修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Eight “Wei Sheng’s One Strike”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Eight – Wei Sheng’s One Strike

The movement of Wei Sheng swinging the sword was filled with the feeling of ease.

The large black sword that was as long as he was tall seemed weightless in his hands. Compared to the killing charge of Ma Fan and his fellows, Wei Sheng’s movements held no presence.

Yet everyone’s expressions changed dramatically. Even Wei Li Tian and Leng Wei showed fearful expressions!

Their gazes were locked on the black sword in Wei Sheng’s hand!

The black sword was like an ink brush and dyed the space it touched with a layer of blackness!

The sky that had been sunny before slowly darkened within everyone’s terrified gazes as the sword moved.

Just like that, the sky darkened until night came!

The empty and desolate presence was endless and vast as the ocean, and among this void ocean, the sky full of stars were as bright and glistening as diamonds!

“My Heavens!”

Someone’s exclamation was abnormally loud in the silent sky!

The person that had been shouting suddenly stopped. He looked dazedly at the starlight in the sky and was filled with disbelief!

How was this possible … …

How was this possible!

Flipping day and night, how great did the cultivation and power have to be? The other was clearly a jindan, how could he execute such a powerful move?

Was this an illusion?

But the scene was so real, the sky full of stars which were so close they could be touched. He could not detect any presence of an illusion. But to turn day and night using just sword essence, how terrifying!

Only those great powers in the legends could have such unnatural skill!

He suddenly had a bad feeling. Turtle Island’s power was much stronger than he had imagined! This kind of expert should only exist in the stories!

He did not notice the space around him was soundlessly twisting.

En, what … …

A feeling of danger suddenly came!

Before he could make any movements, his pupils suddenly expanded and his body froze where he stood!

A bright red and slender line of blood silently appeared on his neck.


Blood sprayed from the bloody line and scattered into the night to disappear!

The youth in his field of view that was moving the sword became blurred.

Who was he … …

With his last suspicion remaining, he lost alertness.




Wei Sheng’s expression did not change. He took a step back, his wrist moving with the motion as the black sword slowly pushed back behind his body as though he was pushing it back into that invisible sheathe.

The sword created a string of sparks!

When his wrist stopped moving, the black sword suddenly gave a loud hum full of unwillingness!

The blackness of night visibly faded, decreasing until it disappeared. Sunlight fell down on everyone’s bodies but none felt any warmth. That faint and empty sword essence caused them to unable to absorb one thread of warmth even now!

There was no sharp killing intent, no bone-aching coldness, even that void was so faint it was hard to detect. The most attracting was that suddenly incoming night and the sky full of stars!

Wei Sheng’s sword strike caused many to feel the desire to retreat!

The unwilling hum of the  black sword caused people’s hearts to tremble. No one knew how that xiuzhe had died. When had the bloody line on his neck appeared?

This was a sword strike that was eerie and uncanny!

Who was he?

Everyone had the same thought. This kind of expert definitely could enter the expert rankings! Why had they never heard anyone mention him?

Some with more active minds and more information suddenly recalled the disappearance of Ning Yi, Gu Ming Gong, and  the skeletal remains of Yuan Xin. The details they had missed in the past floated into their mind and they seemed to understand.

Turtle Island had this kind of expert, no wonder!

Zuo Mo was also filled with shock. When Wei Sheng had made his strike, all the hairs on his body had uncontrollably stood on end. Ma Fan and the others gaped. Only Zuo Mo, Shu Long, and Zong Ru could maintain their composure.

Eldest Shixiong was as inhuman as expected!

Every time Eldest Shixiong was wounded, his strength would definitely explode after he healed!

Zuo Mo had originally felt proud at his progression in this past while, but in front of Eldest Shixiong’s sword strike that caused the sky and ground to change, his pride instantly disappeared!

Eldest Shixiong had intimidated the entire battlefield. Taking advantage of the silence, Zuo Mo smiled darkly and said with bloodthirst.

“Any that stays within fifty li of Turtle Island after one hour will be considered an enemy of Turtle Island!”

As he spoke, a hourglass appeared in front of him. The sand in the hourglass started to fall down.




Once the words came out, many people’s expressions changed and some were indignant. Zuo Mo’s tone was as before but the meaning in his words were extremely domineering and held an unquestionable tone!

These people were all ones that had their own fame and reputations. No one had ever dared to give them the order to leave with such a domineering tone!

However, many people chose to leave. The power that Turtle Island displayed far surpassed their expectations. Everyone had only known that Turtle Island Battalion had been skilled, and no one had known that Turtle Island also had many experts.

The crispness of attack from Ma Fan’s group of five caused them to feel astonishment. Wei Sheng’s uncanny sword strike had completely extinguished the greed in their hearts. They recovered their calmness!

Their goal this time was the ruins. If they were killed at Turtle Island before going into the ruins, that would be very unprofitable!




