Recap: A Slight Smile is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 2

I thought to match the release of my edited chapters to the episodes but they are progressing so quickly that I am behind.

Table of contents for edited chapters here and recap below.

Episode 2

I think I’m just going to comment on what has changed from the novel since this episode is still so faithful to the plot. I’ve been informed that Gu Man became the scriptwriter for this drama and as long as she was being restricted to the hotel room, she could write extremely quickly (which her editor might want to do to her to motivate her for still unfinished novel.)

Nai He: Look at my pretty bangs, yes, now you aren't ignoring me, no you aren't. Aren't my bangs pretty? (I guess any weird hairstyle words in a fantasy game, and Nai He's hairstyle is very traditional."
Nai He: Look at my pretty bangs, yes, now you aren’t ignoring me, no you aren’t. Aren’t my bangs pretty? (I guess any weird hairstyle words in a fantasy game, and Nai He’s hairstyle is very traditional. They are both wearing solid color robes and then a gauze outer layer … … couple clothing.)

The introduction to Xiao Nai’s friends comes right after Nai He’s marriage proposal in episode 1.

(Text:We want to see your spouse.) Xiao Nai in the front of the shot, Yu Gong is the guy with his hand on Xiao Nai’s shoulder and speaking, Hou Zi Jiu is the one in green and Mo Zha Ta is the one on the bunk bed.

Yu Gong charged into the dorm room and shouts that he has hope of leaving behind his single status. Apparently, he is now in contact with Meng Yi Ran’s roommate and they have invited him to help fix her computer. The scheme about this was already explained in episode one. The other two agree to go but Hou Zi Jiu mentions that the girls might want Xiao Nai instead. Xiao Nai rejects the invitation by stating he is getting a “spouse” in the game and as a person that has a “family,” it is not appropriate for him to fix another girl’s computer. Along the way, Hou Zi Jiu confuses Meng Yi Ran with Meng Hao Ran and Yu Gong corrects him by stating Meng Hao Ran is author of the Song of Everlasting Hate (which is actually authored by Bai Ju Yi.


The five
The five come together on their first mission to kill monsters. Mo Zha Ta is the one with the side-bangs on the left, Hou Zi Jiu the one with the armored hand (and apparently able to control a huge metal puppet), while Yu Gong is the one in white hair (and the healer of the group.) I have to say that Yu Gong actually doesn’t look too bad with the white hair and I’m curious if they put the white hair as a reference to the idiom and the story.

The four of them gather at the dorm table as the three want to meet Wei Wei online. The dialogue with Wei Wei is expanded and now there is a mention of discrimination against the troop because they had been all male before. They end up fighting bamboo monsters (all settings in the game have been altered to fit a new mmorpg that is a pretty good product placement.) Wei Wei and Nai He start planning when to get married. Nai He sets the day for two days later, and the guys try to remind him that something is happening on the day but he dismisses them with the reason that Saturday is a fortuitous day for celebration. Yu Gong banters by saying that Xiao Nai is so fussy that he  needs to pick out a perfect day for a virtual wedding in a game. I have to add I’m not translating a lot of the comedy which will not be conveyed well without the outstanding acting and physical motions that is in the scene. For example, Hou Ji Ziu said to the other guys that “Everyone will encounter one or two scum in their life,” and then everyone stares and points at him.

It skips to two days later. Xiao Nai is preparing to go to a conference while Wei Wei is persuaded to attend a basketball game based on the fact Xiao Nai would be there. The game conference has a presentation from Xiao Nai on “L10” and he receives two offers of meetings from corporations. This is an expansion what was only mentioned in passing in the novel and I’m pretty happy that they’ve shown Xiao Nai’s game needs investment capital which didn’t appear out of thin air.

The wedding ceremony occurs exactly as in the novel except that the Xiao Yu Yao Yao family is explicitly shown in the audience. Xiao Yu Yao Yao also wavers when she is asked if she would marry Yi Xiao Nai He over Zhen Shui Wu Xiang.

