Apocalypse Lord Chapter 17 “Invitation”

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Last chapter’s recap: Yun Ling learns what’s required to upgrade her camp.

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Chapter 17 – Invitation

After a night, the buildings near the camp disappeared into thin air, not even leaving behind a brick.

The more distant buildings were still present, but were overgrown with weeds, covered in vines and moss. They looked very barren.

“The surrounding environment is different.” Yun Ling quickly realized.

When she entered the mission hall, she saw —

“Acquisition of linen cloth” mission was completed 8 times.

“Acquisition of wood” mission was completed 20 times.

“Acquisition of silk thread” mission was completed 12 times.

“Acquisition of cotton cloth” mission was completed 5 times.

The canvas cloth, spider silk, willow wood, cornmeal, and flour missions were each completed between 2-4 times.

“Acquisition of rice” mission was completed 5 times.

“The residents are very good, and have collected quickly,” Yun Ling praised. As she spoke, she changed the upper limit for the missions to thirty.

She swept a look at her account balance, and planned to eat breakfast before going to kill monsters and getting copper coins.


The frozen foods that she had moved from her home to the camp had been finished, but she found more frozen food during her searches.

Family sized oil pancake, add an egg and a tenderloin, and this was breakfast.

The bags of French fries could be eaten as soon as they were fried.

The sticky rice shumai, the pine shumai had thin skins, and lots of filling. After ten minutes of steaming, they were done.

There was thousand-pace tofu, fish tofu, shrimp balls, squid balls, and all kinds of ingredients. After cooking, the soup was convenient and delicious.

Yun Ling rejoiced more than once that the warehouse could extend shelf life.

If this was a normal situation, at room temperature, the frozen food would have gone bad in a few days. But in the warehouse, she just had to eat them within 7 days.

Yun Ling looked for a while, and decided to eat the shumai first. Set the pot, add water, boil, steam the shumai for ten minutes, take them out, and eat.

At a bite, it was fragrant and smooth, not oily, and also had the scent of the pine nuts.

“Very good.” Yun Ling’s eyes closed in pleasure. “So good, and big enough to be full.”

With her appetite, she would be full after eating two pine nut shumai for breakfast.

She gave the others to Guard A and ordered him to deliver breakfast to the NPCs.

Just as Guard A left, Yun Ling saw You Qing Wen run over. “The people that were in the Hypermarket have fled to the camp. They are planning to make teams and go back to get supplies. Will you participate?”

Yun Ling, “???”

She suspected that she did not sleep one night, but a day and night. Otherwise, why when she woke up, the world was different? She did not understand what other people were saying.

“People from the Hypermarket have fled to the camp? When?” Yun Ling asked.

“Yesterday, in the middle of the night. You were asleep, and likely did not know,” You Qing Wen answered.

Yun Ling thought, no wonder.

“Why choose Rising Cloud Camp? Why gather people to go back to get supplies? When they left, they did not take the inventory with them?” she asked.

“They were surrounded by monsters, and almost died. Did they have the mind to care about supplies?” You Qing Wen twisted her mouth. “Supposedly, some players in the camp know the Hypermarket manager, and encountered him on the road, so they saved him.”

“Later, when they came back to camp and talked, everyone felt it would be a pity if they did not move the supplies back. But just with them, they cannot clear out the monsters along the way or the monsters in the Hypermarket.”

“So in the end, they plan to find two teams to work together. We enter the Hypermarket together, and it is up to each of us how much we can move.”

“I feel this is a very good job, so I came to ask. Will you come along?”

This girl was a good person, and remembered to call her when there was something good.

As to the answer, of course it was —

“I’ll go.” Yun – dragged down by a family to feed – Ling said without hesitation.

“We meet up at 7:40, and depart right at 8,” You Qing Wen gave a simple introduction, “they are planning to make a team of 20 people. They are also finding two teams to help, and having them each bring ten people. If you know a high level player, you can call them.”

“Our team has more than ten people, but this time, it is too dangerous, and we do not want to bring along those who are weak.”

Yun Ling immediately thought of Guard A. Right now, Guard A was level 1, had Strength 2, and Stamina 1, was fully equipped, could fight and take damage, and had higher combat power than ordinary people.

“I know one who is suitable,” she said, “I will find you in a while.”


After discussing, You Qing Wen went back to notify her team.


Yun Ling organized her backpack, and put in three Simple Bandages, and one High Quality Bandage.

She thought that was about thirty minutes of travel from the camp to the Hypermarket, and the trip would not be peaceful. Just in case, she took out the cornmeal, flour, rice and other materials she had just gotten.

[Name: Mixed Grain Steamed Bun]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x cornmeal, 1 x flour.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 HP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

Note: Cornmeal can be replaced by soba, whole wheat, oatmeal, black rice, or sorghum flour.

