修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Two

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Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty Two

Leaving the hall, everyone had serious expressions.

One of the more reputable clan leaders said, “Everyone, we have no method of retreat. If we cannot complete this task, the Lord will be angry and it will be a calamity to our clans!”

The other people nodded.

“Lord is right. A sword xiu dares to be so arrogant under our eyes, if we left him alive we would  have no face left!”

“You are right!”

The people all agreed.

They quickly discussed for the clans to send out the strongest experts of their clan to kill this sword xiu!

No one thought that this battle that was fated to shake the world would be started by their hands.




The youth looked at the person in front of him. He was startled and then shot forward to grab the other’s collar. He lowered his voice and cried, “You dared to come back! You aren’t afraid of being killed?”

His lowered voice was filled with suppressed excitement.

The newcomer chucked. “Since I dare to come, I am not afraid.”

If someone saw this, they would definitely scream. This person was Gu Liang Dao!

In Xi Xuan! Gu Liang Dao had sneaked back into Xi Xuan. Who could have thought of this?

The white-robed youth released him and set up a jinzhi to stop people from eavesdropping before he smiled. “I forgot that you are actually a detail-minded person and would leave yourself an escape route. You had conquered those mo jie for so long, how could you not do something? You knew that this day would come.”

Gu Liang Dao’s smile was slightly bitter.

The youth saw this and couldn’t help but sigh inside. He smiled and said, “You are pretty good now, at least you are free and don’t need to be ordered around by those young masters. Come, let’s drink some tea.”

Gu Liang Dao did not speak and drained the cup.

“Come and help me!”

Gu Liang Dao suddenly said in a muffled voice.

The youth holding the teacup suddenly stilled. His expression was unchanged as he said with a smile, “Your situation is not very good right now. While the people under you are loyal, but many of them have families over here. As time progresses, they will change. Also, you only have mo jie under your command and they are not friendly to you xiuzhe.”

Gu Liang Dao laughed and there was no fear on his face. “You are right, so you come help me. No one knows your talents better than me. It would be very boring for you to die of old age on this mountain.”

The youth suddenly smiled and rose. “Let’s go.”

Gu Liang Dao stilled.

“What? You have other things to do?” the youth asked.

“Nothing.” Gu Liang Dao instinctively answered. Then he laughed. “I spent so much time trying to think of many ways to persuade you but I didn’t even use one of them.”

The youth shrugged. “I’m just an accountant in Xi Xuan and the amount of jingshi I get every month is pitiful. I don’t have any family or relationships. At least, with you, I will get to eat meat.”

“Haha!” Gu Liang Dao laughed freely.

Their departure did not attract any attention.

For Xi Xuan, he was just an insignificant person.




Li Xian Er looked around curiously. This was the first time she was in the mo territories. The guards around her were careful and looked warily at the surroundings.

When they saw the group of mo in the distance, they became even more nervous.

A youth flew out of the troop and landed near Li Xian Er.

“Is this Tian Huan’s Miss Xian Er?” The mo youth bowed and greeted without any timidity.

“I am Li Xian Er.” Li Xian Er came forward and bowed. “Sir is?”

The mo youth’s gaze landed on Li Xian Er and immediately showed shock. He said with a smile, “This one is the son of Marshal Di. Miss Xian Er can call me Xi. Xi has come with orders from Marshal Miao to welcome Miss Xian Er.”

“Thanks, Master Xi!” Li Xian Er smiled slightly.

“Please!” Xi turned his body slightly and reached out to usher her.

On the road, the two had a good conversation. Xi was a good conversationalist, and easy to talk to. He had exceptional knowledge and it was undoubtedly a pleasure to chat with him.

Li Xian Er glanced at Xi’s guards out of the corners of her eyes and was intimidated. These mo guards had heavy killing intent around them and clearly were experienced. This Marshal Di really had considerable power.

She had been very shocked when Grandfather had told her to come see the mo. She had gaped when she learned that Tian Huan had deep relationship with the mo. She had never been so naïve to think that xiuzhe should exterminate yaomo but she had never thought that Tian Huan and the mo had such a close relationship.

Later, she learned that it wasn’t just Tian Huan. The other three great sects also had allies among the mo.

Li Xian Er suspected that there would be allies of the sects in the yao world as well.

After the initial shock, Li Xian Er quickly calmed down. It was normal when she thought about it. The four great sects had existed for thousands of years and the mo were not a unified and monolithic group.

Her mission was to be an envoy to the mo on behalf of Tian Huan.

This was the first time that Tian Huan and Marshal Di would meet for negotiations.

The troop that welcomed them was very large. Someone of Xi’s stature acting as the messenger reflected the importance that Marshal Di placed on Lian Xian Er’s group. Li Xian Er looked around excitedly at the novel scenery along the way.

