Apocalypse Lord Chapter 24 “Official Resident”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: Lu Chuan finally learns Yun Ling is a Lord and decides to join Rising Cloud Camp.

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Chapter 24 – Official Resident

The survivors met up.

Ji Ling Feng had a dark expression and his voice was icy. “I heard you took the boss away.”

Wei Qing had a friendly smile. “Yes, when everyone was in danger, we stepped forward and lured away the boss.”

Before Ji Ling Feng could reply, he added, “As help, we did what we should do, you are welcome.”

Ji Ling Feng was so depressed he wanted to spit blood.

Had he come to give thanks? He clearly came to pick a quarrel! In more ugly words, Wei Qing and the others had stolen a boss.

Also, the team had greatly been reduced, and the remaining people should be armed. That was, the average strength would not drop too much.

But Wei Qing? He started with “we lured away the monster to save people,” and “you do not need to thank us,” in order to rationalize their actions.

“Since everyone is here, then let’s go.”

His side had greatly reduced in number, but the other side was unscathed. It could be seen they were not soft.

In the end, Ji Ling Feng did not attack just because he had more people. He had a dark expression and strode out without a word.


The parking lot was half empty but had several cars.

When passing by, someone’s eyes lit up. “I know how to lockpick! Why don’t we drive cars?”

Everyone looked sideways and could not help but mutter inside. Before the game, what did this person do? He knew to lockpick?

“No,” Yu Hui hurriedly stopped this.

“What?” That person did not understand. “We either are carrying many bags, or pushing carts. How inconvenient? A car is different. We can throw the stuff in the trunk, push on the gas, and return in less than twenty minutes.”

“Or maybe, not long after driving, we will be dead.” Yu Hui’s tone was aged.

“Back when guarding the Hypermarket, I saw seven or eight teams drive away. Not long after they left, they were targeted by the monsters. In the end, they did not even get out of the car doors before they were killed.”

“The worst case, a mammoth over twenty meters long charged, and trampled the people and the car together.”

The surroundings were silent. The person who had wanted to unlock the cars felt a wave of cold. He said in a trembling voice, “In other words, driving a car is too much noise. It will not help, and cause the team to die.”

Yu Hui said, “You can understand it like that.”

As he spoke, he thought, maybe it was part of the game settings. Players were not allowed to use modern equipment.

At this, the person gave up on his idea. “Then let’s walk back.”

Then, the group of people filed out and focused on traveling.


The way back was much more difficult than when they had gone.

Even though their strength had increased, even though they had recovery items, even though they were more cooperative, members still died.

As it passed 1 in the afternoon, Ji Ling Feng’s group finally reached Rising Cloud Camp. When they left, there had been 40 people. Halfway, 10 people had left the team. When they returned, there were only 19 left.

After a simple talk, the members scattered to rest.

On the way back, Ah Xiang had been careless, got surrounded by the monsters, and tragically died.

You Qing Wen was unspeakably irritated that her teammate had died in front of her. Adding on they had fought too many times, exhaustion surged up, and she went to rest without saying more.

The members bid farewell, and all moved on their own.

Yun Ling took Guard A and after a few steps, Wei Qing called to her.

“What is it?” After talking with Lu Chuan, Yun Ling was very confident and calm.

Wei Qing had an apologetic expression. “When I mentioned the oddness previously, I was not demanding answers, I was just curious.”

“If you are willing to answer, I am very happy. If not, I will not pursue it.”

“If I offended you with my words, I apologize.”

Hearing this, Yun Ling looked with surprise at Wei Qing like she did not know this person.

Wei Qing shrugged. “Which high level player in the game does not have their own secrets? The more unique you are, the more beyond the average you are. If you are willing to share, I am grateful. If you are not, there is nothing to blame.”

…So, back then, he had just been asking casually? Yun Ling went into deep thought.

“I have said what I need to, I am going.” Wei Qing waved his hand and left.

Looking at his departing back, Yun Ling laughed. “If every resident is like Wei Qing, it would not be a big deal to reveal my identity.”


After fighting so much, one would be very tired. Both Yun Ling and Guard A could not avoid getting stuck with negative statuses.

Seeing the “-3 Agility, -2 Strength,” Yun Ling turned to go into the warehouse to rest.

The window suddenly jumped out [NPC “Peter” is visiting. Will you hire them? ]

[NPC “Amy” is visiting. Will you hire them? ]

Yun Ling clicked to look.

[Name: Peter (The lord can give a name, and choose whether to make the name public)]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 5, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: C-Rank Arrow Rain

Life Skills: None

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

[Name: Amy (The lord can give a name, and choose whether to make the name public)]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 5, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: C-rank Enwind

Life Skills: None

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

Yun Ling originally wanted to call them “Guard B” and “Guard C.” Then she thought she would not have enough letters…

So she named Peter “Archer A” and Amy “Mage A.” She kept their names secret.

