修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Five Hundred and Fifteen “Dumbstruck Ye Ling”

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Chapter Five Hundred and Fifteen Dumbstruck Ye Ling.

The black soil stood as a stark contrast, it seemed to have been dyed in ink and was clearly divided from the surrounding soil.

Mo Grass Sea!”

Wei’s reminder came immediately as they spotted it.

Mo Grass Sea?” Zuo Mo asked in response.

“Our luck is pretty good.” Wei explained, “This area has been recently seeded with mo grass seed. However, the mo grass seed has not germinated so I say that our luck is pretty good.”

“It is very powerful?”

“It is not powerful but after reaching maturity, the expansion rate of mo grass is astounding. It will spread like a poison and is able to survive on the poorest of soils. Its greatest ability is to absorb the ling power of the area it grows in.”

Zuo Mo inhaled sharply.

For xiuzhe, they would face great trouble if there was not any ling power in the air. This meant that the xiuzhe could only expend the ling power inside their body and it could not be easily replenished. If they did not have access to special methods, they could only occasionally replenish their ling power with jingshi. Ling foods and ling dan were more reliable and caused fewer side effects but this would dramatically inflate the cost and difficulty of supplying the troop.

“But Guard Camp cultivates mo skills.” Zuo Mo suddenly reacted.

“That is why I said our luck is pretty good.” Wei’s tone was very calm. “I feel you should have more confidence in Guard Camp. The present Guard Camp is nothing like it was in the past.”

A cold snort suddenly sounded in Zuo Mo’s mind. It was like the dark and cold hiss of a poisonous snake.

It was Pu Yao.

How could the clever Pu Yao not hear Wei’s insult?

Zuo Mo pretended to not hear it. Only when these two were at odds could he, the fisherman, get the rice! If the two worked together, he could not imagine how he would survive his days!

It was lucky that he brought along Guard Camp. If he had brought Vermillion Bird Camp, he would have been at a great disadvantage. The mo grass sea was ineffective against Guard Camp. Zuo Mo’s heart rested slightly.

The other was very cautious. This could be understood from the area filled with mo grass sea.

“Did you find the general position of the enemy’s base?” Zuo Mo asked Gu Ming Gong.

Gu Ming Gong shook his head. “This patch of black soil is very strange. The Thousand Bird Seal cannot fly over it.”

As expected!

This mo grass sea had not finished forming but its effect on draining ling power had started to emerge. The grey birds created from the Thousand Bird Seal were constructed from ling power and would be destroyed in they flew into this area.

But since they found the mo grass sea, then the other’s base was definitely in here.

Zuo Mo thought for a moment and then called for A Wen. After speaking in a low tone, A Wen nodded and then his plumed armor fanned out. Woosh, his body disappeared.

A Wen’s strength had progressed greatly. He was different from Shu Long and he was training as a lone soldier. His shocking talent caused his rate of improvement to be rapid. Pu Yao and Wei had a rare agreement and praised A Wen’s talents.

A Wen quickly returned.

He came back with the enemy base’s general location. Just like Zuo Mo had thought, as the mo grass seed had not matured, the other had not established their camp for long time.

Under A Wen’s direction, they silently approached the other’s base.




Ye Ling had a head full of maroon hair, and his grey-white eyes looked extremely deep. The wrinkles on his face ran deep. He had an ordinary birth and no special bloodline. He also lacked talent in cultivating mo skills but with his outstanding work ethic, he had found a place in the army.

Even though he was only in charge of the supplies, this was already very good for him and his family.

His working attitude was extremely proactive and industrious. He almost never made mistakes. Over time, he quickly gained a reputation of being capable and trustworthy. Even Shi Dong who had eyes on top of his head was willing to partner up with him.

“Where is Shi Dong Daren now?” he asked.

“At Grey Cloud Sea Continent. The latest reports say that our scouts have come into contact with xiuzhe scouts. Many of our scouts have been wounded,” the vice commander hurriedly answered.

Ye Ling was not very shocked. “This is very normal. Xiuzhe are not weak. It would actually be abnormal if they did not react at all to us knocking on their door and killing their people.”

“Daren is right.”

“We need to be careful and prevent others from ambushing us.” Ye Ling’s expression was grave as he said, “Have the troops on high alert! There are smart people among xiuzhe, we cannot trip up on flat ground!”

“Yes! Daren!” the vice commander accepted the order.

Suddenly, a howl sounded that almost ruptured Ye Ling’s eardrums.

The duo’s expressions suddenly changed!

Someone had mounted a sneak attack on their base.




Zuo Mo’s face fell.

They had sneaked right up in front of the enemy. If they didn’t use this chance to mount a sneak attack, they would be struck by lightning!

Yet he had not expected the other’s alertness to be higher than he had predicted. He had avoided the other’s scouts but the enemy’s defences were extremely thorough and they had been detected anyway.

The thing that caused this was an insect the size of a thumb. It was hidden in the soil and was extremely difficult to attack.

