Sword Dynasty Volume Seven Chapter 70 “Refusal”

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Chapter Seventy: Refusal

Pan Ruoye’s injuries were already very serious. If not for the strong mental stimulation, she may have closed her eyes and died.

At this time, Baili Suxue was speaking of the most stimulating things in the cultivation world. Her wounds caused her to feel that the sunlight right now was exceptionally dazzling and dizzying, but her thoughts were still clear.

“Many people have their choices, why think about Ye Xinhe?”

But she still could not understand Baili Suxue’s thinking at this time. Compared to the Qin defeating the Chu that Zheng Xiu spoke of, something like Ye Xinhe staying on Zheng Xiu’s side was a trivial matter. Also, so many people from Ba Mountain Sword Field had betrayed it back then, why care about Ye Xinhe?

“Many things do not happen in isolation, there are relationships between many people and things. Especially in this world, it is always moved by some of the top people. After you think through the matters of these people, you will find the connections. For example, she said that they will quickly defeat the Chu dynasty, this will be related to the most important people in the world.”

Baili Suxue was very satisfied with her present state. Min Mountain Sword Sect was not just the strongest sword sect in the world, they also had the best healers in the world. If she did not die in Changling, he could make sure she lived.

Also, up until now, Huang Zhenwei had not “detected” him, which meant his guess was correct.

Huang Zhenwei was not firmly on Zheng Xiu’s side. Regardless of whether the other thought he was right in his actions or just out of sympathy, or rather he was discontent with Zheng Xiu because of Mo Shoucheng’s death, he did not want him to die in Changling.

He slowly breathed, trying to suppress the raging energy in his body. He then said, “While Ba Mountain Sword Field had many traitors, the reason for the collapse of the Ba Mountain Sword Field was a split from within. Ye Xinhe is not like the other people. He is the master of the Divine Peach Sword. Wang Jingmeng had a rebellious personality, he was skilled at conquering the world, but he had no interest in ruling the world. The master of the Last Flower Sword, Yan Xinlan and the others only liked fighting, they were just cultivation fanatics. The Divine Peach Sword was one of the strongest swords of the Ba Mountain Sword Field, and from a certain point of view, Ye Xinhe, who received that inheritance, was one of the main competitors to be the sect master of Ba Mountain Sword Field. Also, based on the people of the Ba Mountain Sword Field at the time, if there were no accidents, he would have been the next master of the Ba Mountain Sword Field.”

After a pause, he resumed. “People like Liang Lian and the others were just carriage drivers, and could not have risen on top. Gu Huai is strong, but not equal to Ye Xinhe, Lin Zhujiu and the others. He wanted to become the master of Spirit Void Sword Sect, this was a clear motive of self interest. But what is Ye Xinhe’s reason? If he was of one mind with Wang Jingmeng and the others, and in the end, Ba Mountain Sword Field helped the Qin Dynasty conquer the world, as the master of Ba Mountain Sword Field, he may even have a status higher than Yuanwu. After helping Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu destroy the Ba Mountain Sword Field, his position, even if he is equal to the two ministers, is still low. So this is what I do not understand.”

“You were good to Shen Xuan, and gave him all he could get, so why, when he should have come, he did not?”

In the ruins of the imperial palace, Ye Xinhe walked in front of Zheng Xiu who was still swelling with energy. He said, “I cannot understand, can you?”

“There is nothing to understand.”

Zheng Xiu had recovered her calm and said, “I can give him what he wants, but he did not dare to accept. This means that the thing he gave me has problems. He came back with the Heaven Replenishing Divine Art in exchange. If there is a problem, then there is a problem with the wine shop youth. So if I am right, then the Nine Death Silkworm heir trapped by Ye Xiao in the formation should be the wine shop youth. He will only feel that the Nine Death Silkworm heir can give him more.”

Ye Xinhe laughed in scorn. “So after all this time, this person was always in Changling, right under our eyes.”

“What are you doing!”

At this time, Ye Xinhe’s expression turned cold and he turned, shouting.

On the path behind him, a cultivator of the palace was running over. Usually, such a cultivator coming close could not arouse such a response, but now, it was different. Zheng Xiu’s condition was so terrible that some cultivators who were usually not important could cause her to die.

This palace cultivator felt tangible killing intent and stopped in shock. He bowed and said, “Official Shen sent a secret message.”


Ye Xinhe expressionlessly reached out with his hand, and took the message from this palace cultivator’s hand. After he quickly scanned the paper, the scorn at the corner of his lips quickly froze.

Zheng Xiu frowned deeply. She had a bad feeling.

Shen Xuan had been a new power in Changling, but all of his came from her, and could be taken from him at any time. But this could not change the fact that he was a powerful cultivator to start with. Shen Xuan, as one person, did not count as much, but if he truly worked with Min Mountain Sword Sect, then it was worrisome. Also, she knew that Shen Xuan had stayed in the Great Floating Water Prison for many years. To reach his goal, he would do many things that Baili Suxue disdained to do.

“He took away Hu Hai,” Ye Xinhe said directly. His voice was not low, and many of the cultivators who were guarding this palace heard. Immediately, heavy gasps sounded.

Hu Hai was the second imperial son. His personality was not as gentle as Fu Su, and his performance in cultivation was far lacking compared to Fu Su. His reputation among the people was not as good as Fu Su. So to this imperial dynasty, he did not seem essential. Even though he was brought along to the Deer Mountain Conference, he was ignored.

But now, it was different.

Fu Su was being held hostage by the Nine Death Silkworm heir, and trapped in the formation as well. If something happened to Hu Hai as well, then Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu would temporarily have no children, and this dynasty would lose all heirs who could inherit.

What was more worrying was naturally Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu’s feelings. They could endure losing one son, but could they endure losing two?

“A dog that barks is nothing to be feared, the silent dog is the best at biting,” Zheng Xiu said this after a long silence. Then she looked at Ye Xinhe and asked, “What does he want?”

Ye Xinhe glanced at her and said, “He just wants one person to live.”

“He only wants one person to live but did not say who it was… then it means I cannot kill any of those who are fleeing right now. I must keep them alive and wait for him to trade?” Zheng Xiu rarely laughed, but at this time, she laughed in anger.

Ye Xinhe was waiting quietly. There was no need to care about how devious Shen Xuan’s request was, the key was how would Zheng Xiu choose.

“The start of compromise means constant compromise,” Zheng Xiu said coldly and slowly, “I refuse.”

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