Wei Li Tian ordered without hesitation, “Retreat!”

The other xiuzhe under his command all showed surprised expressions. They knew just how vicious Boss was. The other had spoken so unreasonably and with such dominance that Boss rationally should not have agreed! No matter how powerful that person with the black sword was, he was only one person. There was nothing to be afraid off!

Only A Xin’s expression was unchanged. He didn’t seem to be surprised at this outcome at all.




Just as Wei Li Tian ordered a retreat, Leng Wei also ordered unhesitatingly, “Let’s go!”

Leng Zhen asked with disbelief, “Go? We’re going like this?”

“If you don’t want to die, leave!” Leng We said faintly.

Leng Sheng jumped up and said, thrusting his neck up. “Boss, this makes us seem cowardly. The other just is scaring us and have scared us way! How will we live in the future!”

“Can you beat the guy with the black sword?” Leng Wei asked in response.

Leng Sheng stopped but he tried to bluster, “Even if I can’t, I can hold up for a while.”

Leng Wei looked at him and said faintly, “I also cannot win over him. Not just him, the dhyana xiu we encountered that day is as powerful as I am.”

“So what? We have so many people!”

“Notice that island Master, you also cannot win against him. Pay attention to that guy in armor next to the Turtle Island Master, you also cannot win.” Leng Wei’s tone was not polite. “Their battalion has not even come out.”

“There are so many people here … …”

“Do you want to enter the ruins?” Leng Wei interrupted Leng Sheng’s quibbling, “If you want to enter the ruins, don’t provoke them!”

He turned around and threw back, “Those that do not leave will not enter the ruins.”




After almost an hour, there were only a few more than twenty jindan left in the sky. They thought they were powerful enough and did not want to scurry away. However, when they found that only twenty something people remained, their expressions became ugly, especially when they saw the two groups of Wei Li Tian and Leng Wei who were most powerful also left.

“Time’s up.” Zuo Mo grinned viciously at the people left.

“I want to see who dares to attack!” a xiuzhe said with an excited expression, “When did this sky become owned by Turtle Island … …”

“Idiot!” Zuo Mo spat out and his body disappeared.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Zuo Mo’s group all disappeared!

These xiuzhe had never thought at Zuo Mo and the others really dared to attack and were unprepared!

It wasn’t just Wei Sheng that had improved!

Zong Ru took out the Crossed Prayer Wheel and slowly turned it. Bright sutra characters floated off the prayer wheel into the sky. As Zong Ru chanted in a low voice, the golden characters slowly floated to a few xiuzhe.

When the sutra characters flew near their target, they seemed to be pinned to the air.

The enemy felt their bodies suddenly feel impossibly heavy and it was hard to even move a finger.

The sutra characters floating in the sky suddenly dropped dots of yellow sand. These tiny gold sand grains contained extremely great power. The smell of Sky Soil suddenly increased in the air.

The Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk had been completely merged into the prayer wheel. Zong Ru had also merged the power of the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk into the dhyana xiu’s reincarnation illusory realm, calling it the Sky Earth Dhyana Realm. The power increased, and so did its wonders!

Zong Ru used wish power to wash each speck of Sky Earth Sand day and night.

The prayer wheel, a talisman that had never appeared before in any records, gradually transformed as Zong Ru forged it day and night! Even he was unable to control some of the transformations.

In the last fight, he had comprehended many of the abilities of the [Attainment Golden Body]. It was a sixth-grade dhyana spell and contained many abilities.

As the opponent was pulled into the Sky Earth Dhyana Realm, the other’s ling armor experienced three types of power: the Sky Earth, the dhyana presence, and wish power. It instantly shattered and before the xiuzhe could wail, he lost his life.

The sutra characters in the air suddenly lit up like monsters that had just filled their stomachs and returned to the prayer wheel.

Zong Ru chanted lowly and spun the prayer wheel to rid the prayer wheel of the thread of evil energy.

Among the crowd, the most attention-catching was Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo who had been consuming many dan lately had a great increase in his ling power. This caused his level in the other two powers to grow greatly. His speed was like lightning, his power peerless in its dominance. He charged left and right like a human-shaped beast. Everywhere he passed, blood and flesh flew!

The others had come up to his door shouting to fight and to kill. He had been irritated for a long time and did not have any mercy as he fought!

He used all six transformations of the Great Day mo physique in turn!

As he killed, he felt unspeakably comfortable and couldn’t help but howl!

He seemed to have plucked an invisible cord and many areas of the skills that had been blurry in the past suddenly became clear as though he could reach out and touch them.

As those it was following the flow, the domineering Midday Blade in his hand suddenly disappeared, his consciousness bloomed and twisted like flowers and scrolls!

Countless yao arts flooded his chest and was almost going to burst out!

At this moment, someone abrupt happened!


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is very lucky at times. There are decisions which could be called bad or irrational that he has made but he is very lucky.

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