[Name: Rice Porridge]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x Rice.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 MP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

She had limited materials, and could only make three mixed grain steamed buns and five bowls of rice porridge.

Yun Ling did not mind and made as much as she could.

When the products came out, how to transport them became a problem.

After a moment of hesitation, Yun Ling took out a food container, and put in the mixed grain steamed buns, and the rice porridge separately.

She then put the containers into the backpack, and took along Guard A to make the appointment.


In a corner of the camp, the Hypermarket manager, Yu Hui was speaking with Ji Ling Feng. “There are food and drinks in the Hypermarket. If we move it here, there is enough for everyone to live well for over a month.”

“At the start, there were more than seventy people, but then the monsters charged in. After some were killed and others fled, there were only eleven that survived to leave with me. Of them, eight are players, and the other three are normal people.”

“I’d guess there are about forty monsters in the Hypermarket. This time, we will go and move everything we can carry.”

Ji Ling Feng said with a smile, “Uncle Yu is good at observation and calculation. After you say this, I am more reassured.”

Yu Hui waved his hand. “Just some trifling tricks. In the world now, might is right.”

He had led people to guard the Hypermarket. But the monsters came from the sky, so many they could not finish killing them.

The hearts of the people had scattered and the team was hard to lead. In the end, he had to lead the last group of people willing to believe in him to break out.

But there were so many monsters. They would come again and again after others were killed, they were almost endless.

If they had not encountered someone he knew, and the other was willing to help, he feared that everyone would have died.

Thinking this, Yu Hui sighed softly. “Ling Feng, Uncle owes you a life.”

“Uncle Yu, you are too polite,” Ji Ling Feng said coolly, “You are Father’s good friend, and watched me grow up. Now, when you have trouble, this is no reason that I will not help when I can.”

Hearing Ji Ling Feng mention his father, Yu Hui felt a pain in his heart. A friend that he had chatted to and drank tea with not long ago had passed away. The world…was really fickle.

The air was slightly heavy for a moment.

Suddenly, someone ran in, and yelled, “Brother, I have decided I want to learn skills and be a player!”

“Nonsense!” Ji Ling Feng looked at his sister with a helpless expression.

“What do you mean?” Ji Ling Yun was angry. “Do you know how afraid I was last night when I was left alone in the camp?”

“The feeling of being helpless is too uncomfortable! I would rather go out and take risks.”

Ji Ling Feng was silent.

His parents had unfortunately passed away, and his sister was his only relative. In his thoughts, no matter what, he had to protect her. It was best if she stayed in the camp and did not take a step out at all.

“Ling Feng, Ling Yun is right,” Yu Hui said, “No one can predict the future. With skills and equipment, it is more likely you’ll survive than if you don’t know anything.”

Ji Ling Feng thought for a while and finally agreed. “In a while, come with me to pick equipment and skills. We will leave right at 8.”

Not waiting for his sister to cheer, he added, “You have to listen to orders. If you do not listen, I will not take you out again.”

“Yes, I promise to listen.” Ji Ling Yun nodded.


At 7:40, Yun Ling took Guard A and found You Qing Wen.

“You came?” From afar, You Qing Wen smiled and greeted.

“Going to the Hypermarket to get supplies. I cannot be late for such a major matter,” Yun Ling said sternly.

“This is?” You Qing Wen looked at Guard A.

“My friend, he does not like to talk, but has good skills, “Yun Ling answered, “Level 1. Without equipment, Strength 8, Agility 6, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.”

“Combat Skills: C-rank Chaos Stick, C-rank Stone Skin, C-Rank Sweep. Suitable for close combat.”

Had learned 3 C-rank skills? You Qing Wen changed expression slightly.

In the early stages of the game, not everyone had the courage to give up developing their future potential, learning 3-4 low rank skills, recklessly increasing their present strength.

If they did this…in battle, they would be very strong.

“Welcome.” You Qing Wen was reassured with a strong person joining.

Then she looked at Yun Ling and asked, “What about you?”

“Position tank, high HP, high defense,” Yun Ling answered. “Level 1, without equipment, Strength 3, Agility 4, Stamina 7, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6.”

She did not mention her skills. Both were S-rank skills, and it would be scary to say.

Hearing this, You Qing Wen was slightly surprised.

She thought this was a super expert, but the attributes were ordinary, and much lower than she had expected…While she had six equipment, most gave off white light, and only a few blue light.

Was this a theory player not skilled in fighting?

Her thoughts moved, but she did not show it in her expression. “You Qing Wen, Level 1, without equipment, Strength 4, Agility 4, Stamina 4, Intelligence 8, Spirit 8.”

“Combat Skills: C-rank Shield, C-rank Missile, A-rank Poison Fog. Suitable for long range and support.”

“In the next while, everyone will be together. Let’s have a happy partnership.”

Translator Ramblings: For these who never had dim sum, here’s a picture of shumai.

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