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Chapter 37 – Spring Rain 3


The men played cards by the fire, the women were weaving and chatting together, and the old people were telling stories to the children. The air had a joyful and harmonious air.

Shi Jian Shan took Liang Hui and finally reached Rising Cloud Village after experiencing great hardship.

But just as they came close, the system suddenly gave a notification, [You have found “Rising Cloud Village.”]

[Will you spend 5 copper coins to become a temporary resident of this territory? (24 hours)]

[Will you spend 100 copper coins to become an official resident of this territory? (Permanent)]

Shi Jian Shan had no money. How could he pay the overnight fee?

He gritted his teeth, and suddenly shouted, “Cheap equipment for sale! White dagger, 14/20 durability, only 30 copper coins! If you want it, come quickly!”

“Hey —” Liang Hui pulled Shi Jian Shan’s sleeve, wanting to talk.

While Shi Jian Shan said that he had picked up the dagger and it would be a profit to sell. They had managed to reach Rising Cloud Village alive due to the dagger. If they sold the equipment, they had tonight’s fee, but what about the future?

“Either we go our own ways now, or you listen to me,” Shi Jian Shan lowered his voice, and said quickly, “doesn’t worry, I know.”

Liang Hui opened his mouth, but said nothing, and his hand let go.

What could he say?

Shi Jian Shan had more ideas than he did.

If the other had not been prepared, the two of them would have died long ago.

Remembering this, Liang Hui closed his mouth and pretended to be a statue.

“You want to sell the dagger?” A thin and tanned man walked over.

“Yes,” Shi Jian Shan nodded, “just one price, 30 copper coins.”

The man saw the two had panicked looks and were in a sorry state. His eyes moved. “White quality, 14/20 durability, it is not worth 30 copper coins. How about 15 copper coins? If you want to sell, I will do a good deed and help you.”

Liang Hui ground his teeth together, trying to hold himself back from fighting the other.

How could a white weapon not be worth 30 copper coins? They needed money so they were selling so cheaply! There usually won’t be such a low price on the market.

He knew that the other guessed that they needed money so he was pushing the price low and wanted to benefit more.

In other words, taking advantage of another’s difficulties!

Liang Hui’s eyes were red.

“How about it?” The thin and tanned man looked indifferent. “If you miss me, you may not be able to find someone else.”

Shi Jian Shan lowered his eyes and thought, seriously considering the feasibility of 15 copper coins.

“30 copper coins? I will buy it.” Before the two could reach an agreement, a voice sounded from the side.

The man was furious. “Who? Do you know this is first come, first served!”

Yun Ling snorted. “You only want it if it is 15 copper coins. I think you are not sincere. Move aside, do not block me from paying.”

Seeing the incomer having multiple purple lights, the thin and tanned man froze and then left angrily.

“Here, 30 copper coins.” Yun Ling paid.

Shi Jian Shan stilled and then said in a hoarse voice, “…you do not need white equipment, or to buy this at the original price.”

“It is raining recently, and not convenient to wear purple equipment out,” Yun Ling said casually, “30 copper coins for a dagger is very cheap, and I am not suffering a loss.”

After being bullied by the original team, Shi Jian Shan had managed to clench his teeth and make his way through without crying for the first time. Now, when he received rare kindness, he felt an urge to cry. “Thank you.”

“Thanks for what? I am benefiting.”

After finishing the transaction, Yun Ling casually waved her hand and left.

“Damn! Damn! She is wearing several purple pieces of equipment!” After she left, Liang Hui repeated. “Our former trash leader was so proud of having two purple equipment. Compared to her, he is just trash!”

“Close your mouth, and prepare to enter the territory,” Shi Jian Shan warned.

Copper coins -10, they finally entered the village.

“What do you plan to do?” Liang Hui asked.

“Go in and walk around.” Shi Jian Shan did not give any details.

Liang Hui could only follow him.

