修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Five “Peacock King Plume”

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Chapter Six Hundred and Five – Peacock King Plume

Shen Yu gazed indifferently at Zuo Mo.

There wasn’t any hint of change in his expression. The Peacock Eyespot Domain was full of variations, and using brute force against it would be of no use at all. Smug satisfaction flashed through his indifferent eyes.

Everything within the Peacock Eyespot Domain was within his grasp. He was like a mo god of the ancient era standing on top of the highest of peaks and looking at his enemies who were like minuscule ants beneath him. This feeling was so intoxicating.

Watching as his opponent smash the ground like an idiot, a hint of scorn flashed at Shen Yu’s lips.

How about adding to the fire?

A mocking smile hung upon Shen Yu’s lips, he raised his right hand again.

Suddenly, his gaze landed on Zuo Mo’s right fist, and his smile froze.

What … … what was that?




Zuo Mo felt as though a sea of fire was roaring inside of him! The entire sea of fire was being agitated and pulled upon. The little Sun Crystal Seed and the other three suns were like an invisible hand that pulled on the entire sea of fire!

The blurry scenes that floated in his mind were like silent murmurs that urged Zuo Mo on.

Savagery and restlessness caused Zuo Mo to be unhesitating with his attacks. He punched down with his right hand like the scene in his mind!


A spark formed between his fist and the ground before floating in the air.

None noticed this spark which was the size of a pin.

Even  Zuo Mo did not notice. The sea of fire that was shifting inside his body was like a heavy block of wood  being hoisted into the air. Every time he punched, the wood would fall down. The feeling was pleasurable and free; it was as though he could smash through anything!

One punch after another!

Dots of sparks flew from his fist and floated in the air. No matter how the waves of air moved, they seemed to be suspended motionlessly in the air.

The sparks increased in number, and soon everyone noticed it!

Still, Zuo Mo did not notice. The three suns on his back seemed to come alive and were revolving at a very slow rate. The golden lines that connected them changed as well.

The fiery pillar smashed into Zuo Mo’s right arm every time he punched and stopped when it reached his wrist.

Zuo Mo did not know what this technique this was, but its name suddenly appeared in his mind.

Sun Hammer!

What was that … …

Zuo Mo was in an unclear state of mind, but he did not care and followed accordingly.

A thread of shen power exploded into sparks when it encountered the pillar of fire!

Drunk, Zuo Mo felt that the power of this technique wasn’t satisfying enough. He tried all he could to layer all kinds of power into his fist.

Sky Glass Wave! Shen Power! Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem! Sun Hammer!

Each punch was changing, becoming heavier!


The ground shook.


The trembling of the earth became even more evident.

Soon after, all the tables and chairs started to rattle . The beautiful matrons on the stands screamed and they could feel the stands vibrating!

No one paid attention to the screams. They all stared closely at the battlefield. They stopped breathing and didn’t dare to blink.

The trembling of the earth increased, and the plates on the table clinked.

How heavy was Xiao Mo Ge’s fist!

In order to guarantee that those outside the field were not affected, there had been layers of jinzhi set around the battlefield. Yet the vibrations outside the field were so strong. People could not imagine just how powerful Xiao Mo Ge’s punches were!




“Such terrifying power.” Yu Shuang murmured to himself. His expression changed slightly. “This kind of brute force probably rivals those of the Iron-mountain Elephant Clan.”

Shi Yue Yi’s gaze was deep and his tone slightly reminiscent. “My master once said that people that could drink more than ten jars of Granny Meng Ghost Wine were all special people.”

“Special people?” Chang Yuan Hao instantly grasped the most important part of the sentence.

“My master did not explain what he meant.” Shi Yue Yi shook his head. “I’ve never changed the recipe for this Granny Meng Ghost Wine. I also want to know what kind of person that my master would deem special is like.”

When he finished speaking, his tone carried a thread of anticipation and excitement.

Chang Yuan Hao was slightly shocked. The City Master was usually composed and at ease, as though he was confident no matter the situation. It was the first time he saw such an expression on City Master’s face.

Yu Shuang’s gaze did not move away from the battlefield. “Now it is time to see how far Shen Yu’s Peacock Eyespot Domain has progressed and if he can withstand this.”

The three closed their mouths and gazed at the battlefield among the strong vibrations.




Shen Yu’s expression changed slightly.

He seemed to be standing on the surface of a drum as someone continued to bang on it. With every beat, the ground trembled and the vibration increased in strength.

The peacock eyespots were still maintaining themselves on the ground, but Shen Yu could feel that they were being shaken and becoming unstable!

What kind of freak was this person?

He almost did not believe his own eyes. The other was able to express such power within the Peacock Eyespot Domain. This guy … …

Within the Peacock Eyespot Domain, every eyespot was a whirlpool. He had just managed to cultivate the Peacock Eyespot Domain two years ago, but there were already nine hundred and ninety eyespots in his Peacock Eyespot Domain!

