Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 58 “Two Ministers”

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Chapter Fifty-Eight: Two Ministers

At those words, scorn tinged the corners of the Baili Suxue’s mouth. This scorn was not directed at Prime Minister Yan, but someone else.

“Some people always like to keep something up their sleeves.” He looked at Minister Yan and said, “Yuanwu is not here. The only person who has a thing up their sleeves more than you two can only be her.”

Prime Minister Yan immediately understood the meaning of his words and sneered as well. “You think that she will come?”

“Regardless of whether she will or will not, at least up to now, she still does not dare.” Baili Suxue said coldly and in disdain, “She always likes to hide behind people and benefit. That is the conduct of thieves, and cannot get on the stage. But she always wants to get on stage, so she forever cannot.”

Prime Minister Yan frowned deeply, his eyes narrowing into lines. The great scorn from a person of such status as Baili Suxue was even more irrefutable.

At this time, Prime Minister Li who had been listening all this time said, “One can only get on stage when they live long enough.”

Baili Suxue shook his head. “There is no meaning in living long. A person’s life only has meaning depending on how high they can stand.”

He stood very tall. He seemed to be standing high in the void. From the location of the two ministers, looking at him, he appeared to be standing in the sky.

The two ministers were silent. Because in their hearts, they had to admit, based on their trajectory, in their lifetime, they could not reach the heights of Baili Suxue and some other people.

“Today, you will be the first to die.” Baili Suxue’s gaze landed on Minister Li. “While you appear a gentleman on the surface, in order to get to your not-so-high position today, you could even betray your closest family members. You were clearly in charge of the Li Family creating the laws. But to quell the anger of the old nobility, you pushed it all away, and sacrificed the entire Li Family. A person like you, in any story, is a beast.”

At the words “the first to die,” Prime Minister Li’s eyes flashed violently. But then his face returned to normal. He patiently listened to Baili Suxue finish and then said, “At least, the Li Family still has me left. At least, I can do what I want to do. Otherwise? Be like the Shang Family? Those who do great things will not bother about trifles.”

“Like the Shang Family, at least, I will help the people left of the Shang Family and not kill her.” Baili Suxue attacked after saying this.

This was Min Mountain Sword Sect, this was the world that belonged to him. He could attack when he wished, just following his own thoughts. When his mind reached its best state, when his sword essence was the most perfect and he was the strongest.

His body did not move, but the ice path between his, the two ministers, Marquis Duanmu and Marquis Dugu cracked in sections. The presence was very natural, like a pond of spring water, holding in lots of soft rain until water overflowed the stairs on the side of the pond. Other than him, no one was able to attack in this part of the world.

Because even in the perception of the two ministers, Baili Suxue seemed to flicker through the sky, on the verge of disappearing in the next moment. If their attack would miss, then there was no meaning in attacking. At this time, on the peak of Min Mountain, it seemed like this place was Baili Suxue’s world.

Prime Minister Yan was very nervous, but he still found it very ridiculous.

Spirit Void Sword Sect and Min Mountain Sword Sect had always been ranked together, and were thought of as the two strongest sword using sects in the world. But at this time, Spirit Void Sword Sect seemed like a joke. Because what Baili Suxue used first was not a powerful secret sword from Min Mountain Sword Sect, but a secret sword of Spirit Void Sword Sect!

His body seemed to be hidden in the void, but his sword essence still could not be caught. Such a secret sword was the ultimate method of the Spirit Void Sword Sect. But as someone from Min Mountain Sword Sect, Baili Suxue could not have gotten the inheritance of Spirit Void Sword Sect, but he could easily use this powerful method of Spirit Void Sword Sect.

Looking at the four people who were very nervous but could only be on their guard and unable to move, Baili Suxue naturally reached with his hand. His movements were very clear. His right hand turned, palm up. There was no killing intent targeting anyone among the four. Just the cracking ice path surged with cold energy visible to the naked eye, and flying in flakes towards the sky. The cold energy did not make the two ministers and the two marquises feel cold, but they formed crystal lattices in the surrounding.

This became an absolute domain. Almost all of the primal energies cultivators felt were blocked outside. This became Baili Suxue’s world.

Prime Minister Yan’s expression turned ugly, and many complicated sounds came from his lips. This was a very profound breathing method to create vibrations. Its greatest ability was to instant activate the potential of the organs to their limit.

As the profound sounds appeared, the sky above the ice peak darkened. A black long sword appeared in his hand, and then it slashed towards the ice path ahead!

Black and gray were the main colors of Changling. After the iron of Changling was smelted, they would turn blacked. A black long sword was very normal in Changling. But his black long sword was like bamboo, split up in sections.

Also, there were gaps between each section which were filled with his purest vital energy. As he slashed out, the air ahead had a string of explosions.

The air was squeezed by his sword energy like it was a solid, but in the next moment, it made a sound like oil dropping on a hot metal plate. Countless indigo wisps of smoke spread from where his sword energy traveled.

These wisps of indigo smoke were like snakes spitting poisonous energy, corroding and using up the primal energies of the universe in this part of the world. This was using poison against poison.

The two ministers lived up to their status. When they attacked, they used extraordinary methods.

Baili Suxue was going to use absolute cold to seal the primal energies from the outside world, then he was going to make it so that Baili Suxue could not use the energies in here. His lifebond sword contained great poison, and at this time, these numerous snake-like indigo wisps of smoke could immediately fill mountain peaks with poison.

A gold light appeared in Minister Li’s hand. To be able to walk side by side with Minister Yan, and come to this mountain peak to kill Baili Suxue, he naturally would not be weaker than Minister Yan.

But what appeared with the light was not sword essence, but a seal essence.

The gold light in his hand was a golden piece of paper. The characters on the paper were actually seal scripts. When his vital energy surged into these scripts, they started to shine with light. Then the golden light shot into the sky, and left ancient seal scripts on the crystal lattice that Baili Suxue had created. Within the golden scripts, snowy white ice thorns formed.

Minister Li’s body slowly sank down. The hard stone ground under his feet seemed to turn into soft soil. His movements became burdened, but he seemed to be able to turn some of Baili Suxue for his own use.

Marquis Duanmu and Marquis Dugu were unable to fight now. This was a realm which they seemed unable to interfere.

So the two people naturally moved to the side of the two ministers, like they were two attendants.

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