After moving around Rising Cloud Village, Liang Hui’s mouth could not close. “Damn! Why are there so many people in the territory? Let me count…there must be three to four hundred??”

“Damn damn damn! Why so many buildings? Mission Hall, Woodworking Workshop, Tailor Shop, Warehouse, Restaurant…there are also wood houses? !”

“Damn damn! The players here know how to make their own equipment! A new pair of straw sandals are selling for 20 copper coins…now, it does seem that white equipment is not worth much.”

Liang Hui became more shocked as they walked. He did not know how to express the astonishment he felt, and could only keep on swearing to show his surprise.

“You cannot say that,” Shi Jian Shan looked around, and said in a low voice, “straw sandals are easy to weave, and there are many substitutes. A dagger needs a blacksmith shop. The village does not have one. They are both white equipment, but the supplies are different, and the prices are different.”

Liang Hui, “……”

Liang Hui said, “You learned well in social studies.”

Shi Jian Shan glanced at his companion and did not speak.

Liang Hui rubbed his nose, and knew that he had been slightly embarrassing just now. He was helpless. “I do not want to act like I just came out of the mountains…wasn’t I just surprised?”

They were both villages, but Setting Sun was much worse than Rising Cloud. One was like the heavens, the other the earth. They could not be compared.

“You have been so shocked for so long, but did not find that while it is raining outside, it is dry inside the village?” Shi Jian Shan was speechless.

Liang Hui, “???”

Liang Hui, “!!!”

He looked up and then realized that rain was coming down from the sky. The defensive shield on top of the territory blocked the rain completely.

“Heavens!” This time, Liang Hui changed his world.

Shi Jian Shan thought inside, if he was strong enough, he would have left this person alone and acted on his own.

He touched the large stack of waterproof tung rag paper by his chest, and was slightly reassured. When it was raining, people needed umbrellas. Bamboo frames, and rag paper to make oil umbrellas. This was his greatest support in surviving away from the team.


Day 14.

It was a rare sunny day.

To prevent the sudden changes in the weather and the demand for the rain gear, Yun Ling ordered Mage B to stay in the territory and continue to make bamboo hats.

She herself put on the bamboo hat, stored away the straw raincoat, and planned to go out with Guard A and the others.

Because they had been trapped by the rain, they treasured each minute and second of free movement even more.

Not yet 8, the players were eager to leave the door.

“Yesterday, when coming to Rising Cloud Village, we encountered a boss,” Shi Jian Shan stood up and said loudly, “does anyone want to team up and fight the boss? Just 20 copper coins for the news and I will lead the way.”


The players perked up their ears and looked sideways.

One person asked, “Where? Is it far from here? How many minutes by walking?”

Shi Jian Shan calculated and answered, ” Not far, but not near. About thirty minutes by foot.”

“Who knows if this is true or not?” Another person was suspicious. “If we are fooled, where do we go to get justice?”

“If I am lying, will you spare me?” Shi Jian Shan said with a stern expression. “I have no need to risk my life for just 20 copper coins.”

“I will buy this,” Yun Ling said first.

She looked at Shi Jian Shan and said seriously, “If this is a lie, then just admit it. If I go and do not find a boss, I will make it so you cannot stay in Rising Cloud Village.”

As the lord, she had some special powers. For example, blacklisting a certain player forever so they could not enter the territory.

Seeing that this was the person who bought the dagger last night, and their character was trustworthy, Shi Jian Shan secretly sighed in relief, “I am not lying, I am speaking the truth.”

“Then that is good,” Yun Ling said.


At 8, the players surged out, all of them busy.

Before leaving, many life skills players greeted Xiao Ying, “Be safe.”

“Remember to bring back the materials we need.”

“Do not forget.”

“I will not,” Xiao Ying said solemnly, “wheat straw, flour, wild vegetables, bamboo leaves. I remember them all!”

In the past, life skills players had to gather the materials that they needed themselves.

