Apocalypse Lord Chapter 25 “Day 5”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: The group makes it back to camp, though not without casualties. Yun Ling’s naming sense… improves?

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Chapter 25 – Day 5

For ordinary players, night was the time for rest. They enjoyed dinner, exchanged news, sold things, chatted about the day, and then it was time to sleep.

For life skills players, it was not like that at all.

[Name: Cotton Backpack]

Quality: Premium

Required Materials: 20 x Cotton Cloth, 5 x Spider Silks

Equip Effect: Increases 6 storage slots.

[Name: Cloth Shoes]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: +4 Agility.

[Name: Mixed Grain Steamed Bun]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x cornmeal, 1 x flour.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 HP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

[Name: Rice Porridge]

Quality: Normal

Required Materials: 1 x Rice.

Use Effect: Base recovery speed 1 MP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

Yun Ling prepared the materials, and then buried herself in making recovery items.

When she finished using the “flour” and “rice” game materials, she tried to cook with real world materials.

A notification popped out, [The material is of too poor quality, it cannot be cooked with.]

Yun Ling had to give up.

After drinking the rice porridge, and putting on the new cloth shoes, she took the cotton backpack to find Lu Chuan. Along the way, she passed by the Tailor Shop, and took three hunting quivers.



Facing the 1 x Cotton Backpack, and 3 x Hunting Quiver, Lu Chuan was stunned for a moment.

“Why?” He was confused.

Yun Ling was righteous. “I took your soft armor, but I cannot take it for nothing. These are little things, but they can be of use in the early stages of the game.”

Lu Chuan was silent.

Other than the orange quiver, he still had a blue quiver, and two white quivers. If he accepted the three Hunting Quivers, he would have one orange, and four blue, right to the limits of the equipment slots.

There was a great difference between white quality quivers and blue quality quivers.

[Name: Quiver]

Quality: Normal

Equip Effect: Automatically refill an arrow each minute. At most, this can hold 10 arrows.

[Name: Hunting Quiver]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Automatically refill an arrow each minute. At most, this can hold 20 arrows.

Special Effect: After the arrow forms, 5% chance of special effect “Sharpness”. Once successful, +5 arrow attack power.

Arrows were consumables. Once they were used, they were gone, and could not be recovered.

Blue quivers did not just increase attack power, they could hold more. At a critical time, the number of arrows could determine if a player could survive or die.

As to the cotton backpack…he had many things, and of course it was good to have as many storage backpacks as possible.

Yun Ling’s gifts were just right, so he could not refuse.

Thinking about it, Lu Chuan promised solemnly, “I will accept it now, and return them to you in the future.”

“They are small things, it is fine if you do not.” Yun Ling did not care.

He never owed favors.

Lu Chuan did not make a sound, but his gaze grew very determined.


Day 5 of the game.

To prevent the system from ambushing with a monster rain once again, the players left early in the morning, returned early to camp at noon, and as they ate lunch, they paid attention to the movement outside of the camp.

Right at 12, the balls of light came as scheduled.

In the next second, gasps rose. “Damn it! My cell phone has no signal at all! Is communication dead?”

“Is something wrong with my eyes? In the right corner, why are there words, ‘Day 5, calamity day, 12:00:23’?”

“I see it too! There is also a map icon in the bottom right corner…hm, the places that I went to since the start of the game are here, and the places I have not gone are black. This is too smart.”

“I can add friends. Does this mean that we can make teams in the future? Previously, when I went with my friends to explore together, the arrows of the archers kept flying at me, I was almost killed.”

In the ruckus, Yun Ling looked dazedly outside of the camp.

When the balls of light fell into the rivers, immediately, some fat carps jumped out of the river.

When the balls of light fell on the streets, patches of sisal quickly grew.

Through the life skill “Elementary Foraging,” it was possible to get the “linen cloth” supplies.

When the balls of light landed in the ruins, in the blink of an eye, patches of berries formed.

The berries were sour and sweet, thin of skin, and very juicy. They could be eaten, and also used as cooking materials.

In an instant, everything around them changed completely.

The past familiar environment quickly left the people, and a new world quickly came.


“What is this?” Fang Ya had been chased by a monster, and just managed to escape from death. She was both hungry and thirsty. He even had the negative statuses, “-2 Agility,-1 Strength.”

At this time, she found a patch of berries.

She looked closely, and then reached out. “Maybe wild berries are edible?”

She pulled hard, but was not successful.

So she looked at the dagger in her hand.

[Name: Fine Iron Dagger]

Quality: Premium

Equip Effect: Strength 5.

This was the only blue equipment she had, and the most valuable thing she possessed.

Fang Ya gritted her teeth and used the dagger to cut at the branch.

In the next moment, the berry fell.

At the same time, the system notified, [Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Berry.]

Fang Ya picked up the berry, and tried to eat it. She found the berry was both sweet and sour, and tasted very good. It quenched her thirst and filled her stomach.

Fang Ya was overjoyed, and used her dagger to cut off many branches.

[Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Berry.]

[Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Berry.]

[Foraging failure. You have not obtained any item.]

The system notifications continued to sound one after another.

After many times, the notification finally changed, [Congratulations, Player, for foraging successfully 10 times.]

[You have received 1 experience point.]

[You have unlocked the life skill “Elementary Foraging.”]

Elementary Foraging. There was a 20% chance of foraging failure, and 80% chance of success.

Note: Some high level materials require life skills to reach a certain level to be eligible for collection.

After enough rest, the negative statuses disappeared.

