Apocalypse Lord Chapter 19 “Hypermarket 2”

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Last time on Apocalypse Lord: Wei’s Workers, Ji Ling League, Restaurant Regiment, and Hypermarket Horde move out.

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Chapter 19 – Hypermarket 2

Shadow? Everyone was taken aback.

Someone unconsciously looked down and saw the female player’s shadow had horns and looked strange. They screamed, “Look! Her shadow is strange!”

It was important to save people.

Her teammate did not think and swung a wood stick hard at the shadow.

The shadow split in two and then merged together, looking unharmed.

“My HP dropped again! Again!” The player was in a panic.

“I said to use fire attacks,” Yun Ling said helplessly, “physical attacks are useless. If it’s not a fire skill, it will not be effective.”

“Flame Pillar!” Ji Ling Yun attacked.


“Shooting Star.”

The other players sent skills to save people at the same time.

The shadow monster screamed when hit and turned into a wisp of smoke.

Yun Ling looked at the magic players and had complicated feelings. This was the bad thing about randomly created teams. They lacked cooperation after all. Just one person was enough to kill the monsters, but three people attacked together, and wasted MP…

“No matter.” Seeing the female player still shocked, her teammates helped her up.

The player was pale, and begged her teammates, “The trip is too dangerous! Let’s return?”

Her teammates had conflicted expressions and did not make a sound.

“Am I not right? !” The player had just received a fright and only recovered now, exploding, “We’ve been gone almost half an hour, how far have we gotten from the camp? Including breaks, without spending two hours, we won’t get to the Hypermarket!”

“Also, so what if we enter the Hypermarket? We have to clean the monsters out. When we get the supplies, we have to carry them back.”

Yun Ling knew that this person had just looked at her attribute window, got frightened by her low HP, and changed ideas.

She just wanted to take out a mixed grain steamed bun from her backpack to sell to this person but one person spoke first, “Calm down. I have a healing skill and can add HP for you.”

“That won’t work.” The wounded player was determined. “We will encounter more danger next going forward. You can heal me, but can you heal all forty people? Do you have that much MP?

Ji Ling Feng had a displeased expression. He did not try to persuade this player, but look at Wei Qing. “Manage your people.”

Wei Qing, “… …”

His team was a loose organization, and respected the freedom and equality of its members. He was just the captain in name. What could he do?

Before Wei Qing spoke, the player said, “No matter what other people think, I am definitely returning. If the group leader does not agree, I will leave the group first.”

This was one of his team. Wei Qing tried to persuade, “If you return now, you will be alone. Won’t it be dangerous? How about walking in the middle of the team, and following us to the Hypermarket.”

But the player looked around and said loudly, “This is not too late to return! Who wants to go back to camp with me? Come out now.”

“Think clearly! If you follow them, you may die at any moment!”

“Are supplies more important, or your life?”

People’s hearts moved.

Soon, three people came out, saying they wanted to return to camp.

After a while, someone else came out. He said that, with his present power, it was too difficult to reach the Hypermarket, so he decided to give up.

“Who else?” Ji Ling Feng looked around, his gaze as sharp as an eagle. “Just come out now.”

You Qing Wen and Zheng Ming Yue came together and talked, occasionally looking up at Yun Ling.

“Do not worry about me,” Yun Ling said.

“I pulled you into this.” You Qing Wen showed a hint of guilt.

“No matter,” Yun Ling said, “I decided to come, it has nothing to do with others.”

Zheng Ming Yue thought for a long time, and then found his teammates, telling them to decide for themselves.

“There is risk and benefits along the way. You may have great gains, or you may not leave alive. Decide for yourself what to do,” he said, “Since I have agreed to go to the Hypermarket, Qing Wen and I will stay.”

“We will also stay.” Yun Ling pointed at herself, and then at Guard A.

The members hesitated, their expressions conflicted.

In the end, 6 people from Wei Qing’s team and 4 from Zheng Ming Yue’s team left. There were 30players left.

While this was not as planned, it could barely count as a force.

Ji Ling Feng pressed his lips together, and gathered the ten outsiders to form a temporary team. Then he found a hidden corner, and ordered everyone to rest for fifteen minutes.

Wei Qing stood by the wall, and then looked at Yun Ling and Lu Chuan. He asked curiously, “How did you know to use fire attacks against shadow monsters?”

Lu Chuan said, “I’ve seen them before.”

Yun Ling’s answer was very perfunctory, “I guessed it.”

Wei Qing looked at Yun Ling with an odd expression, and restrained himself from talking.

