Apocalypse Lord Chapter 36 “Spring Rain 2”

Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: A few camps fall, and Yun Ling decides to make rain gear.

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Chapter 36 – Spring Rain 2

Apocalypse Calamity sometimes was not like a game. For example, players would get hungry, and it would rain.

Apocalypse Calamity sometimes was really like a game. For example, resources would grow regardless of the season, and the environment. In game terms, the resources appeared where the system refreshed.

Coming out of Rising Cloud Village, Yun Ling strode forward. “If I remember correctly, there is a large patch of rushes there no one has picked.”

After walking for a quarter of an hour, the clumps of rushes came into view.

Yun Ling waved her hand. “Work!”

Guard B and Assassin A went up, and reaped.

[Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Rush Grass.]

[Foraging success. You have obtained 1 x Rush Grass.]

After picking about half, the rain suddenly increased.

Just this amount of materials could not make a straw raincoat.

Yun Ling thought and took the NPCs to hide in a nearby cave. She planned to wait until the rain stopped or decreased before continuing.

But the rain grew and did not show any signs of stopping.

Guard B narrowed his eyes and stared at the rock walls for a long time. After a while, he suddenly broke off a piece of rock and handed it to Yun Ling. “Lord, there is a mineral vein here.”

Yun Ling, “?”

She took the rock to look, and saw there was a metal shine in the rock.

“This is ore.” Yun Ling was very surprised. “How did you recognize it?”

Guard B answered, “Previously, Lord had this subordinate learn ‘Elementary Mining.'”

Yun Ling suddenly recalled that she had given the skills, blueprints and recipes she had bought to the NPCs.

But as the number of NPCs increased, sometimes she did not know who was who, and who learned what. She had to look at the attribute windows to know…

“You did well,” Yun Ling applauded.

Guard B did not take credit, and just stood silently at the side, waiting for orders.

Yun Ling looked at the walls of the cave, and started to think.

After finding a mineral vein, she first had to gather people to mine.

After digging out the ore, it had to be smelted.

The smelted ore would become weapons in the end after being forged by a blacksmith.

Right now, Rising Cloud Village did not have enough people to mine, or a blacksmith shop with professional tools for smelting, much less a blacksmith to forge.

What Yun Ling could do was remember the position of the vein, and come back to mine after the conditions were right.

After an hour, the rain gradually stopped.

Yun Ling had the NPCs follow. “Hurry up, we need more rushes to bring back.”


Were the bamboo hats effective? Without going out in the rain, no one could confirm.

After internal discussion, a hunting team decided to buy one first to see the effects. When they went out of the territory, they immediately sensed something different.

The players without a bamboo hat received a system notification, [Your clothes are wet due to the rain. You have a negative state, -1 agility.]

The player who was wearing a bamboo hat seemed to be fine and was moving as usual.

The players without a bamboo hat received a system notification, [You have stood too long in the rain. You have a negative state, -2 agility, -1 stamina.]

The player wearing the bamboo hat received, [Your clothes are wet due to the rain. You have a negative state, -1 agility.]

Also, when they had the protection of the bamboo hat, their equipment was not exposed to the rain, and the durability decreased at the usual rate.

At this time, they finally understood. It was not that the rainy day would increase the drop in durability, but the rain would create extra damage. If they had preventive measures, going out in the rain was not terrible.

After understanding this, the players side. “The bamboo hats are divine tools!!”

The hunting team eagerly went back to the village, planning to buy a bamboo hat each.


“Are there any bamboo hats? I want one.”

“I came first. Sell to me first. You tell me the price!”

“We clearly arrived at the same time.”

The stall was crowded. Many people wanted to give Yang Yong money.

Yang Yong had a helpless expression. “No, all the woven hats have been sold.”

The players did not believe it. “Doesn’t this girl beside you have some?”

“I am not in the same group. I am just here to borrow tools,” Mage B clarified, “I am weaving the bamboo hat for my own use, and not selling.”

The players had disappointed expressions.

One person took out copper coins and slammed them on the table, saying proudly, “I will pay a deposit! Weave for me first!”