Fang Ya had not just found food, and unexpectedly unlocked a life skill. She was very excited.

Thinking about it, she took off her coat, and gathered a bag of berries. She thought inside, when she returned to camp and sold the berries, she would have the money to stay overnight.


In the afternoon, like usual, Yun Ling took Guard A, Archer A, and Mage A to go out.

Unlike usual, after killing the black boar, she received this notification, [Guard A has dealt 16 points of damage, and completed one assist, receiving 1 experience point.]

It was the same with Archer A and Mage A.

“This is good. Fight monsters together, level up together,” Yun Ling thought.

After picking up the drop items, she led the NPC to attack the other two wild black boars.


The sun was low in the sky, and Yun Ling returned to the camp in advance to make dinner.

When she was busy, Lu Chuan came over and said in a low voice, “I found a S-rank skill card ‘Super Fast Recovery.’ After learning it, your base recovery speed will be 5 HP per minute.”

Yun Ling. “!!!”

What godly skill was this?!

In normal situations, a player’s base recovery rate was 1 HP per minute.

After learning the S-rank skill “Super Fast Recovery,” the rate would go from 1 to 6.

Even more surprising was the S-rank passive skill “Heart of Nature.” After learning it, her HP was 200, and the healing effect was doubled.

In other words, when the two skills were added together, her final base recovery rate would be 12 HP per minute.

What was this?

Adding on equipment, her total HP would be 450. Even if she was on the verge of death, if she had half an hour, her HP would be full again.

In daily fights against monsters, if she controlled her rhythm, she would not need to return to the camp to rest. Just the time spent searching for new targets on the road would be enough for her to return to her peak state.

The more Yun Ling thought, the more excited she was. She asked, “Where? Is it far? How did you find it?”

Lu Chuan told her, “About 40 minutes of travel from the camp. There is a boss guarding there, and we need a team.”

Yun Ling glanced at the time. “16:35:40, we will not be able to get back before night comes.”

“You can decide whether to go now or tomorrow,” Lu Chuan said. “The card landed in a remote place. I accidentally saw it when chasing a monster. I can’t guarantee that no one else will find it.”

Go during the night? Or go tomorrow?

Yun Ling sank into deep thought.

After a minute, she decided. “I am not waiting. Let’s go now!”

An S-rank skill, and one that sped up recovery. The importance of this skill card to her spoke for itself.

Yun Ling thought, even if she took a risk, it was worth it.

“We need a team to fight a boss, do you have any players you are familiar with?” Lu Chuan asked.

“Wait a moment.” Yun Ling called over Guard A, Archer A, and Mage A.

Lu Chuan leaned to say by Yun Ling’s ear, “Can you trust them? Be careful that they will change and steal the skill card when the time comes.”

His voice was low and hot, causing Yun Ling’s ear to itch when he spoke.

“These are my people, they are trustworthy,” Yun Ling said solemnly.

Then, she put Guard A’s name to be visible. After five seconds, she set it back to invisible.

Guard A…Lu Chuan was silent.

In the past, he had found it strange. NPCs usually had English names. Why had Rising Cloud Camp been so different?

Now he knew where the names of Woodworker A, Tailor A, and Priest A came from.

“I will carry the damage, you and the three of them attack. We have about enough people.”

Yun Ling said this, but just in case, she opened the window.

[Name: Jack]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 5, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: C-rank Healing

Life Skills: None

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

[Name: Danny]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 5, Stamina 7, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: C-rank Damage Reduction

Life Skills: None

Employment Price: 50 copper coins.

Two NPCs had spawned today. One was a priest, and the other a tank. She had thought that there was no need for them, so she had not spent money to hire them.

Hearing that they needed a team to fight a boss, Yun Ling immediately hired “Jack.”

Then she gave the name of “Priest B,” set the name to invisible, and gave many white equipment to outfit the NPC. Her set of movements flowed. She was clearly very familiar.

“Okay, let’s go,” Yun Ling announced.

“Just you alone to take the damage?” Lu Chuan was worried.

He knew that Yun Ling was a survivor of the beta, and strong. But they were about to fight a boss, and it was close to night. There was nothing wrong in being careful.

“With Priest B to heal, one person is enough.” Yun Ling had viewed Lu Chuan’s attributes before, so she did not mind showing hers to him.

[Name: Yun Ling]

[Level: 2]

[HP: 450/450 (200 as skill bonus)]

[MP: 60/60]

[Attributes: Strength 3 (6), Agility 4 (1), Stamina 10 (15), Intelligence 6, Spirit 6]

Note: Equipment bonuses are in parentheses.

[Skill: Heart of Nature (S-rank), Thorn Sting (S-rank).]

[Base Recovery Speed: 2 HP/min, 1 MP/min.]

[Life Skills: Intermediate Fishing, Intermediate Gathering, Advanced Sewing, Advanced Cooking.]

The maximum HP of 450 stunned Lu Chuan.

Now, he finally understood where Yun Ling’s confidence came from.

A maximum HP of 450, the special effect of the soft armor: -20% damage received, and the S-ranked skill “Thorn Sting” that reflected 50% of damage…To be honest, Yun Ling alone could be two tanks or even three.

As he was thinking, Yun Ling opened her backpack, showing N x Rice Porridge, N x Mixed Grain Steamed Buns, N x Simple Bandages, and N x High Quality Bandages.

Seeing the backpack so full, Lu Chuan was speechless for a long time.

If there was no payment channel in Apocalypse Calamity, he would almost think that Yun Ling was a money player.

Translator Ramblings: Not sure how cell phones are running with no electricity …

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