修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eighteen “Soup”

In a fantasy world, it’s always okay to believe in prophecies, pick up strange objects and entities and have them so grateful they will help you.

Chapter Eighteen Soup

In the seclusion room, Zuo Mo mediated with his legs in the lotus position.

He was furiously practising [Embryonic Breathing Spirit Cultivation], the damned [Embryonic Breathing Spirit Cultivation]!

The damned Pu Yao!

He cursed the maniac countless times. After exploding yesterday night, he was brutally oppressed. His consciousness was once again heavily wounded, torn to pieces by Pu Yao. The result of the wounds in his consciousness was the heart-wrenching pain. Now, without needing Pu Yao’s urging, he furiously practised [Embryonic Breathing Spirit Cultivation].

Once his head cooled down, Zuo Mo wanted to cry. That night, he should have never gone to the ling fields. Thinking about Pu Yao, that coldness and cunning that could burrow into the bones, it was like a venomous snake slowly sliding up the bottom of his pants. That uncontrollable terror spread through the entire body.

The brutal suppression last night, it also made him attain a deep understanding of an unattainable gap between the power levels of the two of them.

A strong, perverse madman!

Zuo Mo already expected that his future was a patch of darkness.

This guy didn’t have goodwill from the very start. From the black sea in the beginning, to the sword energy, and his spirit being wounded, then to [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], step by step, he became the lamb being led to slaughter.

The pitiful him, he had though that there was only a bad-tempered neighbour living in there, he didn’t think it was a wicked yaomo.

If he was only suspicious before, now he was one hundred percent sure that Pu was yaomo. Other than yaomo, who would be so evil?

Slowly waking up, like the chaos before creation, Zuo Mo opened his eyes and lightly breathed out that breath of air that had been circulating inside his body all this time.

This breath was long and continuous. When it was being exhaled, it was as concise as an arrow.

Zuo Mo felt slightly reassured. This [Embryonic Breathing Spirit Cultivation] was a miracle. The pain in his spirit had lessened greatly and he could clearly feel his spirit stabilizing. When Pu Yao had just flicked his finger last night, his consciousness had almost been completely scattered.

He didn’t know where [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] came from. The words were cryptic and hard to understand. The syntax it used was the opposite of the jade stick that Zuo Mo had brought. He had used a lot of energy before he barely managed to understand the first chapter.

He didn’t think to go ask Pu Yao. The lessons in tears and blood told him, to try to take advantage of that guy, just wait to get tricked.

The first chapter was called [Chapter of Spiritual Concentration], it talked about how to meditate and condense the spirit, stabilizing the consciousness.

This was exactly what Zuo Mo needed at the moment. After continuous injury, his consciousness was almost in shreds. If he couldn’t fix it soon, it was probably that he could enter madness. As to the one breath Pu Yao mentioned, it meant being able to complete a whole embryonic breath.

Embryonic breath was the core of [Embryonic Breath Spiritual Cultivation] and it was the most basic cultivation method. It was also a kind of breathing that Zuo Mo hadn’t even heard of. Supposedly, it originated in the breathing of humans when they were embryos. They didn’t need to use mouth and nose to breath, but required to use the entire body as opening, take the air as thin strands and suck it in bit by bit before spreading it throughout the body. Hundreds of these tiny streams of air would circulate through the body, merge and then exhaled through the nose and mouth.

The holes and points on the body were like the stars in a galaxy. They couldn’t be measured. The nose and mouth were the biggest, the points on the body were second. The most abundant were those small, unable to be seen tiny holes that spread around the body.

Zuo Mo was very curious how the elder that had created this scripture had thought of such an outlandish method. Like goes with like. The scripture that Pu Yao, that crazy abnormal madman, threw out, it was just as abnormal as him.

He still couldn’t find a way to finish a whole embryonic breath.

Pu Yao’s words weren’t empty threats. It was clearly written in the [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. The last few days, he was really still using his nose and mouth to breath. No matter what, his first priority was stabilizing his spirit. If his spirit was unstable, just the occasional pain was enough to take Zuo Mo’s little life.