The other people seemed to wake up from a dream, fighting to pay for a deposit.

Yang Yong, “……”

Why were the players going crazy?

But in a season of rain, rain gear was just this popular. Yang Yong just managed to send away this group of people, and then more people came around, asking if there were bamboo hats for sale.

Yang Yong pressed his temples, having a headache. With the present situation, he could not focus on weaving bamboo hats. Just receiving customers and answering questions was too busy.

Mage B focused on the work, and showed no intention of joining in.

Yang Yong thought for a long time, and decided to buy a wood house as his workshop.

He had the official residents status, and enough money. He had wanted to buy a house long ago!

He pressed, confirming the purchase. Copper coin -500.

Yang Yong put away his tools, materials and food. He said to Mage B, “Let’s go and work somewhere else.”


The rain stopped and started without any patterns.

The residents did not dare to go far, and just stayed nearby. This way, when the rain grew heavy, they could quickly run back to Rising Cloud Village.

But most of the resources nearby had been harvested. Only materials that usual people could not use like grass, bamboo, and rattan were left.

The players had to expand their range of activity.

On the road, many people prayed inside for the rain to not come and to not encounter any monsters.


By the stream, a group of white geese were playing.

Ma Na was hiding on the side, holding her breath, and observing the movements of the monsters.

Two white geese were fighting, chasing each other and gradually left the group.

She grabbed a pebble from the ground, and threw it, hitting one of the white geese.

Now, both geese were angry. They flapped their wings, and chased the ambusher.

Ma Na turned and ran without a word.

The distance between them shortened. Just as the geese were about to catch up and peck her, a fishing net came down from the sky.

The geese fought, wanting to break free. In the next second, arrows, spells, knives, and sticks came down.

The monsters died. In the drop were 8 x copper coins, 1 x goose neck, 2 x goose wings, 2 x goose down, 1 x white skill card.

The team members appeared, and picked up the copper coins, the meat and the skill card.

One of them said proudly. “I just said that the fishing net would be useful. After catching the monster, we just have to attack, and take the drops.”

“Yes yes yes, you are right.” The other person said casually. He looked up at the sky, and said gravely, “On a rainy day, our time is limited. Since the weather is good, let’s take the time and kill a few more.”

“I will go lure monsters,” Ma Na said as she returned to the stream side.


Deep in the forest.

A thin and tall youth said hopelessly, “Partnering with you is a mistake.”

The fat man next to him was anxious. “How is this a mistake? This is a scientific hunting method!”

The tall and thin youth glanced at the trap nearby and said in an odd tone. “Dig a hole, and cover it with grass, waiting for the prey to be caught. This is scientific hunting?”

“Yes.” The fat man was righteous. “When I caught wild hares and chickens in the countryside, I did this. What is wrong?”

The tall and thin youth felt that something was not right. “This is a game, the monsters should not be so stupid…”

Also, even if they fell in, what if they were wind type monsters and knew how to fly?

Before he finished speaking, a fat and white rabbit jumped out of the bush. Then it strayed into the trap, and could not get out.

The tall and thin youth, “……”

Sorry, he should not have overestimated the intelligence of the monsters.

The fat man said profoundly, “Why are humans humans? Not because of how strong we are, but because we know how to use tools and intelligence to hunt!”

The tall and thin youth’s mouth jerked, and he expressed shamelessly, “As long as you can catch enough prey, you are right.”

“Come and help.” The fat man beckoned for his partner to come, and the two of them attacked with sharpened sticks.

Soon, the white rabbit was dead and dropped 3 x copper coins, 1 x rabbit skin, and 2 rabbit legs.


In a corner of the forest.

A giant python was facing off with a wild black boar.

The python was thick and long, large enough to swallow the wild black boar in one gulp.

But the wild black boar was not easy. When it opened its mouth, multiple wind blades would shoot out. When they hit the snake skin, bloody marks instantly appeared.

The python was angered when it was injured.

It spat out icicles, and then moved forward, wanting to swallow the prey.

The wild black boar hit the snake’s weak spot, its gaze fierce.

Ten minutes later.