Xi’s gaze occasionally landed on Li Xian Er’sr face and a hint of heat flashed across his eyes.




“This is Xiao Mo Ge’s information.” Ming Yue Ye’s eyes were bright like stars.

Ji Li Yu carefully browsed it.

“He was able to enter the Ten Finger Prison and cultivate the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus. He should have the blood of both mo and yao. This person is of unknown background and is very powerful. His yao arts and mo skills are very outstanding; he is also a gold battle general.”

Ming Yue Ye’s voice was clear and pleasing to hear

“What he cultivates is shen power.”

Ji Li Yu’s expression was shocked. “Shen power? Shen power actually exists?”

“He is not the only one, there are two women with him that also cultivate shen power. We suspect that he is a descendant of an ancient tribe and that he has a complete shen power inheritance.”

“Is shen power really that powerful?” Ji Li Yu didn’t believe it.

“The three of them together killed a marshal,” Ming Yue Ye said lightly.

Ji Li Yu’s expression moved.

Ming Yue Ye’s beautiful eyes looked at her and she said, “Your mission is to get close to him.”

“Get close to him? To steal the method?” Ji LI Yu asked.

“If there is a chance.”

Ji Li Yu looked with puzzlement at Ming Yue Ye. It seemed that the other’s main target was not the method.

“I think he has a good future.” Ming Yue Ye looked into the distance.

“You think he has a good future?” Ji Li Yu’s voice was puzzled. She did not understand.

“Maybe he will vie for the world!”

Ming Yue Ye’s last four words exploded in Ji Li Yu’s ear’s like lightning. She looked with an ashen expression at Ming Yue Ye.

“For you, and also for the Ji Family, this person is a very good choice.”

Ming Yue Ye looked at her with a smile.

Ji LI Yu’s face was pale and her hands and feet felt cold.

“You will thank me.”

Ming Yue Ye went close to Ji Li Yu and and whispered..




Zuo Mo and the others had encountered trouble.

There were small groups of scouts that appeared occasionally. It was clear that this was not a sign of friendliness.

Very quickly, the mo that had come to join Zuo Mo disappeared. The factions along the way who had been polite suddenly became hard to talk to. What made it even more difficult were the battalions that came to harass them.

These little battalions were not a threat but they had numbers on their side. They seriously delayed Zuo Mo’s travelling speed.

“Someone is targeting us!” Bie Han said coldly.

Gongsun Cha agreed with Bie Han. “Yes, someone is manipulating the situation in secret, and they aren’t average people.”

An average person would not be able to command so many little factions. Xiao Mo Ge’s reputation was at its highest right now, meaning the reputation of this person that could give these little factions the courage to attack them was probably even more frightening.

“Are there any clues?” Zuo Mo asked.

“I caught many scouts but these people don’t know,” Gongsun Cha shook his head as he said.

“Why is the other targeting us?” Zuo Mo asked.

“Don’t know.” Gongsun Cha shook his head.

“It seems that we need to start with a few factions.” Zuo Mo’s expression became icy.

The harassment seemed to be worsening. These little battalions were as bothersome as flies. If they allowed this to continue, they would have a hard time moving forward.

It was very easy to learn the origins of these scouts.

In the night, Bie Han lead Sin Battalion to destroy three local factions.

But unexpectedly, these little factions had seemed to know that there would be a reprisal. The clansmen had moved away and what was left was almost empty ground.

Zuo Mo smelled a conspiracy.




It was the deep of the night. Jiang Zhe’s thoughts wandered as he stared at the jie map.

He had maintained this position for a whole day.

“Daren, report. Xiao Mo Ge has encountered harassment from many groups.”

Jiang Zhe looked up. He exhaled. He understood that the sect had acted. The sect’s power was really unfathomable!

In the message he sent the sect, he stated that he hoped that the sect could buy some time for him.

He needed more time to set up.

Jiang Zhe felt much more relaxed. This battle had been a huge pressure on him. He had fought against Bie Han since childhood and the two were very familiar with each other. He knew how terrifying Bie Han was. They had sparred in the sect but he had never thought there would be a day that he and Bie Han would meet on the battlefield.

There was no retreat from this battle!

He had not thought of escaping but his personality was cautious and he was even more careful against Bie Han.This was a battle that they could not lose.

No matter what, they could not lose!

Facing such astounding pressure, he was still composed. If there was enough time to prepare, he had the confidence to defeat Bie Han!

More time, meant he would be able to make more preparations.

Jiang Zhe stared at the jie map.

After fighting this battle, he would go to Cloud Sea Jie to get revenge for Feng Shijie.

Jiang Zhe said to himself.


Translator Ramblings: So many things going on. Chapter 661-663 has no titles because Fang Xiang had been behind on his update and posted all three together.

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