Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 4

Two episodes a day is such a treat. But I want it all now so badly, especially after this episode.

Episode 4 Recap

Cao Guang apologizes to Wei Wei for misunderstanding her and Cao Guang admits that Wei Wei is not as he expected. He asks about Xiao Yang’s paralysis which was the result of a car accident that also killed his father. Wei Wei narrates that Xiao Yang’s mother hired her to help stop Xiao Yang’s gaming addiction. Xiao Yang was the one who had caused Wei Wei to start playing the game because she wanted to understand Xiao Yang. Wei Wei states that people who cannot go out can see more people and go out to see scenery through games. Wei Wei says that Xiao Yang changed her goal into becoming a game designer.

Wei Wei find Er Xi playing the game after returning to her dorms. Er Xi refuses to have Wei Wei help her and chose a new server so she could play by herself with other beginners.

Just like in the novel, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang and Xiao Yu Yao Yao make a video and a “Lu Wei Wei Wei” appears. My personal speculation is that Zhen Shao Yang was really blown by Er Xi’s “Lu Wei Wei Wei” lie and decided to vent his frustration.

Discount Lu Wei Wei Wei
Discount Lu Wei Wei Wei (who doesn’t look as bad as I would have expected.)

Hou Ji Ziu informs Xiao Nai who is strolling that there is a video involving Wei Wei online. When Xiao Nai tells him that he is coming to the dorms, the guys have to clean up and there is a laundry fight.

The socks are what is flying in the air. Mo Zha Ta seems to really like his top bunk.
The socks are what is flying in the air. Mo Zha Ta seems to really like his top bunk.

Xiao Nai sees the video. The guys suggest to hack the post but Xiao Nai says that they will “solve it in a civilized manner.”

Civilized ... ... by making a formal challenge before beating the other up.
Civilized … … by making a formal challenge before beating the other up.

It cuts away to Cao Guang in class who is thinking back to his conversation with Wei Wei. It seems that he is starting to like her. He then finds her out on the running track where Wei Wei is running laps and also making the rounds for her friends. She rejects his invitation of a meal and he asks her if she has a boyfriend which Wei Wei replies that she does not and is not looking for one. After Cao Guang leaves, Xiao Nai runs onto the track from another entry point and Wei Wei sees him turning his head.

So Wei Wei turns around and runs in the opposite direction.

You just ran away ... ... I'm not going to chase you ... ... really am not ... ...
You just ran away … … I’m not going to chase you … … really am not … …

Er Xi is late to her move studies class but she has reserved a seat with her books that Cao Guang has taken over. Cao Guang forces her into the next seat which ends up broken so the two argue. As a result, Er Xi kicks Cao Guang.

That's a really good kick. Er Xi is very athletic even though Wei Wei is running her laps for her.
That’s a really good kick. Er Xi is very athletic even though Wei Wei is running her laps for her.

Er Xi returns to the dorms with a terrible opinion of Cao Guang.

Online, Nai He has challenged Zhen Shui Wu Xiang to two rounds. Zhen Shui only has to win one to count as victory and Nai He would take off two “divine” armaments to weaken himself. Wei Wei is informed and manages to arrive in time to watch the match. Nai He wins the first and when Xiao Yu Yao Yao complains, he states he would battle the second round with one hand only.

Yi Xiao Nai He fighting with one hand and winning.
Yi Xiao Nai He fighting with one hand and winning. The fight was good but there wasn’t a lot of very good shots with people in focus.

After the fight, Wei Wei ends up daydreaming in the library and ends up drawing Nai He in her red notebook.

Wei Wei has pretty good art skills.
Wei Wei has pretty good art skills.

At the same time, Xiao Nai is back in his home and thinks back to the morning. We get his view of what happened with Wei Wei running away from him.

Sepia-tone for flashbacks.
Sepia-tone for flashbacks.

He ends up “searching” for her class schedule.

... ... I won't chase you in public, I'll stalk you in private... ...
… … I won’t chase you in public, I’ll stalk you in private… …

Cao Guang finds Wei Wei again and tries to repeatedly get in contact to her. One of his phone calls to the dorm is hung up by Er Xi. Er Xi and Wei Wei discuss ways to reject her and Er Xi is in the camp of rejecting him firmly. She notes that if Wei Wei’s standards are higher than Cao Guang, there is only Xiao Nai. The two girls later see Xiao Nai walking by the building and ignore a girl that tried to deliver a love letter to him. Er Xi informs Wei Wei that Xiao Nai has moved back to the campus dorms.

