Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 60 “Flying”

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Chapter Sixty: Flying

The black Nether Dragon seemed to go against the rules of the world, its mountainous body floating into the air, the patterns on the long whiskers under its chin and the horns on its head communicating with the primal energies of the universe, producing wisps of cold energy that floated around its body.

Standing atop its head, Baili Suxue looked coldly at Minister Li.

Marquis Duanmu shouted, a gray lifebond sword energy shooting out, colliding with the Heart Thought Sword in front of Minister Li and creating an ear piercing shock.

The sword energies scattered, tearing at Minister Li and his clothing. His lifebond sword was still trembling, gray energies coming off and causing his sword to look like a giant wolf tail.

His sword was called the “Wolf King Tail.” It was made by a famed swordsmith, Ou Yan. Its energies could penetrate anything and were targeted at the enemy’s energies. But even though he had blocked Baili Suxue’s attack, the terror in his eyes increased.

Regardless of whether it was Spirit Void Sword Sect’s sword moves, or Mind Chamber Sect’s sword moves… The ultimate sword methods of these sects could not have been passed on to outsiders, but at this time, Baili Suxue was confident in using them.

In the world of cultivators, in the records of history, only Wang Jingmeng back then was able to see through the secrets of a move just by seeing it, and comprehend how to use it. And now, Baili Suxue seemed to turn into another Wang Jingmeng in front of him.

No extra killing intent and sword light came to Minister Li again. At this time, Baili Suxue’s attention was not on them, but on the swords coming down on the Nether dragon.

These swords came from Marquis Dugu. These grand swords all had different energies. The chaotic energies brought along chaotic power that could affect the energy of others, and destroy the enemy’s power.

However, these swords encountered the scales of the Nether dragon which were stronger than even the strongest armor in the world. Other than ice energy, it blocked everything, and could not be cut open. These swords only brushed the scales, creating sparks. The energies on the swords were dramatically used up, and this was their weakest time.

Sensing this, Marquis Dugu immediately had a bad feeling. He screamed, his vital energy surging out to call these swords back to his side.

But Baili Suxue just waved his hand like he was flicking away the dust on his sleeve. There was no dust on his sleeve, but there was power in the air. The golden flames which had been frozen still by the breath of the Nether dragon and hung midair were pulled by this force and turned into countless falling stars.

A rain of falling stars hit those swords. The ice crystals were smashed into powder on the blades, and then the golden flames attacked the swords, burning in these seal scripts.

This was right when Marquis Dugu was gathering all his power to attack. But at this moment, his body seemed to be hit by countless falling stars, and vibrated countless times. Several sprays of blood burst forth his mouth. The swords lost their connection to him, and fell down into the abyss below like ordinary hot metal.

Marquis Dugu’s eyes were filled with shock and fury, but more helplessness and terror. These swords were not his strongest move, he had even stronger trump cards he had not used. But in front of Baili Suxue, he did not even have the chance to use them but he had many of his meridians crushed. He was so wounded he did not even have a chance to retreat. Such a battle was completely in Baili Suxue’s rhythm, and Baili Suxue was in control. This was a disparity hard to cross. It was no different from an adult fighting a child.

Minister Yan’s eyes narrowed into lines. Baili Suxue was more powerful than he had predicted, but he finally saw a chance.

Wind howled around him, and several afterimages appeared. His true body had arrived in front of Baili Suxue at this time. The poison sword in his hand stabbed at his heart.

At this time, he finally sensed Baili Suxue’s true position, and even more importantly, the “opportunity”. Even if he was going to wave his hand, that action needed time. This was when Baili Suxue would not have the time to deal with him.

But Baili Suxue did not even look at his incoming body or the terrifying and strangely segmented poison sword. His body rose like he was going to fly into the sky. In reality, he did not move at all, because he had no time to move.

What moved was the Nether dragon under him.

The Nether dragon flew into the sky. A dragon claw bigger than Minister Yan’s body savagely and simply slapped at him and his sword. With a crack, Minister Yan’s sword wielding wrist was snapped, and the bones cracked into inches.

But this cracking sound also came from the dragon claw. Some small scales dropped from the palm of the dragon claw. These scales even had some black dragon blood.

With a muffled grunt, Minister Yan’s body flew backwards faster than he had charged in.

At the same time, the Nether dragon gave a furious howl. Its body shook in pain. This pain did not come from the small wound on his claws but from the poison deep inside him. Its eyes, flickering between red and yellow, turned a pale green. Green sticky fluid oozed down the corners of its eyes.

Baili Suxue frowned slightly. He knew long ago that the poison sword in Minister Yan’s hand was made from the spine of a legendary beast, refined in countless poisons. But he had not expected that it would have such a strong poison.

But he was not too worried. The blood inside the Nether dragon was an antidote to the poison. He could sense the Nether dragon quickly suppressing the spreading poison.

At this time, he had time to attack. So he naturally swung his sword. A lifebond sword energy surged from his hand. This time, he was using a sword from Min Mountain Sword Sect, and a sword essence of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

The space quickly iced over. This sword essence was pure and strong, like it was pulling into all the ice of the world, and turning into a holy ice sword.

He had said Minister Li would be the first to die, and the target of his attack was Minister Li. Minister Li’s face turned pale. He knew that he could not block this sword.

Marquis Duanmu’s face was also pale. He knew that Minister Li could not block this, but he tried his best to help Minister Li block the power of this attack.

The ” Wolf King Tail” in his hand formed a gray sword energy that madly headed to the simple ice sword falling from the sky with as much power as he could squeeze out. These gray sword energies were targeted at destroying energies that did not belong to him, but at this moment, they were useless.

These sword energies did not even have a chance to expand before they were frozen. With a deep sound of collision, his sword was sent flying. His spine was broken in many places, and his body was thrown backwards by a great force.

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