Apocalypse Lord Chapter 13 “Refuge 1”

Last chapter recap: Yun Ling hires a priest, the Guang Gang makes a successful rescue, the Restaurant Regiment retreats, oh, and more monsters appear.

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Chapter 13 – Refuge 1

Gao Li just accompanied his wife and daughter into the room and saw a monster with horns on its head and wings, looking like a demon, break through the window.

“Ah!” His wife screamed in fright.

“Quick, hide.” Gao Li’s heart tensed. He charged out, and tangled with the monster.

“Baby, let’s go to the inside room.” His wife shivered but forced herself to calm down and led her daughter to the bedroom.

But when the bedroom door was opened, another demon appeared.

The demon had fingernails as sharp as blades that easily cut his wife’s neck.

“Mama!!” The child’s cries attracted Gao Li’s attention.

He sent the demon flying and when he turned, he saw his wife and daughter in puddles of blood.

“Wife! Baby!” Gao Li’s eyes almost popped out. He had never thought that just as the family reunited, they would be separated forever.

“You – should – all – die.” His eyes filled with blood as he looked at the monsters.

Three minutes later.

The two demons were killed.

Gao Li collapsed to the ground. He only had 17 HP left. But because the bleeding would not stop, he had the negative status of “-2 HP every second.”

It would have been good if he had taken his wife and child to return to the camp with his teammates.

Unconsciously, Gao Li cried tears of regret.

Seconds later, his head dropped, and he closed his eyes.


During daytime, the sunlight was good, and Qi Lian looked out over from his balcony.

The streets were empty of people. Occasionally, monsters or passersby would pass.

The entire city was quiet like it was dead.

But Qi Liang knew that the city had people, they were all hiding. For example, him. He had stocks of rice, picked vegetables, drinks, and milk at home. It was normal to not go out for half a month.

“I really hope the disaster will finish early,” Qi Liang sighed.

Just as he spoke, a bat revealed its fangs, and dove down at him.

Qi Liang, “!!!”

He had no time to think and punched based on his instincts. “Heavy Punch!”

The bat was hit and gave a wail. Then its wing was wounded and it flew away, limping.

Qi Liang was in a cold sweat. His legs gave out, and he collapsed to the floor. His heart beat rapidly, and he took a long time to calm down.

When the calamity happened, he had coincidentally been at home. Then he kept his doors closed, and never left once.

The reason he had a skill was just because he had good luck, and a blue card had fallen on his balcony. Out of curiosity, he had taken the card and used it. Then he learned the skill and became a player.

“If I did not have a skill, just now, I would have …” Qi Liang’s mouth was dry and he felt fear.

To make matters worse, there were exclamations and screams from the neighbors upstairs and downstairs from time to time.

The soundproofing in the residence community was pretty good. The children upstairs were practicing the piano at home, but downstairs he could only faintly hear some sounds, and they couldn’t be heard if one didn’t listen carefully.

But now, cries, shouts, and screams were mixed together, rising in waves.

“I cannot stay at home.” Qi Liang made a decision, quickly packing up. “It is not safe here!”


The beta players knew that Apocalypse Calamity had a style of danger at every step.

There were many monsters of different varieties. Every once in a while, new varieties would appear.

Once players stepped out of the camps, they would be attacked by monsters if they were not careful.

While the early stages of the game were not as demented as expected, Yun Ling was on her guard all the time.

At 12 o’clock on the third day, forty eight hours after Apocalypse Calamity opened, the second wave of monsters suddenly descended!

Yun Ling was not shocked or surprised at all. She had a feeling of “what should come has come” and “this is the game I know.”

She waved her hand for Guard A to follow.

The two did not linger outside and ran back to the camp to take refuge.


“Why are there so many monsters!” You Qing Wen swung her staff, frowning.

After packing up, the group had planned to immediately travel to Rising Cloud Camp. But halfway, they were lost, and made a detour.

They encountered players who told them the correct direction. They thought they would soon arrive, But after countless balls of light came down, everyone was surrounded by monsters.

“Who knows.” Zheng Ming Yue used the C-rank “Charge” skill and sent the monsters flying.

A member shouted, “Brother Zheng, we killed the monsters but new ones are running over. What to do?”

