Apocalypse Lord Chapter 22 “Hunt”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: A wild boss spider appears!

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Chapter 22 – Hunt

As Yun Ling and the others went to help, when they were halfway, a dozen familiar faces were retreating from that direction.

Wei Qing, “… …”

Were they going to fight? How about all retreating together?

“Since they want to leave, let’s help by luring the monster away.” Lu Chuan made a decision.

Yun Ling said, “The ones who want to fight the boss, follow, the ones who want to return to camp, go with them.”

Then, one person drawing his bow, the other raised her shield and charged, attracting the boss’s attention.

The spider leg stabbed out, and hit the shield. Yun Ling’s hands hurt from the pain.

She held the shield with her right hand, and the dagger with her left as she slashed hard on the spider leg.

[Name: Fang]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Strength +4.

This was one of the two blue equipment that she had.

Her dagger swiped, the spider leg was injured, and the blood flowed.

Guard A came close at the right time, swinging the wood stick that happened to hit the wounded part of the spider’s leg.

With a wound on top of a wound, the spider gave a wail.

At this time, an Exploding Arrow hit its chest and went off.

The spider’s eyes were damaged and it was furious. Its eight legs moved together as it walked quickly towards Yun Ling and Lu Chuan.

“Run” Yun Ling said as she lured the boss towards the corner.

Guard A, and Lu Chuan quickly moved.

Fang De Yang pressed his lips together, and followed.

Zheng Ming Yue and You Qing Wen exchanged a look and quickly followed.

What could Wei Qing, Bai Chu Fan and Ah Xiang do? Of course they followed.

After luring the spider into the corner, the beating officially began.

Yun Ling was at the very front.

Guard A moved around, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Lu Chuan shot arrow after arrow, almost without stopping.

When You Qing Wen arrived, she first added a shield for Yun Ling and then used a missile attack.

Zheng Ming Yue, Fang De Yang, Wei Qing, Bai Chu Fan and Ah Xiang were all close combat, and got close in order to attack.

“Bai Chu Fan, withdraw, eat Mixed Grain Steamed Bun. You Qing Wen, withdraw, eat Rice Porridge, eat Roasted Rabbit Meat,” Lu Chuan commanded unceremoniously.

“What about the boss!” You Qing Wen shouted.

It did not sound serious at all to drink and eat halfway through fighting the boss.

Lu Chuan took out an arrow from his orange quiver. After he shot it, the spider was frozen in a lump of ice.

You Qing Wen, “……”

As an archer, why did he have more crowd control skills than her, the mage? !

After his attack hit, Lu Chuan ignored everyone, and ate roasted rabbit meat first.

[Name: Crispy Chicken Chop]

Quality: Premium

Required Materials: 1 x Raw Chicken Chop

Use Effect: Restores 20 HP every 5 seconds, strength temporarily +4 (lasts 1 hour).

Yun Ling swallowed a Mixed Grain Steamed Bun in a few bites, and then used a Simple Bandage. Her HP shot up.

Bai Chu Fan had a hesitant expression. Wei Qing tossed over the steamed bun and shouted, “Do as Lu Chuan says!”

Bai Chu Fan took it and ate the bun.

On the other side, You Qing Wen hurriedly ate the rabbit meat and rice porridge. She temporarily had Intelligence +1, Spirit +1, and base recovery speed 1 MP per minute. She was instantly very confident.

She threw out the Poison Fog, and Missile, wanting to show her skills. But in the next seconds, Lu Chuan reminded in displeasure, “The Shadow Spider has high poison tolerance, the Poison Fog is useless against it. Save your MP, use it mainly for Shield and Missile.”

Both the Shield and Missile were C-rank skilled. The Poison Fog was an A-rank skill. Not letting her use her highest ranking skill. It really was…people had nothing to say.

You Qing Wen furiously threw out a Missile, and listened to the advice.

Lu Chuan shot arrows as he introduced to the others, “A Shadow Spider usually has 4 skills.”

“The crowd control skill “Spider Web.” This can trap people.”

“A single target attack “Venom” with high damage.”

“A passive skill, “Rage Run.” Its speed will increase by 100%, and this lasts 10 seconds.”

“A passive skill “Swallow” that with every player killed, restores 15% of HP.”

“When your HP is low, then withdraw, do not force yourself. Try to delay, and grind the boss to death.”

Wei Qing: had he peeked at the monster book beforehand? Or rather, your family created the game? How could he report the information on the boss so skillfully!

While he complained inside, he took a premium blue equipment “Steel Blade,” and slashed at the boss.

The spider was in pain, and gave a furious howl, spraying out a web.

Wei Qing wanted to retreat, but then an arrow brushed past his shoulder, and at the spiderweb. In the next second, the spiderweb burned furiously and turned to ash.

