Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 3

Episode 3 Recap

I think I’m missing “important” stuff that seems minor in past episodes. On another note, love triangles and complex networks have developed.

Following from the previous episode, the Xiao Yu Family (minus Xiao Yu Yao Yao) face Wei Wei and Nai He. The incident ends with them leaving without fighting.

On second thought, I feel that Nai He (Xiao Nai) wasn’t as unaffected by the rumors as he seemed to be last episode. Capturing Mo Dao Shi Xue was to vent his anger, or that’s my theory.

Wei Wei and Nai He go for their private conversation and this diverges from the novel in that Wei Wei thanks Nai He by saying that this cheered her up after something happened in the afternoon.

The Xiao Yu Family. Xiao Yu Yao Yao is the one in orange and I'm not sure who is who of the other three
The Xiao Yu Family. Xiao Yu Yao Yao is the one in orange and I’m not sure who is who of the other three

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao learn of the incident and the females suggest making a movie to provoke Wei Wei and the others. Xiao Yu Yao Yao states she likes the seven colored outfit but Zhen Shui refuses by saying things that are bought are better than the prizes. Zhen Shui goes offline because he needs to go eat with his female cousin on his father’s side.

It switches to the campus where Meng Yi Ran and her friend, Na Na, have gotten Yu Gong to fix her computer. Yu Gong is angry when Meng Yi Ran storms off in anger when Xiao Nai didn’t arrive so Na Na has to clean up after Meng Yi Ran. Meng Yi Ran blames Na Na for the “terrible” idea and Na Na lies to her by saying Yu Gong said that Xiao Nai couldn’t come because he was busy somewhere else.


Meng Yi Ran receives a phone call from her male cousin asking to switch their meal together to today and three guesses who the caller is.

At the dinner table, Meng Yi Ran is dejected and Na Na ends up having to mediate to get Meng Yi Ran to speak. The feeling I get from Meng Yi Ran is of a very introverted person who’s connection to the world is her friend Na Na, who helps give her ideas and is much more outgoing. Zhen Shui’s real name is Zhen Shao Xiang.

Zhen Shao Xiang learns about Xiao Nai, and finds that his name is familiar because his father is the CEO of Zhen Yi Technologies, one of the companies interested in Xiao Nai’s game company and wants to buy it out as well as their employees as college companies are cheap and will not refuse. I also think that Zhen Yi Technologies is the company behind the game they are playing now but I might have missed some details. Na Na suggests to Meng Yi Ran to be an intern at her uncle’s company so she can work together with Xiao Nai if the buyout occurs.

Yu Gong comes back to dorms and rages against Meng Yi Ran. The friends discuss the offers they received from Zhen Yi Technologies and also Feng Teng. At the same time, Wei Wei and her friends receive a notice for interviews at Zhen Yi Technologies based on applications that Er Xi made in a previous episode (I didn’t even note that down because this was also in the novel… …). The day of the interviews is the same day that Xiao Nai is going to meet the Zhen Yi CEO.

Look at the smiley-face cup!
Look at the smiley-face cup!

Meng Yi Ran pouts her way with her uncle into becoming an intern and to attend the meeting between her uncle and Xiao Nai. Both Xiao Nai and Yu Gong come to the top level while Wei Wei and her friends prepare in the lobby along with other applicants. There is a focus on the teacup that has a white teashirt with a smiley face.

The meeting has Meng Yi Ran’s uncle, CEO Zhen and the gaming division manager.

Er X: The source of misunderstandings.
Er X: The source of misunderstandings.

In the lobby, Er Xi is dressed extremely strange as she thinks the interviewers would prefer interns who look like “students.” Er Xi quizzes one of the applicants that come out and the other person tells her that they asked if she had played games before and about the account they have on the game. Wei Wei is also drinking from the same teacup with the white t-shirt and smiley face (the producers must feel that they can’t go overboard with the matching couple scheme.)

Manager Li offers three million for all the rights and for the group to work in the company. Yu Gong is furious. Manage Li states that the company is already working on something similar and that there aren’t many like the CEO who would invest in college startups.