Someone else said, “I can see the camp. Just twenty meters away!”

Zheng Ming Yue immediately made a decision. “Everyone, just run! Fighters stay behind, mages and archers first.”

They retreated as they fought, covering each other, and reaching the camp before their HP was exhausted.

Magically, when the players stepped onto the camp, the monsters left, uninterested, and went searching for new targets.

The camp was a safety area. It was safe to stay here.

Thinking this, Zheng Ming Yue’s nerves finally relaxed.

At this time, someone shouted in panic, “Brother Zheng, not good! Miao Miao’s wound is still bleeding and cannot be stopped!”

The girl cried. “Minus 2 HP per second, I have only 14 HP left. Am I about to die?”

Priest A approached at this appropriate time to drum up business. “Do you want healing? Three copper coins each time.”

“Yes, heal her.” You Qing Wen did not hesitate to take out money.

“Heal.” The skill was cast. HP 10. The wound visibly turned for the better.

Miao Miao was shocked and delighted. “The bleeding stopped!”

She was fine.

You Qing Wen was reassured and had the time to say to Priest A, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” Priest A looked around and asked, “Anyone else needs healing?”

“Not right now,” Zheng Ming Yue said.

Priest A was very regretful.

At this time, other players fled back to the camp.

Priest A’s eyes lit up, she went forward to get more business.

Zheng Ming Yue looked into the distance.

Outside the camp, there was chaos and screaming.

Inside the camp, the players were resting, playing cards, and chatting. The air was harmonious.

The disparity inside and outside the camp was moving.

Almost instantly, Zheng Ming Yue decided. “We will live here from now and not run around.”

You Qing Wen was silent for a while. Then she suddenly said, “If Yun Ling did not tell us, then we may not have found the camp.”

“Yes.” Zheng Ming Yue had to admit. “We owe her another favor.”


[Name: Cloud Piercing Bow]

Quality: Rare

Equip Effect: Strength 10

Special Effect: 10% chance of critical damage.

[Name: Dragon Quiver]

Quality: Legendary

Equip Effect: Each minute, it automatically refills an arrow. At most, holds 50 arrows.

Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 30% chance of special effects such as penetrating, exploding, freezing, or burning.

A purple bow with an orange quiver. The attack power was super high.

Lu Chuan stood in the camp, drew his bow, aimed and released the arrow.

The next second, the arrow hit a black crow and killed it.

“Thanks, Brother.” A man in his early thirties sprinted into the camp. Then he fell to the ground panting. “If not for your help, I may not have been able to get back.”

The monsters came down so suddenly he was blocked and finally managed to break through with difficulty.

Lu Chuan did not care. “Just passing.”

Then he drew his bow, aimed and shot again.

Soon after, players found to their surprise archers shooting from inside the camp was a safe and efficient way to level up

Monsters were constantly being killed, and items being dropped. The player stayed in the camp and was not at risk at all.

He could do it, I can do it!

Someone thought and rose up to copy.

The arrow missed and did not hit its target.

Low attack power and did not hit the monster. He could only watch it fly away.

When shooting together, the other person would kill the prey first.

After trying in person, the archers found to their shock it was not very easy to kill monsters in a limited time.

Also …

One person looked at their empty quiver and grimaced. “My arrows are used up.”

This seemed to be a signal. Someone else said immediately, “I am also empty.”

“None left.”

“A white quiver can hold at most 10 arrows. it is normal to use them up quickly.”

“Then the question is, why does he still have arrows?”

The archers all looked at Lu Chuan.

Then they found that other than the orange quiver, he had one blue quiver, and two white quivers.

The archers, “… …”

You could do that?

No matter how much they doubted life, Lu Chuan drew his bow and shot, levelling up easily.

“So many materials! Skill cards and equipment!” Someone was passing by as they returned to the camp, was greedy and wanted to get them first.

But when he touched the fallen items, the system notified [Drop items belong to their killer. Locked for 20 minutes. 14 minutes and 15 seconds remaining. ]

That person, “… …”

They could see, could touch but could not take. So frustrating!

After shooting all the arrows except the special ones in the orange quiver, Lu Chuan took his backpack and picked up all the dropped items, returning with a full bag.

Translator Ramblings: Poor family made a poor choice.

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