Romantic honeyMOON on top of a hot air balloon.
Romantic honeyMOON on top of a hot air balloon. (Text: Are we having our honeymoon?)

There is a hot air balloon for the honeymoon! And then they start accomplishing couple quests.

A undefined time skip and Er Xi happens upon a post on the forums about a school beauty coming out of an expensive car. Wei Wei’s face has been blurred but her backpack is visible so Er Xi realizes it is Wei Wei. The time for this incident has been moved back from the novel. Wei Wei decides to go back to the dorms and “hack” with her friends to find the person who posted it. The post quickly spreads through the school and into the library where Xiao Nai is.

Due to people not keeping quiet in the library, it attracts Xiao Nai’s attention and his keen eyes see the backpack and suddenly recalls he saw it with Wei Wei. Xiao Nai seems to be unperturbed.

Da Shen has a great memory. Expected of the creeper who stared at someone for a long time.
Da Shen has a great memory. Expected of the creeper who stared at someone for a long time.

Wei Wei find out the name of the puppet account and the master account. Er Xi informs the roommates of Cao Guang and his talents in multiple languages, and his famous diplomat family. Wei Wei goes to confront Cao Guang as true to the novel.

Wei Wei is messaged by Nai He to go to Heaven Palace and ends up … … seeing Mo Dao Shi Xue being paralyzed. The incident progresses according to the novel with Wei Wei picking her worst weapon and slicing away. Then the Xiao Yu Family appears.

Wei Wei and Nai He at Heaven Palace taking revenge.
Wei Wei and Nai He at Heaven Palace taking revenge. (Text: You … … You really know how to play)

Nai He’s hair style has changed from the previous chapter where his bangs were down and he now has white armor in the form of shoulder pads and a chest plate. Wei Wei is still in her long white robes and not her cut-off sleeve armor. I wonder if they had the actors get colored contacts or added it in the editing process. A If you look closely, you can see that Nai He’s eyes aren’t brown but this weird gold. long the same line, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang also had blue eyes in addition to his white hair. Nai He confronts the Xiao Yu Family and the episode end with the line “If you don’t want to die, vanish immediately!”

Nai He being angry at his lovey-dovey time with Wei Wei being disturbed.
Nai He being angry at his lovey-dovey time with Wei Wei being disturbed.


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  1. the comment under those pics are funny~ 😀
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    the great da shen is being mocked in here~ haha~

    1. I can’t help it, for some reason, it looks creepy when it is a still. There’s romantic music and stuff when it’s playing but when it’s a still … … guy staring intensely = creepy.

    1. I went through and standardized the terminology. There were typos that other people picked out when I was posting the first time but I never changed because they were minor.
      I also translated some sentences again because they didn’t flow as well or the meaning wasn’t clear.

  2. Thank you for recapping. This was my first chinese novel that i read.. So i was a bit obsess with it. Hoping that you will continue recap.. and Hopefully there will be an english sub for this..

    1. It won’t be a picspam like episode 1, but it might be shorter than episode 2 recap. I will watch it repeatedly like I have listened to the audiobook.

  3. Thank you so much for the recap of episode 2. Now I wished I could quickly return and start the drama 😉

      1. Thank you my dear 😉 yes looks like catching up while traveling and writing about my travel experience is not going to be easy to juggle 😉 looking forward to more of your recap too

    1. Thanks so much, Ororomunroe90! I’m so excited to watch! 🙂

      And thanks for the recaps, wyhcwe! They are amazingly helpful, since I can’t understand completely everything that is being said on the drama. 🙂

  4. Hon, i think you kinda mixed up the boys in their game pseudonym in the sreencaps. Mo zha ta is the one with thegand puppet, while yu gong is the guy with side bang, asnd whitehair guy with purple lens is hou ji

  5. damn ! after watchinG love 020 i’ve been so obssessed of findinq yanGyanq’s backGRound .. i fell inlove with him the moment i watched him as nai he 😘😘
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    i recommEnd Love 020 for all those who appreciate online Games.
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