She got equipment from the warehouse to outfit them, and then covered their faces with black cloth. In the end, Yun Ling was satisfied. “First find a place to rest, and then come with me in a while to kill monsters.”

“Yes.” Archer A and Mage A responded.


As time passed, the players gradually got started, and had a deeper understanding of the game.

They could clearly sense that there was not enough time in the day! After going out for a while, not very far, because of the drop in their HP, they had to return to the camp to rest.

Like this, their efficiency was very low. They did not have the time to inspect some places, and other people got ahead.

Gradually, the players that were doing well and had some money finally could not resist. Returning to the camp, they eagerly found Priest A. “I will pay, heal me!”

Priest A would not refuse the business that came to the door. She lifted her staff, and cast her skill.

When no one was here, she would stand in a corner of the camp, and patiently wait for the next customer to come to her.

At two thirty in the afternoon, an archer walked hurriedly to Priest A. “I give you copper coins, quick, heal me!”

Unexpectedly, Priest A did not accept. She looked with regret at the copper coins and announced, “No mana.”

The archer stilled, and then he slumped.

He had wanted to go out again before dark, but the NPC had no more mana…no more mana

This was healing for a price. So why were there so many competitors? Did everyone have so much money?

The archer sighed, and left dispiritedly, his head hung low.


In the afternoon, after Yun Ling finished resting, she took Guard A, Archer A, and Mage A to hunt near the camp.

“Enwind!” Mage A used a skill to trap the monster.

Archer A shot, and Guard A swung a wood stick to hit the target’s abdomen.

Yun Ling had a round shield in one hand, a dagger in the other, and she was brave enough to get close. Shield hit, stab with the dagger, the monster was killed.

The copper coins, the flour, and the wood material floated in the air.

Yun Ling picked them up, and searched for new prey.


Nearing dusk, the camp grew very lively.

Curry rice, bone soup, instant noodle…the smell drifted far and spread through the air.

Returning to camp, Yun Ling took out the French fries from the warehouse and prepared her dinner.

She poured oil into the pot, heated it up, and added the French fries. Soon, the fries were golden and crisp. Topped with ketchup, they were delicious.

Yun Ling was eating when she heard a furious shout from outside of the camp. “I have money! Why am I not allowed in! There are so many empty spots, what do you mean by it is full?”

She looked and saw a player wearing blue armor and holding a blue battle axe wanting to squeeze into the camp.

But there seemed to be an invisible wall separating the camp from the outside. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get in.

After struggling for five minutes, that person finally gave up and left, cursing.

She opened the territory window, and saw on it —

[Population Capacity: 200]

[Existing Residents: 200 (Temporary Residents 192)]

They were at the population capacity. No wonder that person could not get in.

After reading, Yun Ling was about to close the window when she suddenly stopped.

There were six NPCs plus herself, seven people in total. How come there were 8?

Yun Ling looked and discovered, half an hour ago, Lu Chuan had spent 100 copper coins to become an official resident of Rising Cloud Camp.

The system asked, [Do you wish to view the attributes of official residents?]

She had such a privilege as a lord? Yun Ling quickly pressed “yes.”

An attribute window popped out —

[Name: Lu Chuan]

[Level: 3]

[XP: 445/800]

[HP: 80/80]

[MP: 60/60]

Attributes: Strength 14, Agility 11, Stamina 8, Intelligence 6, Spirit 6.

[Skill: Blood Sucking (S-rank), Automatic Tracking (S-rank).]

[Equipment: Not visible.]

[Base Recovery Speed: 1 HP/min, 1 MP/min.]

[Life Skills: Intermediate Enchantment, Advanced Barbecue.]

She pressed to look at the skills.

[Name: Blood Sucking (Passive Skill)]

Quality: S-rank

Skill Effect: 50% of damage dealt can be used to heal oneself.

[Name: Automatic Tracking (Passive Skill)]

Quality: S-rank

Skill Effect: When an arrow is shot, it will lock onto the target and automatically track it. (At most three arrows at once)

Looking at the information, Yun Ling inhaled sharply. “So vicious!”

Blood Sucking at 50% meant that his ability to survive was strong. If he was not instant killed, Lu Chuan could quickly recover to full HP from the verge of death.

Automatic Tracking was a divine skill for archer players. Without needing to aim, the arrow would automatically lock onto its target. Before it hit the target or was blocked by someone else, the arrow would continue to give chase without rest.

Adding on the special effect arrows in the orange quiver …

“Lucky he is not an enemy,” Yun Ling murmured to herself, “even a boss is not so difficult.”

Translator Ramblings: Fingers crossed I did not miss the ending brackets/parentheses. There are so many of them in this chapter.

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