The python was covered in bleeding wounds.

The wild black boar’s left eye was damaged, its right eye red like it was about to erupt in fury.

The final battle was going to start at any moment.

At this time, two voices sounded at the same time, “Confinement!”


Both the python and the wild black boar lost the ability to move.

The players hiding in the surroundings came out. Some attacked the python, and some attacked the wild black boar.

Soon, both were dead, and items dropped to the ground.

“The crane and the clam fight, the fisherman benefit,” Ji Ling Feng said coolly.

Including him, all sixteen members of the team were official residents of Rising Cloud Village and enjoyed the buffs.

With their power, even if they had to face the python and the wild black boar at the start, they could win.

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Picking up all the items, Ji Ling Feng ordered and then left first.

The teammates exchanged smiles, and quickly followed.


The rain stopped and started, affecting the players when they were hunting, gathering and exploring.

But compared to the deluge yesterday when everyone was trapped in the village and unable to take a step out, today was much better. At least, the residents could gather wild vegetables and mushrooms, and hunt. They did not have to consume their hoarded food.

In the afternoon, when her backpack was about full, Yun Ling led the NPCs back to the village.

Mage B had woven two more bamboo hats. After putting them on, more NPCs could come with her.

The straw rain coats were complex to make. Even though Tailor B was experienced, it took a long time to make one.

Yun Ling tried the raincoat on and found the straw raincoat was very large, and she was completely covered. If she wore the straw raincoat out in the rain, her equipment would not get wet at all.

“This is good, make a few more,” Yun Ling ordered.

“Yes,” Tailor B acknowledged.


Near evening.

The players returned to the village, drank ginger soup and felt much better when they were by the fires.

Nearby, some women were busy cooking. Soon, the smell of food spread.

Spicy rabbit, grilled steak, mushrooms and braised duck, braised geese wings, mutton noodles, pork belly stewed with wild vegetables…

Some people smelled the scent and drooled, wanting to eat immediately.

Yun Ling had picked up a new fishing rod when fighting monsters. Seeing that there were still forty minutes until dark, she went to the river to fish.

There were several residents sitting by the river, old and young. They also held fishing rods, hooks and fishing lines, trying to fish by the river.

Seeing Yun Ling’s face, they were very shocked. “You are young, why come here to fish?”

While there were not clear rules, usually, the young adults went out to hunt, while the old, weak and children foraged, wove, and cooked.

Fishing needed skill. And those who were not experts did not dare to try, fearing wasting time.

There were only a few in the village that knew how to fish. They met each other daily, and knew each other. The fishing friends were surprised seeing an unfamiliar face come.

Yun Ling smiled and just said, “I want to eat fish.”

Before, she had not had a fishing rod, and if she had too many fish, they were inconvenient to preserve so she did not care.

Now, she had a fishing pole, and had an appetite.

The fishing friends thought the girl just got a fishing pole and came to see if she could get lucky. After a few questions, they did not care anymore, and focused on their fishing.

“Coming to fish for the first time?” A kind uncle came to urge Yun Ling. “If you are not lucky, stop as soon as possible. You can always get something to eat if you go foraging. Not with fishing.”

“Yes, I know,” Yun Ling responded with a smile.

She threw out the bait, and then the only thing to do was wait.

After a while, bean sized raindrops came from the sky.

“Why is it starting again?” The fishermen hurriedly put their coats on their heads to block the rain.

The rain caused ripples on the surface of the river.

An experienced fisherman looked into the river, and his expression turned to one of helplessness. “Never mind, return, there is nothing today.”

When the rain created a lot of movement as it fell, the fish would avoid it. At this time, their desire to eat the bait was low. So it was generally hard to catch fish on rainy days.

As everyone was packing up, Yun Ling was focused on the river surface, completely motionless.

“We should go,” a person kindly reminded her, fearing that she had not heard.

Yun Ling put her index finger to her lips and made a “shushing” motion.

It was raining, what was she fishing for?

This person wanted to advise, but then saw Yun Ling quickly pull the string and flick the pole.