Xiao Ying found the business opportunity and found the life skills players, asking them if they were willing to have her help gather the materials.

This way, the people who foraged foraged, the ones who wove wove, and each had a clear division of duties.

The life skills players did not have to go into danger outside and had more time to craft; Xiao Ying helped forage for materials and had a steady income.

Both sides won.

Hearing her suggestions, some had laughed at Xiao Ying for dreaming and being crazy for money. Other people felt that this saved effort and were willing to spend the money.

Xiao Ying guessed her walking and movement ability, and took on four jobs. Later, when people called her to help, she refused with the reason of “too busy.”

Wearing the second-hand backpack she had just bought, Xiao Ying happily set off.


At the same time, after paying 20 copper coins, Yun Ling asked, “Where is the boss?”

“Come with me.” Shi Jian Shan led the way in the front.

After walking five minutes, they coincidentally encountered two monsters.

Shi Jian Shan just wanted to say “dodge,” when he saw the close combat members charge up.

The sticks swung, the daggers slashed, and the arrows flew. In the blink of an eye, the two monsters were dead.

Yun Ling picked up the drops. “Continue.”

Shi Jian Shan was shocked. Whether it was the cooperation, the quality of the equipment, or the number of the skills, this team surpassed all the teams he had been in before. If he could join…

Just as the thoughts rose, Shi Jian Shan shook his head hard.

No, he had suffered once. He would not join any team in the future!

If he had the skills, he could eat meat. If he did not have the skills, he would make a living by digging wild vegetables and would not depend on other people.

After deciding this, Shi Jian Shan strode in the direction of the destination.

After walking for twenty-five minutes, the group passed through a purple bamboo forest to an oak forest.

Yun Ling frowned. “I have come here before. I did not see a boss.”

Shi Jian Shan was calm. “Because it is sleeping and it will only come out at night.”

Then he picked up a stone and threw it far.

Snap! The stone hit the largest and thickest oak tree in the forest.

Soon, the stone bounced away, and nothing happened.

Shi Jian Shan had an expression of helplessness. “You may need to come here at night.”

Yun Ling thought for a moment. “You mean you found an oak tree boss?”

“Yes,” Shi Jian Shan admitted, “last night when my friend and I were traveling, we seemed to see the oak tree stand up. It had a name.”

“We were given a fright, and just turned and ran. But it was slow to move. Otherwise, it would have caught us.”

If this was an oak tree boss, it was very possible to not find the other’s traces.

Thinking about it, Yun Ling motioned to Mage A. “Fire attack.”

All trees feared fire. If the other was not lying, the boss would wake up if hit with a fire attack.

Mage A nodded, and cast a spell. “Fireball.”

When the fire ball hit the oak tree, a furious howl suddenly sounded in the air.

In the next second, the oak tree stood up. The tree trunk turned to limbs, and an old human face appeared.

Shi Jian Shan retreated imperceptibly as though he wanted to be far from the battlefield.

Yun Ling did not stop him. She took out her equipment and started to prepare.

[Name: Venom]

Quality: Premium

Use Effect: A portion can be applied to the dagger 3 times, increasing 5 points of offense, lasts half an hour. (2/3)

[Name: Rice Cake]

Quality: Normal

Use Effect: Base recovery speed +2 HP per minute (lasts 1 hour)

When the venom was applied to the orange dagger, it would create extra damage.

When the rice cake was consumed, the base recovery speed would increase.

After preparing, the oak tree boss was rushing over with a howl.

“The oak tree boss has 4 skills,” Yun Ling said loudly.

“A single target skill ‘Crash’ that can make the target freeze.”

“A crowd attack ‘Whipping.’ The tree branches will suddenly attack.”

“A passive skill ‘Self Healing’, recover 10% of HP. Cooldown 2 minutes.”

“A passive skill ‘Camouflage’. They will look like normal oak trees when they are dormant.”

In conclusion, this was a hardy boss with a great ability to heal itself.