With nine hundred and ninety eyespots moving simultaneously, someone weaker would have been torn apart immediately. Even if their body was strong, under the power of nine hundred and ninety peacock eyespots, they would be like a fly that had flown into a spiderweb and would tangle themselves up even as they struggled.

And finally, when the power entangled the enemy till they were unable to move, Shen Yu could easily go in for the kill under the other’s terrified gaze.

However … …

He looked hard at Zuo Mo. For some unknown reason, he felt a wave of coldness. He knew that Xiao Mo Ge felt the effects of the Peacock Eyespot Domain. Xiao Mo Ge’s body had visibly paused when he entered the Peacock Eyespot Domain.

Yet, Xiao Mo Ge was raining down punches on the ground like he was mad!

These actions that had seemed extremely idiotic to him, now caused Shen Yu to feel a sense of danger.

He could not just sit and wait!

Shen Yu seemed to wake up and viciousness flashed through his eyes.

He decided to use that move!




Zuo Mo felt unprecedentedly good. The drunkenness rose to his mind and he was even more excited. The peacock eyespot in front of him did not have the time to reform before it was smashed apart again. As Zuo Mo’s punches became heavier, the terrifying power spread out and produced wave after wave of rainbow ripples.

So good!

Zuo Mo laughed madly into the air as he continued to punch!

Punching at a rate that was so fast that robbed people of their breath, the strong fire shifted restlessly inside Zuo Mo’s body. He was like a person that was dying of thirst and furiously searching for water. What he was trying to find were ways that could get the power of his punches to be stronger.

The more power that came from the collision of the fire, the more shen power would come out of his body!

The mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s right fist was blindingly bright and drew out streaks of light in the air as he moved it rapidly.

Now under the blinding streaks of light, no one could see the scattered sparks that floated in the air.

At this time, the peacock eyespots under his feet seemed to be attracted by a magnet and started to gather in one direction.

With his eyes blurred in drunkenness, Zuo Mo stopped moving and watched as the eyespots moved past his foot. He slowly moved his head and looked in the direction the peacock eyespots had disappeared into.

The peacock eyespots on the ground and in the air were gathering on Shen Yu’s body.

Shen Yu was completely transformed at this moment. Peacock feathers had crawled up his body and entered his mo matrix. The peacock crown on Shen Yu’s forehead seemed to come alive, the wings spreading. In a flash, its spread wings covered Shen Yu’s head. It transformed into an exquisite helmet that only showed Shen Yu’s eyes; a peacock feather that was about half a chi long appeared in Shen Yu’s hand!

Zuo Mo stilled, remembering that he had made a bet with the person in front of him.

But he could not remember what the bet was about.

How could Little Mo Ge lose a bet?

Zuo Mo swayed as he moved to face Shen Yu.




No one dared to underestimate this drunken youth any longer. Every one of his punches seemed to land upon their minds.

However, when Shen Yu’s transformation was revealed, especially that five-colored peacock feather, exclamations rang out in the crowd.

“Peacock King Plume!”

Even Yu Shuang could not keep his composure from where he was in the stands. He suddenly stood up and stared hard at the battlefield with a stunned expression. “This guy even managed to cultivate the Peacock King Plume; the Shen Family really produced someone amazing!”

Peacock King Plume, the famed killing move of the Shen Family, and one of the top killing moves even among the many prestigious families of Hundred Savage Realm. There were numerous foes in the history of the Shen Family that had fallen to this move.

The founder of the Shen Family had used this move to kill seventy-nine generals, astounding the world and then founding the Shen Family.

The Peacock King Plume was very powerful, but it was just as difficult to cultivate as it was strong. Even now, the number of those who had cultivated the Peacock King Plume in the Shen Family lineage could be counted on one hand. Those that wanted to cultivate the Peacock King Plume had to have a deep understanding of the Peacock Eyespot Domain.

The difficulty in achieving the Peacock Eyespot Domain was high to start with. There was just a handful of Shen Family descendants that could comprehend the Peacock Eyespot Domain in each generation and even fewer among those that could comprehend the Peacock King Plume.

So when Yu Shuang saw the peacock feather in Shen Yu’s hand, the shock he felt could be imagined.

“Incomplete.” Chang Yuan Hao suddenly spoke.

“It is enough,” Yu Shuang sighed lightly. “He is so young and able to cultivate the Peacock King Plume. That kind of talent is probably not any less than the founder of the Shen Family.”

Chang Yuan Hao was silent. Yu Shuang was right.

Shen Yu’s talent was so high that it was shocking.

He looked at the swaying and drunken youth. He felt pity inside. This youth was also talented, but he probably had not expected to encounter a genius of the century like Shen Yu.

Such a pity.

Feeling pity, Chang Yuan Hao suddenly looked across Zuo Mo’s feet and his gaze focused abruptly.

That was … …

A single ball of sparks floated silently next to Zuo Mo’s feet.


Translator Ramblings: Yeah, Zuo Mo’s a bit of a hulk right now … … high on alcohol … … with sparkles.



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