“Oh, so big! Must be six pounds or so?” Everyone was in an uproar, looking at the large catfish.

Yun Ling pulled the fish up, and then hung it from her hand using a straw string she had prepared in advance. She said happily, “It is raining, let’s go back!”

The fishermen were silent.

Knowing that they could fish large catfish on rainy days, they did not want to leave…



Yun Ling snuck into the kitchen with the catfish.

In the kitchen, there were all the tools. On the side was a large water tank filled with clear river water.

“On a rainy day, one should eat spicy grilled fish!” Yun Ling said as she used a wood scoop to get water from the tank. Then she washed and cleaned the catfish.

Delicious grilled fish had to be marinated first, then grilled, and then stewed.

Other than fresh fish, one had to put in side dishes like potatoes, wide noodles, and tofu. Then, simmer at a low fire. When it was time, the fish soup was delicious and thick.

Just thinking about it, Yun Ling felt hungry, and her movements became faster.

After half an hour.

Yun Ling took out the secret spicy sauce, poured it over the fish, and the spicy grilled fish was finished.

“What about the used tools? Do it clean it myself?” It was Yun Ling’s first time in the restaurant’s kitchen, and she did not know the rules of the game.

“Put the used items in the trough, Chef A answered. “They will automatically be cleaned after five minutes.”

This saved trouble.

Yun Ling put the kitchen knives and cutting board into the trough, and then left with her plate.


“What are we eating tonight?” Zheng Ming Yue asked.

After being busy an entire day, he wanted to eat something warm.

You Qing Wen held paper and pen, frowning. “We have food in stock. But I am wondering if we should eat our own food, or go to the restaurant?”

“You mean…” Zheng Ming Yue reacted.

You Qing Wen sighed. “The present situation is not clear. No one can say what the future will be like.”

“Seeing our food decrease, I am so worried I cannot sleep at night.”

“Since we are official residents of Rising Cloud Village, we do not have to worry about the overnight fee. Maybe we can spend a few copper coins and go eat at the restaurant?”

“In the future, when there is not enough food, and the restaurant does not provide food, we will eat our own.”

Zheng Ming Yue thought, what is there to worry about? They were not the best, but better than the worst. They were living well.

Also, the game did not support buying houses together. Due to this, when they got enough money, he chose to have his girlfriend buy a house first.

After this, the two of them lived together, and worked together.

In the future, when they saved 500 copper coins, they would buy another in his name, and then, the two of them would have more private space to hoard food.

They had planned their future, and were just slowly saving money.

Honestly speaking, thinking that they had to spend money to eat, Zheng Ming Yue felt reluctant. But he knew that Qing Wen’s worries were justified.

The food in the house belonged to them. The food sold in the restaurant had to provide for all people in the village.

If the restaurant had food, then they would eat first there; if the restaurant had nothing, they would go home and eat their own. This way, they would live longer.

“Let’s go.” After thinking it through, Zheng Ming Yue was the first to get up. “Let’s go to the restaurant to eat.”

After the restaurant was built, Zheng Ming Yue had gone in.

After he did, his first impression was that there was a pitiful number of dishes.

The second impression was that if he had spare money, it was not bad to eat some food that had buffs before going out.

He never expected the moment they stepped into the restaurant, a strange fragrance would burrow into his nose.

Looking in the direction of the smell, Zheng Ming Yue immediately smiled bitterly.

The enormous plate, the fragrant grilled fish. Anyone who saw this would be envious.

Originally, mixed grain steamed buns and white porridge was fine. In special times, days were hard. No matter if the food was delicious, they were fine as long as they could fill the stomach. Now, with grilled fish at the side, how could they eat?

Should he follow his heart and shamelessly go over to eat for free, or protect his self-respect, eat his steamed buns and rice porridge? You Qing Wen had a conflicted expression, and could not decide.

But her hands and feet did not seem to listen to her.

“The fish is big. I cannot eat it alone. How about coming and eating together?” Yun Ling invited.

“Then…thank you,” You Qing Wen swallowed, and said seriously.

Then the two quickly sat down opposite Yun Ling.