Lucky that it was not raining today.

Just as the thought rose, Yun Ling swept a look at the six pieces of equipment that she wore —

[Name: Soft Armor (Enchanted)]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 69/70

Equip Effect: Stamina +10

Special Effect: -20% damage received.

Enchantment Effect: Stamina +5

[Name: Fish Scale Shield]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 69/70

Equip Effect: Stamina +10

Special Effect: -20% damage received.

[Name: Venomous Dragon Fang (Dagger)]

Quality: Legendary

Durability: 97/100

Equip Effect: Strength +20.

Special Effect: The attack has a 30% chance of creating extra toxin damage.

[Name: Power Ring]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 68/70

Equip Effect: +10 Strength.

Special Effect: +20% attack power.

[Name: Bull Ring]

Quality: Rare

Durability: 67/70

Equip Effect: +12 Strength.

Special Effect: +3 Stamina.

[Name: Cloth Shoes]

Quality: Premium

Durability: 34/40

Equip Effect: +4 Agility.

1 orange, 4 purple, and 1 blue. She looked very dazzling.

In reality, Yun Ling was super strong and could rival a boss. With the help of the NPCs, winning was just a problem of time.

Thinking like this, she focused on defense, only attacking occasionally, and left the job of creating damage to the NPCs.

“Hiss —”At the side, Shi Jian Shan sucked in a sharp breath, amazed inside.

He had seen players fight bosses in the past. The battle was always fierce, and the process dangerous. Would it be like this team right now, beating down on the boss from start to end?

The boss had a self-healing skill, and should be very difficult. When ordinary teams met this boss, they would have a headache due to this skill.

But the self-healing of the oak tree boss just made Shi Jian Shan think of a term — the last gasp before death.

This was clearly a difference in strength. One side was far stronger than the other and this created a beatdown.

As he thought, the boss was covered in wounds, and almost done for.

Yun Ling shoved the dagger into the trunk, and cleanly ended the battle.

The boss was dead, and the items dropped to the ground.

145 x copper coins, 17 x wood, 13 x dead branches, purple staff, purple quiver, blue longbow, blue rattan armor, white boots, white ring, 1 x purple skill card, 1 x blue skill card.

There were not many items but they were of good quality.

Yun Ling gave the purple staff to Mage A. She would take the purple quiver back for Archer B. She would put the white equipment in her storage, and the blue equipment was for the NPCs with her to put on immediately.

The only pity was that there were no enchantment crystals in the drop. Otherwise, her equipment could have an enchantment effect.

She got three purple items, she should be satisfied.

Yun Ling side as she inspected the skill card.

[Name: Self-Healing]

Quality: A-rank

Use Effect: Restores 20 HP each time. 2 minute cooldown.

[Name: Camouflage (Passive Skill)]

Quality: B-rank

Skill Effect: Conceal your tracks so the enemies cannot sense you.

Yun Ling gave the “Self-Healing” skill card to Guard B, the “Camouflage” skill card to Assassin A. The splitting of the spoils was finished.

On the way back, Shi Jian Shan requested, “I want to get some materials from the purple bamboo forest. Could you wait for me for awhile?”

After killing the boss and getting rich drops, Yun Ling was in a good mood. “I also need to harvest in the bamboo forest. Let’s go together.”

Hearing this, Shi Jian Shan felt settled and sighed in relief.


Returning to Rising Cloud Village, Yun Ling discovered to her shock there were many unfamiliar faces in the village.

She looked again —

[Population Capacity: 1000]

[Existing Residents: 423 (Official Residents 96,Temporary Residents 327)]

The number of territory residents had quickly increased, and there were even more official residents than before.

“If there is nothing else, I am going first.” Shi Jian Shan had cut down many bamboo stalks from the forest and they were on his back, tied up with rattan. He was having a hard time walking.

“Next time you find a boss, you can come tell me,” Yun Ling said.