But when Zuo Mo’s consciousness managed to slightly stabilize, he would have to face a question. The question of completing a whole embryonic breath. One breath, it was the trademark of the introduction to [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

The deadline of three months was like a cloud over his head.

When he thought about the light of insanity in Pu Yao’s eyes when he talked about torture, Zuo Mo was certain if he really couldn’t achieve one breath in the three months and was facing a reversal of blood flow, Pu Yao would be watching in interest from the side at his painful state.

Such a tragic life!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and cursed the renyao inside, the fires of anger burning.

Suddenly, news from the sound tablet beside him aroused his attention.

“Continuing after the increase in price of the ling grains last month, this month’s ling grains price once again increases. The demand for high grade ling grains has greatly increased, pulling along the price of low-grade ling grains to also increase……”

He shook. The price of ling grains were rising! This was undoubtedly the best news he heard in the last few days.

Pu Yao suddenly came out: “Such an interesting thing.”

Zuo Mo started with wide eyes. A long pause later, he finally managed to react, pointing at Pu Yao, incoherently asking: “You you you ran out?”

Pu Yao blinked his dark red right eye: “Why why why can’t I come out?”

“Don’t you have to stay in the consciousness?” Zuo Mo asked dumbly.

“Who told you that?” Pu Yao turned to him, face baffled, as he asked in return.

Zuo Mo was speechless. Inside, he couldn’t help but wail. It seemed that he didn’t even have the last bit of bargaining power. So the other could really move out ……

Pu Yao listened for a while and yawned: “Oh, looks like a war is starting.”

“War?” Zuo Mo didn’t understand.

Pu Yao didn’t explain. He swept the sound tablet into his grasp, and faintly stated: “This thing is mine now.” Before the voice landed, he disappeared with the sound tablet.

“Damned renyao!” Zuo Mo’s furious shout echoed in empty yard.

At this time, he suddenly heard someone knocking on the door.

Zuo Mo was curious inside. Who could it be? Usually, no one would run to his place here. Running over and opening the door, Xiao Guo pitifully stood outside.

She was holding a clay pot in her hands. Seeing Zuo Mo, her body instantly shrunk back, and timidly greeted: “Shixiong.”

“What’s the problem now?” Zuo Mo rarely had a good mood for this little bit of trouble. For some reason, whenever he saw the timidity on Xiao Guo’s face, he could never control his tone of voice.

“No no!” Xiao Guo shook her head like a rattle-drum, hurriedly explaning: “Xiao Guo has come to give something to Shixiong. Last time when Shixiong helped Xiao Guo, Xiao Guo hadn’t thanked Shixiong.”

As she spoke, her little mouth twisted, and the mist in her eyes rose, with tears in her voice, she muttered: “Xiao Guo doesn’t have jingshi……”

Seeing the direction wasn’t right, Zuo Mo hurriedly shouted: “Stop!”

Xiao Guo was frightened to shrink back even more, but her crying instantly disappeared.

She carefully put the clay pot in front of Zuo Mo and like a rabbit, she jumped back. She timidly looked at Zuo Mo and gathered her courage to say: “This is some soup Xiao Guo made, Shixiong……Shixiong, just take a sip, you just have to take one sit……”

Before she could finish speaking, she descended into incoherency, her face so red due to anxiety it almost bled. She couldn’t control it and covered her face as she turned and ran.

After running a few dozen steps, she suddenly stopped. Hesitating, she turned and yelled: “Shixiong, if it really doesn’t taste good, you ……you should throw it out……”

Zuo Mo watched as Xiao Guo disappeared and then at the clay pot in front of his feet. He bent down and lifted it.

The soup was still warm.

Raising the clay pot, he took a mouthful. The soup was thick and fragrant.

“The taste isn’t bad.” Zuo Mo said to himself. He drained it to the bottom and turned, holding the empty pot, to go back to his room.