Something in the black soil under their feet seemed to be shifting. It rapidly advanced towards Zuo Mo’s group.

Zuo Mo was the first to react. His expression changed slightly, “Black Leech Defense Line!”

Almost in an instant, Guard Camp finished falling into formation.

Vast power came from behind him. The shock and fear inside Zuo Mo quickly disappeared like snow on a hot day. The Great Day mo physique was stimulated and quickly activated.

“Little Mo Kill!”

Thick black mist shrouded Zuo Mo’s right hand. He raised his hand and slammed it towards the flow of black leeches heading towards them.

A black shadow of a hand left his hand.


The flow of black leeches seemed to strike wall and dispersed into countless smaller flows!

These slender black flows suddenly made a strange turn in the air and shot back towards Zuo Mo like black arrows.

If it was a normal xiuzhe, they would have panicked facing such a sudden change. However, Zuo Mo’s group had already seen the power of the black leech defense line in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie and expected that these black leeches were not easy to destroy.

At the very front of the large formation, Zuo Mo did not panic. He was immersed in an unique feeling.

There seemed to be unseen threads that were spreading out from his body. Each unseen thread connected to a hardship guard. This hardship guard would also have dozens of thin threads that were connected to other hardship guards.

These threads were connecting everyone!

Power flowed through these unseen threads, passing through the layers of connections before they gathered on Zuo Mo’s body.

An burst of power tightly wrapped around Zuo Mo. Under the magnification of this power, any normal move would now carry the weight of a mountain.

The Great Day mo physique was unusually active. Every cell in his body seemed to be cheering.

Without thinking, Zuo Mo spread open his fingers and then grasped at the air in the direction of the slender flows of black leeches!


The black leeches in the air suddenly exploded and turned to black mist.

Zuo Mo waved his hand. The mist instantly dissipated.

Yet when he saw the now organized mo army in front of him, Zuo Mo’s expression instantly became grave.

His alertness had been raised when they encountered the black leech defense line. This was a temporary base yet the other had set up a black leech defense line. To say of nothing else, just the cautiousness of this planning was enough to create a headache for people!

The black leech defense line did not earn a lot of time for the enemy, but using such a brief amount of time, the other had finished their battle preparations!

They were well-trained!

Just this quality was enough for Zuo Mo to not dare to underestimate the enemy.




Ye Ling appeared extremely calm. He had the same heavy gaze as usual, and did not show any panic. This brought his subordinates great bravery and confidence.

Yet what no one knew was that underneath this, Ye Ling was not as calm.

His gaze was locked onto the youth at the front of the enemy formation, and his mind was in turmoil!

He had seen the entire process that the youth used to defeat the black leech defense line. The youth seemed to be very familiar with the black leech defense line and had defeated it with confidence. Ye Ling knew that the black leech defense line, that he had set up, was very thin but he never expected the enemy to defeat it this easily.

The other didn’t seem to be affected by the mo grass sea at all!

This was a shock to him. The mo grass sea had not completely formed but its ability to destroy ling power was already present. If xiuzhe entered this area, they would be affected to various degrees.

But the other didn’t seem to react at all. He was not the only one. Even the subordinates behind him didn’t seem to be under any pressure.

What was even stranger was … … the shape of the other’s formation!

Anyway he looked at it, Ye Ling found it familiar. Wasn’t this the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation of us mo?

The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation wasn’t a common thing. Only armies with power would cultivate this domineering and vicious killing formation.

Seeing a group of xiuzhe use the Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation of the mo to defeat the black leech defense line of the mo, Ye Ling was almost dumbstruck where he stood.

All Hail The King! This … … who was really the mo here!




Zuo Mo took the chance to examine Ye Ling.

“What battle formation are they using?” Zuo Mo secretly asked Wei.

“I don’t recognize it. It probably is a new battle formation that came out after our imprisonment.” Wei’s brow creased as well. He hoped that he could help Zuo Mo gain victory. Only victory could prove that Guard Camp’s strength had improved under his guidance.

Could someone like Pu Yao compare to, I, Wei?

A warm sunny smile came back onto Wei’s face as he said with a hint of holy piousness.

“Do not worry. With the Crow Fiend Mo Killing Formation that I taught as well as your Great Day mo physique, we can flatten them.”

Oh, there was really nothing to be done, it was I, Wei, that taught Little Zuo Mo his Great Day mo physique … …

There was really nothing to be done … … there was really nothing to be done … …

Little Pu Pu … …

The light of I, Wei, will burn you with my radiance… …

We’s smile became even more holier and warmer.




In the Ten Finger Prison, Pu Yao suddenly raised his head. The corner of his eyes twitched. There seemed to be a vast ocean of blood howling and roaring in his bloody eye. Nan Yue and the others trembled. A moment later, Pu Yao’s cold voice squeezed out from between his teeth. “One month! If you cannot achieve this in one month, there is a good place waiting for you.”

The scalps of Nan Yue and the others prickled as they fled in panic!


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