Apocalypse Lord Chapter 16 “Tailor Shop”

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Last chapter’s recap: War profiteering works especially well in an apocalypse.

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Chapter 16 – Tailor Shop

Temporary resident +1.

Temporary resident +4.

Temporary resident +3.

Temporary resident +1.

Players continued to return. These people were either covered in wounds or panting heavily. They clearly had experienced fierce battles.

After entering the camp, they all fell to the ground, seemingly exhausted.


The pork belly was tender and juicy, hissing when being roasted and golden. She put on barbecue sauce and wrapped them up in lettuce. They were both crisp and fragrant!

Yun Ling feasted, and after filling her stomach, handed the rest to Guard A for the NPCs to share. Then she went towards the mission hall.

There were two people handing back their missions. When they handed over the goods and got their payment, they left in contentment.

Yun Ling brushed past them and then inspected the mission window.

She saw —

“Acquisition of linen cloth” mission was completed 20 times.

“Acquisition of wood” mission was completed 20 times.

“Acquisition of silk thread” mission was completed 20 times.

There were more types of monsters and more variety in drops so Yun Ling wanted to post a few more missions. Pity that she had used all her savings to hire Tailor A and unlock the Tailor Shop. She only had 96 copper coins left.

— This was the amount after the players paid the overnight fee to become temporary residents. Originally, she had even less.

Yun Ling looked at the pitiful dozens of copper coins and had a distressed expression. This was not enough to collect more materials.

As she hesitated, she received a system notification [The Woodworking Workshop has sold 1 x Wood Stick. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Cloth Shoes. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Belt. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins. ]

Instantly, her savings skyrocketed from 96 to 396. She became rich again.

Yun Ling’s expression relaxed. She sent new collection missions in the name of the camp.

[Acquisition of cotton cloth. 3 copper coins per piece.]

[Acquisition of canvas cloth. 5 copper coins per piece.]

[Acquisition of spider silk. 3 copper coins per 1 ball.]

[Acquisition of willow wood. 3 copper coins per piece.]

[Acquisition of cornmeal. 1 copper coin per portion.]

[Acquisition of flour. 1 copper coin per portion.]

[Acquisition of rice. 1 copper coin per portion.]

The cornmeal, flour and rice she was purchasing were not real food, but game materials that could be used to cook.

After releasing the missions, including the previous linen cloth, silk thread, and wood missions, there were now 10 collection missions. She set the upper limit to 20 times.

After doing this, Yun Ling silently left.


After eating, one person was idle and roamed around. Seeing the tailor shop open, he walked in with the intention of window shopping and seeing what items were for sale.

But when he looked, his eyes went straight. He was stunned where he was, unable to move.

[Name: Cloth Shoes]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Agility +1.

Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Cloth Armor]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: -10% damage received.

Price: 100 copper coins.

[Name: Belt]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Stamina +1.

Price: 100 copper coins.

When outside, once a person encountered danger, they needed to strategically retreat. Whether they could flee depended entirely on agility.

A reduction of 10% damage each time would greatly increase survival.

Nothing more had to be said of Stamina +1. The increase in HP meant that a person could be better at running and fighting. This was something good.

This person was excited and wanted to buy each item, outfitting himself. Pity he had nothing in his pocket and could not even afford one …

As he was sighing, Tailor A pushed open the door to the workshop, went into the front room, and released new products.

He looked.

[Name: Simple Bandage]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Restore 20 HP every 5 seconds.

Price: 50 copper coins.

Note: Recovery items are limited. Each person may only purchase one per day.

[Name: High Quality Bandage]

Quality: Premium

Use Effect: Restore 50 HP every 5 seconds.

Price: 100 copper coins.

Note: Recovery items are limited. Each person may only purchase one per day.

[Name: Quiver]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Automatically refill an arrow each minute. At most, this can hold 10 arrows.

Price: 50 copper coins.

[Name: Hunting Quiver]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Each minute, it automatically refills an arrow. At most, holds 20 arrows.

Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 5% chance of special effect “Sharpness”. Once successful, +5 arrow attack power.

Price: 200 copper coins.

That person, “!!!”

He leapt out the door, sprinting to notify his teammates.


