Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 69 “The You Dynasty of the Past”

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Chapter Sixty-Nine: The You Dynasty Of The Past

“Is it really so difficult to kill someone?”

Ye Xinhe thought of the news coming back from the Qin Chu border, and that person that even Ye Xiao was trying to imprison at the cost of his life. He felt that Yuanwu had spoken the truth. Adding on that even though he had calculated many times but Baili Suxue still fled out of his range, he sighed inexplicably.

The enormous Nether dragon’s body fell from the sky, crashing in the imperial palace, the last cold energy coming off its body and sweeping all of the imperial city.

The imperial palace was in ruins, many cultivators trembling because of the cold currents. They did not know what to do, and seemed to be in a dream.

“Can we escape?” Pan Ruoye looked at Baili Suxue who was moving with the wind in the streets and holding her with one hand, saying with a struggle in a soft whisper.

“Yes,” Baili Suxue said simply and with confidence.

Pan Ruoye sensed the movement of energies in his body and felt even more bitter. “If this keeps on going, you will be crippled.”

Baili Suxue knew better than Pan Ruoye that if he kept on burning lifebond energy like this would cause his energy sea to dry up, and because most of his meridians had cracked in the previous battle, they were burning and shrinking like candle wicks right now.

But his expression was still calm to a degree that Pan Ruoye could not understand. Hearing Pan Ruoye’s words, he just looked ahead and said, “Cripple or not is just a question whether one can use the sword. As long as I am living, if I can use the sword, then I will not be a cripple.”

Pan Ruoye admitted inside that his words had some truth, but she could not help but shake her head slightly and said, “There is also Huang Zhenwei.”

“Not just Huang Zhenwei, but also Shen Xuan,” Baili Suxue said, glancing at her.

Pan Ruoye said, “I do not mean that.”

“You do mean that.” Baili Suxue said, “You say Huang Zhenwei because you feel that we cannot hide from him and he has the ability to find us, but he will not.”

Pan Ruoye stilled. “Why?” She could not understand this, but that mountainous and vast power falling from the sky was clearly from Huang Zhenwei, and at the last moment, it had been Huang Zhenwei and Ye Xinhe working together to kill Baili Suxue.

Baili Suxue paid the price of the Nether dragon to flee from Ye Xinhe’s senses. If Huang Zhenwei had been like Ye Celeng and the others, on the side of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, why had he acted just now?

“There is not much killing intent in his attack,” Baili Suxue said naturally. “I could sense it.”

Pan Ruoye was stunned for a long moment and could not help but ask, “Then what about Shen Xuan?”

“From when he came back to Changling from the ancestral mountain, I know which side he is on.” Baili Suxue said, “As someone who Zheng Xiu raised up, he should have appeared earlier than Ye Xinhe, right with Huang Daochen. But he did not. Either he fled or he went to do something else.”

Pan Ruoye took a deep breath. She looked in shock at Baili Suxue, and finally understood what kind of preparations he had made to complete this assassination.

“Just one step away. No one had expected the lotus seeds had such an ability. Each year, Jiaodong Commandery sought many spirit medicines from overseas, but many spirit medicines disappeared without a trace. Thinking about it now, she used them in the spirit veins,” she said thoughtfully. Baili Suxue’s calmness and natural ease caused her to not care about the surrounding environment. It seemed like to her, this was not a city filled with danger at every place, but she was talking with him in a calm part of Min Mountain.

“By Wang Jingmeng’s good fortune, she got some things left behind by the You Dynasty,” Baili Suxue said in disdain. “She herself has no such methods.”

“You Dynasty?” Pan Ruoye felt that in her talk with Baili Suxue, her knowledge was shallow. At this time, she felt her eyelids were very heavy, her body felt very cold and even numb. She knew that Baili Suxue was deliberately saying things to her that would be very fascinating for cultivators, to avoid her going to sleep and never waking up.

“The You Dynasty was finally breached, and the once invincible You Emperor was killed in the imperial palace. The Nine Death Silkworm, of course, could land in the hands of the powerful enemies that destroyed the You Dynasty.”

Baili Suxue continued with ease. “While it is almost not recorded, it is possible to know this even without guessing. What Wang Jingmeng got during his cultivation is not the legendary inheritance of the You Emperor, what he received was actually the enemy of the You Dynasty… the sect that killed the You Dynasty. In the ruins of the sect, other than the methods of the sect itself, there were many things coming from the You Dynasty imperial palace, including the Nine Death Silkworm.”

“The reason I know this is because I am Wang Jingmeng’s best friend. I even got some things from the You Dynasty, including this Nether dragon.” Baili Suxue felt Pan Ruoye’s shock but he still kept on talking. “Zheng Xiu was once Wang Jingmeng’s lover. Of course she knows many secrets of the You Dynasty.”

“Can the Nine Death Silkworm really come back to life, and let people be reborn?” Pan Ruoye’s body shook. The shock drove away her sleepiness, and made her alert.

Baili Suxue shook his head simply. “I do not know.”

Pan Ruoye tried to widen her eyes at him, looking like an innocent young girl right now.

“Up until now, maybe Zheng Xiu still hates him, hating him for not telling her the secret of the Nine Death Silkworm. In reality, he did not even tell me, because in his view, the Nine Death Silkworm is very dangerous and unpredictable.”

Baili Suxue said coolly, “This thing is such a great temptation but with unknown consequences. The best way is to not touch it. So while I was not in contact with him after that, I think, with the kind of person he is… he must have only tried in the end when he was close to death. As to the result, only he knows.”

“You are not angry and disappointed at all?” Pan Ruoye looked at Baili Suxue who appeared very calm and inexplicably could not help but ask.

“I dragged most of her power to Changling and Min Mountain, and I finally learned the use of the spirit lotuses from that spring of hers. Also, I learned how many people are enemies. In other words, she likes to always keep a trick up her sleeve, and this time, I learned all her tricks. After this battle, how will she interact with the Yuanwu? Even though I did not directly kill her, what do you think of her situation?” Baili Suxue narrowed his eyes slightly and said softly, “In my view, events are developing in a direction favorable to us. Now, there are only two things I cannot understand. Why is Ye Xinhe so faithful to her, and why does she have such confidence that they can quickly defeat the Chu Dynasty. Why?”

Translator Ramblings: I can’t remember if I ever mentioned the “you” in “You Dynasty” is more like “yo” with a long o, rather than pronounced “u.”

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