Xiao Nai: Look, furen, I'm remaining as pure as snow for you!
Xiao Nai: Look, furen, I’m remaining as pure as snow for you!

Wei Wei is inspired to a way of rejecting Cao Guang by using Xiao Nai’s name and is very apologetic to Xiao Nai.  When she talks about it to Cao Guang, they are seen by Na Na. Cao Guang tells Na Na later he deleted the post and to stop digging. Na Na doesn’t believe Wei Wei is a good person and hurries to tell Meng Yi Ran that Wei Wei also likes Xiao Nai. Cao Guang is found gazing at Wei Wei’s photo with Xiao Yang by his friends who suggest to him to get involved in something she likes in order to pursue her. Cao Guang decides that he will get do gaming so they will have a common interest. Cao Guang is delighted and uses his power as class leader to get another student in the same building as Wei Wei to find out Wei Wei’s handle in the game.

Xiao Nai and his friends are pictured playing basketball when Cao Guang and his friends also come to the court. Cao Guang challenges Xiao Nai to a match and the episode ends.

All they need is guns rather than basketballs.
All they need is guns rather than basketballs.

The editors are very evil to end on such a cliffhanger between the two rivals.

With limited hindsight, I do want to add some stuff that I thought was minor for recaps. Na Na is in the news faculty, and I’m guessing that Meng Yi Ran is either in the news department or working at the university newspaper with Cao Guang as well. Xiao Nai’s uncle apparently also does work in computers and his internet cafe is closing down even though Xiao Nai says he will not be using it. There is also a zither in Xiao Nai’s apartment and we have not seen his parents yet, though they are mentioned.

Gu Man has really taken the “showing” part of a story and it seems anything that occurs in flashbacks in the novel is now going to be acted out. I’m a bit dubious of the connection between Meng Yi Ran and Zhen Shui since this makes for a very small world and is slightly forced but it adds drama to the plot. I’m also not sure if Na Na is just a nosy person, likes Cao Guang or is aiming for Zhen Shao Yang. If Meng Yi Ran was the main character of this drama, Na Na would appear like the (fake) best friend that ends up backstabbing her.

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9 thoughts on “Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episode 4”

  1. 😱 what a cliffhanger… Can’t wait for recap of episode 5 tomorrow morning… 😉 thank you for your hard work in churning out the recap of each episode so quickly… Amazing and totally happy to be able to read them so quickly… Making the me more eager to watch the drama as each episode progress 😍

  2. I’m interested in the dynamic between Yi Ran and Na Na as well. I feel that Yi Ran is a good person that is lead astray by a scheming friend who doesn’t have her best interest at heart. I hope that she doesn’t get stabbed and wake up soon.

    You’re doing so good with your recaps. Keep it up. 😀

    1. Yup, because Na Na was the one who told Meng Yi Ran who Wei Wei was and then wanted Cao Guang’s photos. She’s also quite pushy and persuaded Meng Yi Ran to attend dinner with her cousin and also to become an intern.

  3. Thank you for all the recaps so far. 🙂
    It’s been a while since I’ve read the novel… so who’s Na Na? I forgot if Cao Guang did anything in the novel or was he even in there?
    As for the drama… I wouldn’t put Xiao Nai as a creeper, but more of a stalker lol. I mean if I knew someone I haven’t properly talk to know my courses… I would be weird out a bit there.
    I think Wei Wei having pretty solid drawing skills (sketches or what not) seems reasonable even if I don’t recall Gu Man ever putting in that. Several computer science major folks want to go into video game designing or animation so it’s not a bad addition to coding 😀

    1. I’m not sure because I cannot find her on the baidu cast page at the moment. Cao Guang was in the novel doing the same things he did now but way back in the past so Wei Wei just mentioned him. He defended Wei Wei when her relationship with Xiao Nai got posted after that basketball game.

      It’s pretty reasonable for Wei Wei to have tinkering, drawing and coding skills. Those weren’t really shown in the novel and Wei Wei was only said to be a good student.

  4. I just finished watching ep 3 with 93% subs (I’m that addicted -_-) and I can now declare this to be my fave Chinese drama of the year. I want all the episodes to be released Netflix-style!!
    And was Nana and Meng Yiran in the novel? I think I need to reread the whole thing asap.

  5. I just finished the drama. I hated Cao guang, not gonna lie. So childish, so whiny, so DESPERATE. Ugh. Could not get behind him at all. Blehhhhhh
    Thank gawd our male lead is a cutie <3

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