CEO Zhen then introduces Meng Yi Ran by remarking they go to the same school. Xiao Nai responds by saying he had never seen her before. Xiao Nai and Yu Gong leave and by the elevator, Yu Gong starts ranting about using such a low price to buy their entire life. Xiao Nai calms Yu Gong down by he was lying and saying if Zhen Yi Technologies was going to use unconventional tactics and use their ideas even if they were not in partnership so Xiao Nai can also use unconventional tactics. Meng Yi Ran rushes over and stops Xiao Nai. She offers to persuade her uncle to give better conditions and Xiao Nai rejects. Zhen Shao Xiang comes in after Xiao Nai leaves and Meng Yi Ran says the more Xiao Nai is aloof, the more she likes him. Meng Yi Ran wants Zhen Shao Xiang to persuade his father to go into partnership but Zhen Shao Xiang says he doesn’t have power in his father’s company.

Wei Wei hands out her puppet accounts to her friends, all of them relating to “Lu Wei” or reeds. Er Xi is up first. She drags Wei Wei into the waiting place. Zhen Shao Xiang and Meng Yi Ran wander down and Meng Yi Ran persuades her cousin to sit down in the interviews. When Er Xi goes in, she becomes intimidated and forgets the sock account Wei Wei gives her so she says “Lu Wei Wei Wei” instead. Zhen Shao Xiang is extremely shocked (this is a great comedy of errors here.)

Zhen Shao Yang: That's Lu Wei Wei Wei!
Zhen Shao Xiang: That’s Lu Wei Wei Wei!

Er Xi realizes that Zhen Shao Xiang might be a friend of Wei Wei in the game. Zhen Shao Xiang storms out of the interview room.  Wei Wei switches accounts and then the two make it out into the lobby.

Xiao Nai is waiting in the lobby for Yu Gong who got lost. Yu Gong banters about Xiao Nai accepting Meng Yi Ran. Xiao Nai turns around and sees Wei Wei.

See, the cup!
See, the cup!
Xiao Nai: Can you see me? I'm looking at you. We even had the same cup!
Xiao Nai: Can you see me? I’m looking at you. We even had the same cup!

Xiao Nai learns Wei Wei’s name from Yu Gong and he smiles after remarking the names are pretty similar. Yu Gong informs him how Wei Wei is second on the beauty ranking and is the faculty “flower” next to Meng Yi Ran’s “school flower.”

Xiao Nai ends the conversation by saying that the faculty flower is also good, and too much is a detriment.

Wei Wei leaves her group to go to her tutoring session except that she had told Cao Guang to come this time. Wei Wei’s student, Xiao Yang, is a handi-capped but extremely smart 12-year old boy who doesn’t like Cao Guang very much. At the end of the visit, Xiao Yang asks Wei Wei if Cao Guang is her boyfriend. When she says no, he said he picked one out for her and shows her an article on Xiao Nai, saying that she should aim for him.

Wei Wei: Da Shen is a genius and an untouchable deity.
Wei Wei: Da Shen is a genius and an untouchable deity.

The episode ends with Cao Guang showing Wei Wei he deleted the post and he didn’t need to see Xiao Yang’s mother.

Speculations on the future: Zhen Shao Xiang is probably a very wounded soul at the moment and will get even more wounded when he realizes that there was a mix-up. At this time, he probably thinks it was good fortune to have divorced Lu Wei Wei Wei. Also, I’m not trying to offend anyone and I don’t have a negative opinion of Xiao Nai. I just find it funny when I get stills and he is staring. The captions actually make the recap a lot more enjoyable to write for me.

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  1. Thank u for the recap and I really like your captions … They r funny … btw am I the only one who think Xiao Yu Yao Yao ‘s hair is funny ??? 😅

  2. haha, there’s is no offence to be taken. I thoroughly enjoy your caps. After all, the (almost)perfection that Xiao Nai is, there has to be flaws somewhere!!! LOL.

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