傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S03-C01 “Cause”

Recap: Aofeng survives the beast tide and joins Jun Luoyu to look for the divine beast.

Chapter One

Hearing this, Qin Wu and Qin Aoluo had devious smiles. A sky magister that was a family enforcer had great power within the family. He really might have the power to expel someone from the family.

Qin Lian, the enforcer sent by the head of the family had been displeased with Aofeng and Qin Aotian’s father, Qin Wu’s second oldest brother. When they had been at the imperial capital, he had made trouble many times for Qin Aotian, but because Qin Aotian was outstanding in talent and protected by the old family head, he had failed every time. This kind of enmity even spread to the innocent Aofeng. After Qin Wu and his son’s instigation, his impression of Aofeng was at its worst. He wanted to pick up a stick and beat the other out of Qin City.

“However, Qin Lian Daren, there needs to be an excuse to expel her out of the family. Also, Third Brother … …” Qin Wu said with a frown. Of the four brothers born to the present family head, his third brother Qin Run was close to Aofeng’s father, Qin Shu. Qin Run had stayed in Qin City these past years to take care of Aofeng. He spoiled Aofeng greatly. If it wasn’t that he had been summoned back by the old family head a few days ago, Qin Aoluo and the others wouldn’t have dared to attack Aofeng.

Qin Run was of a younger generation, same as him, but their statuses were different. Qin Run was the only crafter in the Qin Family. If he was made angry, even his brother, the regent head of the family, most likely would not withstand it.

“Don’t worry about Qin Run, he cannot protect himself right now. The old family head summoned him back for the matter of succession. Once the next head of the family is finalized, he will be restricted to the imperial capital.” Qin Lian said with a cold gaze. “As to an excuse, is it important? The old family head always brooded over Qin Shu’s matter, he has many grandsons, he will not care about this little bastard! If the old family head cared, he would not have banished these two brothers!”

Qin Wu and his son saw his steely attitude and hurried to nod. They were both smug and thought inside, Qin Aofeng, you will definitely not be able to escape this time!

Hearing that Jun Luoyu’s group were going into the forest to pursue the magus beast, Qin Lian immediately took all the elite of the Qin Family to charge after them. Currently, Aofeng was moving with Jun Luoyu through the forest, completely unaware that danger was coming close.

Large old trees almost covered the star-filled sky. The forest in nighttime was not quiet, fireflies flashing with light, and the owls that occasionally flashed by giving life to the dark night.

“Woosh!” The sound of a blade slicing through air. A five-star magic beast Forest Boar fell to the ground. After willing this boar, Aofeng dug out its crystal core with the ease of practice. She tossed it lightly in the air with satisfaction.

“Another one.”

Jun Luoyu landed behind her, his handsome brow raising as he said with a light laugh, “If you need money, just tell me. Why waste your effort to kill magic beasts one by one?”

“Only things that one can hold with their hands is truly theirs. A good-for-nothing that only knows to eat and sleep is not someone that you will have a good opinion of.” Aofeng put the crystal core away and looked with her usual coolness at Jun Luoyu. In her eyes, the Holy Emperor was never high up and distant.

“You are still so aloof.” Jun Luoyu smiled helplessly and walked next to her. “However, there is something that I have to remind you. While your combat abilities can compare to seven-star swordsmen, you need to pay attention behind you when you are hunting magic beasts. There will danger everywhere in Xiangnan Forest, and you have to be on your guard every moment.”

Aofeng looked deeply at him. “Aren’t you behind me?”

Jun Luoyu stilled and seemed to be stunned. The night wind blew past, and time seemed to stop in this moment.

Because “I’m behind you” so you do not need to be on your guard? A feeling of being trusted rose, and Jun Luoyu felt some unexpected joy.

“You … … trust me so much?”

“You were not on guard towards me when you were carrying me to fly.” Aofeng dropped her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling. “I am not an emotional person, but I have a rule that will never change, I will never abandon a friend that I can leave my back to. Since you trust me, why can I not trust you?”

“Even if I do not tell you the reason?” Jun Luoyu looked with surprise at the other. With the other’s wary nature, didn’t the other fear that he had other intentions in getting close?

“Of course, I’m puzzled but I’m not in such a hurry to know. When you want to tell me, you will.” Aofeng unconcernedly shrugged and teased the furry little being in her sleeve with a finger. The little ice mouse occasionally poked out its head to look around and then would shrink back if something moved. It was adorable.

Soundless emotion spread through the air. Jun Luoyu’s clear eyes gazed over and slowly turned into a gentle well of water. He was not willing to keep secrets any longer from the other, and didn’t want to lie to the other.

He slowly raised his head to look at the deep dark night through the leaves. He said in a small voice, “I have a ‘brother’, a ‘younger brother’ the same age as you. It has been a long time since I saw him.”

Younger brother? So, it was like that … …

Aofeng suddenly understood and asked curiously, “He’s like me?”

“Very similar.” Jun Luoyu nodded. His eyes were half-lidded as though he was immersed in beautiful memories. “Not in appearance but in presence. Your style is almost the same as his, just the same kind of stubborn, the same pride, not willing to bow to others, and … …”

When he spoke to here, Jun Luoyu’s brow suddenly creased. A bone-aching pain flashed through his face. It disappeared so quickly that no one other than Aofeng saw it.

Aofeng’s heart jumped at the moment his expression changed. She was not moved, she just felt pain, infected by the pain he felt!

She didn’t know what kind of experience would cause someone to show an expression like that. But the sorrow that was given off in that moment was enough to make someone suffocate! For someone to reach out and comfort his pain.

There was no need to ask where his younger brother was now.

Aofeng suddenly understood. The so-called Holy Emperor was not high up as people thought, emotionless and without worry. The gentleness and warmth that people saw was maintained by an unknown amount of courage and determination, and the pain he felt was suppressed by an unknown amount of strength.

Jun Luoyu turned back and gave a gentle and enchanting smile to her. “Therefore, I do not hope for any harm to come to you.”

Her steps slowed for a beat. Aofeng paused. Jun Luoyu’s eyes dimmed. Was this kind of reason unacceptable? A substitute? Maybe the other was angry … …

A short pause later, Aofeng went forward a bit. She suddenly reached out an arm to hook to his shoulder on the other side. With a slight push, she had Jun Luoyu who was much taller than her lean his head on her shoulder.

“I don’t know what kind of words is comforting. However, my past friend was like this when they comforted me.” Aofeng still didn’t have any expression close to sympathy on her face. Her words were still as hard as usual but it was like a voice from heaven in Jun Luoyu’s ears.

She didn’t mind?

She still looked at him with an indifferent expression, and not any distance.

For Aofeng, being good to her was being good to her. This was enough. Her attitude towards Jun Luoyu would not change because of the cause. If not for his protection, maybe she would have already died in the countless dangers. She understood how to be grateful so she would not care for the reason. She knew why Jun Luoyu was close to her, just that.

His defined lips curved slightly. A deep part of his heart shook and the male’s voice suddenly became deeper and hoarse.

“Thanks, this is enough … …”


Translator Ramblings: There’s no need to pour your heart out to a person you met just a day ago … … accepting people have secrets is important.


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