Apocalypse Lord Chapter 18 “Hypermarket 1”

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Last chapter’s recap: The Restaurant Regiment invites Yun Ling to go loot the Hypermarket.

This chapter has been brought to you by me, and Smash10101.

Chapter 18 – Hypermarket 1

After gathering a ten-person team, Zheng Ming Yue was called over to discuss the route.

The other people surrounded Guard A and asked questions. “Why did you learn 3 C-rank skills? Have you considered the future?”

“One, two, three, four, five, six … oh! Six pieces of equipment! The drop rate of equipment in Apocalypse Calamity is horrible. Where did you get all this?”

“How about you join me? The team has very good benefits.”

“Why cover your face? If this did not give off white light, I would think this cloth is an assassin’s mask.”

Facing the many questions, Guard A was silent like he did not hear.

“Everyone, my friend does not like to talk. Please spare them.”

You Qing Wen also said, “Restrain yourselves! I just managed to find a strong support, don’t frighten them away.”

Everyone smiled, and then finally stopped.

It was hard to level up, and today was Day 4 of the game. Getting to Level 1 was pretty good. Also, this person had full equipment and skills.

With this person’s strength, he could rank third if he joined the team.

After a while, Zheng Ming Yue came back. “I talked to them, we are going to get forty people to go to the Hypermarket. We will be at the front of the team and are responsible for cleaning out monsters.”

You Qing Wen frowned. “That is a chore.”

“Yes, so everyone will take turns,” Zheng Ming Yue said frankly, “Ten minutes per shift and then we switch people. As to the drops, they belong to whoever gets the kill.”

You Qing Wen’s frown relaxed. “That is not bad.”

As they were talking, they walked to the edge of the camp to meet up with the other people.

Yun Ling looked and found Wei Qing was leading the other ten-person team. Inexplicably, Lu Chuan was in there.

The people in the twenty-person team were all unfamiliar. She did not know when they had come to Rising Cloud Camp.

“Hello everyone, I am the initiator of this expedition, Ji Ling Feng,” one young person stepped out and said loudly, “The one next to me is the manager of the Hypermarket, Yu Hui, and he is familiar with the Hypermarket environment. With his help, I believe that we can return safely with our supplies.”

After encouraging people’s morale, right at 8, the team left.


After the new round, there was an obvious increase in monsters.

Not three minutes after they left the camp, the team was ambushed by eight wood people.

“Close combat up first!” You Qing Wen sent a magic missile as she shouted.

The main tank in the team was Bai Chu Fan. He went forward now, and attracted the attention of the monsters.

The off tank followed, helping Bai Chu Fan by checking the opening and blocking critical attacks.

This was because once a player’s vital parts were attacked, it would cause critical damage. If their teammate detected it and blocked first, then it was just normal damage.

The two worked together well, and lasted far longer than one person. Due to this, two and three tanks were the usual setup in a team.

Bai Chu Fan worked in understanding with his partner.

Bai Chu Fan had a blue shield and pushed aside three wood men, creating an opening.

At this time, a monster took the opportunity for a sneak attack.

His partner immediately moved, filling the gap, blocking the attack, and knocked the wood men into the sky.

The two cooperated perfectly, and this was an iron defense.

On the other side, Yun Ling was much more casual.

She raised her shield and was brave and fearless like a warrior. No matter which wood person threw wood, she would raise her shield and meet it.

“Even close combat needs to learn how to dodge! Even if the wood is not heading towards her, she is shielding, is she stupid?” Ji Ling Yun muttered.

Ji Ling Feng glanced at his younger sister. “You are stupid. There are so many people here. If she does not block the attacks, other people will be hit. Do you feel that it is better for a strong tank to get hit, or for mages to get hit?”

Ji Ling Yun opened her mouth and was speechless.

The archers shot together, and quickly killed four wood people.

Yun Ling saw clearly that the archers all shot at low HP monsters in order to get kills, and ignored the monsters with more HP.

If the firepower was distributed, they should be able to kill six monsters in one volley.

Yun Ling thought, this was a temporary team, what could she hope for from them? They got together to fight, but the main goal was getting supplies.

The arrows flew again, the close combat swung their wood sticks and the other four wood people fell to the ground.

This time, the monsters were finally cleaned out.

Yun Ling swept the attribute window and advanced like nothing had happened.

Then they encountered a bat swarm, and then five minotaurs blocking the way.

After three fights, Bai Chu Fan was pale, and covered in wounds, like he was dying.