What time was it? Still not back!

Ji Ling Yun looked around frequently, not seeing the person she wanted to see and was very anxious.

There seemed to be malicious gazes behind her. When she suddenly looked back, she found no one looking at her, like this was an illusion.

But when she turned back, the malice was almost tangible.

Ji Ling Yun was both angry and anxious. She ground her teeth so hard she almost shattered them.

She was from a rich family and lived a carefree life. The calamity suddenly came, everyone hiding home behind closed doors.

On Day 3 of the game, monsters charged in. The helpers were wounded and died, and her parents were killed.

Her older brother decisively learned a skill, packed up, and organized people to protect her and retreat.

Everyone escaped to the camp together. If Ji Ling Yun had a say, they should just wait here for rescue. But her older brother did not agree, going to find grains, going to search for gold and gems, going to save people and expand the team.

Ji Ling Yun had no power and could not help, so she was arranged to stay in the camp to watch the luggage.

She had not expected, at 6 at night, those without resident status would be kicked out.

Ji Ling Yun had no way but to ask whether she could use food and gold to trade for copper coins.

Later, she got the copper coins and entered the camp, but since then, she was being targeted. She did not know where the enemy was hiding, but she could sense the malicious gaze.

But her brother had left with the team and not returned. She did not know if something had happened.

Ji Ling Yun did not have skills or equipment. She was usually spoiled and weak. Right now, she was going crazy.

A girl with a lot of wealth and food, but was unable to fight back or any copper coins to stay tomorrow. Where could they find a more obvious and better target than her?

The more Ji Ling Yun thought, the more her heart sped up and she sweated.

The night was late.

The camp players went to sleep, and the prying eyes disappeared.

Ji Ling Yun was full of worry and unable to sleep.

After an unknown amount of time, a group of more than 20 people were moving through the darkness with a torch.

The weak light illuminated the scene within half a meter. Because these were simple torches they made themselves, and not products made in the game with life skills, the visibility was not high.

People managed to barely make out the direction using the fire light, and slowly walked toward the camp.

Ji Ling Yun saw the person walking at the front and was overjoyed. Her big brother had returned!


Early next morning.

Yun Ling slowly woke up, and was frightened by the string of system notifications.

[The Woodworking Workshop has sold 1 x Wood Shield. Congratulations, you have received 100 copper coins.]

[The Woodworking Workshop has sold 1 x Torch. Congratulations, you have received 50 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Simple Bandage. Congratulations, you have received 50 copper coins.]

[The Tailor Shop has sold 1 x Hunting Quiver. Congratulations, you have received 200 copper coins.]


What had happened after she fell asleep? Why had she suddenly sold so much of her products? Yun Ling was confused.

She inspected the territory attribute window, and it showed —

[Territory Name: Rising Cloud]

[Level: Campsite. (There are four levels, campsite, village, town, city.)]

[Tax: 5%. (0-100%, the lord has the power to adjust it independently)]

[Population Capacity: 200]

[Existing Residents: 195 (Temporary Residents 190)]

[Unlockable Buildings: 4]

[Existing Buildings: 4]

[You have satisfied the initial leveling conditions. Do you wish to see the details?]

Yun Ling pressed “yes.”

New information popped out.

[To upgrade the camp to a village, the following conditions must be satisfied.]

[1. Unlock 4 different buildings. (Completed)]

[2. For 3 consecutive days, have over 120 temporary residents. (1/3, not completed)]

[3. For 3 consecutive days, the daily territory income surpasses 1500 copper coins. (1/3, not completed) (Note: Daily income = shop income, taxes, others)]

[When the following conditions are met, pay 5000 copper coins, and the territory will be upgraded.]

Yun Ling calculated. There were 190 temporary residents. Each day, they spent 5 copper coins to buy the right to stay overnight, and each day, that was 950 copper coins. On this base, if the Woodworking Workshop and the Tailor Shop could sell some things, then she would satisfy condition 3.

As to condition 2, it was so dangerous outside, there would be more and more people staying in the camp. When the 3rd day came, condition two would automatically be completed.

After calculating, she closed the window, and started her new day’s work.

Translator Ramblings: The system is the villain of the story. Look how high the prices are!

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