“Okay,” Shi Jian Shan responded.

The two added each other as friends and then left.

Shi Jian Shan walked a step at a time.

Liang Hui saw him and ran over to help. “You are back? Were you successful?”

Shi Jian Shan put down the materials and was relieved. “More simple than expected.”

Probably because he encountered a good person.

He rubbed his shoulders, and asked Liang Hui, “Have you finished what I told you?”

“How could I not care about what you told me?” Liang Hui took out stick knives, small saws, and chisels from his pocket.

“Okay.” Shi Jian Shan nodded. “You watch over the luggage here. I will be back soon.”

“Hey! What do you want to do?” Liang Hui shouted.

But Shi Jian Shan walked hurriedly and did not even look back.

Liang Hui covered his face, feeling a headache. “What does he want to do? Why does he not speak clearly…”

Shi Jian Shan walked to a small stall. “I can pick any three items for 10 copper coins, right?”

The stall owner nodded. “Right, this is the rule.”

Shi Jian Shan immediately took out 10 copper coins, and bought three large rolls of rag paper.

“In reality, the other things are not bad, you won’t take a look?” Seeing that he did not hesitate to take out money, the stall owner greeted him with unusual enthusiasm.

“No need.” Then Shi Jian Shan moved to another stall — the rag paper he had just bought had not been brushed with tung oil, and was just average at repelling water. He needed to use the rest of the money to buy tung oil.

Speaking of this, Rising Cloud Village was a strange place. It had all sorts of items, everything. He did not know where the players got these things.

After buying a small bucket of tung oil, Shi Jian Shan came back with the rolls of rag paper.

“What are these?” Liang Hui was shocked when he saw Shi Jian Shan with the bags.

“Do not waste words! Come and help me,” Shi Jian Shan urged.

The two of them, one pulling the rag paper, and the other brushing the oil, took a lot of effort to apply oil to all the rag paper.

“Hey,” Liang Hui collapsed on the ground, his face black and intimidating, “speak clearly. Otherwise, I will go on strike!”

Shi Jian Shan sat down to rest and glanced at Liang Hui. He was finally willing to speak. “Right now, it is spring, and it rains a lot. I am planning to make bamboo umbrellas.”

During the rainy season, rain gear always sold the best.

Liang Hui was shocked. “These things…”

“All materials to make umbrellas,” Shi Jian Shan answered.

Originally, he had already gotten some paper, but when walking in Rising Cloud Village, he had accidentally seen the tong oil and the rag paper being sold separately.

He thought, when the bamboo umbrellas were made and sold, the prices of the materials would rise as well. Since he had spare money now, it was better to buy the materials beforehand.

Now, while he had to take a considerable risk, if he succeeded, he would be rich instantly!

Shi Jian Shan thought that he just had one life, and he could not compare to other players of viciousness or marital strength.

But he had a quick mind, and knew how to make umbrellas. The heavens gave him a chance, and if he did not grab it, it would be unspeakable.

If he made the business, if he had capital, he could do many other things.

Due to this, Shi Jian Shan was hurrying to prepare.

Liang Hui said hesitantly, “But it is not raining today …”

Who were they making umbrellas for.

Shi Jian Shan was not in agreement. “There is a lot of rain in spring. Maybe, on another day, it will rain again. Then, they will either be stuck in the territory, or they will go out with umbrellas.”

Liang Hui, “……”

I feel you are thinking too much.

“You were so secretive I thought you had a good idea.” Liang Hui felt a hint of powerlessness. “If you wanted to make umbrellas, why did you not say so? Why hide it?”

Shi Jian Shan was silent.

This was the idea he finally came up with, and his only chance to rise. He would not allow anything to happen!

If he had told Liang Hui and he could not keep his mouth shut and spoke of it? What if he had other intentions and worked together with someone else?

Regarding his future and his life, he had to guard against it.

“We have materials and tools. Just say, will you do this?” Shi Jian Shan did not want to argue. “If you are not willing, I will find someone else.”

