Apocalypse Lord Chapter 21 “Boss”

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Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: The gang makes it to the Hypermarket and the looting comences.

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Chapter 21 – Boss

In the Hypermarket, packaging, pieces of clothing, and vegetable leaves were scattered on the ground.

The dark red blood was very unsightly on the white floor tiles.

The bowls and pots were piled up in the sink, waiting for cleaning.


The more Yu Hui examined the familiar surroundings, the more he thought of the fierce battle when they left and he could not help but close his eyes.

“We had made a list before departure. Let’s gather supplies based on the list,” Ji Ling Feng said gravely, “Be quick. After twenty minutes, more matter if we have everyone, we need to leave.”

“Yes.” The members acknowledged and then quickly moved.

“What about me? What should I do?” Ji Ling Yun asked excitedly.

Ji Ling Feng ordered, “Stay with them, do not make trouble.”

“I will not make trouble,” Ji Ling Yun muttered and ran to help.

“Uncle Yu”, Ji Ling Feng called out quietly.

Yu Hui seemed to be thinking of something, and his expression was slightly dazed. At this call, he was suddenly awakened.

He focused and said softly, “Come with me.”

The two of them silently left the team, and walked around twisted corners and turns for a while to reach the staff break room.

Yu Hui took out a key from a drawer, opened the lock for the cabinet, and took out multiple boxes packed in shopping bags.

He opened the boxes. Inside were glittering gold jewelry that shone in the room.

Ji Ling Feng took one piece of jewelry and closely examined it. After a moment, he asked, “Goods from nearby shops?”

“Yes,” Yu Hui nodded. “It happened so suddenly that the shop workers all died. I found some time to put away all the goods.”

“As expected of Uncle Yu,” Ji Ling Feng sighed softly. “During a panic, most people only know to hoard water and food, but not to plan for after the calamity ends.”

“With this gold jewelry, once the state of the order returns, even if the buildings are destroyed, we can make a comeback quickly.”

“I just like having back-up plans,” Yu Hui did not take credit. “The game started suddenly. I do not know when it will finish. With money and food, no matter what happens in the future, we can deal with it calmly.”

“Uncle Yu is right. I also think the same.” Looking at the watch, Ji Ling Feng subtly reminded. “It is late, we should return as soon as possible.”


The two put on the backpacks, and left the break room.


Fang De Lin was the classic case of a “simple mind” and “developed limbs.”

The situation was unclear, and the other team members were careful. He was the only one eating and drinking.

When they split into ten-person teams, before Wei Qing could warn everyone to be “careful” and not “get lost,” he had already run away …

Who cared whether there were monsters! The Hypermarket was safe right now. It was alright to just know this. The rest was not important.

Fang De Lin pushed the shopping cart, his feet seeming to be flying, and he soon came to the frozen foods area.

This was Day 4 of the game. If there was no electricity, the frozen foods may have started to rot.

Fortunately, the Hypermarket still had power, and the freezers were still working.

Fatty beef, fatty lamb, steak, chicken legs… Fang De Lin shoved them into his cart. “I have not eaten meat for a few days. Now I can have a good time!”

Just as his spirits were rising, a spider leg pierced through his chest.

Plop —

His hands grew weak, and the box of fatty lamb fell to the ground.

Fang De Lin spat out a mouthful of blood, and looked back in disbelief.

A spider over two meters tall had appeared at some unknown time behind him. There was a line of text about its head “Isabella.” It looked at him like he was frozen meat.

It spat a mouthful of venom that hit Fang De Lin’s left leg, and created extremely high damage.

At the same time, the system gave a notification [You have gotten the negative state: -2 HP per second, lasts five seconds.]

In the last moments of his life, there was only one thought in Fang De Lin’s mind — in the horror movies, the people who were on their own were the first to end up dead. Why had he decided to leave the team?


“You, go get cotton laundry; you, get lighters, salt, toothpaste, soap, towels and other daily necessities; you, go get silk quilts; you guys, go move instant noodles and canned foods, get as much as you can.”

Everyone started to move orderly, and they did not just limit themselves to gathering food for their supplies.

This was because no one knew how long the calamity would continue. Being prepared beforehand was better than not being able to find something when they needed it.

Time passed in minutes and seconds, and the carts were gradually filled.

The teammates seemed to be spread apart, but they were not far from each other, and could call for help with a shout.

Seeing that it was about time, the teammates sped up moving, and planned to finish the expedition soon. But at this time, a scream sounded, “Enemy attack!!”

