girl who reminded us to pick cards and learn skills.”

“So it’s her.” Zheng Ming Yue immediately reacted.

After thinking about it, he said, “That girl is clearly a veteran. If she says so, it is right. Let’s not delay, hurry up, pack and move places.”


There was a good night’s sleep.

In the morning at dawn, Wei Qing hurried to the Woodworking Workshop.

Yesterday, the NPC said that after selling, they would be out of stock. If there were not enough raw materials, they would also be out of stock. He had to get the equipment before other people!

When he entered, there were six or so people in the room.

Wei Qing’s heart sank. Why was he late even though he hurried?

He frowned and then heard someone wail, “Uncle NPC, the store equipment is too expensive!!”

Wei Qing, “?”

He went to look.

The panel showed —

[Name: Wood Stick]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Strength 1.

Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Round Shield]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: -2 damage received.

Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Wood Staff]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Intelligence 1.

Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Torch]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Illuminate scenery within two meters.

Price: 50 copper coins.

All the products, without exception, were very, very expensive.

Wei Qing frowned harder.

The price was high, so other people could not buy them. But even he needed to save a few days to buy. This was too …

Woodworker A smiled kindly. “Purely made by hand. Limited in quantity. Of course it will not be cheap.”

“Let me tell you, at such a high price, it is hard to sell!” Someone tried to brainwash the NPC and convince him to lower the price.

But before he finished speaking, a team rushed in. Seeing there was equipment for sale in the Woodworking Workshop, they were overjoyed. Without a word, they paid, and then left with the round shield.

The person who had spoken before, “… …”

His face hurt.

Wei Qing thought, rather than anticipate the NPC lowering the price, it was more practical to save more money.

Another person said angrily, “I think there is no use to buy this equipment. It is better to not buy!”

Woodworker A looked in surprise at him.

“This is the case.” That person said forcefully, “In these two days, the number of monsters decreased greatly. In less than a week, we can clean them up. Then, the players can all return home. Buy equipment? Who will care about you!”

Woodworker A did not argue and just said, “The products are here. Once you pay, the transaction will automatically complete. Everyone, please feel free to buy.”

After saying this, he went into the workshop to continue working.

“Why do I feel the NPC is looking down at me?” The person who spoke before muttered.


At the same time, Yun Ling sighed at the window.

[Name: Mary (The lord can give a name, and choose whether to make the name public)]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 4, Agility 4, Stamina 5, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6.

Combat Skills: C-rank Healing

Life Skills: None

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

A pretty good NPC.

But not the life skills professional she wanted.

Yun Ling named her “Priest A” and publicized her name.

Then she had the NPC go to the Woodworking Workshop to get a wood staff as a weapon and stand in the camp to heal players for a fee.

“Priest?” Seeing a new NPC, the players were filled stunned and then were overjoyed. “With a priest, won’t our resting time get greatly shortened!”

Priest A responded with a smile. “I can help heal you for a fee, 3 copper coins each time.”

The onlookers, “… …”

One person asked woodenly, “Returning to the camp to rest, I can recover HP and MP. Why pay to get healed?”

They were not stupid.

Priest A sald solemnly, “Daytime is limited. The shorter the resting time, the more time you have to move around. Healing is not expensive. You will need it.”

She spoke sense, and the players were speechless.

One person flipped through their pockets and cried, “No, poor people do not need it.”


Go out, kill monsters, level up. When HP was lower than 40%, return to the camp to rest, and wait for HP to recover.

This was the usual process, but today, there was Priest A in the camp.

Returning to the camp and seeing no one around, Yun Ling ordered Priest A to heal her for free.

“Yes, Lord.” Priest A used her skills several times without a word.

Yun Ling’s HP shot up past halfway in a while.

Just as she was going to go out to kill monsters, a voice sounded, “So this is Rising Cloud Camp.”

Yun Ling turned back and found Lu Chuan. “You came?”

“Yes.” Lu Chuan responded. Then he took off his backpack and poured out a large pile of wood, linen cloth and silk threads.

Yun Ling:”……”

Had he gone to rob? In a short two days, how could normal people get so much material?

“I traded for these. For you,” Lu Chuan said.

Yun Ling wanted to proudly refuse, but the reality was she needed linen cloth. Also, the Woodworking Workshop had just been built and urgently needed wood material to create equipment.

As she struggled, Lu Chuan said, “No need to hesitate, just accept it.”

Then he left.

He left!

Yun Ling helplessly picked them up. She thought, she would make a linen backpack for him tonight as a gift in return.


Near noon, Zong Ye Ming followed the team to nearby residence buildings.

One person went to knock on the door, his face full of anxiety.

“Who is it?” A timid voice came from the room.

The person who had knocked was overjoyed and shouted, “Baby, it’s Dad! Dad came back to find you!”

The room was very quiet. No one answered.

After a while, the door opened. His wife and daughter leapt into his arms. “How come you only returned now!”

“I came back late.” Gao Li did not mention how dangerous it had been to return home, and comforted them.

The three of them hugged each other and spoke heartfelt words.

“Since you found them, let’s go now,” Shi Guang Fei urged.

Gao Li urged his wife and daughter to leave with him. But his wife said, “In the last two days, the number of monsters outside are decreasing. We can wait home. The army will come rescue us soon. No need to run around.”

Gao Li wanted to persuade, but his wife was determined to not go.

In the emd, Gao Li had to compromise. He looked at his former teammates with an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry, I do not plan to return to the camp.”

Shi Guang Fei looked deeply at him. “You are certain?”

“Yes.” At first, he hesitated, but after hearing his wife speak, he was more determined to stay. “The situation is getting better, the calamity will quickly pass. We are not saviors, we do not have to be brave.”

“Waiting for rescue is the best strategy.”

“You found your family. Of course you say so,” Zong Ye Ming could not avoid shooting back.

Goa Li flushed and said lowly, “I’m sorry.”

Shi Guang Fei sighed quietly. “Let’s go.”

The group left.

Seeing the strangers leave, his wife finally said, “I was scared to death! There is a lot of food hidden at home, enough for us to eat for another month. I really feared you would call them to stay …”

No wonder she persisted in staying home. Gao Li finally understood his wife’s intentions.


Leaving the building, the team still had a heavy air.

“In reality, Old Gao is right,” one person suddenly said, “by the time we are strong enough, the army would have rescued people already.”

“Maybe, waiting in the camp patiently for news is the best strategy.”

No one spoke. The surroundings were deathly silent.

At this time, countless balls of light suddenly came down from the sky.

Minotaurs, skeleton soldiers, dryads, demons … at a glance, it was possible to see a dozen types of monsters.

Shi Guang Fei changed expression and shouted, “Return to camp! !”

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