“I am willing, why not? You saved my life. I will listen to what you say,” Liang Hui gave up. “Isn’t it just bamboo umbrellas? Yes yes yes.”

According to Shi Jian Shan, his maternal grandfather had been a hand crafter. He had frequently made bamboo umbrellas and bamboo fans during his childhood and taught him as well.

While it was long ago, and his memories were blurred, he remembered the general steps, and it was not hard to make something.

Liang Hui thought it was not hard to make, but may be difficult to sell. If it did not rain, who would buy umbrellas from him?

He thought this, but he said nothing, and worked as Shi Jian Shan’s assistant.

Shi Jian Shan was not boasting when he said he remembered the general steps. After a few attempts, the pair quickly made something.

[Name: Bamboo Umbrella (Rain Gear)]

Quality: Normal

Durability: 10/10

Equip Effect: +1 Stamina.

“It is at least a piece of equipment. Do you think if you price it 10 copper coins, you will be able to sell it?” Liang Hui suddenly wondered.

Shi Jian Shan put away the umbrella and said coolly, “I will not sell for 10 copper coins.”

Liang Hui, “……”

“If you do not sell the umbrella, what will we eat? Drink? Where to sleep at night?” he asked.

Shi Jian Shan replied, “There are potatoes in the bag. You can roast them.”

“There is a river near the village, and if you are thirsty, you can drink.”

“We also have some copper coins, and we do not have to worry about being driven out of the village. If this does not work, we can go get materials from outside, and sell them for money.”

Seeing that Shi Jian Shan was determined to wait for a rainy day and sell for a high price, Liang Hui sighed. “Okay, I will listen to you.”

Liang Hui was very pessimistic, and did not think the bamboo umbrellas would sell well. In reality, players that had some spare money were very willing to buy an umbrella in advance to prepare.

“How are you selling the umbrella?” Just as the bamboo umbrella was made, someone saw it and came to ask the price.

“10…” Liang Hui instinctively quoted. Seeing Shi Jian Shan’s dark face out of the corner of his eyes, he immediately wilted, and stopped.

“10 copper coins?” Hearing the price, the player’s eyes lit up.

Shi Jian Shan shook his head. “You heard wrong.”

“Sunny day, 30 copper coins.”

“Rainy day, 50 copper coins.”

“You are planning to butcher your customers!” The player’s eyes were wide.

Shi Jian Shan said calmly, “Not enough materials, so I cannot make many umbrellas. If you want to buy, do it early.”

“Who will spend 30 copper coins on an umbrella that only has 10 durability at maximum!” The player said furiously, “15 copper coins is about enough!”

At the side, Liang Hui’s eyes were wide and he did not believe his ears. If he was in charge, he would have agreed to 15 copper coins…

“This is rain gear and also equipment. There will be many that want to buy.” Shi Jian Shan did not bow. “Buying on sunny days saves more money than on rainy days.”

“Also, even if it is not raining, it is not a loss to spend 30 copper coins to buy equipment that increases endurance.”

“I buy an umbrella to use on rainy days. If it is not raining, why will I buy it?” The player argued.

“30 copper coins for one? You are just stealing money!”

“Why don’t we both take a step back, 20 copper coins? If you agree, I will pay immediately!”

Liang Hui wanted to urge Shi Jian Shan to not be so stubborn, and agree.

But Shi Jian Shan was determined, and did not let go of 30 copper coins as the price.

As the customer spoke more, he would urge the other to be fast and that he would not be able to buy if he was late.

After half an hour, the player was almost parched from arguing and there was no development.

He was furious, and smashed 30 copper coins on the table. “30 copper coins? I’ll buy it!”

Then, he left, holding the umbrella.

Liang Hui, “……”

Didn’t he say that no one would buy an umbrella at 30 copper coins? Why did you take out the money?

Why couldn’t people be more honest between them?

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