The off tank was not much better off. He had many wounds of various sizes, and he looked very miserable.

Yun Ling was only lightly wounded, standing calmly on the side waiting for the team to finish resting and continue travelling.

“Ten minutes, it is time to change,” Zheng Ming Yue said gravely.

Ji Ling Feng looked to the side, “Uncle Yu.”

“I understand.” As he spoke, Yu Hui led people to the front to open the way.

Yun Ling was happy to be at ease and mix within the crowd.

In reality, after killing monsters just now, she received a system notification [XP 200/200. Congratulations, Player, you have leveled up.]

[You have received 3 free attribute points to be allocated at will.]

Yun Ling, based on her habit, added all the points to stamina.

A character stats window jumped out–

[Name: Yun Ling]

[Level: 2]

[XP: 0/400]

[HP: 246/310 (200 as skill bonus)]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (6), Agility 4 (1), Stamina 10, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

Note: Equipment bonuses are in parentheses.

By the way, leveling up only increased the max attributes, and did not restore HP and MP.

For example, before levelling up, her HP was 216/280, and then afterwards, it was 246/310.

“We are too slow.” Ji Ling Feng frowned from within the crowd.

At normal walking speed, it would take at most 35 minutes to walk from the camp to the Hypermarket. Now, as they stopped along the way, they only covered a distance that usually took 5 minutes in more than 10 minutes.

At their current pace, it would take at least an hour to reach the Hypermarket.

In Apocalypse Calamity, recovery items were hard to obtain. If they were far from the camp, fighting for long periods of time would put them in danger.

But there were so many supplies in the Hypermarket for them to get. He could not say to stop now, and for everyone to disband here.

Seek riches in danger!

Ji Ling Feng gritted his teeth and decided to face the difficulties.


After ten minutes, the shift switched again, and Wei Qing led his people to the front.

They had just finished a big battle and before they could rest, over 20 bats came charging at them.

Yu Hui shouted, “Crowd attacks!”

“Poison Fog.” You Qing Wen was the first to act.

A large patch of poison fog covered the bats, and all of the monsters dropped HP.

“Flame Pillar!” Ji Ling Yun followed.

A round pillar made out of fire burst into the air, and caused the monsters to squeak.

“Sweep.” Guard A swung the wood stick, creating a fan-shaped area and sweeping seven bats in one go.

Lu Chuan took arrows out of the orange quiver. Three Exploding Arrows were shot together, Explosions rang out, and countless monsters were hurt.

The four worked together, and the bat swarm was quickly destroyed.

But now, the magic professionals were depleted, and Ji Ling Feng had to order a rest.

“It appears the journey is more dangerous and harder than we predicted.” You Qing Wen sat on the ground and repeatedly sighed. “It has been more than twenty minutes, and we have not even gone a third of the way.”

“We can move slowly, we will reach the goal sooner or later,” Yun Ling said unconcernedly.

You Qing Wen stole several glances at Yun Ling and found she could not understand the girl.

Speaking of her average strength, the main and off tanks were so tired they had collapsed, but she seemed fine.

If one had to say she was outstandingly strong, but from the start to end, she did not kill many monsters.

In conclusion, was unusually hardy, and unusually weak in attacks …

… Had she put all her attribute points on stamina because she feared death?

You Qing Wen was silent. She thought that her random guess had hit the truth.

Guard A killed five bats and gave the drop items to Yun Ling.

There were 2 Fangs, 1 portion of rice, and 13 copper coins.

No matter how small the mosquito was, it was still meat. Yun Ling put them all away.

After sitting and resting for less than two minutes, a female player suddenly screamed.

Many people were frightened and turned their heads in surprise.

“What is it?!” The player was in a panic and quickly retreated in a direction where there were no people.

“There is nothing, what is it?” her teammates were confused.

“There is! My HP is dropping!” The player was on the verge of tears.

Her teammates looked around and did not see anything.

But the player did not seem to be lying.

New injuries constantly appeared on her body, and she was lightly wounded after a while. If the monster was not found, she would be seriously wounded soon.

Just as everyone was confused, two voices sounded at almost the same time.

“Shadow monster, hiding in the shadow, use fire attacks.”

“Those with fire skills prepare, attack the shadow.”

Yun Ling and Lu Chuan’s eyes met and then they moved aside. For beta players, facing the sneak attacks of shadow monsters was commonplace and not worth a mention.

Translator Ramblings: How do games decide how many HP and XP points a player gets each level? IT seems so random to me.

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