The teammates heard the shout and ran over to help.

A white spiderweb had enveloped three people, two of them unconscious, and the last one shouting, “The monster has a name, this is a boss!”

Everyone was stunned.

Some among them had encountered bosses before. Those were really vicious, and in the fight, many were wounded and killed. But if they killed the monster, the gains were rich.

Ji Ling Feng’s purple armor and purple belt were drops from a boss kill.

“We have many people, no need to fear, attack together!” five close combat members charged out with sticks.

“The tanks are not here. Why are you starting?” Someone tried to stop them.

But they were too late. The close combat players and the boss fought. Unless one side died, even if one side wanted to retreat, the other side would not be willing to let them go.


Since they could not leave, then they could just bite the bullet! Someone directed the long distance and the close combat to help. He himself used a blue Blade to cut apart the spider web and save the members.

“It is useless, they are all dead.” The only survivor was trembling lightly, shivering as he spoke, “The boss was hiding in the ceiling, just now, upon contact, it used a spider web to trap all of us.”

“The spider web is sticky, and we had no place to hide trapped inside…”

The rescuer was called Yan Hua. Seeing this person so shocked and unable to fight, he sent this person to seek help, and call everyone else over.

Then, Yan Hua held his blade, and entered the fray.


“Where did you go?” Wei Qing asked with a black expression seeing his teammates gradually return.

You Qing Wen said unconcernedly, “Everyone has different needs, we went to a different place to get supplies.”

Zheng Ming Yue said, “Anyway, we are fine. Let’s pack and prepare to leave.”

Fang De Yang frowned. “Let’s wait, my brother has gone somewhere and has not returned.”

Looking at her watch, You Qing Wen thought. “It is about time to gather. He should have returned. Has something happened?”

Before they could think, a person ran over. “Quick, come to help! There is a large spider in the Hypermarket!”

Everyone, “???”

Wei Qing was puzzled. “Didn’t they say there may be praying mantises? How come it is spiders?”

Lu – Encyclopedia – Chuan answered, “The Blade Praying Mantises are on the menu for Shadow Spiders. If they did not retreat of their own accord, they were eaten.”

In the next moment, this person urged, “The boss will drop purple equipment, come and fight the boss!!”


Everyone looked at each other, and could not decide.

They had got their supplies, and the initial goal of their trip was completed. There was no need to take risks.

After the boss died, it would drop purple equipment. This sounded tempting. But before the monster was killed, no one knew how many would die. It was even possible that the entire team would die.

“I will go!” Hearing that there was a boss in the Hypermarket, almost instantly, Fang De Yang had a bad feeling.

His brother likely had met misfortune. As the older brother, the only thing he could do was to get revenge.

“I will go too.” Yun Ling signed up.

“Add me as well,” Lu Chuan said.

“Qing Wen and I will go,” Zheng Ming Yue said.

Of the nine people, five had reached an agreement. So Wei Qing gave up. “Let’s go.”


Without knowing it, another three people had fallen.

Ji Ling Yun was in a panic. “What is with this monster? Why, as we fight it, it will get HP back!”

Just now, when it had been attacked by everyone, it had clearly been injured seriously. After killing three people, its wounds had healed, and it had grown more vicious.

“Eldest Miss, how about we retreat?” One person came next to Ji Ling Yun and suggested in a whisper.

At these words, the other people were full of anticipation.

Ji Ling Yun was silent.

This was her first trip out. Did she know whether to advance or retreat at this time? She counted on others to make the decision, but someone else came to ask her…

“Where is my brother? Uncle Yu?” Ji Ling Yun asked anxiously.

“I do not know where they are.” That person was also helpless.

If Ji Ling Feng and Yu Hui were present, they would have acted according to orders already. Right now, there was no one who could make a decision. This group of people did not have a backbone and were at a loss.

Some wanted to go, others wanted to fight. The opinions differed. They were like loose sand, and did not work as well as they had previously.

He was asking Ji Ling Yun’s opinion now, not because he felt that she was very capable. But if the decision was wrong, someone would take the blame.

Ji Ling Yun: weak, hopeless, helpless.

Ji Ling Yun:……how about tossing a coin to decide?

As she hesitated, another person was hit by the venom.

The priest wanted to heal, but was trapped in a spiderweb. When the priest broke free, that member was dead already.

There were a total of eighteen people. Now, six were dead. The fatality rate was 33.3%.

Seeing the members full of fear and with no desire to fight, Ji Ling Yun had to order, “Stop fighting, let’s go.”

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