“What is it?” Yun Ling wondered.

“When I met you, you were already in Rising Cloud Camp. That was Day 1 of the game.” Wei Qing had kept some words for a long time in, and finally could not help but speak them.

“You are Yun Ling, and the camp is Rising Cloud (Ling Yun).”

“Compared to other players, you know too much.”

“Regardless, there is something that feels wrong.”

Yun Ling smiled. “I lived in a nearby residence building, if I did not go to Rising Cloud Camp, where would I go?”

“From the day I was born, I was Yun Ling, should I change my name for a game?”

“The online games in existence are pretty much the same. After playing a lot, I have experience.”

Zheng Ming Yue heard the conversation, and spoke up, “So what if she is called Yun Ling? Ji Ling Feng has a younger sister whose name is Ji Ling Yun.”

“You cannot prevent players from having this name because the camp has this name.”

“Also, the game is new, and she got her name more than twenty years ago, who is the one who copied whom?”

The words were so reasonable that Wei Qing was unable to respond.

Lu Chuan said, “It is not Yun Ling who knows too much, but other people who are too ignorant.”

Wei Qing, “… …”

“What time is it that you have the spare time to chat?” You Qing Wen changed the subject. “Let’s talk about the positions.”

Wei Qing forgot his conflict at the interruption. He perked up his ears, and focused intently as his temporary teammates introduced themselves.


There were ten people in the temporary team.

Zheng Ming Yue’s team had 6 people left, Zheng Ming Yue – close combat, You Qing Wen -mage, Yun Ling – tank, Guard A – close combat, Bai Chu Fan – tank, Ah Xiang – off tank.

There were four people left from Wei Qing’s team. They were Wei Qing – close combat, Fang De Lin – close combat, Fang De Yang – close combat, Lu Chuan – archer.

After the ten introduced themselves, Wei Qing sighed. “The team configuration is not good. Too many close combat, too many tanks, not enough mages and long distance.”

You Qing Wen seemed to be deliberately against him. “I think it is okay. While we do not have many DPS, they are all experts. If we work together well from now on, there should not be a problem to reach the Hypermarket.”

Yun Ling thought, put down the backpack, and took out the food containers. “For the team, I can donate equipment. But if someone kills a monster and there are materials in the drops, I want to pick twenty items from them.”

What equipment was so expensive?

Fang De Lin wanted to say something, but immediately swallowed his words when he saw the item attributes.

[Name: Mixed Grain Steamed Bun]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x cornmeal, 1 x flour.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 HP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

[Name: Rice Porridge]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x Rice.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 MP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

One to recover HP, one to recover MP. These were the equipment they needed most urgently right now to recover.

Yun Ling said, “If you agree, I will give the equipment to the team for the most suitable people to use. If not, then never mind, I will use them myself.”

She was a living player, and not suited to battle. You Qing Wen suddenly reacted.

“I have no objections,” Zheng Ming Yue was the first to state.

Then Guard A, You Qing Wen, Bai Chu Fan, Ah Xiang all agreed. With the yeses in the majority, the matter was decided.

“I have need of magic beast meat. If they are in the drops, I have first say.” Lu Chuan took out two pieces of roasted meat wrapped in lotus leaves from his pocket.

[Name: Grilled Chicken Wings]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x Chicken Wings

Use Effect: Restore 10 HP every 5 seconds, strength +1 (lasts for 1 hour).

[Name: Roasted Rabbit Meat]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x Rabbit Meat

Use Effect: Intelligence +1, Spirit +1 (lasts 1 hour).

They were all rare.

Other people, “……”

Who said that recovery items were rare?

Wei Qing finally understood. While everyone was in the same world, they were not playing the same game.

“Roast meat that gives buffs?” You Qing Wen’s eyes lit up. “It is of course good if you are willing to contribute.”

Zheng Ming Yue said, “Magic beast meat? No problem.”

Guard A, Bai Chu Fan and Ah Xiang all lined up.

Most people agreed, and the decision was passed.

Wei Qing, “… …”

While he had not planned to object, was this bullying through the majority?

As he thought, the rest time was up, and the group of thirty started on the road again.

Editor’s Ramblings: Sometimes I spend more time coming up with the perfect team name than I do editing the chapter they show up in. The worst part is the names don’t even get published if it’s not in a recap, and just ends up sitting in my character tracking spreadsheet. Maybe once we get further into the story I can include them in a cast page.

Translator Ramblings: I think Smash kicked it out of the park with the alliteration in the recap.

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