Taking up chopsticks and putting a piece of fish in her mouth, You Qing Wen could not stop her eyes from going wide.

The fish was tender, fresh, spicy and delicious. At a bite, her mind was filled with the words “delicious.”

“So great!!”You Qing Wen’s chopsticks flew. She could not control herself.

Zheng Ming Yue had no time to talk, picking up the fish, the wide noodles, and the tofu skin to shove into his mouth.

Yun Ling stopped eating and took a drink of water slowly. She looked up and saw Lu Chuan entering the restaurant. So she greeted, “Spicy grilled fish, just made. Do you want some?”

“Okay.” Lu Chuan sat down next to Yun Ling. “The territory is mad, saying that someone is getting revenge on society by eating grilled fish like no one is around. I was curious who it was and came to look. I did not expect it to be you.”

Yun Ling:”……”

What had she done wrong?

She was just eating grilled fish!

Do not think that she did not know that the residents of the territory had abundant food. Curry rice, self-heating hot pot, spicy hot pot…there was everything.

So what if the real world had turned into a game? This could not stop the foodies from their determination to change their lives.

Lu Chuan examined the grilled fish and saw the system notification —

[Name: Spicy Grilled Fish]

Quality: Premium

Use Effect: Base Recovery Speed: 2 HP/min, 1 MP/min (lasts 3 hours)

“You bear to eat something this good at night,” Lu Chuan sighed with emotion.

“I just had a yearning, and wanted to eat fish, so what?” Yun Ling did not feel there was a problem at all.

“A thousand gold cannot buy happiness. Eat,” Lu Chuan said as he picked up a potato.

When one had many debts, they did not worry. He owed so much already he did not mind these two bites.

After half an hour, the four people had cleaned the grilled fish.

“I cannot eat more, so full.” You Qing Wen rubbed her stomach after eating.

Zheng Ming Yue finally had the time to ask. “Where did you get the grilled fish? Is the restaurant selling?”

“I made it.” Yun Ling’s stomach was full, and she was content. “I was lucky and caught a catfish so I made grilled fish.”

The spices came from the shop, they have a long shelf life and have not expired.

The secret spicy sauce had been made with game materials.

In conclusion, this had taken some effort. But it was delicious, and everything was worth it.

“Next time, when there is a chance, we will invite you to a good meal,” Zheng Ming Yue promised.

Yun Ling laughed. “Okay.”

Seeing Lu Chuan remain there, a light flashed in Zheng Ming Yue’s mind, and he found an excuse to leave first with his girlfriend.

There was only Yun Ling and Lu Chuan at the table.

Yun Ling was too lazy to move after being full, and sat in the chair to rest.

“I was thinking of finding you,” Lu Chuan took out materials from the backpack as he spoke. There were food recipes and sewing blueprints. “Since I accidentally encountered you, then take these.”

Yun Ling looked at the pile, and felt very depressed. “It has been raining for two days, where did you get so many drops?”

“I am an archer. I can hunt even if I do not leave Rising Cloud Village,” Lu Chuan laughed softly. “In the night, the monsters band together to attack. This is like coming to give me equipment.”

Yun Ling:”……”

Listen to this. Was this something that a normal person would say?

“During rainy days, it is not convenient to go out. But through study, I have found that rain gear like bamboo hats and straw raincoats can decrease the effect of the rain,” Yun Ling mentioned. “If you need some, I can give one or two to you.”

“No need,” Lu Chuan said. “I have been pretty well staying in the village these days, and my gains are not worse than when I go out to hunt.”

Hearing this, Yun Ling did not persist. She put away the items and was in a good mood.

After saying what he wanted to, Lu Chuan finally stood up. “Thank you for the hospitality, let’s eat together next time there is a chance.”

“Okay.” Yun Ling responded. She put the grill tray, the wood chopsticks, and the wool bowls in the collection point.

Soon, Chef A would put the dining ware in the kitchen water trough. Then when the dining ware was cleaned, they would be put back into the hall for the customers to use next time.

Translator Ramblings: Yun Ling is the bank if this is a monopoly game.

Example of spicy grilled fish

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