Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 59 “Steed”

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Chapter Fifty-Nine Steed

There was no true contact between sword and sword, no powerful crash of physical contact. But Baili Suxue, Minister Li and Minister Yan were all using methods to change the primal energies of the universe in this small part of the world, wanting to change this place into their own domain.

“It is starting.”

In the woods at the base of Min Mountain Sword Sect, Marquis Li looked up at the highest part of Min Mountain Sword Sect, shock flashing through his eyes.

At this time, the defensive formation of Min Mountain Sword Sect’s gate had been destroyed. While the highest peak was still locked up in white clouds, it was still possible to clearly see a crystal barrier around the entire mountain peak, with many golden lights swimming inside.

Each time the golden lights pulsed on the crystal barrier, they would create visible spiraling sound waves. These sound waves kept on attacking the clusters of white clouds in the sky, turning the white clouds into all kinds of different colors.

For Marquis Li, Baili Suxue fighting the two ministers could be called shocking and stunning. But for cultivators below realm seven, such a battle was a war between gods which mortals could not ponder.

Inside the little world, when the indigo poison spread, Baili Suxue naturally stopped his breathing. He did not just seal his mouth and nose, all the pores on his body were closed. His body started to shine with crystal light like he had turned to glass. His expression grew serious. The severity of his expression meant that his emotions had also changed.

Minister Yan’s poison sword could not pose a threat to him, but adding on Minister Li’s help, he started to feel great pressure. In the past many years, these top people in Changling were like the stars in the sky, never meeting, but they always were prepared to fight each other. Clearly, just like how he understood Zheng Xiu and the two ministers, these people also understood him and came prepared.

At this time, the ancient seals in Minister Li’s hand were the bane of his domain.

But no one knew all his secrets. Because starting many years ago, when Wang Jingmeng did not believe his words and got together with Zheng Xiu, he had sealed all of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

Countless little sounds occurred. The crystal barrier around this part of the world started to shatter. His body shook minutely, crystal crack-like lights forming around him, and his body was about to appear in these people’s perceptions.

But more cracking sounds came from under his feet, from the belly of the mountain, from deep within the mountain. This was a sound coming close from afar, and very rhythmic. It was like there was an enormous building in the belly of the mountain starting to collapse from the top, or like enormous chains shattering link by link.

Disbelief appeared in the eyes of the two ministers.

There was a cold vein in the depths of Min Mountain but before, all of the cold energy had been pulled out by Baili Suxue to form the barrier blocking out the world. But at this time, more terrifying cold energy came out from under their feet. The shattered stones flew up, and then were frozen into powder.

With a boom, like a volcano erupting, a terrifying ball of energy sprayed out the top of the mountain, not a hot flow but a cold one.

The two ministers and the two marquises were suddenly in the air. The dozens of swords on Marquis Dugu’s back turned to falling stars, shooting at the black figure surging out of the energy below.

This was a pitch blackball. The moment these dozens of swords made contact, sparks flew. The sparks were created from great friction. These famed swords containing great energies were able to penetrate metal, but they could not penetrate this pitch black thing, they could only brush against it. The sparks continued down illuminated this pitch black thing and the mountain below.

Other than Baili Suxue’s the pupils of the other four contracted. Their expressions were extremely complicated and wonderful.

This was a serpent dragon. A true dragon.

Its eyes were a strange deep yellow flashing with coldness and strength. Its black scaled armor was very thick, the flying swords brushing against them like brushes sliding across paper and leaving behind faint tracks. The breath coming from its mouth carried many black ice particles. Each black icicle seemed to be gestating a storm.

There were many serpent dragons in the world. Many cultivators had killed serpents before, like Bai Shanshui and Ye Celeng. Even Jiaodong Commandery raised enormous ocean beasts that were close in strength to the serpents. But everyone present was sure that those serpent dragons and ocean beasts were not as this one.

Because this was a Nether dragon.

In the legends, the You Emperor who had been invincible for a time raised a divine dragon. The hand with which Minister Li was holding the golden seal was uncontrollably trembling. The golden seal in his hand came from the era of the You Dynasty. Of course he knew the power of the You Emperor’s steed.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Baili Suxue still standing in empty air, his expression unchanged. At this time, he understood why when Baili Suxue had been gazing in the direction of Changling, especially when he spoke of Zheng Xiu, he had appeared even prouder.

Because Jiaodong Commandery’s first rise in power was due to their methods to raise beasts, relying on powerful serpents and raising beasts. But Min Mountain Sword Sect had secretly raised a Nether dragon of the former You Dynasty! Compared to this dragon, the other serpents could not be spoken of in the same term.

Minister Li started to suspect that he may be the first to die here, just as Baili Suxue said. So when his hands started to tremble, the golden seal started to burn.

This was a “Scapegoat Gold Seal.” Back when an emperor of the You Dynasty had ascended throne, because his cultivation method was too violent, it caused constant collisions of the primal energies. Calamities kept on occurring, so he created a golden seal like this to suppress his own energies.

At this time, the remaining primal energies of the golden seal were finally released after so many years. As the seal scripts burned, they turned to golden flames, and surged at the dragon and Baili Suxue.

The Nether dragon that charged out of the ground sensed a dangerous presence. It grew angry, the deep yellow eyes turning deep red. There was not the breath of legendary breath. An ice storm appeared in front of it.

The ice wrapped around the golden flames, but did not melt. They were like pieces of strange gems which froze. At this time, Baili Suxue glanced at Minister Li. Just a glance, with a woosh, a sword light so fast it was hard to imagine and brighter than lightning appeared in front of Minister Li.

This was the Heart Thought Sword! The secret sword of the Mind Chamber Sect!

The Nether dragon breathed, and kept on going up, supporting Baili Suxue.

It became Baili Suxue’s steed.

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