Wei Qing was shocked inside, and could not help but glance at Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan was calm and continued to shoot arrows.

Exploding, Freeze, Burning, Penetrating…many special effects took their turn.

Lu Chuan controlled the entire situation. The boss’s HP flew down rapidly while the players were all spirited.

Seeing the special arrows follow each other like they were endless, Yun Ling accidentally remembered a thing.

Her archer friend had once told her, the arrows from a purple quiver had a 20% chance of having a special effect on it.

In order to get more arrows with special effects, there was a move like this — shoot all the normal arrows, and leave behind the special arrows. This way, among the new arrows, there was about a 20% chance of arrows with special effects.

After repeatedly doing this, the quiver could be all filled with special arrows.

Yun Ling thought, Lu Chuan must have screened them so he had an astounding number of special effect arrows, and stunned the boss…

Everyone worked together, and cooperated sincerely. The boss was quickly killed.

Then, the items dropped to the ground.

There were 106 copper coins, 12 spider silks, venom, purple soft armor, blue staff, blue longbow, blue vambraces, blue ring, white shoes, 2 white belts, white ring, crystal, 2 blue skill cards. The dropped items were dazzling.

“Who killed the boss?” Wei Qing asked.

While they had formed a team, this was the players acting together, and had not been through the system. In theory, they were individuals.

Who finished the last attack would have possession of the items.

“It should be me.” Lu Chuan came out and tried to pick up the spider silks. As expected, he had no trouble and successfully got the materials.

Nine people worked together to kill the boss, but the result was all for one person.

For a moment, the air was terrifyingly heavy.

Fortunately, Lu Chuan did not have intentions of keeping everything to himself. “Everyone worked to fight the boss. How about splitting everything equally?”

At these words, the expressions of many people relaxed.

You Qing Wen shook her head. “It is not fair to you if this is split evenly. Let’s divide according to each person’s contribution. You pick two first.”

She knew that without Lu Chuan, they may not have defeated the boss, and her side would have lost people. So she was very generous.

Lu Chuan said, “I want the purple equipment and the crystal.”

The other people did not have any objections.

The second to pick was Yun Ling. Because when Bai Chu Fan and Ah Xiang’s HP had been dropping, and they retreated, she had been the one alone at the very front, not taking a step back.

After a moment of thought, Yun Ling said, “I want the copper coins, the spider silk, and the venom.”

At this, everyone was shocked.

Yun Ling asked for many things, but in reality, they were all useless.

Copper coins were important, but not just the boss would drop them, all monsters would drop coins.

Spider silk was a material. Back when providing recovery items, they had agreed that Yun Ling could pick 20 items of the dropped materials.

As to the venom, a portion could be applied to the dagger 3 times, increasing 5 points of offense, and this would last half an hour. The effects were not bad, but just so. It was a consumable, and would be gone once used up. But equipment and skill cards could permanently increase a player’s strength.

Due to this, the teammates felt that Yun Ling was kind.

But in reality, Yun Ling thought that she picked the items that were most practical to her at present, and the other things were not as important. For example, blue equipment. It was good, but it did not increase the attribute she needed. It was not as good as the white equipment she was wearing.

You Qing Wen, at her turn, said, “I want the staff.”

No one objected.

Then, each member got a piece of blue equipment or skill. Guard A, as a member of the team, got the blue vambraces.

Wei Qing was unique, and chose the white belt, the white ring, and the white boots. He said this, “At the start of the game, you cannot fill all six equipment slots. One blue equipment and three white are no different.”

The attributes of the three white equipment added together were better, and the enhancements more evenly spread. He would have a stronger ability to survive, and this was more suitable.

Choosing blue equipment was more for the future. In the future, when equipment was upgraded, low level white equipment had to be replaced, but blue equipment did not have to be. This would save a lot of effort.

The items were divided up, and a white belt was left over. Urged on by You Qing Wen, the equipment was given to Yun Ling as compensation.

Yun Ling did not refuse. She would take what she was given. In any case, if she did not use it, in the future, she could give it to Guard B and Guard C.

After fighting a monster together, and peacefully splitting up the drop, the air was much more harmonious.

Wei Qing was full of joy. “We are done fighting the monster, and the carts are full. Let’s return.”

Fang De Yang said coldly, “I want to walk around and find my brother.”

Wei Qing stilled. “What if there are more monsters in the Hypermarket…”

“No,” Yun Ling shook her head. “The bosses have strong territorial senses. In their territory, they will not allow monsters from other races to appear.”

Lu Chuan also said, “The boss is killed, the Hypermarket is completely safe.”

“In any case, the return trip will be difficult, and we are not that desperate for time. How about helping him search?” You Qing Wen suggested.

The team agreed.

Everyone started to move separately to search for Fang De Lin. They quickly searched every corner of the Hypermarket.

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