Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 68 “Behead”

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Chapter Sixty-Eight: Behead

Baili Suxue’s gaze flashed violently, and in a moment, he had thought of countless possibilities. Then he understood the cause.

“So the spirit lotuses that absorbed so many of Changling’s spirit veins to form have such an ability,” he looked at Zheng Xiu and said.

The white lotuses that covered Zheng Xiu only appeared for an instant, and then the energies which were indescribably holy and full of life quickly retreated inside Zheng Xiu’s body to be absorbed. Stunning spirit energy sprinted through Zheng Xiu’s body, repairing the damaged parts of her body at stunning speed, and gluing her almost shattered body back together in a simple and crude method. If Ding Ning, Li Xixing and the others were here, they would find such a scent familiar. Such a scent was similar to the spring of life in the ancestral mountain, but it was not just healing but also a sacred scent of reversing life and death. Almost all cultivators in Changling knew that after Yuanwu ascended the throne, Zheng Xiu used all kinds of methods to divert all the remaining spirit veins in Changling deep into the imperial palace, to her study. The grievance between White Goat Cave’s Xue Wangxu and her came about due to the spirit vein of White Goat Cave.

Everyone knew that the spirit veins she had diverted had formed lotuses, maturing and forming seeds, but no one knew the use of the lotus seeds that she had made from spirit energy and the profound star light she had controlled with formations. Many cultivators speculated that she was going to use them to make medicine, to be of key use during a breakthrough to realm eight. Of course, people thought that this was related to healing, but just like the spring in the ancestral mountain, this was a stunning object never recorded in the history books before. Who could have thought that the jade palace in the energy sea could be repaired after being shattered?

Zheng Xiu did not respond at this time. She had won her gamble, her body had not broken apart, but this pain that was akin to splitting apart and being reborn could not be imagined by anyone who was not experiencing it for themselves. The spirit energy moving through her body was beating her flesh and bones into pulp like enormous hammers and remaking them.

Baili Suxue took a deep breath. Almost or rather, he had killed Zheng Xiu, but she had come back to life. Right now, in his perception, he could sense a very dangerous presence coming close. If he did not leave, he would stay in the imperial palace forever. But he still said something to Zheng Xiu, “If you did not set up such a formation, and these spirit veins were not nurtured by the star fire from the skylight, I fear that Yuanwu can use these lotuses’ seeds?”

When he said this, there was a vast power falling down towards him from the sky. This power was not empty, and felt clean and bright, but unusually heavy, like an invisible mountain.

“Go.” Baili Suxue glanced at Huang Daochen on the path, and then he appeared beside Pan Ruoye. Pan Ruoye was unable to stand up, having fallen to the ground in a puddle of her own blood. He lifted her with ease into his arms. A great boom. There was a shrill dragon roar from the sky. The Nether dragon flying in the sky dove down like a black falling star, its body crushing the invisible mountain. At the same time, its body gave off sparks from the impact of countless flying swords and seal weapons. Many of its black scales cracked, and broken scales and blood fell down.

Huang Daochen and Baili Suxue’s eyes met. His breathing stopped for a moment. He was the most reliable person of Spirit Void Sword Sect. From Baili Suxue’s proud and unquestionable gaze, he understood the other’s intention. The Min Mountain Sword Sect had many other powerful grandmasters other than Baili Suxue, like Tantai Guanjian, Qing Yaoyin, Geng Ren. If he was going to act now to stop Baili Suxue and Pan Ruoye from fleeing, then even if Baili Suxue died here, Spirit Void Sword Sect, which only had one out of five masters left, could not stop Min Mountain Sword Sect from getting its revenge. So he was stiff and speechless, watching them leave in silence.

Baili Suxue and Pan Ruoye’s figures appeared on the head of the Nether dragon. The dragon gave a roar again. When it was charging up into the sky, its body was hit again by many flying swords and seal weapons, patches of scales, flesh and blood falling down.

When the scales, flesh and blood fell to the ground, they created blooms of cold flows. Large feathery snow floated through the sky, and the dark cold energy obscured the perception of the cultivators.

This Nether dragon was about to turn into a black shadow high up in the sky and escape Changling, but at this moment, the terrifying presence that Baili Suxue had sensed finally reached the imperial city.


A figure shot through the imperial city like a falling star, cutting through the cold flows, mist and snow, charging into the sky.

Ahead of this figure, there was a piece of sword like a broken piece of wood, or rather, it was a piece of wood to start with. Under the sky that all cultivators were looking at, this sword piece and his body were very small compared to the Nether dragon.

But from the energy he gave off and the power that this piece of sword carried, in the perception of all cultivators right now in this pardon of the world, he was exceptionally enormous.

The piece of sword slashed towards the Nether dragon. When the sword energy met its body, a metallic crash rang out.

In the next moment, a rainbow appeared in the sky. The rainbows in the world were red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and purple, but this rainbow’s brightest color was gold, mixed with pale white, pitch black, aged bronze and other colors.

The gold was suffocating pure lightning, and the pale white and black colors came from the body of the Nether dragon. It was the light given off by its bones, flesh, and energy in the meridians.

All of the cultivators looking up at the sky were shocked speechless. That cultivator who had risen into the sky had cut off the head of the dragon with one blow, and held the head of the dragon in his hand. When the piece of sword gave off terrifying lightning, everyone knew the identity of this cultivator.

He was Ye Xinhe.

One of the top cultivators of the former Ba Mountain Sword Field, and during the Deer Mountain Conference, it had been his betrayal that had killed many of the strongest cultivators in the world.

One of the strongest and famed swords of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, the Divine Peach Sword, had been shattered by Yuanwu in order to put on an act, but this piece of sword seemed to contain the essence of the Divine Peach Sword. It still perfectly matched his lifebond energy, and carried his power. The blood of the Nether dragon sprayed from the broken neck of the dragon.

Ye Xinhe pressed his lips together, and once again enjoyed the feeling of instantly reversing the situation. But he still frowned. He looked around and at the Changling streets below.

While he had killed the Nether dragon with this blow, Baili Suxue still took Pan Ruoye and fled from his sight and perception.

Translator Ramblings: The nether dragon just came and left but I am still sad it is dead.

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