Pu Yao suddenly emerged, the crimson snake-like tongue unable to resist licking the lips, his two eyes gazing in the direction Xiao Guo disappeared in: “Such a tender little girl.”

Zuo Mo stared in shock at him.

Pu Yao turned around his peerlessly handsome face. At this time, he seemed like a gluttonous cat, the light flashing in his deep red eye: “Such good lucky, this little girl’s meat definitely would be very tender and delicious.”

Zuo Mo suddenly erupted, raising his hand to viciously throw the empty pot in his right hand at Pu Yao.

Bang, the pot cracked, the pieces scattering.

“Get lost!”

The Thousand Wings Ship stopped in midair.

Li Xian Er looked at the green moon star outside the window, her fine brows furrowed: “It’s seems that the little yao ran away. Uncle Chi Ye, has there been a reply from the sect?”

Chi Ye zhenren shook his head: “Miss, there are thousands of yaomo suppressed under the Yao Smelting Tower. And it was a long time ago, there’s nothing to research. Most of them came from the great battle three thousand years ago, captured by our sect’s supreme power. Most of these yaomo are ones of great power, difficult to kill so they were suppressed under the Yao Smelting Power, to be slowly destroyed. I’ve never though that these yaomo were this tenacious. After three thousand years, yet there were still survivors!”

Li Xian Er revealed a reminiscing expression: “Three thousand years ago, our sect was so strong!”

Chi Ye zhenren sighed as well: “Not just our sect. Three thousand years ago, each sect in in the cultivation world were far more powerful than now. The ten thousand strong alliance of the yaomo were completely eradicated by the elders. And it was that battle that the xiuzhe established today’s status.”

And then he gave an expression full of pity: “However, even though the yaomo were almost completely captured, but the xiuzhe were also greatly wounded. Only one in ten of the great powers remained. Many sects fell in that great war, countless scriptures were lost. Three thousand years, and the xiuzhe still cannot recover to the prosperity of the past. However, compared to us, the blow the yaomo suffered were even greater. These years, have you seen them ever break through the Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie?”

Li Xian Er listened, entranced. Even though it was history she already knew but hearing it each time, it still captured her mind.

“Grandpa is calling me back.” She pouted her little mouth, face full of unwillingness: “It was so hard getting a chance to come out, and this was so short and he’s urging me back. We didn’t even catch the little yao yet. If we return, it should wait after I catch the little yao.”

Chi Ye zhenren looked at the innocence on her face and a hint of indulgence flashed across his face, but he still urged: “Miss, the sect leader urging Miss to go back, it’s probably due to another matter.”

“What matter could there be?” She lightly snorted: “Probably just another genius of some sect that has come. Grandpa is really obsessed with those sword xiu lately. I really hate the sword xiu, each of them arrogant and disrespectful.”

Chi Ye zhenren smiled, replying: “These days, didn’t Miss play very happily with a sword xiu?”

“You mean that funny idiot, who said he’s a sword xiu?” Li Xian Er refuted.

“Tian Yue Jie is the territory of sword xiu. Here, out of ten people, nine are sword xiu.”

“Maybe he’s just that one.” Li Xian Er objected. She suddenly revealed a distressed expression: “Returning, I won’t have a way to use the little thousand cranes. It was so hard to find an interesting person, but I can’t play anymore.”

Seeing the vexation on her face, Chi Ye zhenren couldn’t bear it: “If Miss likes it, why don’t I make a transportation formation at Tian Yue Jie and get a disciple to guard it. Miss’ Thousand Guide Crane can come through the transportation formation. Once it gets over, the thousand guide crane can automatically find him.”

Li Xian Er was happy: “Uncle Chi Ye is the best! Haha, he probably still assumes that Xian Er’s paper crane is the normal little thousand cranes.”

Chi Ye zhenren’s heart was comforted, and he smiled, complimenting: “The thousand guide crane that Miss invented, even the elders in the sect praise it.”

Li Xian Er proudly pouted: “Of course!”

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